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Is A 12 Inch Mattress Thick Enough

Is Your Mattress On The Floor

Ashley Chime 12 Inch Medium Firm Memory Foam Mattress- Best Sleep Ever for over Two Years!

Mattress companies provide warranty coverage with the requirement that you place the mattress on the right foundation. Usually, this would be a box spring, platform, or slatted base. Some are also ok with placing the mattress directly on the floor, as long as the floor is flat and even.

If you are going to place your mattress on the floor, make sure it is at least 12 inches thick. This is because most floors are much harder than a box spring or a platform bed, which tend to absorb some of the shocks when you lie on the mattress.

A thicker mattress, especially in the foundation layer, will ensure a floor-mounted mattress will take your weight without compressing/sagging. It goes a long way towards keeping your mattress functional for years.

What Is The Standard Thickness Of A King Size Mattress

A king size mattress is 76 inches wide and 80 inches long. How thick your mattress is can varysome may be as short as 8 inches, while others may exceed 14 inches. For a comfortable nights rest and to ensure that your bed will last for many years, we recommend choosing a mattress at least 10 inches tall.

What Size Is A Standard Double Bed Mattress

What size is a double bed and mattress? Measured in metric units, a standard double bed and mattress is 135cm wide and 190cm long. Converted to imperial units, this equates to 4 feet 6 inches wide and 6 feet 3 inches long. A standard double bed and mattress is designed to sleep two adults comfortably.

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Finding The Right Pillow

Pillows are mainly used for head and neck spinal alignment to ensure restful sleep. However, shopping for the right pillow is often overwhelming due to the number of options available in the market. Different material types, loftiness, and height add to the confusion as each offers unique benefits. Performance is not ultimately dependent on the price bracket as numerous brands offer great value at an affordable price.

Many of us outright buy a pillow that feels perfect at the store. However, Susan Gordon, a physiotherapist, affirms that it takes at least 20 minutes for your neck to relax on the pillow. Furthermore, it takes more than a week to adjust to the new pillow. This is why most companies offer a trial period and risk-free returns. To be on the safer side, experts suggest a more methodological approach for buying the right pillow. Sleep position, body type and age are a few common factors to consider, but pillow fill and height are also the key determinants for comfort and performance.

Mattress Durability / Longevity

This Twin size 12

Owner experience data suggests that there is some correlation between poor mattress durability / longevity and heavy sleeper weight. Therefore, large people should place extra emphasis on mattress durability / longevity and remember the following chart which compares the different mattress types on the issue of durability / longevity.

Learn more: mattress lifespan comparison.

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Factors Determining Mattress Thickness

The depth of a mattress depends on the thickness of each of the layers inside it. Most mattresses have 2 layers inside them, but high-quality mattresses may have three, four, or more layers. Each layer contains different materials. These materials affect the cushion, support, and durability of your mattress. The two basic layers found in all mattresses are the comfort layer and the base layer.

What Is Considered A Thick Mattress

Generally speaking, any mattress that has above 12 inches in height is considered a thick mattress. Even if thick mattresses are considered to be luxury items, not everyone can benefit from this particular type of bed.

A mattress that is too thin or too thick might degrade your sleep quality and may have a negative effect on your health. Everyone knows that poor sleep quality can have dire consequences, from microsleep sessions to breakdowns of the immune system. The thickness of your mattress has an effect on your support and comfort when sleeping.

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Is It Better To Have A Thicker Mattress

Mattresses 10 inches thick or more are good for enhanced comfort and support. If you are a side sleeper, a 12 to 14-inch thick mattress most likely will provide the extra cushioning you need. Back sleepers are often comfortable on a 10 to 12-inch thick medium-firm mattress, while stomach sleepers may need a 10-inch mattress firm enough to prevent sinkage beneath your abdomen. We do not recommend stomach sleeping because it can misalign your spine causing aches.

