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What’s The Best Mattress For Sciatica

Casper Original Demo Mattress

Best Mattress For Side Sleepers (With Lower Back Pain)

If youre in the market for a unique memory foam mattress, the Casper mattress may be for you. The Casper mattress offers great pressure relief, four foam layers, and targeted support. Capable of supporting all body types, the Casper is a universal mattress that can accommodate a variety of sleepers.

People in the average weight group typically prefer beds with moderate firmness settings. The Casper mattress is considered medium-firm, with a firmness rating of 6/10. It offers moderate yet consistent conforming for sleepers in this weight category in all three primary sleeping positions.

The Caspers two comfort layers are more responsive than traditional memory foam comfort layers to prevent excessive sinking and are more responsive than average, making it easier to change positions. The Casper comes with a 100-night sleep trial, a 10-year warranty and free shipping in the contiguous U.S.

See our full Casper mattress review to learn more.

Best Cooling Mattress For Sciatica: Zoma Hybrid

The Zoma Hybrid is the companys bouncy follow-up to its classic memory foam mattress. The 12-inch mattress has a simple four-layer design that does an excellent job of promoting body recovery. The beds cool sleep surface, quiet design, and motion isolation features promote an undisturbed nights rest.


The beds top layer of gel memory foam molds to your body for pressure and pain relief. Triangular cutouts under your head, shoulders, and legs increase the beds pressure-relieving capabilities, while the midsection is free of cutouts for better back support. Underneath the foam top is a layer of Reactiv, a responsive material that promotes neutral spine alignment.

The hybrids pocketed coils deliver enough bounce to lift you but not so much that its jarring. Fabric packets encase every coil to prevent motion from rippling across the mattress, as your movements might on a traditional innerspring mattress.

You have 100 nights to try out a Zoma Hybrid, starting on the day of delivery. If youre not satisfied with your hybrid after trying it out thoroughly, you can return it for a full refund. Every Zoma Hybrid also comes with a 10-year warranty.

Can A Bad Mattress Cause Sciatica

Many factors can affect how suitable a mattress is for someone. For example, a persons weight and sleeping position may require a certain level of firmness.

A mattress that is too soft or too firm may not be comfortable. A person may wake up with aches and pains if the mattress does not provide the correct level of support.

If a person is waking up with back pain, it may be a result of their mattress. However, back pain and sciatica can occur for many reasons. If a person believes they have sciatica, they should contact a doctor to discuss diagnosis and treatment. A healthcare professional may also recommend strategies to help relieve sciatica pain.

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When In Doubt Go Medium

Research is limited, but in one study, researchers assigned new mattresses to more than 300 people with low back pain. They used either medium-firm or firm mattresses for 90 days. Those in the medium group reported the least amount of discomfort.

You might consider getting a memory foam mattress . The foam molds to your body. The downside: Some memory foam mattresses keep in heat and the material might have more chemicals.

The Hunt For The Best Mattress For Sciatica

Best Mattress Toppers for Back Pain (Lower &  Upper Relief ...

There isnt necessarily a one-size-fits-all solution for every customer who comes through the door. But when someone is having problems with their sciatica pain at night or just lower back pain in general, we like to have them try the Tempur-Pedic TEMPURPro Adapt series.

The TEMPUR-Pro Adapt series has four different mattresses in the lineup: a soft mattress, a medium mattress, a medium hybrid, and a firm.

The soft, medium, and firm options are all-foam mattresses, whereas the hybrid mattress has a coil support system in addition to its foam layers. The top layer in each model is a comfort layer made of highly adaptable TEMPUR® material. Beneath that layer is a pressure-relieving support layer that helps promote healthy spinal alignment while taking pressure off your lower back.

The medium hybrid has the same top comfort and support layers, but beneath the foam layers there is also an individually pocketed coil system that gives the mattress a more traditional bounce.

Like most mattress brands, Tempur-Pedic makes their mattresses in different firmness levels but Tempur-Pedic mattresses are also rated by the adaptability of the foam. Adaptability means the more advanced TEMPUR-material within the mattress, the more the foam is going to customize its shape to your body and then the more pressure relief youre going to feel.

Now we explain exactly what makes Tempur-Pedic our go-to recommendation for sciatica pain relief.

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The Best Mattress Type For Sciatica Nerve Pain

In many of our reviews, we acknowledge a reality that everyone is different and there is no one-size-fits-all mattress. That is, indeed, the case for sciatica pain sufferers, but we can highlight, based on what we know from research and consulting with experts, here is a list of what we consider to be the best mattress for sciatica and back pain.

