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Why Do Mattresses Cost So Much

Labour Transport And Profit

Why Do Windows Cost So Much?

Of course, the people who actually make the mattresses need to be paid, otherwise, they can’t earn a living! Mattresses are also quite big and bulky items, so transporting them from a warehouse into your home can be a costly affair.

The store or online retailer selling the mattress then needs to make a profit to ensure the business stays open and staff’s wages can be paid. Adding all this up can result in one expensive package, so be sure to remember this the next time you’re browsing a range of mattresses.

If you’re looking for a wonderful mattress at an affordable price, check out our range. From orthopaedic ones to memory foam, to pocket sprung, we’re certain to have the perfect mattress to help you get your forty winks.

Mattress Recyclingis Not Keeping Up With Demand

According to Sustainability Victoria, over 300,000 mattressesare sent to landfill each year, amounting to over 5,700 per week in Victoria. Thereare recycling initiatives however that are diverting a significant number ofold mattresses from landfill, refurbishing, manual dismantling or mechanicalseparation to recover the steel. Approximately 332,000 mattresses are recycledin Victoria each year through a mixture of private and municipal initiatives. Mattressrecycling capacity therefore accounts for a little over half of used mattressesdisposed of each year.

Expanding to meet the demand for mattress recycling is nosmall task while the return on investing in recovering the steel remains low. Theonly component of recyclable value from an old mattress is the steel springs. Separatingthe textile material from the steel springs is labour intensive, even ifspecialist plant equipment is available for mechanical separation. With scrapstainless steel prices varying between $0.75 and $2.00 per kilo, it is asignificant challenge for mattress recycling businesses to overcome the costsinvolved with processing.

What To Consider When Buying A Mattress

Durability / Lifespan

Quality matters greatly when it comes to your mattress purchase. One of the best ways to reduce costs over time is to invest in a mattress that will last five to eight years. This is the length of time most doctors and industry experts recommend keeping a mattress. Here at Mattress Nerd, we recommend researching the most durable mattress brands and styles. Customer reviews, for example, can indicate how long previous buyers mattresses have lasted.

Conforming Ability

A mattresss ability to conform to your body in all the right places depends on its style, manufacturer and comfort layers. Innerspring mattresses, for example, offer very poor conforming power whereas memory foam mattresses and hybrid mattresses usually offer excellent conforming. If you have aches and pains or prefer a mattress with a deep hug around pressure points, this is an important quality to consider. Side sleepers need the most pressure relief around their hips and shoulders, whereas stomach sleepers need a mattress that conforms slightly around the hips without causing them to sink.


Do you tend to wake up in a sweat or sleep hot? Theres an ideal temperature range your body needs to maintain to achieve deep sleep, and mattresses can exacerbate overheating issues or relieve them. If you sleep hot, look for a mattress with coils, like that of an innerspring, breathable layers or infused foams, like copper and gel, to release trapped heat.

Motion Transfer

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How Much Does A Mattress Cost

Why do mattresses cost so much is a typical complaint. When you consider how much time you spend in bed, over 30% of your life. A quality mattress will provide a level of sleep comfort that could improve your physical health and well being.

You get what you pay for is a true sentiment in many circumstances but you dont need to spend thousands of dollars for a quality mattress. Some mattresses are designed and produced from years of research and development, such as AirFoam but they keep costs down by removing the middlemen from the equation.

Therefore, no huge showrooms, no pushy sales staff, just a mattress retailer delivering high quality at a low cost straight to your door.

Tempurpedic V Spring Mattresses

Why Do Mattresses Cost So Much? Top 10 Reasons Revealed!

The average price point for a spring mattress tends to be around $900 depending on whether or not you include the typically more pricey hybrid spring mattresses in this range.

In the context of regular spring mattresses that have a fused coil core and an upholstered top layer that doesnt contain memory foam, its entirely possible that a TempurPedic mattress will last longer by a few years.

In which case it may make sense to go for a TempurPedic all-foam or hybrid spring mattress if it suits your sleeping style and you want a more durable mattress.

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I Have A Hastens Bedwhy Its Worth The Cost

I received a Hastens Bed as partial payment from Hastens to train their staff on the science of sleep and to assist their VIP clients.

When I tell you my bed costs $30,000, I know what youre thinking: $30,000 on a mattress?

Thats what I originally thought, too. Even as someone whos spent their life researching sleep, Id always assumed that spending around two to four thousand was all anyone would ever need to spend to get a better nights sleep. And for some, thats true.

But when I tried Hastens sleep system, all of my previous ideas about bedding, support, comfort, and stability changed. But before you write off a luxury price point the way I did, let me share with you my journey to trying out the Hastens sleep system, my six week trial, and what I learned about sleep, support, and even box springs.

