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Can I Put A Nectar Mattress On A Box Spring

Full Size Bed Foundation

Returning Our Nectar Mattress after 4 Weeks? (Bed In a Box)

54 inches by 75 inches

Full size mattresses, also referred to as double beds, are ideal for growing teens who are no longer comfortable in their twin bed. These beds offer single sleepers more space to stretch out but may be too confining for couples. Full size beds also fit comfortably in most bedrooms.

Allows The Mattress To Work For You

Memory foam, latex foam, and hybrid mattresses contour to the body, so your muscles can recover as you sleep. These beds provide the perfect combination of cushioning and support so your spine remains in a safe, neutral position.

Without the right foundation, the mattress will begin to sag in certain places. As this happens, your body will also sinkforcing your spine out of alignment. When the spine is not straight, our bodies have to overcompensate for the lack of support by sleeping in uncomfortable positions. However, a stable support base will allow you to get the most out of your advanced mattress.

Can I Put A Nectar Mattress On A Box Spring

The Nectar mattress utilizes numerous layers of memory foam, consisting of an inch quilted into the cover, to produce a real memory foam understanding of the sleeper. With this construction the bed mattress has a focus on pressure relief that need to seem sinking into the bed mattress and be a plus for side sleepers. can i put a nectar mattress on a box spring?

Cover The cover is really soft and is made of a tencel-cotton blend. Tencel is an environmentally friendly material made from trees and is known for being highly breathable.Not only is the cover soft and breathable, it is an fundamental part of the overall reinforcement} the bed mattress offers. A 1 inch layer of gel memory foam is consisted of right in the cover. This component of the cover assists to ease pressure and shape to the body. Gel memory foam also does a excellent job of staying cool to defend from sleeping too hot. This mix of the gel memory foam with the tencel product equal a soft cover layer that does a good task of preserving a comfortable body temperature level.

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What Is The Nectar Mattress Cover Made From

The Nectar mattress cover has a white quilted top that’s soft to the touch. The sides are covered in a minky, silky gray material.

In technical terms, the outermost, top layer of the mattress is the Tencel Cooling Cover. Tencel is a material extracted from wood pulp and it’s known as one of the most environmentally-friendly fabrics. It’s also breathable and similar in strength to a synthetic fiber.

I love how L.L. Bean describes Tencel: with its reach feel and drape of an expensive silk, you’d never suspect that tencel is manfactured from natural wood pulp cellulose.

The combination of the quilted memory foam on the top layer of the mattress with the heat-wicking properties of the Tencel keep you cool and sweat-free.

Good Nights Rest Team Verdict: Nectar Mattress

Dream Solutions Dreamy Rest Pillow Top 10"  Mattress and ...

Here at Good Nights Rest, our goal is to put together all the important information about a product. We present them in a logical and easy to digest review format. We look at official press releases, customer reviews, and contact product makers for clarifications. Sometimes, the Good Nights Rest team is lucky enough to test the products we review! Thats when were confident enough to include what we call a team verdict, which reflects personal experience, rather than accumulated research.

This section contains the personal Nectar review of Benjamin who tested the mattress with his girlfriend and Good Nights Rest team member, Maia.

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Best Bed Frame For Memory Foam Mattress

With a memory foam mattress, its best to use a slatted or solid mattress foundation. If you go with a slatted foundation, the slats should be no further than 3 inches apart. Any further apart and youll need to buy extra slats or a bunkie board to create a more stable surface for your memory foam mattress.

Modern platform beds are another good bed frame for memory foam mattresses. Platform beds are essentially just a more decorative mattress foundation, as they often contain features like built-in headboards or under-bed storage drawers. When you opt for a platform bed, you can skip the extra foundation and save money.

Since memory foam beds are so flexible, they also pair great with adjustable bed bases to promote a luxury nights sleep.

