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Are The Mattresses At Costco Any Good

Molecule 2 Airtec Mattress Using Microban

Costco Mattress Review – Novaform 14″ Serafina Pearl King Firm

As stated by Molecule, this mattress helps you reachcleaner, cooler, and comfortable sleep Together with five distinct layers, so its simple to find out why the Molecule 2 AirTEC Mattress is popular. At the top of the mattress, youll come across an anti-microbial advanced level cooling cover built to stop the increase of bacteria and regulate the body temperature. The second layer is infused with BIOCHARGE memory foam, a proprietary technology that improves both circulation and cell functioning.

The 3rd level of the mattress boasts AIRTEC foam, so a foam that permits five days the amount of airflow as conventional memory foam. Right underneath the AIRTEC foam is really a RECOVERYFLO 5-Zone service coating which assists the mattress contour to the design of your own body and alleviates built-up pain into your pressure points.

The Molecule 1 Air-Engineered Memory Foam Mattress is very similar to this AirTEC mattress, with just slightly fewer features. Youll indulge in heavenly sleep using this particular mattresss advanced cooling cover that has green fibers and temperature-regulating technology. Right under the cooling system cover is a layer of RESTOREFLO Open Mobile Gel-Infused Memory Foam a foam that is exclusive to Molecule and can be infused with gel micro-beads that keep up with that the mattresss moisture levels.

Is Costco A Good Place To Buy A Mattress

Costco can be a great choice because they offer a great selection and excellent prices online and in stores. People with special needs including chronic pain, senior, obese people and those with certain medical conditions should research their mattress and then find the best place to buy that model.

The Complete Buying Guide Of Lady Americana Mattress

The Complete Buying Guide Of Lady Americana Mattress is a guide written by Holly Perkins. This mattress was inspired by the life and adventures of the late great American entertainer, Barbara Streisand. She took to her grave and left behind a legacy. Her fans have followed in her footsteps and made her mattress an icon of modern pop culture. The company that manufactured her original model continues to manufacture beds under the Lady Americana label, and they also produce a number of limited-edition designs.

The company takes pride in producing a range of different sizes of beds. The most well-known ones are the Queen, the Grand Hotel, and the California King. All these products have the same manufacture company, which is also the manufacturer of The Complete Buying Guide Of Lady Americana Mattress. There are many reviews available online concerning this product, and many people are stating that they are very happy with the performance of the products that they purchased.

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Are Costco Mattresses Any Good

Costco mattresses have been said to score better than average when compared to other discount store lines, but there are some things that you should keep an eye out for.

Many customers have said that the mattress they purchased wasnt as firm as they expected it to be. This is typically an issue with a latex and memory foam mattress and a side effect of not being allowed to try out the bed in store.

Another thing that should be considered is that information on the quality of the mattresses proves to be fairly limited online.

For instance, it can be hard to find information on foam densities, coil counts, material compositions, and other important specifications that people like to have when comparing mattresses.

Cocoon By Sealy 254 Cm Mattress Queen 69999 King 89999

Novaform Mattress Review / Novaform Costco Mattress Review ...

Nearby Costco locations:

Aymer wrote: I was waiting for this matter on sale, but I bought the springwall in another thread yesterday.King, Queen, Double and Twin are on sale.


DanielM491 wrote: After 8 years and 3 different foam mattresses from ultra premium to cheap I can’t stress enough – avoid and at least buy a hybrid with springs. My $0.05 for what it’s worth


any recommendations


Sorcerer wrote: Agreed and I’d also recommend a mattress that is flippable. The industry has deliberately moved away from flippable mattresses as this means a shorter life and therefore more frequent replacement. Flippable mattresses can still be found, there’s just fewer of them out there unfortunately.


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Can I Ask Someone To Return Your Mattress To Costco For Me

The answer to this question is a no. Costco will only accept the request from you or a person who is listed as relatives on your membership card, and the original purchaser is also coming back with it themselves

There is one exception on the other hand. If someone purchased a mattress but donated it instead of sending it back, in which case, either party may take advantage of Costcos generous refund policy!

Is It Worth Buying A Cheap Memory

Very low prices generally come with a few trade-offs, including less transparency about materials, fewer layers, a cheaper cover, and not-so-great customer service. The biggest difference, however, is longevity. Cheaper mattresses are typically made with less-durable foams, which means they arent likely to last as long.

That said, a cheap mattress is worth considering if you dont expect to keep the same mattress for the next 10 years. A cheap mattress also makes sense if youre shopping for a bed for a seldom-used guest room, or if you simply dont want to spend a lot of money at a particular moment in time and dont mind the trade-offs.

Youll find several good options in our guide to cheap mattressesour favorite of which is the budget pick in this guide.

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Should You Buy A Mattress From Costco

There are undoubtedly some pros and cons to weigh out when deciding if you should buy a mattress at Costco. The pros of buying a Costco mattress include the convenience, the wide range of selections, and competitive pricing compared to other retailers. If youre already planning a trip to this wholesale store, it makes sense to consider purchasing your next mattress from here. Its also nice that you can consider many mattresses from multiple brands all from one retailer.

