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What Is The Best Mattress Stain Remover

Removing Other Mattress Stains

How To Clean Mattress Stains – Say Goodbye To These Common Stains!

For food and drink stains such as tea and coffee, your best bet is to try the baking soda and cold water mix mentioned above. For bodily fluids and sweat stains, try using diluted washing-up liquid. If in any doubt, though, contact the manufacturer to find out if it has any specific advice.

If the mattress is beyond repair, see our guide on how to buy the best mattress.

Resolve 22 Fl Oz Multi

Upholstery Cleaner and Stain Remover help fight against a variety of stains. It is specially made to remove dirt and odor from different types of fabrics. This material can be used in fabric cleaner, cloth, mattress, sofa, pillow cover, and many more. Moreover, this solution is safe to use in most household cloths such as polyester, nylon, and cotton mixtures if the upholstery cleaner and stain remover multi-fabric are used properly.

This multi-fabric cleaner does not discolor or fade the fabric. It removes everyday and tough stains. It is used for a fast deep clean for fabrics that vacuum fails to do so.

To get the best results, you need to use a remover immediately after staining. This formula comes in 22-oz bottles. The spray system is very good which can easily distribute the liquid over a large area. It will also be useful for those who have children and pets at home.

Blot any excess moisture with a clean cloth or sponge when using it. Moreover, gently blot a clean colored fast wet sponge and do not wet the fabric excessively. Wash clothes or sponges repeatedly and use them again.

  • Not as versatile for handling various types of stains

How To Clean Coloured Sheets & Bedding

To clean your bed sheets and bedding, use our Vanish Oxi AdvanceMulti PowerPowderor Vanish Oxi AdvanceMulti PowerGel. All you need to do is put one scoop of powder, or dose of gel in every wash with your usual detergent. The deep hygiene action* in the Vanish formula gives your bedding a deep clean in the wash. If they need a boost of extra bright colour, however, use either product with the pre-soak method below:

*removes stains for a hygiene boost.

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Can I Use Essential Oils To Freshen My Mattress

Essential oils smell nice, but they are still oils. Rubbing oil into fabric attracts dirt, which can become a permanent stain. Also, by the time youve vacuumed and covered your mattress to protect it, you wont smell the essential oil. So why waste time and effort? Skip the essential oils and use baking soda to freshen your mattress if it starts to smell stale.

How Do You Remove Old Urine Stains From A Mattress

Best Mattress Stain Remover and Odor Eliminator 2020

Dried urine stains are quite difficult to remove from a mattress. You can try removing without spending on a commercial remover. Get 8 ounces of hydrogen peroxide, 3 tbsp baking soda, 2 drops of detergent . Mix them in a bowl.

Once the solution is ready, dab the stain with this solution. You can use a cloth to properly soak the stained areas. Allow the solution to dry. Repeat the same process if the stain persists.

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What Else Can I Use Vinegar For

In terms of cleaning, vinegar is an incredibly versatile substance. In addition to cleaning stains off of your mattress, you can also use it as a fabric softener, garbage disposal cleaner, drain cleaner, laundry detergent, weed killer, flea spray, and much more. It is a truly magical substance, and we recommend always keeping a few gallons around.

Can I Pay Someone To Clean My Mattress

If you cant face the task of cleaning your mattress, whether you dont have the time or youve simply let the situation become unmanageable, you can hire a professional to do it for you. There are plenty of cleaning companies that tackle mattresses as well as carpets and upholstery, and its usually just a question of hopping onto Google to find a nearby service. But how much does it cost? This can vary: depending on the size of your mattress, a professional clean could cost between £20 and £80. A double mattress, for instance, costs around £50 on average to clean. Many companies will offer a choice of steam cleaning or dry cleaning. And while the former can be a very effective method of deep cleaning a mattress, it should NOT be done on memory foam.

Now that weve briefed you on how to clean and care for your mattress properly, see below for some of our top picks when it comes to mattress maintenance.

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Distilled White Vinegar & Baking Soda

If you have stains on your mattress from blood, urine, food, or oil, you can use a combination of baking soda and white vinegar to help lift them. To create this paste, mix 1/4 cup of vinegar with 3 to 4 tablespoons of baking soda and stir it up in a bowl until it forms a paste.

Next, apply the paste to the affected area on the mattress and use a disposable toothbrush or small sponge to work it into the fabric. If the stain is particularly stubborn, allow the paste to sit on the mattress for no longer than 5 minutes. Next, use a damp rag or sponge to remove the paste from the stain and reapply as needed.

Features To Look For In Mattress Cleaners

How to Clean a Mattress | Cleaning Tips | The Home Depot

When purchasing a mattress cleaner, there are a few things you should look out for.

Cleaning Performance This is perhaps one of the most important aspects of any mattress cleaner. Picking up dirt is very important, but there are other things that a good cleaner should be able to do. You will want a cleaner that can remove spots, attack stains, and clean up any pet accidents. Another thing to look for in cleaning performance is whether it also eliminates odors. While removing the dirt and stain is good, you wont be happy if the odor persists.