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Can I Put A Nectar Mattress On A Box Spring 2021

Looking for Can I Put A Nectar Mattress On A Box Spring

The Puffy mattress is among three all-foam beds offered by the Puffy company. It ranks medium, or 5 out of 10, on the firmness scale, making it a great option for lighter sleepers. The Puffy is their most affordable model, cost price-points that have to do with half of the cost of the Puffy Lux, and less than half of the Puffy Royal.

All of the Puffy bed mattress are produced in the United States and included a lifetime service warranty. The significant distinguishing feature among them is the difference in mattress height, which is because of distinctions in comfort foam layers. The Puffy steps 10 inches thick, whereas the Puffy Lux and Puffy Royal measure 12 and 14 inches respectively.

As an all-foam mattress, the Puffy provides sleepers with a soft, cushiony feel. Sleepers who take pleasure in deeply contouring memory foam will like this mattress. The Puffy provides sleepers the feeling of being hugged by their mattress due to the fact that of its memory foam convenience layer. Individuals will seem like they are sleeping in the Puffy, rather than resting on top of it.

The top convenience layer of the Puffy is gel-infused Cooling Cloud memory foam. The gel infusion is meant to help reduce the quantity of heat trapped by the mattress.

Recommended for

Not Recommended for

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Disadvantages Of Nectar Mattress

  • This mattress may not be ideal for stomach sleepers
  • Neither model may be firm enough for heavy sleepers
  • Changing positions can be difficult with slow-response foam

As you consider your options, we recommend that you learn more about Nectar. There is minimal risk involved in trying it out, since the trial period is generous and there is free shipping and returns. Consider these options if you are not yet sure.

How Is Nectars Warranty

Do You Need A Box Spring? – Everything There Is To Know!

The Nectar offers their superior Forever Warranty.

This unique warranty guarantees the construction, materials, quality and durability of the Nectar forever and always specific to the original purchaser only.

Since the company stands firmly behind their mattress, they are confident that purchasers will find the Nectar to be the one and only mattress they will ever want or need.

During the first one to five years of ownership full replacement is offered for free if the mattress is found to be defective.

Every year thereafter, all repairs and replacements will be honored for a single $100 transportation fee, which, if a defect is found, will be waived.

Our research revealed that consumers give the Nectars Forever Warranty a rating very high, above average and in many cases, the rating by consumers is excellent.

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Its All About Positioning

Just how does the Nectar mattress feel, that depends on what position you sleep in.

If youre a back sleeper, then the Nectar Mattress will feel fantastic for you. Theres no need to think about posture as the mattress is designed to keep you in the perfect position Your pelvic region however may need extra support, in case it sinks a bit deeper but its great for back sleepers.

For side sleepers, the memory foams sink allows your shoulders and hips to feel relief as you shift your weight down. This mattress is a great option for side sleepers as the uniform pressure release of the bed counters the harmful effects side sleeping might have.

Stomach sleepers may not want this mattress. Youll definitely feel a sink into your abdomen area with this place, and youll need to be very careful with this since it may impact your body adversely over time. For those who sleep on their stomachs, we would recommend that you choose a mattress that is firmer than this one as it may lead to adverse effects.

Having a restless spouse on the same mattress as you wont be as cumbersome as with another mattress thanks to Nectars motion isolation and edge support features, so both you and your partner can move about without the other knowing. Can a Nectar Mattress Go on a Box Spring

Can You Put A Memory Foam Mattress On A Traditional Box Spring

youfoam mattresswilldobox springifbox springitusememory foammattress

. In respect to this, can I put a memory foam mattress on top of a box spring?

The good news is, you can definitely use your box spring under your memory foam mattress. Make certain your box spring is in excellent shape with no broken slats. The reason is because memory foam mattresses are heavy. An ideal set up for memory foam is the mattress on top of a foundation and then ontop of a base.

