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Do Cribs Come With Mattresses

Newton Waterproof Crib Mattress Pad

â Crib Mattress: Best Crib Mattress 2021 (Buying Guide)

If you already have a crib mattress at home, you can add a Newton waterproof crib mattress pad to help make it breathable.

It costs $79.99 for one set or $129.99 for two sets.

The crib mattress pad has a TPU waterproof lining, a universal fitted skirt, and two layers of breathable quilted spacer material.

This product is also Greenguard Gold Certified for your babys health.

You can also add this waterproof mattress pad to your non-waterproof Newtown crib mattress or opt to buy the waterproof mattress option.

But Newton Baby doesnt recommend using the mattress pad until your little one is one year old to maximize the Newton crib mattresss breathability benefits.

Choose the Newton Crib mattress if:

  • You want peace of mind in a breathable mattress for your baby
  • You want a mattress thats fire-resistant but without toxic flame retardants
  • You want non-toxicbaby products that pass rigorous quality tests
  • You want a mattress with a washable core
  • You want a product that grows with your baby
  • You want a 100% hypoallergenic bed for your baby
  • Youre looking for a crib mattress thats Greenguard Gold Certified
  • You prefer baby products with no product recalls
  • You dont mind paying more for a safe bed.

Dont choose the Newton crib mattress if:

  • You prefer an organic crib mattress
  • You want one with a mattress pad
  • Youre looking for a mattress within a lower price range
  • You dont mind a mattress with non-breathable material

The Toddler Bed With A Swing And Soft Mattress

This bed has a swing that can be used as an extra seating area or playpen, while the soft mattress makes it comfortable for toddlers to sleep on.


Comes with a swing that can be used as an extra seating area or playpen.

The soft mattress is comfortable for toddlers to sleep on.

The price is a bit lower than some other options.


The assembly instructions could be more user-friendly.

Small bed for toddlers who are growing taller.

E Final Rule Overview

The Commission is finalizing the rule for crib mattresses by incorporating by reference the most recent version of the voluntary standard, ASTM F2933-21, with the five modifications described in section I.C of this preamble, to make the standard more stringent. However, based on comments on the NPR, and staff’s continued work with the ASTM subcommittee on crib mattresses, the final rule contains the following clarifications from the NPR:

  • Fitted Sheet Test Procedure for Full-Size Crib MattressesThe final rule improves the test method proposed in the NPR for the fitted sheet test, by measuring corner gaps from a projected crib corner, to accommodate crib mattresses with larger dimensions while maintaining test veracity
  • Cyclic Impact Test ProcedureThe final rule clarifies the test method, by requiring the use of two different mattresses for testing each side of a mattress sleep surface, to address the potential for testing to be destructive and

Safety InformationThe final rule modifies the requirements for on-product and package labeling, to include important clarifications, and to communicate better to consumers the risks and preventative actions related to SIDS and suffocation.

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What Is The Standard Crib Mattress Size


The dimensions of standard crib mattresses in the world, especially in the United States, are the same. All baby crib mattresses range in length from 51.5 to 53 inches and from 26.5 to 28 inches in width. Mattress thickness 4 to 6 inches. The thicker the crib mattress, the more comfortable your baby will feel. That is, the thickness of the mattress is proportional to the comfort. However, there is a difference in size between mini crib sheets and cribs for twins.

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Crib Mattress Height Regulations

Crib falls injure babies with shocking frequency.

Given how common it is, its no surprise the federal government regulates crib mattress height. These guidelines are set-up to create escape resistant sleep environments for babies shorter than 35 inches tall.

Once your baby is 35 or taller, its time for a toddler bed, BTW!

In the United States, the minimum distance between the top of the lowest support and the top of the crib side rails is 26 inches.

Most full-size crib mattresses are between 5 and 6 inches thick. This means the actual distance between the top of the mattress and the top of the rails is 20 to 21 inches.

Falls from heights are a danger to babies in other parts of the home, too thats why we also dont recommend a baby bathtub that sits on the counter or on a base.

Place Crib Mattresses In The Highest Position For Newborns

As long as your baby cant sit up and is under 5 months, the highest position is likely safe.

When your baby is a newborn, its fine to keep it in the highest position. This will make it easier on your back when youre lifting baby out of the crib, make it more likely youll be able to put your baby down without waking them, and also ensure youre able to support your babys neck properly when lifting in and out of the crib.

As a rule of thumb, you can keep your babys mattress in the highest position as long as theyre immobile.

Once they can start moving on their own this includes rolling and sitting unsupported its time to lower it. You also need to give up swaddling at this point, and focus on dressing them appropriately for their age, abilities, and the season/temperature.

