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How Often Should You Buy A Mattress

How Can You Tell When Your Mattress Needs To Be Replaced

How Often Should You Buy a New Bed? | Land of Beds

Despite what some mattress brands might suggest, no mattress will last forever. Some models are more durable than others but ultimately, the components of your mattress will begin to deteriorate. This can affect how supportive and comfortable your mattress feels, which in turn can lead to sleep problems and leave you feeling tired the next morning.

You may want to consider buying a new mattress if one or more of the following applies to your current bed:

  • You frequently experience aches, pains, or pressure points in your neck, shoulders, lower back, and/or hips. Mattress comfort layers soften over time, which can cause you to sink more deeply beneath the surface.
  • Deep body impressions have formed on the surface where you and/or your partner normally sleep. This is a common type of mattress wear and tear, and if the impressions are deep enough, the mattress may qualify for a free replacement under your warranty.
  • The edges of your mattress have started to sink more when you sit or lie down along the perimeter. Even mattresses with sturdy edge support will begin to sag over time.
  • You wake up feeling tired and fatigued. As mattresses deteriorate, your sleep quality may also suffer as the layers become less stable.
  • You experience symptoms of dust allergies. Old mattresses can attract dust mites, as well as other allergens such as mold and mildew.
  • Youve owned the mattress for more than eight years.
Mattress Type

When Should I Replace Box Springs

Chances are if youre getting rid of an old mattress you might have a box spring with it. Traditional innerspring beds are often sold with box springs and frames. You dont have to use a box spring for a good nights sleep. But if youre going to replace a mattress, its best to swap the box spring as well. This is especially true if youre concerned about allergens and dirt buildup.

Youre Not Sleeping Like You Used To

In addition to pain, bad mattresses have been empirically linked to poor sleep conditions.

Youre taking far too long to get to sleep.

You dont have sleep apnea, but you find yourself waking up multiple times throughout the night.

These symptoms can sometimes lead people to seek the help of sleeping pills and medications, when what they really need is a new mattress.

Also, you should be able to sleep through your partner rolling over or getting up in the middle of the night.

That sort of motion isolation is important, and it goes down the older your mattress is.

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Is A New Mattress Worth The Cost

Buying a new mattress can be a significant expense is it worth it?

In almost all cases, the answer is absolutely. A new mattress can improve the quality of your sleep, which influences everything from your energy levels to mood to overall health. Some potential benefits of a new mattress include:

Improved Sleep A 2009 peer-reviewed clinical trial found that new mattresses significantly improved sleep quality and reduced both back pain and perceived stress in the trial population. Most new mattress owners also report that their sleep quality improved after purchasing a new bed.

Reduced Aches & Pains If you wake up with pain or stiffness in your back, shoulders, hip or neck, its quite possible that your mattress may be part of the problem. Older beds tend to sag in places, which reduces support and makes it less likely that your spine will be properly aligned.

Reduced Motion Transfer Older mattresses tend to transfer more motion from one side of the bed to the other. This means that a partner changing positions in the night can disrupt your sleep. A new mattress and particularly an all-foam or hybrid bed will transfer less motion, helping couples get better rest together.

My Back Feels Misaligned In Bed

How Often Should You Rotate Or Flip Your Mattress?

Its important to consider how you sleep are you out for the count on your back, splayed out on your stomach or curled on your side? Whichever angle best lulls you off to sleep, its vital that your mattress is supportive to your body.

When sleeping on your back or front, the natural s curve of your back should be evident, if its flattened out this will put pressure on your back and shows that your mattress isnt receptive enough to your body.

If you lay on your side, your spine should maintain a straight line all the way from neck to bottom. If you can fit your hand between your body and the mattress, again this shows that the mattress is not sufficiently supportive and that its time for a more reliable mattress.

Most of the leading mattress brands are designed to accommodate all sleeping positions. However, Helix is particularly good for side sleepers – its main range is designed specifically for people who sleep on their sides. The company also does another line designed for back and front sleepers.

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Factors Influencing Mattress Lifespan

A variety of factors influence the longevity of a mattress. A cheap $250 bed will degrade much faster than a luxury mattress, for example. Some key factors that impact mattress replacement guidelines include:

Mattress Material The materials used to manufacture your bed greatly influence its durability. Lower-quality innerspring and all-foam mattresses tend to have the shortest lifespans, as they are prone to sagging and body impressions respectively. Hybrid mattresses are also prone to these issues, but since theyre often sold as higher-end options and made with higher-quality materials, they tend to be more durable. Latex mattresses are the most durable, lasting upwards of 8 years

Depending on the material, there are a few good ways to predict durability. For innerspring and hybrid mattresses, look for a lower coil gauge . For mattresses with foam, look for higher foam densities . Finally, make sure youre getting natural latex rather than synthetic latex.