Memory Foam Mattress Layers

LUCID 12 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress – Triple-Layer – Ventilated Gel Foam – CertiPUR-US Certi

While exact layers vary, most memory foam mattresses are made of the same ingredients. In most mattresses, the bottom layer is made of solid shock-absorbing foam designed to stabilize the rest of the mattress and the softer layers above. Next are transitional layers of memory foam and polyurethane foam. A 10- to 12-inch mattress generally has couple of these layers as padding. Thicker mattresses use an additional layer of cooling gel or textured foam for extra comfort. All of this is wrapped up in a hypoallergenic or quilted cover layer to keep you comfortable and it contained.

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Inch Vs 14 Inch Vs 16 Inch Memory Foam Mattress

All these mattress thicknesses tend to be used by heavier people as well as for people who have a strong opinion regarding how the thickness of their mattress should be.

One of the things that you should take into consideration is that the higher the thickness, the higher the mattress will be. So, if you are also using a spring box, you need to make sure that you are able to lay down well as well as you can get out of bed easily.

How To Choose A Mattress With The Best Thickness

  • Body weight When determining how thick your mattress should be, the first thing you should think of is your body weight. If you are heavyweight, you will definitely need a thick mattress that can support your body weight. The best mattress for heavy people should be at least 12 inches thick. It should also be firm enough to support your weight. If you are not sure which mattress suits your body weight, you should consider the following
    • 150 Kg and above 12 inches or more
    • 150 Kg and below 10 to 12 inches
    • 120 Kg and below 8 to 10 inches
    • 100 Kg and below 6 to 8 inches
    • 80 Kg and below 4 to 6 inches

    Most of the Indians weight less than 100 Kg and therefore we have 6 inch mattresses very popular here. If you are looking for more bounce and comfort, then go for an 8 inch mattress. Otherwise, a 6 inch mattress does its job pretty well.

  • Couples In case you share the bed with your partner, you need to ensure that the mattress can support your weight. If the mattress is very thin, a crater may form at the centre after using it for a short time. The best mattress for young couples should have a thickness of between 6 to 8 inches. These mattresses might be a bit expensive but they are worth the price because they are very comfortable.
  • Sleeping style This is another important feature you should not ignore. If you are not sure about the best thickness that suits your sleeping style, you should consider the following.
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    Height Of Your Bed Base

    When deciding on the thickness of your new mattress, factor in the height of your box spring, foundation, platform, or adjustable bed. The overall height of your bed, including the bed base and mattress, should not be more than 25 inches. For example, if your mattress is 18 inches thick, your foundation should not be taller than 7 inches. People with limited mobility such as back pain, joint pain, or arthritis may find it difficult to get in and out of taller beds.

    Why Does Thickness Matter When Selecting Twin Mattress

    Queen size 12
    • In a bunk or loft bed, the upper bed usually does not need very thick mattresses.
    • When planning to use a box spring, using a thicker mattress may add unnecessary height.
    • Weight of the sleeper also matters. Twin mattresses are usually for toddlers and when it is too thin, a heavy adult might find them uncomfortable.

    Once you go to the market, the smallest size of regular mattress youll find is the twin. It fits just a single person. That is why it is sometimes called a single mattress.

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    The Positions You Sleep In

    Different sleep positions require different mattress thicknesses, but the material and construction needs to be the same.

    Here, we have categorized the needs and right mattress height for every sleep position:

    • Back Sleepers: They need a firm mattress with 6-8 inches height for a comfortable sleep night after night. The mattress should have at least 4-inches of foundation layer made up of either high-density polyfoam or box spring as per the sleepers preference.
    • Side Sleepers: A soft, 8-10 inch thick mattress would be an ideal choice for side sleepers as it will allow the shoulders and hips to sink without feeling stuck. The material shall be highly responsive and buoyant so that sides can easily be changed. Polyfoam is best suitable for side sleepers as it is resilient and durable.
    • Stomach Sleepers: Stomach sleepers require firmer mattress for proper support so that they dont feel stuck. A thick HD foam base mattress is highly recommended for them as it prevents compression and helps maintain spinal alignment.

