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Pillows That Go With Brown Couch

Why Not Mix And Match Your Throw Pillows

How to Decorate a Brown Sofa With Pillows : Easy Designing & Decorating Tips

You wont miss it by mixing and matching throw pillows to give your brown couch a distinctive look. Mix pillows of different patterns but ensure you include colors that will blend well with the brown couch.

The combination may include a floral, chevron, and solid color. Alternatively, you can mix colors like blue, orange, and golden or yellow. You can also opt for mixing throw pillows of different sizes to make your couch aesthetic.

What Color Pillows Go With A Brown Couch

Opt for earth tones. Create an organic look by combining a brown sofa with earth tones. Colors like olive green, celadon, terracotta and reddish brown go well with brown, as they are often seen together in nature. Choose an earthy wall color and decorate your brown sofa with neutral throw pillows or cushions to make your living room warm and inviting.

Easy Comfort Accent Pillows Soften

Go with a style choice that feels easy and cozy. The larger accent pillows are clearly soft and comfortable. The understated quilted pattern is crafted in muted hues of tan, white and pale blush to pink shade.

This is truly a lovely look that adds just the right touch of feminine warmth without being fussy or too busy. Use these pillows in your living room or on the patio atop your outdoor sofa sectional.

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Geometric Patterns On Pillows Add Detail To The Couch Area

This luxurious lakeside living room has a matching opulent leather couch. The cushions are lavish enough that they only require a minimal addition of a few small square throw pillows. If you look closely, you’ll notice the geometric patterns on these pillows have red in them, matching the red touches in the red decor items around the room.

Let Leather Do The Talking

What Color Pillows For A Brown Couch

Leather has been a sign of richness for ages, and we all know how grand a piece of leather looks. So why not add a throw pillow to your sofa set and give it a completely refined look. This will not only embrace your whole set up but will also give you a lap of comfort.

Do you see yourself relaxing on this masterpiece? The bold colours and the smooth texture of leather is making it an amazing fit for your living room. You can unfold the pages of your magazine while lying on this comfortable throw pillows.

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What All Do I Need To Know

  • Irrespective of the fabrics, dark tones of brown couch are very neutral and basic and goes with almost anything. So do not put a lot of thoughts into it.
  • If you a want a pop of colour for your sofa set, you will have to consider at least three colours to create a balanced set up with your sofa and throw pillows.
  • A little lighter tone of brown will go better with earth tones like blues and greens.
  • Deep colour pillows like mustard, maroon or orange works well with the brown couch. Make sure you select the colour of the couch accordingly.
  • You can either add neutrals or solids to bring the whole look together and balance the same eventually.
  • If you desire a bright room, add light colour pillows with different textures to lighten up the whole landscape.

Let us go in-depth of what combination works best with a brown couch. Now before we move ahead, remember that throw pillows should not only match with your sofa but also with the whole room where it is going to be placed.

Who Is The Best American Reclining Sofa

Ashley Furniture Signature Design Hogan Best Budget Daybed Buying Guide. Zimmerman Coaster 601712P Home Furnishings The best sofa in price and quality. Homelegance Nicasio is the best leather armchair. Christie’s Home Living Bill’s finest handmade sofa bed. Ashley Furniture Signature Design Excitement The most efficient daybed.

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Gray Throw Pillows Arent Bad

If your brown sofa has a shade that can combine well with gray, why not try it out. If you pick on the right shade of both colors, your combination will be unique.

A charcoal grey can do in this case and make a perfect arrangement to have your sitting room unique. Go for the right size of a throw pillow that will fit on the couch.

Do A Simple But Comfortable Look With A Random Arrangement

How to Decorate Around a Brown Sofa : Interior Design Tips

You can arrange the throw pillows randomly on the brown couch to have a simple yet relaxed look. Work with neutral color throw pillows like white and ensure the table also blends in well.

If you want it to look classy yet straightforward, you can minimize color use. A simple throw pillow arrangement will favor you if youre a minimalist.

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Round Grey/pink/beige/black Velvet Pillows Spice

Take a typical velour fabric sofa and add a whisper of feminine charm. Its easy to do, and it takes very little effort to create this nostalgic design. Simply add round grey, pink, beige and black velvety soft pillows to spice-up a ginger-brown couch deliciously and of course tastefully.

Add a cozy textured dark charcoal grey blanket and a grey area rug to complete the enchanting effect. This design idea could work in almost any environment.

Can Earthly Colors Do For You

If you love earthly colors, dont shy of bringing them in in your sitting area. A deep red throw pillow on your brown couch isnt bad. Also, orange will bring the warmth you desire to your sofas. You can incorporate different earthly colors at a go or even do various sizes. Green and brown are also a good combination so try it on your throw pillows.