Easy to Use Most steam cleaners are fairly easy to set up and use. The best ones will be simple to use – you should be able to easily fill the tank with water or chemicals, turn it on, and start using it. Anything more than that could be more complicated than you need. Cleaning a mattress is not as extensive of a project as cleaning carpets, so you can opt for a simple more portable cleaner.

Lightweight Weight is another thing to consider. You will want to look for a cleaner that is fairly lightweight, between 5 and 15 pounds. The best ones will be lightweight and easy to move around.

Effectiveness How effective the mattress cleaner is in getting rid of stains and odors is important. Not only should it clean up messes, but also it should remove smells and kill bacteria.

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Rocco & Roxie Stain & Odor Eliminator For Strong Odor

as of January 11, 2022 6:28 am


  • ELIMINATES STAINS, ODORS AND RESIDUE If its gross, its gone. Not just the stain, but the stink. From stinky yellow pet urine and feces to vomit and other organic spills, our professional strength formula tackles them all.
  • CERTIFIED GENTLE AND SAFE Chlorine free and color safe. Safe to use around pets and children. No hazardous propellants, no residue left behind. So gentle its been Certified Safe for all carpets, earning the Seal of Approval by the trusted Carpet and Rug Institute
  • EVERY SURFACE, EVERY TIME For use on carpets, floors, furniture, clothing, litter boxes, kennels, carriers, all pet living and sleeping areas — anywhere stains happen.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED An Amazon best seller for a reason. If your stains and odors arent gone, neither is your money. Well refund it in full

How To Remove Mattress Stains

Spilled wine while streaming your favorite show in bed? Here’s how to get rid of stains fast.

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If only you could throw a mattress in the washer. Since thats not an option, we found out the best ways to get rid of stains by consulting the American Cleaning Institute and experts at Procter & Gamble Fabric, maker of Tide laundry detergent.

Generally, when it comes to treating mattresses, you can treat them similarly to spot-treating carpets, says Mary Begovic Johnson, principal scientist of Tide & Downy at P& G Fabric Care.

Johnson adds that youve got to attack the stain immediately and be prepared to treat and repeat multiple times until the stain is gone.

One tried-and-true preventive measure: Get a mattress protector.

Having one is crucial to keeping your mattress from being ruined by stains and spills, because it will typically include a layer of liquid-resistant or waterproof material, says Brian Sansoni, senior vice president of communications at the American Cleaning Institute. Think of it as your security guard against stains.” Follow the advice below for treating tough stains. You’ll also find information on the best stain-fighting detergents in Consumer Reports’ tests .

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Urine Gone Stain & Odor Spray Review Acting Enzyme

This product is capable of removing pet stains and odors for many days with an enzyme cleaner and room air freshener. Its powerful enzyme cleaner penetrates deep into the fibers of any carpet and instantly breaks down any urine or stains, as well as removes padding, carpet, and floor stains very quickly.

It can be used in many places such as wood, mattress, carpet, sofa, garbage box, and pet habitat. Moreover, it is much safer to use in the bathroom and around the house. Any old urine stains and odors that your furniture has had for a long time will be removed instantly and the area will be clean and odor-free.

If you need to use more of it, check the colorfastness on small parts of your carpet and cloth.

  • Leaves strong odor after use

Best Mattress Stain Remover And Odor Eliminator 2021

How to Clean a Mattress: Guide to Mattress Stain Remover ...

Stains are one of the biggest issues in any household, especially when its completely visible to the naked eye and does not go away no matter how much you scrub it with bleach! Products like bleach ruin the surface of the furniture and are extremely harmful to your kids or pets.

This is why you should purchase a product that is specifically made for removing stains. Therefore, the best mattress stain remover is very important.

It can also be used to remove stains and odors from your fabrics, tiles, mattresses, mats, material, carpets, cars, or any kind of essentials at your home.

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Bissell Woolite Advanced Stain & Odor Remover + Sanitize

Its hard to find a product like this one that removes stains and sanitizes the surface at the same time. Dried blood stains, urine stains, and other similar stains require deodorizing and sanitizing along with the cleaning. Using the cleaner, you can ensure clean and bacteria-free surfaces without doing much hassle.

Furthermore, it goes deep into surfaces such as carpet, mattresses, upholstery, and others to clean thoroughly. You will get stain, dirt, odor, allergens, and bacteria-free surfaces within a few moments. The formula is able to kill 99.9% of bacteria from soft surfaces. So, its not a mediocre cleaner that you see in the market.

Whether you are looking for a stain remover for mattresses, or want to use it to clean other surfaces such rugs, pet beds, stairs, bathroom mats, and more, this one cleaner can provide you with effective cleanness and well-sanitized service.