Maintenance & Care Like any other product, a mattress will last longer if you take good care of it. This means rotating your mattress every 3 months or so and utilizing a mattress protector.

Children & Pets If you share your bed with small children, or with animals, its likely that you will need to replace your mattress more frequently. In addition to the extra weight, both pets and children are more likely to cause stains and/or damage to the mattress.

You Sleep Better On A Different Mattress

You might want to replace your mattress if you notice that you sleep much better on a different mattress. If you often wake up with a stuffed-up nose or joint pain, and then they sleep in a hotel and wake up with none of those problems, this could be a sign that your mattress is causing your sleep troubles.

If you think your mattress might be reaching the end of its lifespan, you should try sleeping on a newer mattress and compare your experience.

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Your Mattress Aggravates Your Allergies

When mold, mildew, and dust mites invade a mattress, they might exacerbate issues with allergies. If you wake up with watery eyes, a runny nose, and a headache frequently, the allergens in your mattress might be the cause.

There are some materials that can help prevent the buildup of allergens, so allergy sufferers may want to look for these particular materials when purchasing a new mattress. Also, make sure to read our piece on how to prevent dust mites.

Mattress Myth 1 Replace Your Mattress Every 8 Years

How To Buy A Mattress – What You Need To Know To Find The Best Bed!

The Better Sleep Council recommends replacing your mattress every 7-10 years, depending on comfort and support. The truth is that the life of a mattress varies wildly, which depends on how you take care of it, how you sleep on it and how often you rotate it.

Think of your mattress as performance gear for your sleep. Just like a good pair of running shoes can help you run faster and prevent injuries, a supportive mattress can deliver better, healthier sleep. Youll know when its time to shop for a new mattress based on how you feel when you wake up.

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Signs That It’s Time To Change Your Mattress

There are certain situations and scenarios where you would benefit from changing your mattress to something new. These include the following:

Your body has changed If you weight has increased since you first bought your mattress and you now find it too soft, pick a firmer option for better support. If it has decreased and your mattress now feels too hard, pick a softer model that cushions your main pressure points .

Youre waking up with a sore back Sagging mattresses cause sore backs and necks, plus joint pain. Look for one with zoned support from top to toe, but if your back pain is severe, ask a physiotherapist for recommendations first.

Youre hot and bothered Not only does sweat cause mattress staining, but sleeping hot is a breeding ground for dust mites . Thankfully, many mattresses now use cooling technologies and antimicrobial materials like copper to combat hot sleeping and pesky mites.

Youre sneezing and coughing more If youre waking up or unable to sleep because of coughing, itching and sneezing, your ageing mattress could be to blame.

With years of build-up to feast upon, dust mites can trigger allergies. They love snacking on dead skin cells, then leaving droppings that aggravate your allergies.

Average Cost Of A Mattress

This is a common question, but there is no one-off answer. There are different types of mattresses which range in prices depending on a tremendous amount of factors. However, let’s give it a go and try to break it down.

A quality innerspring mattress, for example, would cost around $900 on average. However, the prices range between $500 and $2000.

On the other hand, a memory foam bed is going to average a price tag of $1000. Once again, though, the price starts from about $300 and ends up to $4000 and even more. You can apparently find something according to your personalized budget.

The most expensive type is latex bed. They average a price of $1650. The entry point here is higher, hence the elevated average price. They would start as low as $750 and go to as much as $4000 and more.

The factors are different, and they include the material, thickness, firmness, softness, comfort, support, warranty, reliability, and, of course, the brand itself.

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How Long Do Mattresses Last

The biggest myth for how often you need to buy a new mattress is 8 years. For those of you who never heard of that rule and are still lugging around that same mattress from college should probably check out the Emma Mattress immediately. Seriouslygo check it out. There are a myriad of reasons why your mattress could be deteriorating faster than that typical threshold. The main reason for your mattress early death is typically attributed to the type of mattress you use. Latex and Memory Foam tend to be the longest lasting types of mattresses, while coil mattresses do tend to give out earlier.

Body size and weight also play a big role in how long your mattress will last. That is not only why we put the Emma Mattress through extensive tests to ensure prime comfort for all body types but why the Emma Mattress also comes with a 10-year guarantee. Another factor that can determine the longevity of your mattress is how you treat your mattress. We dont judge, but your not so chill Netflix and chill sessions might be the leading cause to the strange contours in your mattress.

Essentia Stratami Full Mattress: $2472


The Stratami mattress, currently 20% off during Essentia’s President’s Day sale, is one of the brand’s best sellers. It’s made with sustainable and ethical farming practices. The mattress is vegan, made with certified-organic latex and is impervious to dust mites, making it an ideal choice for allergy sufferers. It can be ordered in a twin, twin XL, full, queen and king.

