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Can I Put A Mattress In The Trash

Donate A Mattress Topper To Charity Organizations

How To Dispose Of A Mattress – Got A Garbage Mattress?

There are several nationwide charities where you can donate your used mattress topper, including:

  • The Salvation Army
  • Furniture Bank Association of America

There are also local charities that will accept used mattress pads, including:

  • Womens Shelters
  • Homeless Shelters
  • Thrift Stores

For regular mattress protector pads that are no longer usable for beds, you can use them for making diaper changing pads, quilts, pillows, etc., and then donate the finished products to a nearby shelter or other charity.

What Parts Of A Mattress Can Be Recycled

There are many parts of a mattress that can be recycled. Steel springs, wood frames, stuffing, and fabric are all contained in a mattress and can be recycled and reused in different ways.

However, mattresses are too big to be left out for pickup with your regular recycling. Youll need to find a facility that specializes in mattress recycling and transport it there on your own.

If you want to make sure all parts of your old mattress are recycled properly without the need to lift a finger, then our friendly and professional crew at 1-800-GOT-JUNK? is the solution for you!

Give Away Weekend Has Transitioned To Give Away All Year Long

Give Away Weekend has transitioned to giveaway all year long!

We encourage residents to explore different ways to divert waste from the landfill all year long. Your trash may be another persons treasure Give away items to help others and the environment at the same time!

You may consider your local group to give items youre done with a second life in a neighbours home.

Buy Nothing Project is led entirely by volunteers and is open to everyone. Community members can join their neighbourhood group by searching for it on Facebook.

Please note, the Buy Nothing groups are external to the City of Ottawa and you must abide by their terms and conditions.

You can also check items in the Waste Explorer for a list of charitable organizations that accept donations. Please remember to phone ahead before donating an item.

Thank you for refusing, reducing, reusing, repurposing and recycling every chance you get!

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Single Residential/building With Less Than 8 Units/townhouse Complex With Individual Curbside Collection:

  • Curbside collection every 2 weeks
  • Items must be at the curb by 7:00 a.m.
  • Residential Above Commercial Night customers must place the oversized item at the curbside between 6:00 pm and 9:00 pm
  • Laneway customers: oversized items are collected in the same area as garbage, recycling and organics
  • There is no limit to the amount of oversized items set out
  • Oversized collection is handled by separate collection crews that drive through each area on regular scheduled garbage collection days. The oversized item collection crews work independently from the garbage bin collection crews.
  • Criteria:
  • Anything 8 feet or longer that can be cut in half for garbage should be reduced in size. Solid Waste Management regular split trucks will have no difficulty in loading these items. In some cases, as with SWM automated trucks, a separate truck will have to be dispatched to pick up oversized items. Note:Solid Waste Management operators must be able to safely move these items on to the lift, and into the truck
  • Glass Table/Top – intact: collected as an oversized item, should be placed in cardboard or thick paper and clearly marked as glass, set out on Garbage day, 0.5 metres away from other bins
  • Mirror/Broken Glass – for the safety of the collection crew, this item should be wrapped in thick paper or cardboard. Alternatively, the mirror/glass can be broken into smaller pieces, placed in a sealed cardboard box with the writing ‘broken glass’ on side/top, the box must fit inside the garbage bin.

What Cannot Be Put In A Dumpster

Research partnership aims to put mattress waste to bed ...

Even though disposal regulations are a little different in every city or municipality, there are certain items that 9 and a half times out of 10 just cant be thrown in a dumpster. This is usually because the items in question are considered hazardous waste or could damage the dumpster.

Below is a list of things that usually cant be thrown in a dumpster but that can be disposed of through your local recycling center or sanitation department.

  • mattresses
  • printer cartridges
  • air conditioners

If you dont have the time to deal with hauling these items to your local landfill or transfer station, you can book a pickup with Mattress Disposal Plus and have them haul away your unwanted stuff and dispose of it for you in an eco-friendly way, usually through donation and recycling nearby.

As you probably noticed, mattresses are on the list of things you cant put in a dumpster. Thats because theyre hard to dispose of and can often contain bodily fluids, bed bugs, and other stuff that can be considered a biohazard.

A mattress has to be specially disposed of, so youll have to haul your old bed to the local landfill or recycling center if you need to get rid of it.

Another option is to have your old mattress picked up and disposed of properly by a junk removal company. These junk haulers are trained in properly disposing of bulky junk items such as an old mattress or couch and have access to equipment and resources that the common public does not.

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Donate Your Used Mattress To Charity

Check with your local non-profits to see if any will be able to put the mattress to use. Depending on health department regulations in your area, organizations like The Salvation Army and Goodwill might be able to take a used mattress off your hands. Habitat for Humanity, churches, and homeless shelters can also be good places to check. Once youve secured a place that will take your old mattress, book a Dolly to bring your mattress to its new home.