One may also ask, can you put a memory foam mattress on the floor? Of course, you can put your mattress on the floor, its your mattress! However, the answer really isn’t that simple. If you have a foam mattress, putting it on the floor can lead to mold beneath the mattress, and that can ultimately cause severe health issues.

Besides, can you put a nectar mattress on a box spring?

Nectar can sit directly on a box spring, a platform, or most other flat supportive surfaces. In addition, it can also be used with adjustable bed frames that can accommodate an 11mattress.

What is the best base for a memory foam mattress?

Here are our top 5 Best Foundation For Memory Foam Mattress:

  • Ecos Living 14 Inch High Rustic Solid Wood Platform Bed.
  • Mainstay Half-Fold Metal Box Spring.
  • Simple Houseware 14-Inch Full Size Mattress Foundation.
  • Classic Brands 8 Inch Instant Foundation.
  • Zinus 14 Inch SmartBase Mattress Foundation.

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What Is An Airbed

Airbeds utilize adjustable air chambers as their support system. Residential air beds have air chambers that are covered by upholstery and padding materials. These materials include fiber and foams.

As the firmness of airbeds can be adjusted this allows each side of the bed to be used separately to suit the individual needs of each sleeper. Airbeds have similar physical appearances as conventional beds.

However, they cant be used with regular bed frames due to the incompatibility of standard, wooden frames that come with 3 to 5 slats for support. However, there are other options that could help you if you want it to be elevated off the floor. Here are some solutions:

When Mattress On The Floor

Nectar Mattress Reviews: My Completely Honest Review of My ...

If your mattress is on the floor, you may not require a box spring, provided you are okay with the height and the shock absorption. However, it decreases the lifespan and quality of the mattress as the mattress goes through extra strain.

Check out our guide on how long does a mattress lasts to understand when to replace a mattress.

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What Is A Mattress Foundation

The foundation is the surface your mattress rests on. This base could be a box spring, a wooden slat platform, or a solid base. The mattress foundation has two jobsto support you as you sleep and ensure the mattress doesnt sink, slide, or sag.

If your mattress doesnt have the right base, it will not support you correctly. Indents can start to form, causing you to sleep in uncomfortable and awkward positions to accommodate the lack of support. When this happens, you can wake up with stiff, sore muscles and joints.

Is There A Way To Use A Box Spring With A Memory Foam Mattress

While you shouldnt directly use a memory foam mattress with a box spring, you can still use it to make your bed taller by slipping a bunkie board between your mattress and box spring. Bunkie boards are pieces of plywood or particleboard that are two or three inches thick, which provides a flat surface with enough support to prevent your mattress from sagging.

If you choose to shop for a bunkie board, double-check that its moisture resistant. Since a bunkie board is a solid base, its difficult for air to flow through and remove the moisture that collects at the bottom of your mattress. This is how stinky mold and mildew can grow underneath your mattress.

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Nectar Mattress Is Superior To Casper Mattress

Nectar and Casper mattresses are both foam mattresses. Both use memory foam but where Casper mattress has one layer of memory foam and one layer of poly foam, Nectar mattress has two layers of memory foam. Casper mattress has four layers while Nectar mattress has five layers. Casper mattress is thinner than Nectar mattress by one and a half inches. Nectar mattress allows your body to sink a bit more than Casper mattress, which is preferred by many as the bodyweight gets distributed all the more evenly and weightlessness is more than just a perception. While both mattresses can isolate motion and are durable, Nectar mattress is considerably cheaper. A queen size Nectar mattress will cost you $795 and that is without any discount. You can easily find a coupon or some discount that will bring down the price by more than $100. Considering the differences, Nectar mattress is clearly superior and it is what you should consider.

Can I Put A Mattress On Top Of A Mattress

Review: Nectar Mattress – I didn’t need the 365 day trial

If your old mattress is not giving the necessary comfort, then the best solution is to replace it. But what if the old bed is not completely broken and you do not want to recycle or throw out your previous investment. You may decide to add another layer of the mattress on the existing one.