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Let Me Upgrade Ya: Signs Your Mattress Is Donezo

Okay, so youve had your memory foam mattress for 10 years does that mean you should definitely replace it right this moment? Nope.

First make sure the mattress is actually ready to be switched out before you make an upgrade. It might have some life left in it! Although, if you notice the below, its pretty much ready to go.

How Much Should You Spend On A New Mattress

The amount you spend on a new mattress depends on your budget, but the average mid-range mattress costs around $1,000. For this price, you can expect a well-made all-foam or hybrid bed.

However, mattress prices vary greatly depending on the model. Budget beds with simple, all-foam constructions cost $600 on average. In contrast, luxury models with complex constructions that use high-end materials like latex have an average price-point closer to $2,000.

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Mattress Construction And Materials

The comfort layers sit right on top of your mattress, and as a result, they take the brunt of the damage you inflict. Comfort layer composition and materials vary across brands, but typically they look like this for different types of mattresses:

Innerspring comfort layer: Innersprings most often utilize polyfoam, foam, or cotton in a quilted pillow top comfort layer. Innerspring mattresses are still some of the most popular mattress types, but they also rank the lowest as far as durability goes.

Hybrid comfort layer: A hybrid mattress is made using 50% foam and 50% coils. The coils are almost always found in the core base layer, and the layers of foam are placed throughout, including at the top. Hybrids most often use memory foam, latex foam, or polyfoam as their top layers.

Memory foam comfort layer: Memory foam mattresses use low-density foams in the comfort layer and higher-density foams in the transition and core layers. The most durable memory foam mattresses should have a high-density foam core thats thicker than the lower-density foam layers.

Latex foam comfort layer: Latex mattresses usually use aerated latex foam in their top layers and higher density latex foam in the bottom support layers. Latex is one of the most durable materials youll find in mattresses, which accounts for the extra cost.

Not Knowing The Main Mattress Types

How Often Should You Buy a New Bed? | How do I Know if it’s Time for a New Bed?

Another common mistake is not having a basic overview of the different types of mattress before you start shopping. There are four main types that youre likely to come across, but if you dont know how each might suit you, then you may not pick the right one for your sleep.

What to do insteadMemory foam beds offer a comforting, cradling effect, all-over pressure relief and good motion isolation. They are often cheaper than hybrid models and therefore suit all budgets and types of sleeper, including couples.

Traditional innerspring beds combine coils with soft padding and are normally cheaper still, though they dont last as long. Latex mattresses are naturally cooling, bouncy and durable, but they can be a bit hit and miss on motion isolation. Latex models are often found among the best organic mattresses, as well as those designed to last much longer than average.

Lastly, hybrids combine pocket springs with a variety of materials, including memory foam, latex and gel, to deliver high levels of support and pressure relief. Theyre also very breathable, meaning theyre good for hot sleepers.

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Mixing Comfort With Technology To Achieve Optimal Sleep

When it comes to buying a new mattress, there are far more options available now than there were ten years ago. Smart technology has created customized solutions for people who want to improve their sleep patterns. For example, the unique power of the Pod, by Eight Sleep which is way different than any traditional mattress youve ever experienced uses water-powered thermal technology to create an adaptable, enjoyable sleep experience. Its cooling and heating technology enhances your sleep and keeps you at the optimal temperature all night.

Start by selecting your ideal sleep temperature through the Eight Sleep app. Then, the Pods Active Grid regulates the temperature on each side of the bed If your partner runs warm and you lean toward the cooler side, each of you can have your own sleeping temperature that suits your needs.

The smart sensor technology tracks your sleep phases, heart rate, and other vital information to provide you with a comprehensive report. This data tells you how much and how well youre sleeping, and how to improve your sleep. As an added benefit, when you set your wake-up time, the Pod also adjusts the surface temperature gradually to allow you to wake up naturally without an alarm.

How Long Should A Mattress Last

Your mattresss life depends on how well its cared for and the quality of the materials used to make it. Innerspring and hybrid mattresses can last around 7 to 10 years, depending on the strength of the coil layer at the base. Good quality memory foam and all-natural latex foam mattresses last about 10 to 15 years or more. Keep a mattress as long as its comfortable and supportive.

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Best Time To Buy A Mattress

When it comes to buying the best mattress for your needs, how much youll spend often depends on when and where you purchase your bed. Costs vary considerably when you buy a mattress online compared to picking one out in a brick-and-mortar store. You can also save some money by making your purchase during annual sales, which often align with federal holidays and major shopping days like Black Friday.

Well cover how, when, and where to buy a mattress based on different factors, as well as the most affordable avenues for doing so. First, lets discuss issues that often arise with mattresses that need to be replaced.


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