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What Kind Of Mattress Is Best For Scoliosis

How Does Sleep Position Affect Scoliosis Sufferers

Best Mattress for Scoliosis – Top 5 Picks!

When selecting mattress firmness, keep in mind that different sleeping positions put stress on different parts of the body. This can have a heightened impact in people with scoliosis, especially those with asymmetrical hips, shoulders, or ribcages.

Typically, doctors recommend that people with scoliosis sleep on their back or side. These positions put less strain on the spine and are less likely to lead to back pain and pressure points.

Best Type Of Mattress For Scoliosis

If you have a spinal condition, selecting a mattress will have as much to do with support as it will with comfort. When deciding what is the best mattress for a person with scoliosis, you first want to make sure that youre taking the proper steps to help your back. Comfort is sort of secondary. That said, there are a number of materials that youll find in a mattress that we should cover.

For example, the support for a bed usually comes from one of the sources that youll see below.

How To Choose A Mattress For Scoliosis

First of all, lets clarify something: a bad mattress doesnt worsen your condition and will not make your spine even more curved. So if you currently own a not-so-comfortable mattress, dont worry it wont directly impact your health. What it does impact, however, is the symptoms, so you might experience aggravated pain and discomfort. That is why you would greatly enjoy a new scoliosis mattress that will alleviate the distress.

How to choose one might be a bit complicated, as the market offers plenty of options. Apart from the names we suggested above, if you need some general advice here, we are.

  • Spine support is key, therefore aim at a medium to a firm mattress. Although you may find yourself attracted to those soft ones, remember that they are great when it comes to comfort, but not so great in terms of support. Weve seen how important it is that the spine finds the support needed, and a firm mattress will do just that as it will place your spine in a flat position.
  • If, because of your scoliosis sleeping positions, you are not used to the firmness of your mattress, consider buying a new pillow as well so at least you dont start experiencing neck pain .
  • Sleeping and comfort are highly subjective, and we cannot know for a fact what will benefit you. Therefore, our best advice is to take advantage of the sleep trial most manufacturers give you to test the mattress at home and check for yourself if thats the solution you want.

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What Is A Mattress For Scoliosis

Your mattress can have a huge impact on your quality of sleep, and also with your experience with chronic pain. For those who have scoliosis, the right mattress can go a long way toward minimizing pain and discomfort. However, a mattress alone is probably not enough to fully alleviate back pain. Its important to practice good sleep hygiene at night, but to pair it with proper exercise and nutrition during the day.

Can a bad mattress actually cause scoliosis? While bad mattresses are not the primary cause of scoliosis, there is some scientific literature that confirms super-soft mattresses can cause or exacerbate scoliosis in both teens and adults. Thus, the right mattress can be imperative for sleep quality and for that extra support required to promote healthy posture. If youve struggled with back pain, it might be worth exploring different firmness levels in your next mattress.

Helix Midnight Luxe Mattress

Best Mattress For Scoliosis 2021: Top Brands Review

We rank the Helix Midnight Luxe among our best mattresses for side sleepers. Zoned support provides the hips, shoulders and neck with just the right amount of cushion to keep the spine aligned and ensure you wake up pain-free. Plus, it’s 2 inches thicker than the standard Midnight.

The Helix Midnight Luxe offers the targeted support needed for back pain and scoliosis. Zoned lumbar support coils protect the spine and keep it aligned in all sleeping positions. Additionally, high-density memory foam delivers quality pressure relief around the shoulders and hips.

With a mixture of polyfoam and supportive coils, polyfoam provides ergonomic support and gel memory foam contours around pressure points. Although at a higher price, the Helix Midnight Luxe is worth the investment for those looking for a mattress that delivers on its support and spinal protection.

Read our full Helix Midnight Luxe Mattress Review to learn more.

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What Does Scoliosis Look Like

About 3% of adolescents in the United States have a condition called scoliosis which is characterized by a sideways curvature of the spine. This curvature usually develops during a growth spurt just before puberty, though it can also be caused by conditions like cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy.

