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What Is The Best Mattress For Hospital Bed

Reason 1 Hospital Beds Are Designed To Make Patient Care Easier

Top 5 Best Hospital Bed Mattresses – Durable & Easy to Clean

Hospital beds do not accommodate patients well, mostly because they are designed for the convenience of healthcare professionals and caregivers, who need to have easy access to patients. They are equipped with electronic devices and buttons to operate the bed and to make it easier on nurses to bend or to lift the bed. Some hospital beds have side rails that can be elevated or lowered, and prevent the patient from falling off the bed.

Best Types Of Adjustable Mattresses

You have a lot of choices when it comes to fitting a mattress on to an adjustable bed frame. There are even some innerspring varieties that were made to work in this setting. However, before buying a mattress for this purpose, triple check the product specifications and warranty to make sure its allowed.

Pressure Redistribution Medacure Foam Mattress

If you are searching for a high-quality mattress, then this Medacures model is a good option. With visco-elastic memory foam and multiple layers, this product is quite comfortable. It is designed to mold into the users position and shape, so it does offer cozy, gentle support.

After each use, the base returns to its initial form, ensuring excellent flexibility and longevity. The laminate design featuring three individualized convoluted foam layers guarantees efficient tension and pain relief.

This pressure redistribution foam mattress is suitable for disabled patients, or if your family member requires stage 2 wound therapy treatment. It targets multiple pressure points and can hold up to 300 lbs. The surface reduces shear, skin breakdown and friction, allowing easy, uninterrupted rest. This makes the model a good fit for chronic pain sufferers as well, as the surface will not excessively sag over time. Users also report that the pressure relief is superior to that of a standard coil-based mattress.

The package includes an anti-microbial cover that is fluid proof and anti-flammable. The fabric is detachable and has a protected zipper, making the bed easy to clean. An advantage to this model is that it does not come with a pump, nor does it require significant effort or time to reach optimal firmness.


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Drive Low Air Loss Sleep Surface 14027

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  • The Drive Medical Med-Aire 14027 air mattress offers alternating pressure and low air loss to prevent and treat pressure ulcers. The pressure system consists of a compression pump, ait mattress, and cover that offers selectable alternating pressure or static pressure . The mattress construction includes durable nylon and PVC for increased durability. Small laser cut holes offer low air loss function to provide patient comfort. The compressor has 8 liters per minute of airflow with a pressure range of 30 to 80 mmHg.The cover construction includes urethane-coated nylon fabric that is water-resistant, vapor-permeable, and low shear for skin-friendly use. Air mattresses are one of the most comfortable hospital bed mattresses.

    • Easy Connect and Quick Disconnect Hoses
    • 20 Air Bladders, 9 Bladders Have Laser Holes for Low Air Loss Cooling Function
    • Whisper Quiet Air Flow
    • Eight Inch High Air Cells


    • Mattress Size: 36 x 80 x 8 Inch
    • Weight: 5.7 lbs.

    Drive Medical Company Video

    Drive Medical 14029 Med

    Best Hospital Beds for Home use

    If you are in need of a replacement for your medical bed, this mattress provides comfort and ease for those battling bedsores. The numerous air bladders provide just the right support system for your patient.

    This mattress replacement system is designed to prevent, treat, and manage bed sores. The airing system in Drive Medical 14029 enables it to achieve low air loss function to keep the patient relaxed, thus speeding up their recovery. It is also equipped with three air cells that remain static to enhance patient comfort.

    It comes in 80 x 36 x 8 inches and weighs 4.2 Pounds. Its 8 cells are constructed with Nylon/TPU, a material that makes it soft and lightweight. Water-resistant, vapor permeable, and quilted, its 8 LPM pump produces consistent airflow.

    If the pressure from it falls below ten mmHg, an audible alarm activates. During power outages, you dont have to worry. It has 24 hours power outage protection. This product prevents the patient from bottoming out to ensure their safety and comfort. It has a caregiver changing mode that makes home care less stressful. Its clinical and caregiver features include auto-firm, seat inflates mechanism, micro processing feedback, and lock-out.