However, will it be an inexpensive solution where you will get the required comfort? Or the arrangement will not be able to give you the expected outcome. Well, this is what we will discuss here.

Let us start with the positive aspects of sleeping on two mattresses.


A new mattress needs a flat and stable surface to survive. However, if you have a box spring and a regular cushion, then you can use a memory foam mattress on them.

Memory foam mattresses are comparatively lightweight and thinner than regular foam mattresses. So, the combination of these two beds will only add to the comfort and also result in better motion deadening.


Fragile: As stated earlier, a mattress needs a solid frame to maintain comfort and last for long. Without the proper foundation, the bed will not be stable, and soon you will start seeing unwanted sagging.

Warranty violation: If you do not lay down a new mattress on a solid frame, the manufacturers will not cover the damages occurred. Warranty guidelines of several manufacturers clearly state that there should a sold framework beneath the mattress.

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Does A Memory Foam Mattress Need Box Spring

The material used in manufacturing a memory foam mattress is very different from traditional mattresses like an innerspring mattress. It helps us to sleep better and gives the feeling of a cradle. A memory foam mattress is made specifically for people who need treatment against chronic ailments. These mattresses keep the body temperature optimum so you can have a good nights sleep.

A box is everyones go-to choice for support and height elevation of the bed for most mattresses. However, memory foam mattresses are very different from other mattresses. These mattresses are heavy and a firm foundation that can handle their weight and absorb impact or shocks. Also, memory foam mattresses need firm box springs. Otherwise, it becomes more challenging for the mattress to breathe and begin to sag.

You can get a firm foundation for your heavy and modern memory foam mattresses, but most people choose a box spring. The preference for a box spring over a foundation could be because people are more familiar with a box spring. They both serve a similar purpose, but we have been using box springs for longer, and they are available in numerous sizes, designs, and shapes. Also, box springs are not as expensive unless they are custom-made.

What Nectar Doesnt Cover

Take a look at what Nectar explicitly states is not covered:

  • Damages resulting from misuse. Misuse is a pretty relative term, but it definitely includes outright abuse and neglect. These damages can include burns, stains, cuts, or odors from spilled liquids. It also means using the mattress for anything other than what Nectar says it can be used for .
  • Damages resulting from an improper foundation. Nectar is pretty inclusive with their mattress foundation recommendations. On their Nectar mattress webpage, they say you can use their mattress on a box spring, divan base, traditional frame, adjustable base, and platform bed. Also be sure to use a proper bed frame.
  • Normal changes in the foam resulting from regular use. Everyones definition of a comfortable mattress is different. Nectar does not cover subjective changes in mattress comfort, including mattress firmness, cooling features, edge support, and motion transfer.
  • Off-gassing after mattress unboxing. A little off-gassing scent is normal after unpacking a memory foam mattress. Nectar does not consider this to be a defect.
  • Secondhand Nectar mattresses. In order for the warranty to apply, you must be the original owner of the bed and have purchased it directly from a Nectar approved seller.
  • Injuries resulting from Nectar mattress use. For example, if you have back pain after sleeping on one of Nectars memory foam beds, they wont cover your chiropractic expenses.

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What Kind Of Foundation Does Your Mattress Need

There are some people who disregard the importance of a bed foundation. A mattress without a foundation is like a home without a foundation. You really cant have one without the other.

You cant put mattress directly on the ground, because this will decrease its useful life, and it will fail to provide the support it would otherwise provide. Therefore, a bed foundation is necessary. It will not only prolong the life of your mattress, but it will also allow it to provide you with better support.

There are various types of foundations available on the market these days and choosing the best one can be a real challenge. Purchasing the wrong one can cause discomfort and decrease the stability of your mattress, so you should know what kind of foundation your mattress really need.

In this guide, we will outline the best foundations that could go well with your mattress depending on its type and we will discuss various types of foundations that can be found on the market today.


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