Check With Your Local Trash Collector

Some local trash collectors have a solid waste garbage day, or might accept a mattress brought out to the curb with a sign reading solid waste. Others might have a solid waste collection site where you can drop off the mattress after a short drive. Before you decide anything else, try contacting your local trash and recycling collector to see what their recommendation might be.

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Additional Items To Put Out With The Mattress

Needing to get rid of your mattress may also mean you have other items around the house that require disposal. For instance, upgrading to a larger mattress may leave you with bed rails and box springs youll no longer use. If youve recently renovated a room, you may have other pieces of furniture that are too large to put out with the regular trash. Give your house a quick check, and mention these items when you arrange for the mattress removal so you can clear out all the related bulk trash in one visit.

For quick, efficient removal of bulky household items such as mattresses and furniture, call on the experienced professionals at Junk Guru. We have the heavy-duty equipment, trucks, and personnel to haul away all your bulk items safely and dispose of them responsibly. Call us today at 972-408-8348 for a free estimate.

Who Can Participate In The Yellow Bag Program

Mattress Disposal & Mattress Recycling (How Junk Removal Experts Recycle and Sell your old Mattress)
  • Any Ottawa business that generates sixteen bags or less of garbage every two weeks can participate and
  • If your business is located in a building with multiple business tenants, all businesses in the building must be Yellow Bag program participants and all of the businesses together cannot generate more than sixteen bags of garbage every two weeks
  • Anyone can register on behalf of your building

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Are There Any Fees For Disposing Of A Mattress In A Dumpster

In some areas, there are fees associated with getting rid of a mattress. Mattress disposal charges apply when the local landfill or transfer station must break down or recycle the mattress. These charges come directly from the local facility and will apply whether youâre using a dumpster rental, curbside pickup or landfill drop-off.

What Can You Do With An Old Mattress

Recycle It: Did you know 80% to 100% of the average mattress can be disassembled and broken down into raw materials? These materials are then recycled into new products. Unfortunately, its not always easy to recycle your mattress. You will need to look for a recycling facility and take it there yourself. You can learn more from the Mattress Recycling Council.

Donate It: If your mattress is in good shape, you can call a nonprofit to see if they are able to take it. This is a nice way to see if your old item can be put to good use. However, not all nonprofits are willing to take mattresses, so you might need to spend some time researching.

It can be time-consuming to find a proper mattress-recycling facility or a nonprofit to donate it to. Fortunately, the team at JDog Junk Removal & Hauling knows just how to handle recycling or donating your old mattress. When you call us, you can feel confident the Veterans and Military family members on our team will provide transparent pricing and on-time, respectful service. All you have to do is call us at 844-GET-JDOG to schedule a mattress pickup, and well take care of the rest.

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Bed Bug Infested Mattress

Note: Solid Waste Management does not require that all furniture/mattresses be wrapped in plastic to be collected, but if collections staff see visible living bed bugs on furniture or mattresses, they will leave a notice asking that the item be sealed in plastic. Bed bug infested recyclables should be placed in black garbage bags and disposed of in the garbage bin.

For Public Health disposal instructions see: Bed Bug infested furniture – Public Health disposal instructions

Note: Solid Waste Management has different trucks used in the collection of oversized items. Please be advised that if the crew picks up most of the items but some are left behind, this could be due to the truck not being able to handle/accommodate the item. Another truck should be back to collect, if the item remains, please contact 311 after 5:00 pm to report the missed collection.

  • Open Packer – about 8′ wide and big enough to load a couch in or a large cabinet
  • Split Packer – about a 3′ opening for organics and another 5′ is garbage packer
  • Side Load – trucks that garbage can fit into
  • Full automated trucks – cannot pick up any bulky furniture if it’s not in the garbage bin
  • Open lift truck – which is for soft handling furniture, mattresses, metal, bulky items for Reuse Centres

You can also take your leftover paint to your local Community Environment Day.

For more information please visit the City of Torontowebsite

Related information:

Selling Donating And Recycling Your Mattress

Earth Talk: Can you recycle your old mattress?
  • 1Try selling your mattress online. Even if you think your mattress is old and no one will want it, others may think otherwise. List your mattress for a reasonable price on websites and/or apps like Craigslist, eBay, and Letgo and see if anyone shows interest in purchasing it.XResearch source
  • To improve your chances of attracting potential buyers, provide quality photos of the mattress and an include an accurate item description.
  • 2Donate your mattress to a charity. Check with nonprofit organizations in your area to see if they can accept your mattress as a donation. Some of these organizations, like Salvation Army and Goodwill, may not be able to accept your mattress. However, its a good idea to check with Habitat for Humanity, local churches, homeless shelters, and thrift stores to see if they can.XResearch source
  • 3Return your mattress to the retailer you got it from. Mattress disposal has become quite an issue, so many retailers and manufacturers often take on the task of disposing of them for customers. If youre purchasing a new mattress, ask the retailer if theyd be willing to take your old one and dispose of it properly.XResearch source
  • Go to or to find a recycling center near you.XResearch source
  • “Many recycling centers offer mattress recycling. They’ll disassemble the mattress, remove the springs, and upcycle as much as possible.”