    You can click here to visit Drive Medicals Amazon Store for more options from this bedding store.

    Strengths We Love:

    Things to Consider:

    OMR Advantage Score: 7.9/10

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    Can I Get A Bulk Supply

    If you just need 1 mattress for your clinic, we offer free shipping as an option in the continental U.S.

    If you are looking for more than 5, its important to consider that , our mattresses can be shipped either flat, or they can even be compressed and rolled, making them easier to store and less expensive .

    We are able to fit up to 1000 mattresses on one truck when they ship compressed and rolled. The total time it takes for you to receive your order is 7-12 business days . We do have rush shipping options available as well, if needed, and depending on the size of your bulk order, we can offer highly competitive pricing.

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    Can Using A Waterbed And An Air Mattress Together Relief Pressure Ulcers

    While there is limited data showing how a waterbed could be used to treat pressure ulcers, there are a few studies which have shown correlations in recovery and care. A waterbed’s delicate nature, as well as revolving air pressure in an air mattress, could provide significant relief to individuals suffering from bed sores.

    If youre thinking about employing a waterbed to treat or help care for a loved one, consult your doctor to discuss the best strategy of care.

    View Our Guide:Best Rated Waterbed Mattress

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    Frequently Asked Medical Bed Mattress Questions

    Q: What is the best mattress for a hospital bed?A: The best mattress for a hospital bed is one that is both supportive and comfortable. Patients will be laying on them for extended times, and they need a mattress that has both support and comfort factored into the construction of the bed.

    Q: Ive heard about gel foam mattresses. Are they good for hospital beds?A: Unfortunately, this isnt a simple yes or no answer. In general, gel infused foams are designed to sleep 1-2 degrees cooler than typical memory foam. However, whether or not this is a good thing in mattresses for your hospital or clinic really depends on your unique situation. Please give us a call to learn more about the different kinds of gel pockets vs. gel beads in foam vs. gel infused foam.

    Q: Can I use a regular mattress instead of a hospital mattress?A: Generally speaking, a regular mattress should not be used for a hospital bed. Many home mattresses do not offer the same support and many can cause pressure on uncomfortable places in the body. In some cases, this can contribute to bed sores. Ouch! Additionally, hospital beds often need a cover that is easily cleanable and fluid proof.

    Q: Are hospital mattresses Twin or Twin XL?A: Hospital mattresses are usually 36 x 80, which is 2 less in width than a twin or twin xl size. However, we can make them in any size, and even shapes other than a rectangle, if you need something custom.

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    Vaunn Medical Cloud Air Whisper Quiet Alternating Air Pressure Mattress Topper With Pump

    Top Selling Foam Hospital Bed Mattress

    The waffle design on this air pressure mattress will ensure comfort. We believe that this is a true value for the price.

    Made of vinyl, this is the number 1 mattress recommended by doctors to relieve body ulcers and bedsores. The Vaunn Medical Cloud Air Whisper Quiet Alternating Air Pressure Mattress incorporates a revolutionary airlift technology that effectively distributes constant airflow to help increase circulation, reduce pressure spots, and prevent skin maceration. It utilizes alternating air pressure through its 130 preprogrammed air cells. It comes with an advanced sleep wave therapy that helps relax muscles, promotes blood circulation, and provides an excellent sleep surface for optimum comfort.

    This mattress has the quietest pressure pump in the market with customizable controls. It also has customizable pressure level settings you can adjust based on your needs and preference. Its durable waterproof construction makes it easy to clean. Each air cell is pre-treated and heat-seated to ensure the integrity of the mattress. It supports a maximum of 300 pounds and inflates fully to 36 x 78 x 3. Using the top and bottom flaps, you can secure the mattress topper to the bed for restless sleepers.

    You can click here to visit Vaunns Amazon Store for more options from this bedding store. Currently, Vaunn does not appear to have a company website. They sell through Amazon and other various retailers.

    Strengths We Love:

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    OMR Advantage Score: 7.9/10

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    Types Of The Best Hospital Bed Mattresses For Heavy People

    Overweight people confined to hospital beds for months at a stretch can be afflicted with aches infections and painful bedsores. Which is why basic amenities like mattresses come equipped with features to handle their special needs for a speedy recovery. We list the 5 best mattress for heavy people.