    Nothing below 10-inches will work for stomach sleeper as thicker mattress means less sinkage. A mattress between 10-15 inches works well for stomach sleepers, especially if they are heavyweight. Buoyant innerspring paired with Dunlop latex works well as it resists pressure.

    Thick Mattresses: Pros And Cons

    Mattresses with a plusher surface are ideal for the hips and shoulders, and other sensitive areas. The disadvantages of thick mattresses include their weight and cost. When choosing a mattress, think about all the layers and how they impact its feel.


    • Their cushioning makes them highly comfortable for side sleepers.
    • In contrast, thin mattresses can sag under the weight of two adults.


    • More layers and materials result in a higher price.
    • As more layers are added to the mattress, the mattress is heavier, making it difficult to move when making or moving the bed.
    • Thicker beds may be too tall for people with limited mobility to enter and exit.

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    Mattress Thickness & Quality Of Sleep

    The thickness of your mattress can definitely affect your quality of sleep. If it is too thick or too thin, it could have negative side effects depending on your specific and individual sleep needs. For some, the height is not as important as the materials used on the inside, and the overall quality of the mattress itself.

    Keep reading to learn whether it is more important for you to get a bed that is the right height, made from the right materials, or both so you can consistently get a great night of sleep that leaves you feeling refreshed and energized.

    Pros And Cons Of Thick Mattresses

    Vacuum Sealer Bags for Mattress Work? Testing it on a 12″ Thick Mattress!

    Thick mattresses are often softer compared to thin ones, providing a more comfortable surface for the hips, shoulders, and other sensitive areas. Thick mattresses, on the other hand, have certain disadvantages, such as being heavier and more expensive. Consider the thickness of each layer and how it affects the mattresss feel while shopping for a new bed.

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    Are Base Layers Critical To The Durability Of Mattresses

    The thickness of the mattress base layer influences its durability. Mattresses constructed of sturdy pocket coils or durable foam should last about eight to ten years. Be sure that the layer covering the base layer of the mattress covers at least 50% of its height if you decide to get a thicker mattress.

    Why Does Thickness Matter

    Memory foam mattress thickness matters because the number of layers inside your mattress can totally affect how supportive and comfortable it is. The more weight applied to a memory foam mattress, the more it compresses. So you might want to consider a thicker mattress if you sleep with a partner. In the end, thickness can make the difference between sleeping on a marshmallow and sleeping on bedrock.

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    The Puffy Lux Mattress

    Puffy Lux Mattress Layers

    The Puffy Lux mattress is an updated and high quality version of the original Puffy mattress. It is a bit thicker, and a bit more expensive of course.

    It comes with some extra features in comparison with the initial Puffy mattress. Many people consider it an improved variant of an already great product.

    The Puffy Lux is a memory foam mattress with four specialized layers:

    1.5 Cooling Cloud TM Foam

    Increases airflow 8x over standard foam mattresses. You will never get any better sleep. Time to enjoy your nights as never before!

    1.5 Plush Double Cloud Foam -Exclusive To Lux-

    Plush Dual Cloud Layer was created to serve two primary purposes:

    1) To shape your body perfectly and

    2) To provide targeted relief to pressure points and remove painThese dual functions result in a more well-balanced sleep which maximizes your recovery and physical wellbeing.

    Two ClimateComfort TM Foam

    The layer of Climate Comfort Foam incorporates advanced temperature & humidity-resistant substances that combat climate fluctuations. You will feel the ultimate sleep experience.

    7 Firm Core Support Foam

    To offer exceptional support and spinal alignment for better sleep.

    Between the four layers, Puffy Lux measures 12 height. A little thicker than the original Puffy.

    Basically, the PuffyLux mattress could be viewed as the luxury version of the first Puffy mattress.