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Make The Brown Couch Your Focal Point

A simple brown living room set of a leather brown couch and a light-colored armchair, really makes this sofa the star. The throw pillows complement this couch, without stealing the show. All of the pillows share the same humble pattern – all in brown shades – and the brown color is also present in the pictures on the wall above the sofa.

A wonderful mid-century design – just check out this gorgeous three-legged coffee table! – with a brown leather two-seater that proudly takes its place as the focal point in the room. Not to distract from the beauty of the item itself, the designer chose to match it with simple square throw pillows in three shades of brown.

What Color Area Rug Goes With A Brown Couch

Throw Pillows

When it comes to textiles like area rugs and throw pillows with a brown couch, you have a few options: complement, contrast, or coordinate!

To complement the warm brown of your sofa, choose colorful pillows and area rugs that also have warm undertones. Check out examples of colors that go with a brown couch:

  • Burgundy

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Pillow Combination #: Grays + Black

This color combination of grays and blacks couldnt be anymore classic, but the patterns keep it interesting. A small lumbar pillow with thin stripes complements the larger striped squares without being matchy-matchy. For a fun accent I included an Aztec pattern in the same neutral color pallet of grays and black.

Tip: The cute Aztec pillow is actually part of a set of 4 covers with off-white, gray, and black simple designs made of woven, durable linen all 4 for the same cost many would pay for just one pillow!


Frequently Asked Questions:

Below are a few answers to some commonly asked questions when it comes to accessorizing with throw pillows.

Mustard Yellow & Neutrals

Mustard yellow and brown pair very well together. They share an earthy tone and are a common color combination in mid-century designs.

On this brown couch, the mustard yellow pillow has a small pattern that adds a bit of texture and is paired with a creamy light brown to create a really pretty overall look.

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Go With A Farmhouse Look

If youre into the farmhouse chic look, then lean into that with your brown couch by getting rustic, farmhouse style pillows to go with it.

You can get something customized with your name, like in this photo. If you dont like the monogrammed look, you can easily find a similar style at most stores since the aesthetic is very popular.

Throw Pillows To Go With Your Dark Room

How To Style Pillows On A Sofa | Pillow Styling | Spring Decorating Ideas

Try adding cushions with vibrant patterns in heavy velvets and rich tones that match the colours of the walls and bring out the best in your brown sofa. If you have gone for wallpaper in your living room, then a few scatter cushions in the same pattern and style can really help tie the space together.

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Keep It In The Same Color Family

If youre someone who loves patterns, you dont have to hold back from them, just make sure youre keeping them in the same color family as your brown couch to create a cohesive look rather than something thats overwhelming.

The look in this picture is a great example of how patterns can be mixed together without clashing. The key here is that the brown in each throw pillow is very close to the couch color, and is leveled out with white. Since there arent a ton of other competing colors, the result is uniform and aesthetically pleasing.

Go All Brown Living Room Ideas That Remain Timeless

If your living room has wood panelling or brown walls, embrace this warm colour palette by adding further browns of varying hues. Your brown leather couch will feel regal in this elegant setting that conjures up the smoke-filled rooms of gentlemens clubs from times gone by.

Not only will this look feel cosy and warm, it will be beautifully complementary to your brown leather sofa. To keep this look from becoming too heavy, we suggest introducing a throw in lighter tones and wall art with a modern feel to really spice up your room.

A brown sofa makes an inviting space in your living room and in combination with a glass coffee table and leather accent chairs, your leather couch will become a real focal point for the room inviting visitors to sink a little deeper into the space you have created.

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Black And White Pillows To Create A Strong Base

Two striking black and white throw pillows with a knitted plaid as an extra accessory for comfort are the easiest way to create a strong base on your brown couch. Place the two pillows next to each other on the one corner of the sofa and the knitted plaid on the other corner. Make sure the plaid matches the color of the cushions as shown here to set the tone for the whole arrangement. The mix-and-match throw pillows have also created symmetry as one solid print. This idea works best in white living rooms as the sofa can truly stand out in such neutral spaces.

A Dark Brown Sectional With Neutral Pillows

What Color Throw Pillows Go with Brown Couch? (25 Examples with Images ...

Moving on to deep coffee L-shaped couch in a mid-century modern living room. The original large cushions in the same deep brown offer a nice contrast with the simple square cream-colored throw pillows. Note how these pillows also match the rest of the furniture in the room, fitting the overall coffee & cream color palette.