  • Memory Foam Mattresses:Designed to disperse weight and support the body evenly, the multi-layer mattresses manufactured with 100% medical grade fabric and viscoelastic foam are durable and superior in quality. The mattresses provide maximum comfort by lessening pressure on painful joints and muscle tension. And yes, they are hypoallergenic and antibacterial.
  • Bariatric Mattresses:The bariatric mattresses for hospital bed are specially conceived to bear the weight of obese and larger patients. They consist of three or more layers and come in different widths to accommodate specific needs. Equipped with features to relieve pressure spots for those at higher risk of inflammations,a bariatric foam mattress is durable with the potential to withstand extended use.
  • Therapeutic Mattresses:A therapeutic mattress is an excellent choice for patients with limited mobility. Since they are unable to shift weight, bed sores develop due to strain in the same areas. Therapeutic mattresses made from cutting-edge foam can provide respite by reducing stress on bones, regulating temperature and enabling better circulation.
  • Types Of Mattress For Hospital Beds

    Generally, the mattress is the most important part of the bed, especially a hospital bed. Hospital bed mattresses-also referred to as therapeutic or medical mattresses-are vital factors when providing comfort and support to a recuperating patient in the bed. These mattresses are understandably a highly diverse type of medical equipment, with most of them designed to target specific ailments. A hospital bed mattress is composed of either one or a combination of foam, gel, air, or innerspring coils. Hospital bed mattresses can be categorized into different types ranging from innerspring mattresses to bariatric mattresses. Below is a comprehensive guide on types of mattresses for hospital beds to help you make informed choices.

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    Vaunn Medical Cloud Air Whisper Silent Alternating Air Pressure Mattress Topper

    An alternating air pressure mattress topper like the Vaunn Medical Cloud Air Whisper is suitable for patients that require extended bed rest. Its chief function is to prevent and relieve pressure ulcers. Made from waterproof medical-grade vinyl, this mattress promises a cool and comfortable sleeping surface but is only the same plastic quality as similar alternating pressure mattress toppers in the market.


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    First Answer These 5 Questions

    6"  Hospital Bed Mattress

    Before you can choose the best type of hospital bed mattress for you, you first need answers to these questions:

    • How much time per day will the patient be spending in bed?
    • Can the patient shift positions independently?
    • How many months will they need to use a hospital bed?
    • How much does the patient weigh?
    • How much muscle mass do they have?

    When you have those answers, youre ready to make a selection. We help you do that below and make recommendations for the conditions listed in those bullet points.

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    Can Any Mattress Be Used On Adjustable Beds

    Most mattresses can be placed on an electric base, but there are a few exceptions. The following types either cant or shouldnt be paired with a base that can be adjusted:

    • Mattresses that have hard components built into them, including wires on the edges, hard foam panels or wood
    • Many innerspring and coil mattresses
    • Beds with air chambers that will be blocked off when the base bends
    • Waterbeds
    • Products that explicitly state in the warranty that they cant be paired with an adjustable base

    Medical Mattresses By Mattress Insider

    • Safe & non-toxic for patients and healthcare workers. Your hospital bed mattresses will be made using Certi-Pur-US certified foams which dont contain any of those nasty chemicals.

      What does that mean to you? Theyre made without ozone depleters, no ammonium poly-phosphate flame retardants, no mercury, lead, or other heavy metals, no formaldehyde, and have a low VOC. Its safer experience than purchasing mattresses produced with unknown materials .

    • Passes all federal flammabilty laws. Every medical foam mattress needs to pass CFR 1633 and 1632 to be compliant.
    • Hypoallergenic due to the use of soy based high density foams and nylon covers.
    • Comfortable nylon hospital mattress covers which dont crack or overheat .