Additional Costs For A New Mattress

The initial purchase price of a mattress is the biggest expense, but its not the only one. There are some extra expenses that youll want to budget for:

Shipping & Setup Costs: Depending on where you buy your mattress, you may have to cover the cost of shipping, in-home delivery and/or setup. If not included in the purchase price, expect to spend $50-$100 on shipping, and even more on white-glove in-home delivery. Some companies even offer removal of your old bed, for an additional fee. Many online companies now offer free shipping, so make sure to shop around.

Foundations & Accessories: Beyond the initial mattress purchase, youll also need to consider the cost of any accessories you will need. A foundation/box spring can be a major cost, and even small things like bedding can add up. The cost of these items varies significantly, but as with mattresses themselves, accessory prices tend to scale with the mattress size you purchase . Likewise, odd sizes like California King and Twin XL are more difficult to find accessories for, and many options are more expensive for these sizes.

Warranty & Returns: Some mattress warranties as well as return policies have expenses associated with them. For instance, some manufacturers require the customer to pay for return shipping during a warranty claim, or there may be restocking fees associated with a product return. Be sure to check the terms of each policy before purchasing.

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What Can You Expect For Your Money In A New Mattress

The raw cost price of a mattress will generally be the same, for a like for like model, for all manufacturers. You are then quite right to wonder why there are such huge price differences for essentially the same mattress. Well, once the mattress has been manufactured, additional costs have to be added by the manufacturer to the raw cost such as advertising, promotion, transport, logistics and so on.

Why Is Hstens So Expensive

Why Does Lumber Cost So Much?

Furthermore, Hästens has conducted extensive study into the science of sleep and ensures that its beds enable clients to enjoy the finest sleep possible. So, what is it about Hästens Vividus that makes it so expensive? This is the point at which the excitement begins. In 2006, when the bed was initially created, it took 160 hours to construct and cost $112,900 to purchase.

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Look For A Free Returns Policy

A free returns policy is non-negotiable when shopping for a mattress. The reality is that lying down on any model for 10 or 15 minutes is not enough to determine its suitability for your sleep. Youll only get a fair idea of everything a mattress has to offer after sleeping on it for a couple of weeks.

This is why a generous returns policy is so important.

You should be able to return it after a few weeks if it turns out to be the wrong fit. Additionally, returns should be free or at least cheap. And dont forget to make sure you can get a full refund in the event of a return.

So Do Youtake Mattresses Or Not

Yes we do. People often ask usabout mattresses and are curious as ty they cost so much to dispose of comparedto other types of rubbish.

It costs around $100 per mattress disposal by Its Done Rubbish Removal. additional cost may be added for having to take the mattress down stairs or from other difficult to reach places. A discount may be negotiated for 5+ mattresses.

Complete the form below if you haveone or more mattresses youd like to get rid of.

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What Else Makes Mattresses So Expensive

Well, unlike a lot of other goods, theres no used market its essentially illegal to resell a mattress, Basham says. Then theres the fact that mattresses are often, though certainly not always, an immediate purchase, unlike, say, cars or other furniture. If youre moving and you need a mattress by the time you go to bed, well, youre not going to wait to pull the trigger. Or if youre getting poked by a spring on your old mattress, youre not going to spend one more night on it than necessary.

Yet Basham says the average shopping period for a mattress is a number of weeks, not days or hours. Now thathealth andwellness are increasingly popular components of mattress shopping, people are taking more time and reading more reviews online . As opposed to simply going to a mattress store, getting the opinion of the mattress salesman, trying a few mattresses out and being steered to a certain high-profit-margin model, and still wondering whether or not youre getting a good deal as you leave the store.

Additional Hidden Factors That Influence Mattress Price

Why do the best online mattress cost so much ...

Average mattress price is influenced by many other factors which may not seem obvious from the first sight:

  • Online vs in-person. While in a specialized store you can test mattresses by yourself, mattresses there are usually more expensive. If you try to haggle, you may get even as much as 50% off as retailers have high markups. If you arent good at bargaining, you will find buying online is cheaper.
  • Warranty & return terms. Details of warranty and return policies envisioned by manufacturers can increase the initial price of mattresses. The longer the warranty is, the more the mattress may cost.
  • Shipping & setup. Shipping may cost an additional 60 USD 100 USD, and the setup of a mattress in your bedroom may be included or added on top.
  • Foundations & accessories. Foundation, bedding any other accessories will cost you extra money. Note that for larger mattresses like Queen, King, and California King it is more challenging to find accessories, therefore, they will be more expensive.
  • Removal costs. You may want to have your mattress removed at a point. Mattress removal price varied between 75 USD and 200 USD with an average of 165 USD.
  • Negotiation. Can you negotiate the price of a mattress? Yes, you can unless it is sold online. Offline retailers often have higher overhead costs, so sometimes you may negotiate even 50% off.

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How Much Is A Grand Vividus Hstens Bed

The collection was created in partnership with designer Ferris Rafauli. In collaboration with world-renowned designer Ferris Rafauli, Swedish luxury bed manufacturer Hästens will introduce its sumptuous bed dubbed Grand Vividus tomorrow. The Grand Vividus, which is owned by celebrities such as Drake, retail for $400,000 USD and blends comfort, workmanship, and elegance.