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Crib Mattress Size: Mini


Coming in smaller than the standard crib mattress is the mini crib mattress. The government does not regulate the size of mini crib mattresses as they do for standard ones. However, the typical size is 24 inches wide and 38 inches long.

Tips For Selecting The Right Mini Crib Mattress

While you can likely purchase most mini crib mattresses and expect them to fit your mini crib, youll still want to double-check the fit because some mini cribs are narrower than others.

Mini crib mattresses are also available in different depths, so be sure to research the dimensions before making a decision.

Final Note On Do Toddler Beds Come With Mattresses

Sleep Number Bed Reviews – Which Bed Is Best For You??

In conclusion, Toddler beds are a great investment if you have more than one child.

With the right mattress, you can ensure that your children sleep soundly throughout their toddler years.

Hopefully, the above reviewed six of the best options would help you make an informed decision while purchasing.

Happy shopping!

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How To Choose A Crib Mattress For Your Baby

You might think that picking a crib mattress is somewhat similar to picking an adult mattress, but there are specific safety considerations to keep in mind and certain features that are worth looking for. While it is important and beneficial to get a crib mattress, you shouldnt buy the first one you lay eyes on. There are a lot of factors to consider before making the purchase.

You should keep the following things in mind when you choose a crib mattress:

  • Firmness: Crib mattresses should be much firmer than adult ones, in order to keep babies safe and to support their growing bones while they sleep. Make sure the mattress is rated for infant use.
  • Surface: Crib mattresses should have a vinyl surface to make them waterproof and resistant to mold. If yours has a fabric surface, be sure to use a waterproof cover.
  • Fit: The mattress should fit adequately within the frame. There is a two-finger rule that suggests that you shouldnt be able to fit more than two fingers between the mattress and the crib. If you choose a mini crib or a bassinet, you can use the same rule.
  • Materials: Some parents prefer using mattresses made from natural and organic materials in order to avoid chemicals used in standard mattress production. However, no actual health effects have been evaluated yet.

There Is An Increased Risk Of Sids With A Reused Crib Mattress

In 2002, a study published in the British Medical Journal showed a possible link between the use of a pre-owned crib mattress and infant death from SIDS. The study found that an infant was up to three times more likely to die from SIDS when using a second-hand crib mattress.

While the study did not find a concrete cause for why this happens, its best to avoid taking any chances and buy a new mattress.

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When To Transition From Crib To Bed

The age at which a child may outgrow his or her crib and need to transition to a big kid bed varies from child to child. If your child is safely sleeping through the night in his crib, there is no need to move him to something larger.

Around the age of 2, some children seek to escape the crib, which can sometimes lead to dangerous situations as they try and maneuver their bodies over the safety rail. It is important to make that sensitive transition to a toddler bed before safety becomes a concern.

Mattress And Bed Size Dimensions

Space Saver Crib Size Bunk Bed for Toddler: 2015 Trend ...

When infants are first born, many may spend the first few weeks in a bassinet or co-sleeper, but it isnt long before they have outgrown their cramped quarters and are ready for something larger. Some babies may start out in a crib from night one.

Every baby is different and all parents are different regarding what they feel comfortable with. Whatever you decide to do, the smallest bed dimensions begin with a mini-crib and go up from there, as the child grows.

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When To Purchase A Bassinet Mattress

Your newborn will need a place to lay their head as soon as you get home from the hospital! So, if a bassinet is your baby bed of choice, youll want to have it set up well before your due date or the date you plan to bring your adopted baby home.

Most bassinets come with a mattress already. If your bassinet doesnt come with a mattress or you arent pleased with the one included, youll need to consider purchasing one separately.

Also, if your bassinet mattress is worn out, find a replacement right away. One quick way to know if the mattress needs to be replaced is by checking how dirty it is, especially if the surface cant be easily cleaned.

During the newborn stage, your baby may spit up quite a bit even while lying down. That and other messes will happen on their mattress and, if left untreated, can create an unhealthy sleep environment for your baby.

Choose A Bassinet Mattress Thats Built To Last


A durable bassinet mattress should last months before showing any signs of deterioration. Mattresses that deteriorate after only a few uses can keep your baby from getting a good nights sleep.

How can you tell if the mattress youre considering is durable? Pay attention to its quality.

For example, a poor-quality bassinet mattress will come apart easily and may have bumps or lumps in it. This surface would not only be uncomfortable for your baby but also unsafe.

Waterproof, Washable Cover

For your babys bassinet mattress to last as long as possible, it needs to be waterproof. Why? Because your infant will spit up and have accidents. Its unavoidable.

But you can avoid an unsafe sleeping environment! To create an environment where mold and mildew cant grow, choose a waterproof, washable mattress cover to protect your little ones bassinet mattress.