In most cases, scoliosis is mild. As the child or adolescent continues to grow, however, spinal deformities can worsen, and the condition can become disabling. Severe cases of spinal curvature can even reduce the amount of space in the chest, making it difficult for the lungs to function correctly.

Here are some of the symptoms of scoliosis:

  • Uneven shoulders
  • One hip higher than the other
  • Ribs sticking out more on one side
  • Signs of a rotation in the spine
  • Chronic back pain

Unfortunately, doctors are only able to identify a cause for scoliosis in about 20% of cases. These cases are typically divided into two types of scoliosis: congenital and neurological. Scoliosis may also be categorized as structural or nonstructural.

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What To Look For In A Mattress For Scoliosis

Below, we do a little deeper dive into some of the terms references above. Things like sleep position, pressure relief, firmness and contouring, spinal alignment are important to understand when purchasing a mattress to help with a condition like scoliosis. All of these things can improve or detract from pain reduction and a good nights sleep.

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Best Mattress For Scoliosis : Our Top 7 Choices Compared

  • Best Mattress For Scoliosis 2021: Our Top 7 Choices Compared
  • Additional Resources
  • Choosing the right mattress is especially important if you suffer from scoliosis. Sleeping on a mattress that does not provide the proper level of support can exacerbate its symptoms. Adversely, a mattress more suited to the needs of someone with scoliosis can help reduce pain by providing support to the spine exactly where it is needed most. That Is why finding the best mattress for scoliosis is an important part of promoting healthy spinal alignment and getting restful sleep, two things you shouldnt have to live without.

    We explored the options available and compared them to the needs of scoliosis patients to find a list of the best mattress options on the market. We hope our list of the top 7 helps you narrow your search and provides you with all the information you could need to make the decision that is right for you. Keep reading to find out what we learned!

    What Sleeping Positions Are Good For Scoliosis

    Best Mattress For Scoliosis (Top 5 Beds For Spine Support!)

    Remember that your sleeping position doesnt cause scoliosis or aggravate the condition dramatically. But, a proper sleeping position will likely help lessen your pain. The most suitable sleeping position depends on your kind of scoliosis and the location of the pain.

    Thoracic scoliosis Your upper back or thoracic spine tends to bend to the right.

    • Most people suffering from thoracic scoliosis like sleeping on their sides better. People that sleep on their sides would require a lusher sleeping area compared to those that sleep on their backs. A mattress that is, however, too soft tends to pull the heavier parts of your body excessively down, thereby applying more pressure on the joints in your body. A good mattress should offer adequate support whilst cradling these areas.

    To keep your spine adjusted when sleeping as a side sleeper, tuck in a pillow between your legs and also a flatter pillow beneath your upper rib cage. In case you sleep on your back, you might need a firmer pillow for better spine support. Tuck a flat pillow beneath your shoulder blades to lessen the pressure on your upper back.

    Lumbar scoliosis The spines lower back or the lumbar area tends to curve to the right or left.

    Most people suffering from lumbar scoliosis like sleeping on their backs better as it gives them more comfort and aids spinal alignment. To lessen the pain in this region, tuck a rolled up towel or a flat pillow beneath your neck along with your regular pillow.

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    Risk Factors And Symptoms Of Scoliosis

    Scoliosis occurs most often during adolescence and impacts about 3% of teenagers. Most cases are mild and self-correct with age, but some cases are more severe. A harsher curve can lead to breathing problems, uneven shoulders, uneven hips or waist, and lower back pain.

    Doctors arent sure what causes the most common type of scoliosis, but genetics can play a large role in whether or not somebody is diagnosed. Other factors that can cause scoliosis are neuromuscular conditions, such as cerebral palsy or muscular dystrophy, birth defects, or injuries to the spine.

    Signs and symptoms start to appear most commonly during adolescence or just before puberty.