Of course, there also are some downsides with purchasing a mattress from Costco, the main one being that its better to purchase directly from the brand. When you purchase a mattress directly from the brand, it makes the process more seamless, especially when it comes to dealing with sleep trial periods, returns, and warranty claims. You will also almost always save money by shopping directly with the brand

Costco Mattresses: Sealy And More

Costco! Novaform 14 inch Comfort Grande Foam Mattress! Queen $499 Cal King $699!!!

Shopping for a bed at Costco is similar to the Big Lots experience. Costco is a wholesale club, so while you can find low prices, many of the best deals are reserved for members. If you are not a Costco member, it may not make sense to purchase a membership just for mattress savings. Costco has a much broader product range. Its flagship brand is Sealy, which is quite similar to the Big Lots mattress line by Serta. At Costco, shoppers get the same wide range of firmness and size, but instead of just two brands, Costco features a few.

The Sealy brand is popular and wide-ranging. Some commenters rate the line less than Serta, noting that Serta has a longer warranty 20 years versus Sealy’s standard 10-year warranty. Commenters also pointed out that the Sealy line tends to compress after just a short period of usage. Costco’s Sealy line ranges in price from $300 to $2000.

Costco’s main memory foam line is . Also similar to Big Lots’ Zeopedic line, Novaform enjoys decent customer ratings, earning about four stars on the Costco website. Positives note that the mattress line is surprisingly firm and supportive, while negatives liken the experience to sleeping in quicksand. Novaform mattresses are 12-inches deep, larger than the Zeopedic mattress. Prices range from $300 to $1,200.

Other brands carried by Costco include the luxury Thomasville, and Stearns and Foster lines, as well as Sleep Science, Simmons Beautyrest, Tempur-Pedic and Spring Air.

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Whats It Like To Sleep On The Casper Original And Casper Select

The Casper Select sleeps cool and feels amazing.

My experience with the Casper Original left a lot to be desired. By the time Id had it for about a month, I was looking forward to seeing it go. When I finally got my next mattress, a firmer option from Brooklyn Bedding, I realized that I hadnt slept well in an entire month. It wasnt as though I woke up feeling poorly every day, so much as I woke up feeling rejuvenated after my first night on the next mattress.

The Casper Original wasnt super squishy and forgiving like the Puffy Lux, but it also wasnt firm like the DreamCloud. It was just this strange no-mans-land.

After such a bad experience with the Casper Original, I was prepared to hate the Casper Select. I went in to unbox it in the office and was immediately surprised.

Minutes after opening it, the Casper Select had great edge support even though most mattresses sometimes need 24 hours to fully take shape and reach their final firmness. The next day I napped on it, and messaged my editor floored that not only did I not hate the mattress, I actually liked it. So I took it home for a while.

In fact, though its made of foam, it has a medium firm sleep surface and feels far more like a hybrid mattresswhich are known for being supportive and supple, and also for their cooling properties. The Casper Select really differentiated itself from every other foam mattress Ive slept on.

Sam’s Club Mattress Alternatives

This is probably the best time ever to buy a new mattress. Over the last few years, 100s of mattress brands have launched online to compete for your business. And what this means:

You can find lower prices for better products if you know where to look.

Going direct to the mattress company online, rather than buying through a retailer is one of the most affordable ways to find a mattress for a higher value. If you are willing to spend a little extra time learning about brands and how mattresses will fit your body, it can literally save you $1000s of dollars and countless aches and pains.If you are ready to learn more about why buying a mattress online is becoming the best way to buy a mattress, read our 2022 Mattress Buying Guide!

…or jump right in to reading our reviews for our Top Rated Mattresses.

This queen set was very easy to set up and a great price. Shipped fast.

Quite the set-up!

This mattress and box spring set is pretty cool. Box spring comes folded in half, just open it, flip it over and you’re set. Put the rolled up mattress on top, cut off the bindings, and POW!, the mattress explodes to full size, and you’re ready to go. Mattress is pretty firm, and appears well made.

Toooo hard

Bought this bed 2 months ago and all I can say is I havent slept since! Tooooo hard wish I could get my money back!

So Comfortable!!

Better than I had hoped.

Good mattress but not a 13in

this mattress set is a great buy!

so far, love this mattress

Great value





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What Are The Differences Between The Casper Original And Casper Select

The Casper Select had far more edge support than the Casper Original.

The Casper Original is made of three foam layers and measures 11 inches tall. According to a PR spokesperson, the Original has cooling features that aim to prevent you from overheating at night. However, in my experience it wasnt the coolest. It wasnt terribly warm, but I wouldnt say its cooler than any of the other mattresses weve tested either.

Lady Americana Mattress Amazon

Are Simba Mattresses Any Good

The Lady Americana Mattress is a mattress that was made to go along with the current lifestyle. As we know more about each other, there are also more needs for people. For those of you that have children or are in between jobs, this may be just what you are looking for. If this is not what you are looking for, then there are some other types of mattresses that are currently available on the market and these would be the Lady Americana Mattress, Royal Blue Mattress, and Sleep shapers.