Once your baby graduates to a crib, switch to our Waterproof Crib Mattress Pad, which is available for cribs as well as twin beds.

The waterproof, breathable fabric lining provides waterproof protection under a layer of air. With an additional of air circulation on the surface of the mattress, this mattress pad makes any crib mattress safer. Its also machine washable for easy cleanup when accidents happen.

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Replacing A Crib Mattress

If you need to replace the mattress in your crib, always check the warning label on the crib for the correct dimensions. If you don’t see a label, it may be that the crib is older or has been modified. If in doubt, replace the crib entirely.

If you buy a mattress and find it doesn’t fit correctly, return it immediately and get another one that does. Never try to make do by shoring up the edges with fabric or foam. Anything other than a snug fit is a safety hazard.

In this regard, while online shopping may be convenient, you may be better served shopping for mattresses at a brick-and-mortar store. You can then do a proper check of dimensions and firmness before making a purchase.

Bassinet Mattress Buyer’s Guide: 4 Tips For Choosing The Right Mattress

Best Mattress 2021 – The Top 10 Most Comfortable Mattresses!

What your baby sleeps on matters just as much as what they sleep in. If your baby sleeps in a bassinet, its important to choose a bassinet mattress that benefits and supports them. But knowing what to look for can be challenging.

Thats why weve created this buyers guide for purchasing a bassinet mattress. In this article, we offer four tips for choosing the right mattress to keep your baby safe and comfortable while theyre sleeping!

Well also cover a few recommendations for safe sleep no matter where your baby lays their head. But before we get to that, lets talk about why you may put your baby in a bassinet in the first place.

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Types Of Crib Mattresses

Some aspects of shopping for your baby or toddlers crib will be similar to shopping for your personal bed. Crib mattresses tend to come in two main categories foam and innerspring. Weve expanded on each one below.

Foam: These crib mattresses tend to be popular because they are more lightweight than innerspring and will most likely be the less expensive option. They tend to come in different thicknesses but typically range from 3 to 6.

To help prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and suffocation, it is important to pick a foam crib mattress that is designed for infants. It should be firmer as opposed to softer.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends avoiding memory foam crib mattresses or mattress toppers. The foam mattress needs to be firm and maintain its shape. Using a mattress topper or mattress made of memory foam allow for the creation of an indentation or pocket by the babys head, which could increase the babys chances of suffocation.

Innerspring: These mattresses feature steel coils covered by a layer of foam, padding, and fabric. Better quality materials will be heavier and more durable. The BabyCenter says a lower gauge means a thicker wire, which is stronger and therefore firmer.

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What To Look For When Buying A Mini Crib Mattress

According to Rachel Mitchell, a certified Pediatric & Maternity Sleep Consultant, a few things to consider when crib mattress shopping are thickness, firmness, durability, and whether or not they are waterproof.

âParents should consider the thickness of the mattress to make sure that it is compatible with the crib they are purchasing ,â Mitchell explains. âIf the mattress is too thick, it may place the child up to high in the crib. If the mattress isnât thick enough, it might not be comfortable for the child.â

In addition to being a certified Pediatric & Maternity Sleep Consultant, Mitchel is also the founder of My Sweet Sleeper, a former night nanny, and mama of six! She is full of wisdom for parents on the hunt for mini crib mattresses for their little ones. She adds, ââ¦an infant mattress needs to be firm enough that your hand doesnât leave an imprint when pressing into the mattress. Research shows that using a firm mattress can reduce the risk of SIDS

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Crib Size Bed Dimensions

The minimum size for a standard crib size mattress is 27.25 W x 51.625 L and 6 thick . This size is mandated by the federal government through the Consumer Product Safety Commission guidelines to ensure a safe sleeping environment for your little one.

This generally puts crib dimensions around 28 W x 52 L. When selecting a mattress to fit into a crib, be sure that it is a snug fit. Avoid any air gaps on the interior of the crib, which a baby may get stuck in. When considering firmness, a crib mattress will generally need to be firmer than what an adult sleeper might prefer and contain no loose or soft bedding.

Firmer mattresses help prevent babies from suffocating on soft surfaces and are even said to lower the risk of SIDS according to the Mayo Clinic.

Care For Yourself And Your Baby

Painted toddler bed , Nursery crib ,childrens beds, kids ...

Creating a safe environment is essential for safe sleep, but there are other steps you can take to keep your baby safe and healthy. That includes taking care of yourself and your baby!

Take your little one to their regularly scheduled check-ups and make sure they are getting the right amount of nutrients through breastfeeding or formula. Youll also want to look out for your babys health by taking care of yourself. Avoiding alcohol and drug use as well as stopping smoking can contribute to your babys sleep safety.

Learn more about baby sleep safety here.

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