    Severe scoliosis may cause lung and heart damage or back problems that can carry over into adulthood. Other symptoms include heat irritation, joint pain, and numbness. A good mattress can ease these problems, but if youre experiencing chronic discomfort, we recommend addressing your concerns with your doctor as well.

    Mattress Types For Scoliosis

    We suggest those with scoliosis look for a medium mattress since its the most versatile option for all sleeping types. While the meaning of medium may differ across various brands, there are a few things mattresses most suitable for scoliosis should have. Check out the table below for different mattress types and what you should look for in each:

    Fair-Good amount of sinkage depending on the type of latex.

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    Are Futons Good For Scoliosis

    Futons are tight-packed mattresses designed for floor sleepers and can be an effective sleep surface for those who sleep on their back or stomach.

    Futons should not be used by sleepers who sleep on their side or stomach because the sleep surface is firm and flat, offering no support to the spine or skeletal system.

    The small size of a futon also does not offer enough comfort for sleepers with scoliosis to sleep deeply.

    On the contrary, sleepers with scoliosis sleep best on a medium to a soft mattress and allow sleepers to sleep on their sides or stomach.

    Since sleepers with scoliosis are already at risk of sleep-related back pain, it is advisable to use mattresses built specifically for the sleep position of side sleepers.

    How Should I Sit If I Have Scoliosis

    TOP 7 Best Mattresses For Scoliosis

    For the best posture, you should sit with your feet shoulder-width apart, flat on the floor, and you should rest your knees just slightly below your hips. Do your best to sit up straight and avoid hunching over. Remember, sitting for too long can cause aches and pains, so its best to get up and walk around or stretch every 30 to 60 minutes.

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    Layla Mattress: Best Mattress For Back Pain


    Soft side: 4-5/10 Firm side: 7/10


    120 days

    Layla is a flippable mattress made of different types of foam. The Layla mattress features infused copper, which has been known to lessen pain by reducing inflammation and swelling, says Dr. Navin Ramchandani.

    The mattress comes in two different firmness options depending on which side you choose, either medium soft or medium firm. Medium firm is considered best for back pain and scoliosis.

    Sleeping on a mattress designed to alleviate back pain can help alleviate pain caused by Scoliosis as well, says Dr. Navin Ramchandani.

    If the firmness isnt just right for you, you can try flipping the Layla and sleeping on the other side. Both sides have great contouring, help with lower back pain, and support the spine with scoliosis.

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    As for Laylas ratings, the mattress had great overall performance and received a perfect score for responsiveness. Whats this mean? When you move around, the Layla will quickly adapt to your bodys movement. With scoliosis, movement can mean pain, so responsiveness is important.

    There are no hassles when you purchase a Layla. The mattress comes with free shipping and free returns, a 120-night trial period, and a lifetime warranty. This means there are no hassles when you purchase a Layla. You wont be disappointed with the Layla mattress or the way they do business.


    365 days

    Read our fullNectar mattress review.

    The Best Mattresses For Scoliosis

    Many experts suggest memory foam mattresses for back pain because they offer excellent pressure relief. Some people dislike the sinking feeling of memory foam, however, or find that they sleep too hot. Latex is a similar option that offers a little more bounce, or you might prefer a hybrid mattress that pairs a memory foam top with a spring base.

    Consider the different types of mattresses discussed above and think about your preferences for things like contouring, firmness, and motion isolation to make your final choice.

    Here are our top picks for the best mattresses for scoliosis we think you should consider:

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    Sleep Positions And Scoliosis

    When it comes to the best sleep positions for people with scoliosis, much like the ideal mattress, its about keeping the spine well supported and in a neutral position. The healthiest sleep position for people with scoliosis is flat on the back, then side sleeping, followed by stomach sleeping.

    Sleep position plays a role in promoting healthy spinal alignment for people in general, and for people living with scoliosis, as their spines are already exposed to adverse tension and misalignment, this is especially important.

    For people with scoliosis, their spines are abnormally bent to the side and include rotation this means their spines are not aligned the way they should be.