Tempurpedic V Organic Latex Mattresses

The average price point for a latex mattress can range significantly depending on how much certified organic natural latex it contains versus cheaper synthetic latex with a price range of around $1,500 $2,500 being typical.

This means that a latex mattress could cost you around the same as a TempurPedic mattress, depending on the models being compared.

High quality natural latex mattresses make for some of the best organic mattresses and the best fiberglass free mattresses which may make them the better choice over TempurPedic mattresses if you want to minimise off-gassing and eliminate synthetic chemicals.

Latex mattresses also tend to be more breathable than memory foam mattresses on the whole, whilst also being more durable and longer lasing .

However, if you have an allergy to natural latex, then a TempurPedic mattress may be a better alternative.

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What Is The Best Mattress For The Money

The best mattress for your money will be of reasonable cost, provide pressure relief, cooling comfort, and be durable.

A new mattress ought to provide essential sleep comfort for at least 10 years but you dont need to spend thousands of dollars. Brands like Nolah bring high quality AirFoam mattresses straight to your door from as little as $499.

Their innovative design that is free of memory foam, offers premium comfort at an affordable cost because they bring the mattress directly from their factory straight to you.

Youre probably wondering why is memory foam so expensive and this is because of the processes involved in making the foam. It doesnt necessarily guarantee quality therefore, take care when buying certain memory foam mattresses as most sleep hot and may not provide the essential sleep comfort of other, more modern materials.

A mattress is an everyday essential item like a toothbrush or a car! And such, its durability is an important factor to consider

Is A More Expensive Mattress Worth It

Why houses cost so much and what to do about it

Price is not the full story when considering mattresses. Of course, more expensive mattresses may reflect that they have higher quality, more expensive materials. It can also be a reflection of quality control which means a high likelihood of even body support and good design.

However, any mattress can be expensive without having all the good qualities listed above. Signs of a high-quality mattress can be a thick and dense mattress with high amounts of springiness for innerspring mattresses and slow, molding changing in the case of memory foam.

You spend one-third of your life sleeping and that should be a consideration when setting your budget for a mattress.

Foam mattresses can sometimes let off smells as a result of the mattress manufacturing process. This is why foam mattresses generally need a period of about 30 days to settle. If after 30 days the smell continues you may be able to return it.

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Caring For The Planet

By certifying our mattresses to the Global Organic Textile Standard and using latex certified to the Global Organic Latex Standard , we give you healthier materials, but we also take make sure your product helps make the world a better place. In addition to the stringent organic and non-toxic standards of GOTS, the standard also ensures that the welfare of workers are protected throughout the entire supply chain. This is especially important because GOTS prohibits child labor and forced labor. Sadly, these unacceptable conditions are widely found in the world, particularly in the cotton industry.

Whats more, certified organic cotton offers a large number of planetary benefits, from reduced water usage to healthier soil that helps sequester and reduce global CO2 emissions. Naturepedics use of wool and product design instead of chemicals to pass federal flammability standards means persistent and harmful chemicals stay out of the waterways. Even the use of sugarcane-based polyethylene, used to waterproof our crib mattresses, means a shift away from fossil fuels to renewable resources. Your purchase of a Naturepedic product is something you can feel great about, because its contributing to an overall cleaner, fairer, kinder planet.

Take Advantage Of 0% Annual Percentage Rate Finance Deals

This is technically not a direct way to reduce costs on a new mattress, but getting yourself a 0% APR deal can significantly impact the items affordability by spreading the cost across months without having to worry and pay any interest. Many manufacturers with online platforms allow this upon checking out as long as you spend a minimum amount.

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Cost Of A Diy Murphy Bed Kit

Installing a Murphy Bed can be an expensive project, but if youre handy with tools and you know your way around woodworking, then the relatively cheaper Do-it-Yourself route might just be for you. There are several types of DIY Murphy Bed Hardware kits available. Some may utilize pneumatics to safely bring down and put up the bed, while others may utilize springs. A complete Murphy Bed hardware mechanism kit may cost anywhere between $100 and $600 depending on the type of kit you get.

Full size deluxe Murphy bed kit. Notice that cabinetry and other addons are not included. Image from Create-A-Bed.

A note to remember when buying a DIY Murphy Bed Kit:

Most kits will only include the mechanical components of the Murphy Bed, and will not include wooden panels for the cabinet or the mattress frame and mattress. While these types of kits will generally come with detailed plans for the cabinet, bed frame and shelving, they will require you to build them yourself. These kits typically are about $200.

Other DIY Murphy Bed kits will come complete with the bed frame and counter-weight systems. This second type of DIY Murphy bed kits will still not include wood panels for the cabinet and shelves nor will it include a mattress. For these types of Murphy bed kits, you can mount it directly to your wall without any cabinetry, or you may decide to build a cabinet and shelves around it. These kits typically cost more than $500.

Example of Murphy Bed Kits Cost


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