    Sharing A Bed Or Sleeping Alone

    12 Inch Foam Mattress White Full Mattress

    Mattresses with more layers can provide better support than thinner mattresses. The beds mattress shared by two people is subjected to more significant pressure than a bed shared by one person. Thinner mattresses sag when they are under more pressure. Your mattress should be at least 10 to 12 inches thick.

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    Does A Thick Mattress Base Matter

    Now, lets talk about the base layer of your mattress. When buying a bed, you can consider something with a thick base because it corresponds to the mattresss overall durability. This layer can be at least half the percentage of your beds height, and you can expect your mattress to last longer than those with a thinner base.

    Why Are Mattresses So Thick Nowadays

    New mattresses contain modern technologies and materials to improve your sleep, comfort, and support, and as a result, they may be as thick as 12 to 14 inches.

    Still, the thickest of mattresses were more common several decades ago. Mattresses were so thick because there were less advanced technologies for comfort, so companies compensated by selling thick mattresses.

    Hardly any modern mattress companies make mattresses of this depth anymore because theyre unnecessary, so mattresses are actually thinner nowadays.

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    How Thick Is A Decent Mattress

    There is no standard answer to this question because everyone has different sleeping needs and body types, so its important to ask yourself the right questions because deciding how thick a decent mattress FOR YOU is. There are three things to consider when choosing a mattress thickness: body weight, favorite sleeping position, and special medical/health concerns.

    How Thick Is A Standard Queen Bed

    Mainstay 12in memory foam mattress purchased from Walmart.

    Mattress size and thickness dont correlate. A mattresss size is the surface dimensions of a mattress, while a mattresss thickness is the depth or height of a bed.

    So, a California king, queen, and twin mattress can all be 14 inches thick despite having different surface areas. Also, depending on the brand you buy from, the firmness of the mattress, and the materials in the bed, can affect a mattresss thickness.

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    What Is Memory Foam

    Memory foam, or viscoelastic foam, is a polyurethane foam treated with chemicals to create more viscosity, or its ability to change and hold its shape under pressure. Heat and pressure from sitting or lying down causes memory foam to conform to the body, relieving pressure points.

    Memory foam is a popular mattress material because it reduces aches and pains by forming to your bodys natural curves. It also provides excellent motion isolation, so you wont feel your sleep partners movement. In contrast, innerspring mattresses are bouncy and have very little motion isolationyou can easily feel any movement which can wake you up at night.

    Memory foams dense structure restricts air circulation, trapping heat. Heat builds up and may wake you, making it harder to fall back asleep.

    Another drawback to memory foam is off-gassing. Off-gassing is a chemical smell memory foam gives off temporarily.

    Health And Medical Conditions

    Individuals with specific medical conditions may need thinner or thicker beds to better support their bodies and ease their pain.

    If you suffer from health conditions such as fibromyalgia, shoulder or hip pain, or arthritis, you may need a thicker and softer mattress to cushion your body and reduce pain.

    Conversely, back pain sufferers typically need a firmer and thinner mattress to prevent sinkage and conform to their spine.

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    How Many Layers Does A Memory Foam Mattress Have

    A typical memory foam mattress contains one to two comfort layers and a support foam layer. Mattress models may contain more layers, depending on the brand. Keep in mind that memory foam mattresses with more layers may drive up the price because more material costs more.

    Comfort Layer

    Memory foam mattresses feature contouring, pressure-relieving memory foam in the comfort layer. The comfort layer has direct contact with your body so it adapts to your movement, evenly distributes body weight, and alleviates aches and pains.

    Transition Layer

    The transition layer prevents your body from sinking too deeply, encouraging spinal alignment. The transition layer may include zoned support technology, relieving more pressure in heavier sections of your body . The transition layer is usually poly-foam .

    Support Layer

    A sturdy, durable foam can be found in the support layer. This material is designed to distribute your weight across the sleep surface for even support. The base foam is built to last, for consistent support with little risk of sagging.


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