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Does Medicare Cover Mattresses For Seniors

How Much Of An Investment Do I Need To Make

Medicare : Will Medicare Pay for Adjustable Beds?

Although mattress prices are rather straightforward these days, buying a new mattress is still a significant purchase. The mattresses on our list of best mattresses for seniors range from $1199 to $4099 for a queen size mattress.However, its important to keep in mind that mattresses are a long term purchase, typically lasting a minimum of 6 years. Moreover, sleep is an integral component of a healthy lifestyle. Weighing how closely a mattress does or does not meet your specific needs as a sleeper should be as important of a consideration in buying a mattress as its price.

Which Services Does Pace Cover

Under PACE, a team of healthcare professionals works with the older adult and their family to develop a care plan, decide which services are needed, and coordinate the care.

PACE covers a wide variety of services, including:

  • Primary medical care from a PACE doctor
  • Specialized medical care like audiology, dentistry, optometry, podiatry, and speech therapy
  • Prescription and non-prescription medication and necessary medical equipment
  • Emergency care, nursing home care , and hospitalization
  • In home care, like help with activities of daily living and light housekeeping
  • Transportation to PACE centers and medical appointments
  • Rehab services like physical and occupational therapy
  • Social services
  • Recreational and social activities

PACE also supports families with caregiving training, support groups, and respite care to help them keep their older adults at home longer.

Which Types Of Beds Or Mattresses Are Covered By Medicare

Certain beds and mattresses, along with other sleep accessories, do qualify as durable medical equipment. But only some types of beds and mattresses will be able to meet the requirements necessary to be covered by Medicare.

There are three types of beds and bed-related equipment that are covered by Medicare:

  • Pressure-reducing beds
  • Pressure-reducing mattresses
  • Pressure-reducing mattress overlays
  • Coverage for each of these types of beds or mattresses varies depending on the specifics of your Medicare plan. It also depends on the type of equipment your doctor prescribes and your diagnosis.

    Depending on what your doctor prescribes for you, Medicare may require you to rent or buy the bed or mattress you need. Some Medicare subscribers may be able to choose which is best for them. Additionally, youll need to order your bed or mattress from a DME subscriber whos enrolled in Medicare. If you dont, Medicare wont pay your claim.

    Make sure you check with both your doctor and any mattress or bed company to ensure everything is accepted through Medicare. Thats the best way to ensure youre getting the Medicare coverage and financial assistance you need.

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    Can A Medigap Plan Help

    Yes, it can. You can use Medigap plans to cover fees that Medicare usually leaves as out-of-pocket expenses. If you need extra help with these fees, then many Medigap plans end up being good to buy.

    When you need to use a mattress under Medicare coverage, your deductible will apply. After this, you will have to pay a coinsurance. Every Medigap plan except for Plan K and Plan L covers the Part B coinsurance. But, Plan K still covers 50% of your coinsurance, and Plan L covers 75%.

    Only Plan F covers the Part B deductible. Plan F is not available for people who become eligible for Medicare in 2020. If you cannot buy Plan F, then you must pay your deductible. Although Plan F isnt as available, people who already have it can still use it. If you became eligible for Medicare before 2020, you can still use Plan F even if you only chose to do so after 2020 began.

    How Can I Find The Right Mattress

    Are Adjustable Beds Covered by Medicare?

    If you didnât answer yes to any of these questions, you could still get a great comfortable mattress at an affordable price. Going with memory foam, or a hybrid mattress, can give you the most options and provide a comfortable sleeping experience.

    Memory foam mattresses come in various densities for personalized comfort. They’re known for excellent support, reasonable price points, and wide availability. Here are some good beds!

    • AS2 by Amerisleep – Advanced memory foam and a low price deliver affordable nighttime pain relief.
    • Molecule 1 – This mattress features comfortable foam that lets you forget about your daily aches and pains.
    • The Idle – This mattress creates a pain-free experience thanks to special gel foam.

    The hybrid style mattress combines the best aspects of memory foam and innerspring mattresses. They’re known for their extra support, durability, and exceptional comfort. Here are some good beds!

    • Saatva Classic Mattress – This is a solid choice that is great for providing comfort.
    • The Ghostbed Hybrid Flex – The hybrid flex is a little pricey, but excellent at relieving aches and pains.
    • Luma’s Natural Latex Hybrid – reasonably priced, and the latex will soothe your ailments.

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    Beds Can Be Considered Durable Medical Equipment

    Under Medicare, certain types of beds are considered Durable Medical Equipment.

    Durable Medical Equipment is equipment that helps patients function in their daily lives. Its a type of health or medical equipment thats considered medically necessary by your doctor, like walkers, wheelchairs, oxygen equipment and more.