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Embrace The Luxurious Feel Of Velvet Pillows

To offset the brown couch in a modern living room, indulge in velvet throw pillows in bold colors to make them stand out in the room. This luxurious fabric not only feels great to the touch but it also adds elegance to your interiors. See how the three brightly colored velvet pillows attract attention in this fine example of a modern living room with a red brick wall and dark brown sofa in the corner of the room.

Combine Different Colors At Ago

You can have a throw pillow combination consisting of different colors and bring out a perfect look. Combining four colors isnt bad, although let them have the same fabric. For a plus, have a neutral, bold, feminine, and masculine color combo. Ensure you also arrange them well and work with colors you love.

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How To Match The Pillows To The Couch

When you match the color of the pillows to your living room couch, you have four basic options:

  • Stay with the Neutrals
  • Throw in a bit of color
  • Keep it bare .
  • Of course, the actual color, shade, and hue of the sofa play a major role here. A brown couch can be a deep rich chocolate brown, a bright reddish copper shade, or a light neutral beige-ish color. Keep that in mind as we explore the various possibilities.

    Mixing In Some Bright Blue Pillows

    The Decorologist Kristie Barnett Showed Ways to Brighten Up a Dark Sofa

    In this gorgeous living room, the couch is also light brown but here the designer used the throw pillows to take it in a totally different direction. Instead of sticking with the neutral color scheme, you have several cushions that stand out in blue. They really draw the eye to the furniture, making you want to sprawl and enjoy the peaceful setting.

    Note how the other throw pillows keep the placid beige hues but play them up using texture and pattern.

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    Pair Of Silken Peachy Hued Pillows With Dark Toffee

    Sofa arrangement thats ideal for contemporary design themes. The soft velvet upholstery in a deep toffee-brown hue looks stunning when a silken fabric accent pillow in a welcoming peach shade is added.

    This design would look beautiful in any home interior design. The luscious material details offer an elegant touch that keeps this design relevant in all seasons.

    Pillow Combination #: Cream + Green

    Dark brown couches and leather sofas tend to have a masculine feel, so you want to add pillows that soften the look just a bit. This throw pillow combination features two striped cream covers that provide a light background, and a strong pattern to stand up to the dark leather. A chunky wool pillow and a pop of green add patterns and colors that balance the space by adding the perfect amount of feminine.


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    Can White And Black Throw Pillows Do

    Get a striking look by combining white and black throw pillows with some having knitted details. The knits will add the comfort of your throw pillow on the brown couch.

    You can place the cushions close to each other while the ones with knits on the other end. Youll not miss it if youve white walls that do blend well with the brown couch.

    What Cushions To Put On Brown Sofa

    What Color Walls Goes Best With Brown Sofa? [25 Suggestions with ...

    Brown couches work well with cooler blues and greens think earth tones! Throw pillows in autumn colors such as deep red, mustard yellow, or peach tones pair naturally with a brown couch. Use at least three colors in your throw pillow palette. A mix of three hues is just the right amount for a pop of color.

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    Bright Orange Pillows On A Brown Couch

    Speaking of colorful pillows. This ultra-modern minimalist living room combines bright orange pillows with a brown vinyl faux-leather couch. The orange is complemented by a large lampshade of the exact same color.

    The designer keeps the look crisp and clean by minimizing the use of color elsewhere in the room. Even the wall decor is limited to two empty-white squares which match the shelves too.

    Brown And Yellow Can Look Great Together

    A gorgeous eclectic living room, bringing together modern, industrial, and Asian elements. The careful choice of colors brings the entire design together for a perfectly matched look. The two bright yellow throw pillows echo the bright yellow armchairs. They’re complemented by the brown bolsters and those at middle-ground pillows in a geometric pattern that encompasses both brown and yellow.

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    How To Choose Throw Pillows For Brown Couches

    Although brown is a basic, neutral color, furniture in this color doesnt have to look plain and boring.

    You can make your sofa look contemporary or glamorous by adding pillows in a variety of colors and materials that match your cabin, farmhouse, or your modern, eclectic style.

    Accessories are the finishing touch in a large living room or study.

    So What Colors Go With A Brown Sofa

    The Best Throw Pillows For Leather Couch For Your Home

    One of the first things to consider is color matching. The basic color theory offers us several combinations with each color. Here are some suggestions.

    A monochromatic palette using brown for the base color calls out for other browns and creams. If you want to spice things up just a bit, orange is your color of choice. Orange and red are your complementary colors in a palette that relies on the two closest colors on the color wheel. You can definitely liven things up by opting for contrast. A triad palette with contrasting colors calls for blue and green as your colors of choice, in addition to the base brown. Finally, a tetrad palette will have mustard yellow, blue, and teal as the complementing colors.

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