    Kathryn Kellogg

    Kathryn Kellogg

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    Can Mattresses Be Put In A Dumpster Where I Live

    If you are renting a dumpster for a home cleanup or specific project, contact our team to learn about accepted materials and mattress disposal rules in your area beforehand. There may be an additional charge for each mattress or box spring you are disposing of due to local fees charged by the landfill or transfer station.

    Transcript For What Happens To My Garbage

    Visual: Garbage can being placed beside green bin at the curb title appears.

    What happens to my garbage?

    Visual: Garbage truck is approaching.

    Every two weeks, a collection crew shows up to pick up your garbage.

    Visual: Truck stops, collection operator picks up garbage, empties contents into vehicle.

    Up to 40 trucks make more than 1,000 stops a day. Each waste collection operator walks 21 kilometres during a 10-hour shift a half marathon! while lifting 10 tonnes of material.

    Visual: Garbage truck driving off.

    The collection vehicles crush materials to reduce load volume and decrease trips to the landfill.

    Visual: Garbage truck driving onto scale.

    When trucks are full, they head to the Trail Road Waste Facility, south-west of Barrhaven.

    Visual: Truck being weighed.

    All trucks are weighed when they arrive, and again when they leave, so the City can track how much waste is entering the facility.

    Visual: Truck leaving scale.

    On average, Trail Road receives 1,000 tonnes of garbage per day.

    Visual: Lynne Hammond, Heavy Equipment Operator, standing in front of scale house, wearing bright yellow safety gear.

    The vehicles, when they arrive at our landfill, drive up onto our scale house here behind me.

    Visual: Pick-up truck with trailer driving onto scale.

    The scale attendants process 600 vehicles a day. They guide everyone on where they need to go and take payments from those customers who have to pay a tipping fee.

    Visual: Birds eye view of small loads area.

    • Buy less.

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    Will Costco Take My Old Mattress

    Yes, Costco will take your old mattress. If you live in California, Rhode Island, or Connecticut they are required to do that when they deliver a new mattress to you. If you live elsewhere, you may be able to avail of their removal service as an additional option when you buy a new mattress from them, but there will normally be an additional fee.

    The Best Ways To Dispose Of A Mattress

    I Put WATER In An AIR Mattress?

    There are some items that are easy to throw away. Food scraps can be composted. Cardboard boxes can be recycled. Used paper towels can be thrown in the trash. But there are some items that have to be thrown out occasionally that are trickier. For instance, what do you do if you have an old mattress you need to throw out? Its not the kind of thing that will fit in your trash can, and you may wonder if throwing your mattress away is the best thing to do with it, anyway. Very little of mattresses can be recycled typically only the foam used. That said, here are some ways to dispose of your mattress.

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    Some Mattress Brands Will Pick Up

    Having a new mattress delivered? In states like California, your retailer is required to take your old mattress back when they deliver a new one to you, as long as it’s in acceptable condition. Be sure to read the fine print when purchasing your mattress so you know what kind of delivery and old mattress removal arrangements you’re paying for.

    Mattress recycling programs vary by city and state.

    The Complete Mattress Disposal Guide

    Wondering how to get rid of that old mattress? Despite being bulky and heavy, there are several convenient ways to dispose of mattresses, including renting a dumpster, donating and recycling it.

    A gently-used mattress can be donated, but if yours is old and worn out, youâll need to throw it away. Weâve compiled the best mattress and box spring disposal options so you can find the most efficient method for your needs.

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    How Do I Know When Its Time To Get Rid Of My Mattress

    You will know when its time to get rid of your mattress if you start having a hard time sleeping through the night.If you are tossing and turning in an effort to get comfortable, it may be because your mattress is already wearing down.According to the National Sleep Foundation, you’ll know that it’s time to replace your mattress when you notice the following signs below.

    • The divets in the bed no longer bounce back when you get up.
    • The mattress sags or there are lumps on it.
    • There are coils poking through the fabric.
    • The springs are noisy.

    Also, if youre experiencing allergy symptoms or allergic reactions at night, then your mattress might be to blame. This is because they make the perfect home for dust mites, a common household allergen. For children, a reaction to a house dust mite may be severe enough to cause asthma.A simple solution like a mattress casing might help, or you may have to trade in your mattress for a hypoallergenic version.

    I asked around and it seems that one of the most highly recommended options for a hypoallergenic mattress is the PlushBeds Natural Bliss Latex Vegan Mattress. A lot of people swear by it since they said it has literally helped them sleep better night after night.

    I was honestly skeptical at first, but when I saw that it’s made from 100% latex, I understood why.

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