    Only your doctor can prescribe DME for you. And in order to get a piece of DME under Medicare¹, youll need to meet certain criteria that must be met:

    • It must be used for medical purposes
    • It must be durable and meant for repeated use
    • It is not useful to someone who isnt sick or injured
    • You are able to be used at home
    • The item has a general life expectancy of at least three years

    Fortunately, once youve been prescribed a piece of DME that meets these criteria, Medicare will cover some of the cost of that equipment as much as 80 percent². And a new mattress may fall under the Durable Medical Equipment category, if you purchase a certain Medicare approved type.

    What Kind Of Mattresses And Beds Are Covered

    There are a few types of mattresses and beds covered by Medicare. If you are a Medicare subscriber, then it’s important to understand the guidelines and what qualifies to be covered. Essentially, you’ll need to make sure the mattress is classified as durable medical equipmentâsometimes referred to as “DME.”

    For a mattress to be given a designation as durable medical equipment, it must be an essential part of a patient’s normal life. This designation can only be obtained from a doctor after they determine your bed is medically necessary. In addition to a DME classification, it must also meet 5 additional criteria.

    These 5 criteria are:

  • Capable of handling repeated use
  • Only useful to a sick or injured person
  • Must be used at home
  • Must have a minimum life expectancy of 3 years
  • To summarize, if your mattress meets the following three criteria, Medicare covers the cost of up to 80% of the mattress price.

    • DME Classification

    Typically, the only types of mattresses that meet these specifications are pressure-reducing mattresses.

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    What Durable Medical Equipment Is Covered By Medicare

    The cost of durable medical equipment is covered by Medicare if it is deemed medically necessary, and has been prescribed by a doctor for use at home. The list of covered durable medical equipment includes:

    • Wheelchairs
    • Nebulizers
    • Blood sugar monitors.

    You will pay 20% of the Medicare-approved amount for the equipment, and you will be liable for any remaining deductible under Medicare Part B.

    Would A Sleep Number Adjustable Bed Be Covered By Medicare

    4 Seniors: Does Medicare cover home health care?

    It is unlikely that Medicare will cover the latest and greatest beds, which includes Sleep Number beds. Of course, individuals have the option to purchase an adjustable bed outside of Medicares coverage.

    Whether you need an adjustable bed to help with a temporary injury or require one for long-term use, there is a good chance that youll be able to utilize your Medicare benefits. Consult with your doctor to find out if you qualify.

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    A Closer Look At Our Selection Process

    In choosing our best mattresses for seniors, we emphasize four testing categories with special importance for elderly sleepers: pressure relief, spine alignment, edge support, and ease of set-up Heres a look at how our picks performed in the Mattress Advisor Sleep Lab:

    TEMPUR-Flex Supreme Breeze 8.3

    Note: The testing categories we focused on dont reflect overall performance. Depending on your needs and preferences, you might put more value on particular qualities.

    If you have any questions about our picks, or sleep in general, feel free to contact us.

    Your Costs Under Medicare

    If you meet eligibility criteria for a home hospital bed, Medicare will pay 80 percent of the cost. You will have to pay 20 percent of the Medicare-approved cost after you pay your Medicare Part B deductible.

    A Medigap Medicare Supplement insurance policy may help pay for some of your out-of-pocket costs. Check with your Medigap plans administrator for complete details.

    A Medicare Advantage plan is required to cover everything Original Medicare Medicare Part A and Part B covers. But it may cover more of the cost than Medicare Part B.

    Coverage varies from plan to plan, so you should check with your Medicare Advantage plan administrator to determine your coverage. You should also make sure that your plan will cover a bed from your supplier.

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    Does Medicare Pay For Non

    Many seniors need help with daily activities like dressing, bathing, doing the laundry or house chores, and other daily activities. In-home care for non-medical reasons doesnt have coverage. Families often struggle when trying to take care of their loved ones without the support of Medicare.

    Caregivers may provide baths on a short-term basis a healthcare professional must provide these services, and a persons health status must require home health care.

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    Supplier 1 Tomorrow Health

    Shopping Tips for Seniors Buying an Adjustable Bed

    Tomorrow Health sells orthopedic mattresses and is a well-known Medicare-approved mattress provider where you can get the orthopedic mattress you require for your health condition. You can find Tomorrow Health listed among the Medicare-approved suppliers listed on the Medicare website through their recently launched search engine.

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    Resources For Seniors And Caregivers

    • Science of Sleep Resources: This page from the National Institute on Aging provides links to brochures and sleep diaries for older adults to achieve restful sleep. The National Institute on Aging also collaborates with other government agencies to deliver live Q& A sessions on sleep.
    • Sleep Apnea: The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute page on sleep apnea provides information about treatment, causes, and risk factors for this condition.
    • Older individuals and caregivers looking to learn more about memory problems and dementia can find helpful resources on this page from the National Institutes of Health.
    • This website includes helpful resources for various aspects of health in older adults, including sleep.
    • Aging and Sleep: The World Health Organizations page on Aging and Health provides statistics and explanations of major medical issues that affect older adults.