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Stearns And Foster Mattress

Stearns and Foster is a leader in luxury mattress manufacturing. One of the oldest mattress makers in the United States, The heritage of this brand dates to 1846. Stearns and Foster mattresses are available in innerspring and hybrid options. The Kirkland Signature by Stearns and Foster is a top seller at Costco. Setting the standard or luxury mattresses, Stearns and Foster exclusive IntelliCoil Advanced coil system and innovative design adapts to the sleepers body shape and movement to deliver the ideal level of support. Stearns and Foster only hires certified mattress craftsmen with extreme level of detail to provide a product that consumers have been loyal to for over 180 years. Costco carries queen mattresses and king mattresses from Stearns and Foster.

Zeopedic Memory Foam Models

Big Lots has more mattress options that just its Serta line. The Zeopedic mattress is aimed at those customers who would otherwise buy a mattress-in-a-box from an online source. The Big Lots mattress selection includes a range from twin to king in a 10-inch gel-infused construction.

Touted as being neither too soft nor too firm, the Zeopedic is a simple two-layer design. The first three inches of foam is ventilated gel. In memory foam mattresses, a common complaint used to be a too-hot feeling from sleeping on foam rubber. Modern memory foam models, such as the Zeopedic, counter this effect with cooling ventilated foam. Zeopedic takes cooling to another level with its gel-infused pearl beads and ventilated channels to promote consistent air flow.

The second layer is seven inches of firm supportive foam. Reviews for the Zeopedic Big Lots mattress are positive as well. Some refer to the mattress’s “marshmallowy softness” and ease of setup. The few negative reviews disliked the softness and noted that it was challenging to climb off of the bed. Prices range from $240 to $600.

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Costco Memory Foam Mattress

Theres a ton of different memory foam mattresses available from Costco. One of the nice things about many of these options is that you can buy the base or frame with the bed. That means Costco has a lot of options for specialized beds, like adjustable frames and bases.

Because there are so many options, theres also a huge price range when youre looking at memory foam mattresses at Costco. They can range from $199.99 to $2,499.99 for the mattress itself, and from $649.99 to $2,899.99 for a mattress set. The mattresses that come with an adjustable base can range in price from $1,599.99 to $4,999.99.

One of our favorite memory foam mattresses at Costco is the Novaform 14 Serafina Pearl. This mattress costs $599.99 for a queen. It has a three-layer sleep system thats optimized for people looking for a firmer mattress. Additionally, the Comfortluxe Gel Pearl memory foam used is some of the best around. Thats because it does an excellent job of creating airflow throughout the memory foam. More airflow means youll be cooler. Airflow also helps to wick away moisture in the night.

If I Lost My Receipt Can I Return My Mattress To Costco

Costco 2021 Mattresses (Casper , Novaform, Simmons , Sealy ), Toppers, and Bed Frames

Putting back any Costco products without a receipt is fine and acceptable in this store. The only thing you need to bring is your Costco membership card. The account will be based on the member card to refund money back on items taken out-of-store purchases.

When you send back the cushion, make sure to include all of the accessories in the package. Dont worry about the outside packaging as they can replace that in no time.

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What Does The Costco Delivery Process Include

The Costco delivery and installation process of your new mattress include:

  • Set up in the members room of choice
  • Youre allowed to have one bedding set thats on your property for each new bedding set thats being delivered
  • Will assemble adjustable bases and frames
  • Footboard and headboard must be assembled before the delivery for the delivery team to be able to attach the frame unless these things are being delivered by Costco
  • Costco can haul away used frames and box springs. Mattress removal is also included, except for when the used items are infested, soiled, or damaged additional fees may apply
  • Costco will remove all packaging cardboard and plastic from the members house

Costco will not:

  • Hoist/lift items over banisters or obstructions or through windows
  • Haul away furniture, footboards, or headboards

Cons Of Buying A Mattress At Costco:

Potential Alternative Trial Period

Whenever you purchase a mattress from a retailer instead of directly from the brand. You risk running into not getting a trial period. Typically the manufacturer will not give you a trial period, as you did not purchase the item from them. So they do not have any information about your order, when you purchased it, and so on. However, Costco has great customer service and their 100% Satisfaction Guarantee program for members, be sure to speak to them about this before you purchase.

Potential Void Warranty from Manufacturer

Make sure you read into the fine print when buying your mattress from Costco. We also suggest contacting the brand/manufacturer directly before making your purchase. Some brands will allow you to register a mattress purchased from Costco in order to get your mattress under their warranty. On the other hand, many companies will not provide any warranty for a mattress that is not purchased directly from them.


There are two issues you may run into with the selection of mattresses at Costco. One is that you may not find nearly as many mattress options in store as you will online. So if you need to shop in store the selection is often rather limited.

Confusing Website Layout
Not Getting to Try Before You Buy
Not Finding Online Reviews

Want a personal recommendation? We have several to choose from. Our Best Mattresses page offers several great options along with amazing coupons for the best savings too.

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