    Other benefits of Nylon covers:

    • Wipes clean, making them water and stain resistant.
    • Bed bug and dust mite resistant because theyre stitched tightly.
    • Softer feeling, making time spent in your hospital or clinic more comfortable

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    Apex Medical Domus 2s 5 Alternating Pressure Mattress

    Are you caring for a loved one? To ensure their well-being, the Domus 2s is an excellent choice. This looks amazingly comfortable.

    Like Domus 1, the Domus 2 is manufactured to prevent and treat bedsores and pressure ulcers. Unlike the Domus 1, however, this newer model has a 78 x 33 x 5 dimension and can carry more weight. The Apex Medical Domus 2 has a total weight capacity of 260 pounds.

    It is an ideal mattress that utilizes a redistributing weight mechanism to help relieve pressure spots. Sporting a 5 one-piece mattress made of medical-grade PVC alternating between inflation and deflation through airflow, this mechanism helps reduce pressure on the body surface. Its heel slope design relieves stress on your heel.

    Like any other air mattress, its pump allows the mattress to inflate and deflate to ensure adequate pressure redistribution for maximum comfort. The pump is very quiet, working on a noise level of 35 decibels.

    The Apex Medical Domus 2s has 11 anti-sliding extension flaps on head and foot sides, so it stays secure on the bed. These flaps can be tucked to ensure more stabilization so the patient or caregiver would not have difficulty adjusting the mattress. The Domus 2 is very easy to clean, and it is also made of fire-retardant material. Lightweight and easy to use, it comes with adjustable hangers to secure the unit to fit most beds. To facilitate optimized pressure setting, it has a weight indicator reference.

    Strengths We Love:

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    Types Of Hospital Beds To Consider

    Air Mattress Hospital Beds for Bed Sores and Bed Sore Prevention

    Nobody necessarily wants to put a hospital bed in their home, while they do provide comfort and pain relief, most of them arent very eye-catching. Thankfully, there are more modern-day adjustable bed options to choose from, its just important to understand how all of these different types of hospital beds compare so you can find the most appropriate option for your needs.

    Lets start with the most basic types of hospital beds and work our way up:

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    Hospital Mattress Replacement Options

    Our standard option shown on this page is 6 thick, foldable , and is made from 1.5 lb open-cell soy-based polyurethane foam hospital mattress with a fluid resistant Nylon cover.

    Supportive Fluid-proof Easy to clean!

    These medical mattresses are more supportive than other high density foams you may find with other manufacturers of hospital beds. This makes them more comfortable for patients who are bed-ridden.

    If youve ever seen or experienced bed sores, you know that they are not something you would want to experience. Ouch! Getting the right mattresses makes a world of difference in preventing bed sores.

    Other options:

    Want to get more pressure relief for back pain? Get the best hospital mattress by adding a gel overlay, traditional memory foam, polyurethane foam, or latex to the comfort layer.

    Want to make it more supportive and more durable? Ask about 1.8 LB density foam options and individually pocketed coils.

    Questions? Were Open! 888 488-1468

    Best Mattresses For Hospital Beds

    Depending on your family members illness, their sleep patterns and their level of mobility, you will need a different model that is tailored for their medical needs. Some options cost more , while others are more budget-friendly. Below you will find the most reliable mattresses for hospital bed use, according to quality, safety, price, type of therapeutic treatment offered and longevity.

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    Bonus: Do This Before Buying A Hospital Bed Mattress

    • Talk to a medical professional for guidance on choosing the best waterproof hospital mattress, especially those who are caring for your loved one as they will be familiar with the patients needs
    • Consider how long the patient will be in bed every day, more time in bed will require a more pressure-relieving mattress
    • Take your budget into account
    • Ask the patient what kind of bed they would like, with regard to firmness and size

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    Do I Need A New Mattress For Recovery

    Heavy Duty Bariatric Hospital Beds For Sale

    The spinal fusion is major surgery, and the recovery is a slow process. It takes weeks or even months to get back to the better definition of normalcy. Even after the recovery, one must also be careful not to injure the back once again. What is the solution? A comfortable mattress!

    It may take a few weeks to know the character of the new mattress that is why it is recommended to go for the one with a trial period to know it well. If there is no discomfort during the initial few weeks, there shouldnt be any problems later.

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