    Does Medicare Cover Over

    Over-bed tables are the tables that you typically see in hospitals, which have a stand at one side with a base with wheels or casters, and that slips under the bed as the table-top moves into place over the bed.

    Original Medicare Part B does not offer coverage for over-bed tables, as it does not consider them as medically necessary, but rather as a convenience item which is not primarily medical in nature.

    The medicare guidelines are

    Over-bed Tables Deny convenience item not primarily medical in nature of the Act).

    : National Coverage Determination For Durable Medical Equipment Reference List You can find the document here, on the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services website .

    Over-bed tables may well be covered under Medicaid, state HCBS programs, waivers and 1915 waivers, and other state financial assistance plans for the elderly and disabled, which I will be covering after the next section on the Medicare purchasing procedure.

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    • Its likely that Medicare Part B will cover an adjustable bed.
    • Your doctor and the provider of the adjustable bed must be covered under Medicare.
    • If you only need the bed on a short-term basis you may very able to rent it.

    If youre here today youre probably trying to figure out if Medicare covers adjustable bed costs. Medicare can be complex, so well go through whether or not Medicare will cover an adjustable bed step by step. If youd like to learn more about how much you could be paying for services with Medicare in general, read our article What is the maximum out-of-pocket expense with Medicare?

    Before you buy health insurance, type your ZIP code into our free and helpful tool above to find affordable health insurance rates in your area.

  • Medicare Parts A and B
  • The Cost Of Adjustable Beds

    Does Medicare pays for hospital beds?

    Adjustable beds and mattresses vary widely in features and prices. On the low end, you can find a manual, adjustable twin-size bed and mattress combination for around $600 however, you likely dont want to have to adjust your beds position by hand.

    On the higher end, adjustable bed and mattress combos can run upwards of $8,000. Mind you this would be for the most expensive of models. Here is an overview of a few of our favorite adjustable beds and what you can expect to pay for them.

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    Treating Sleep Apnea In Seniors

    Available treatments for sleep apnea in older individuals vary based on the severity of the condition and the presence of any other health issues. CPAP therapy is a primary treatment for older adults with sleep apnea. In most people, using a CPAP improves sleep quality and reduces daytime drowsiness.

    Older people can also make lifestyle changes to help address sleep apnea. Losing weight, reducing alcohol consumption, avoiding certain medications, and changing sleeping positions may contribute to reduced symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea.

    Specific types of oral devices may be prescribed for some patients as another way of improving breathing during sleep. In more extreme cases, surgical procedures may be necessary. However, surgery is used sparingly because of the availability of other effective treatments and the risk of complications.

    Sleeping With Your Legs Elevated

    People who live with edema or frequent nighttime urination may find relief by elevating their legs when sleeping. Be sure to consult with your doctor before integrating an adjustable bed into your sleep routine. They can help you decide if an adjustable base is right for you, and work with you to develop a comprehensive treatment plan.

    Edema: When fluid is unable to move freely through the bodys tissues, it can cause swelling. This condition, called edema, occurs most often in the feet and ankles. Adjustable bases that keep the legs elevated may help optimize circulation to reduce swelling.

    Nocturia: Nocturia is the medical term for waking up with the urge to urinate. Although many people consider this a normal part of aging, making multiple bathroom trips can cause significant disruptions to your sleep, so its important to address the issue if possible. Elevating your legs with an adjustable bed can help balance fluid levels in the body.

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    In What Cases Are Recliners Not Covered By Medicare

    The recliners are not covered under Medicare in the following cases:

    • If you are hospitalized or are staying at a nursing home
    • In case you have already claimed Medicare for another motorized device such as a scooter or wheelchair
    • If there is a spring device mechanism in the recliner to help you lift out

    What Is A Lift Chair

    Does Medicare Cover Hospital Beds? Complete Seniors Guide to Beds and ...

    A lift chair is a device that helps people get up and down from a standing or sitting position. They are motorized devices that are self-controlled to help you get from your seated position to a standing position.

    They also help you get back down without having to crash down into the chair. While they dont double as beds, they can also be used as a quick napping option so you dont have to get up and go all the way to your bed in these situations.

    Most lift chairs look like your everyday recliner, but they are used to help you get completely up from a sitting position rather than solely give you a nice seat to recline and relax in. Lift chairs are essentially pieces of medical equipment.

    There are three main types of lift chairs:

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    Will The Adjustable Beds Covered By Medicare Can Be Obtained Commercially

    Accredited suppliers under Medicare can fulfill the need for your adjustable hospital bed if they are medically necessary. Only Medicare accredited suppliers can help cut costs. The price of Medicare will shoulder is often pre-agreed by the parties.

    Adjustable beds bought outside of the suppliers provided will never be covered by Medicare. Many bed suppliers mislead patients into buying from them without being accredited Medicare suppliers of DME products. It is very likely that their sales personnel do so in an attempt to meet their monthly sales quota. It is always important to check if the supplier is enrolled under the Medicare program to be able to collect later on.


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