    A healthy spine has three main natural curves that give the spine more strength, flexibility, allow us to stay upright and practice good posture, and help the spine to evenly distribute mechanical stress caused by movement.

    For people living with scoliosis, the overall biomechanics of the spine are disrupted due to a loss of its healthy curvatures, and this can make it more challenging to find a comfortable sleep position.

    Following are the best sleep positions for people with scoliosis, in terms of promoting a healthy spinal alignment, which also happen to be the best sleep positions for people in general, for the same reasons.

    Best Mattress Types For Scoliosis

    Best Mattress for Scoliosis: A Buyer’s Guide

    Most of us know the most comfortable mattress for our needs, but sometimes we end up sleeping on a mattress for so long we get used to being in an uncomfortable or unsupportive position. The average lifespan for a high-quality mattress is around 7-10 years, but this varies depending on the mattress type. Most of us put off buying a new mattress well after its lifespan has passed, which leads to back pain, shoulder pain, poor sleep, and daytime sleepiness.

    Those with scoliosis need to pay special attention to the durability of their mattresses since sagging can make their pain or inflammation worse. Additionally, no matter the mattress type, the best mattress for scoliosis patients needs to relieve sensitive pressure points and keep the spine in a neutral position. Note that different mattress types may or may not offer these benefits.

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    Top 7 Best Mattresses For Scoliosis

    To establish our list, we examined the traits that make each option unique, the level of support they provide, and their ability to regulate temperature. After comparing these traits we came up with the following results, enjoy!


    • Type: Zoned Talalay latex
    • Firmness: Dual-sided with Luxury Plush: 4, Gentle Firm: 7
    • Height: 10 inches
    • In-home trial period: 120 nights
    • Warranty: 20 years
    • Size: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King

    The Zenhaven Mattress is our Editors choice for best bed for scoliosis. It is comprised of Talalay latex constructed with a 5-zoned comfort design which provides superior back support for people who suffer from scoliosis. Its 5-zoned design arranges density and varying size holes in the latex to give additional support to the lumbar region while simultaneously being softer near the shoulder region.


    The organic cotton and wool pillow-top adds a contouring capability that is not generally provided by a latex mattress but functions very well for people with scoliosis. It also ensures comfort while you are supported from below by the dense latex.

    Motion transfer is nearly eliminated in the Zenhaven mattress, something important for people with scoliosis. The latex and wool absorb most of the motion which is dissipated before you are disturbed. Sleeping with a pet or a partner in this bed may not disturb you, even if you are a light sleeper with scoliosis.









    Best Pick Mattresses For Treating Scoliosis In 2021

    Get the list of top-pick mattresses that will help individuals treat scoliosis in 2021. In todays time there are many cases arising for chronic, back, and neck pain out of which one is for Scoliosis. It generally occurs and makes an individual restless throughout the night causing a lot of aching. Therefore, with the help of sleep experts, we have found out the top-rated sleeping mattresses for treating Scoliosis. You can get support for your neck, back, and spine with complete body contouring. Check out the listed options for mattress pick decisions.

  • GhostBed 3D Matrix
  • It is an excellent mattress that contours and supports the body in a way so that you can treat scoliosis easily. It will help in promoting a good nights sleep with an adjustable body temperature. If you really want to get the spinal alignment the Ghostbed 3D Matrix can promote healthy support to the shoulder, hip, and back support. Other than this it has a cooling feature that helps in preventing the body from overheating.

    • The Gel polymers support the cool sleeping throughout the night
    • Get complete edge and back support by lying on the Ghostbed 3D Matrix

    2. Nolah Original 10

    • Helps in promoting cool sleep with excessive pressure relief formula
    • Offer great motion isolation feature for better sleep

    3. Amerisleep AS2

    • Effective motion transfer feature for quality sleep
    • Promotes better spinal alignment for back and stomach sleepers

    4. Layla Copper Infused Memory Foam Mattress

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