If you are training your kitten or puppy, this can be a great cleaner to have as you probably have to go through dirty cleaning tasks.

How To Clean Your Mattress

Giving your mattress a good cleaning every six months is a good way to minimize growth of bacteria, mold and mildew. Follow these steps:

  • Wash the SheetsRemove all bed linens and clean them according to the directions provided by the manufacturer. Use the hottest water possible to kill any germs or dust mites on the sheets.
  • Vacuum the MattressUsing the hose attachment, vacuum all surfaces on your mattress to remove any loose debris.
  • Deodorize the MattressSprinkle a light layer of baking soda on the mattress and let it sit for 30 minutes. Vacuum the surface again to remove the baking soda.
  • Read on to learn the best ways to remove specific mattress stains.

    Steam Cleaning Your Mattress

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    Should I Use Vinegar Or Good Life Solutions Stain & Odor Remover

    Like most things in life, there are positives and negatives to both. It is up to you to decide. There is a good chance you already have the required materials to make the vinegar concoction, rendering this a fantastic low-cost option that you can do now.

    However, it is a more labor intensive and will take longer than using a professional spray. Additionally, it is not as powerful as a professional solution.

    Spray With A Generous Amount Of Vinegar

    how to clean a Mattress stain removal

    Once you have identified the stains on your mattress, it is time to spray a generous amount of the white vinegar directly on to the stains.

    You can also spray a light amount of vinegar on to the rest of the mattress in order to remove any odors and to disinfect it. However, make sure you spray a generous amount directly on to the stains.

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    Mattress Vacuum Vs Mattress Spray

    Stain removers and sprays have always been a popular choice when it comes to cleaning soft furnishing and mattresses. However, you could also consider a mattress vacuum, as they often include advanced features which may not be found in sprays. Here you can look at some key differences between mattress vacuums and sprays.

    What Causes Yellow Stains On Mattresses

    Mattress discoloration is bound to happen at some point. Theyre exposed to oils from your skin, dead skin cells, sweat, makeup, skin/hair products, and several other things on a daily basis. The yellow stains found on many mattresses are the result of oxidation.

    The materials inside of mattresses typically include latex, memory foam, or some form of polyester fiber, all of which may eventually mix with bodily oils causing them to become discolored. The best way to help minimize this is to simply use a mattress pad or two to protect your mattress as much as possible.

    For more information on this topic, check out this post: What Causes Yellow Stains On A Mattress?

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    How To Clean Blood Stains Off A Mattress

    To get rid of these particularly tough stains, salt and hydrogen peroxide are your best friends.

    If the stain is a few days old, put some water on it and then apply some salt. After that gently scrub it and let it sit for a couple of hours. Apply some hydrogen peroxide to whiten the bedding and ensure that the stain is completely gone.

    In case of a fresh blood stain, use either cold water or baking soda. Remember to just blot the stain instead of scrubbing it as this can damage the mattress even further.

    Cleaning Memory Foam Mattresses

    5 Best Mattress Stain Removers

    Memory foam mattresses often come with a removable mattress cover that’s machine washable. This can make cleaning a lot easier, but there are a couple of things to be aware of.

    Always check the manufacturers instructions and the details of your mattress warranty before cleaning. Some mattresses have removable covers but the manufacturer actually advises against taking the cover off and washing it, while others allow this but say to avoid cleaning the foam after the cover has been removed.

    If you’re putting your cover in the washing machine, follow the washing instructions carefully to be sure you dont inadvertently invalidate your warranty or shrink the cover so much it doesnt fit back over the mattress.

    If youre tempted by memory foam, take a look at our top memory foam mattresses.

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    Bissell Woolite Advanced Stain

    This advanced odor and stain remover by Woolite is one of the best purchases that you can make if you have urine, dry blood, or other stubborn stains on your mattress. Not only does it remove the stain effectively, but it also sanitizes the surface and deodorizes the mattress.

    Sometimes it can be challenging to find a product that both sanitizes and lifts stains. Well, with this product, you dont have to look any further. If you have small children, pets , or are looking for a deodorizer to keep your mattress smelling fresh, youve found it.

    Likewise People Ask How Do You Get Yellow Stains Out Of Mattress With Baking Soda

    How to Remove Yellow Stains From Mattress? Remove sweat stains from mattress by mixing a cup of baking soda with a little water to create a paste. Vacuum the entire mattress and apply the paste to the stain, allow to sit for 30 minutes, blot the stain with a damp cloth, and vacuum the entire mattress again.

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    What Can I Do To Keep My Mattress Cleaner For Longer

    Use a mattress protector, which goes between the mattress and your sheet to help prevent liquids and dead skin reaching your mattress. While you dont need to wash your protector as often as you wash your bedding, its good practice to do so every couple of months . Read our roundup of the best mattress protectors for some of our top picks

    Beyond this, always treat stains as quickly as you can, and turn or rotate your mattress as recommended by the manufacturer .


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