  • Coil/Hybrid Mattress a good combination of softness and support
  • Zoned Support Design provides extra support in the center of the bed to keep your body level
  • Memory Foam a nice blend of softness and support
  • Pillow Top
  • Latex Mattress a comfortable blend of support and pressure relief
  • Polyurethane Foam designed to reduce pressure points without the viscous feel of memory foam
  • Premium Air Bed doesnt have traditional springs, rather, inner air coil channels to provide full-body support

You may also want to take a look at these best pillows and sleep positions for sciatica. In short, those who suffer from sciatica want to consider:

  • Plump pillows
  • Pillow below your hips

How Can Mattresses Help With Sciatica

Sciatica sufferers deal with shooting pain in their legs and lower back. Numbness in your toes, legs, hips, bottom and tingling or muscle weakness are all types of pain sciatica can cause. Finding good pain relief for the sharp pains of sciatica can be extremely difficult. If youve been dealing with this kind of pain for a while, you may have already been prescribed pain killers or you might already be going to physical therapy. But to ensure you get a good nights sleep, have you thought about how your mattress is helping or hurting you?

Most people think of mattresses simply as pieces of comfort, but they can have a profound impact on your back pain. In fact, sleeping on a mattress of poor quality for your entire life can actually cause more damage to your spine, nerves and muscles.

Good therapeutic mattresses can have the opposite effect. This is why its so important to find a good mattress for sciatica relief. You wont want to cut corners here. A good mattress can literally be the line between a good back or a bad one.

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Best Sleeping Position For Sciatica

When it comes to buying a new mattress for your sciatica, you will fist need to consider the position in which you usually sleep. Different sleeping positions require different variations of support, and thats without considering the sciatica element. Some positions are thought to help ease the pain of sciatica, whereas others can amplify them. In the end it depends on the individual, as people have their own preferences on how they like to sleep, as well as their own bodys response to the pain of sciatica.

Consider A Body Pillow

Firm Vs Soft Mattress – Which Is Best?

Even the best mattress can some people feeling a little bit flat. Sometimes you may need that extra support or just the right angle to put us in the right position to get comfortable and relieve nerve pressure. Putting an additional pillow between or under your knees can yield excellent results.

Further, a full body pillow can provide the exact amount of contouring and support you need if you sleep on your side. And if youre pregnant? A body pillow is practically a must-have.

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Buying A Mattress For Sciatica Pain Sufferers

When we talk about back pain and spine problems, the usual exercise and medicine combination is our top of mind solution. What we fail to consider is that a small change in our mattress makes a lifetime of a difference when it comes to our backs! In fact, it matters so much that sleeping on the wrong mattress can actually worsen the pain one is experiencing. That is why people dealing with problems such as sciatica have a lot to consider next time they have to go mattress shopping.

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Why Do Some People Recommend Sleeping On The Floor

There are anecdotal stories from people who have found relief from sleeping on the floor. Others are skeptical of this technique. Heres why: you need a supportive surface to ensure your spine is in proper alignment. We talked earlier about a sleeping surface that is too hard will tilt the pelvis up and out of position.

We think the real reason that people recommend sleeping on the floor is that they have such a terrible, sagging, and unsupportive mattress that anything is an improvement over that! Weve outlined a lot of solutions to minimize nerve pain, so we strongly encourage you to try the other tips and consult a doctor before resorting to sleeping on the floor.

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How Should I Sleep With Lower Back Pain

There are a few ways a person can sleep to deal with lower back pain. Back sleepers can place a pillow under their knees, and side sleepers can place a pillow between their knees. Stomach sleeping is not a good position for lower back pain. However, if someone must sleep in this position, they can place a pillow under the stomach near the pelvis.

What Is Sciatica Scroll To Top 10

Best Mattress for Back Pain

According to the Mayo Clinic, Sciatica is ‘pain that radiates along the path of the sciatic nerve, which branches from your lower back through your hips and buttocks and down each leg’ and usually only affects one side of the body. The symptoms that are usually experienced are pain in the lower back or leg, sometimes with a numbness or tingling sensation.

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Mattress Buying Tips For Sciatica

Along with factors such as firmness, texture, and material used in the bed, a buyer should also look out for:

  • The trial period offered
  • Return policy
  • Warranty

Buying a bed is a long-term decision for seven to twelve years. Hence an informed decision should be made after weighing the pros and cons of all crucial checkpoints.

The best mattress for sciatica should satisfy the criteria of breathability, flexibility, support, and affordability. Memory forms, hybrid, and some latex mattresses meet these criteria. The final buying decision is restricted to the buyers personal choices and budget. However, the guidelines listed above could aid in making an informed decision.

Change Your Sleep Position

Sleep positions are hard to change and what works and doesn’t work will depend significantly on your mattress. For example, if you’re on a firm mattress, sleeping on your side may not be a great option for you .

All other things being equal, back sleeping is the best sleeping position for relieving sciatica pain. This is because side sleeping can put more pressure on your lower back/lumbar region, as well as your thighs and knees.

Most people identify as side sleepers, but they may fall asleep on their back and then turn to their side throughout the night, which can cause a sciatica flare-up.

If youre trying to sleep on your back, you can do a few things to help you adjust:

  • Sleep on a thin pillow. If youre used to side sleeping, chances are youre on a thicker pillow with more cushioning. This worked for you when you were on your side because you had a gap to fill between your head and the mattress. But on your back, that gap is nearly non-existent, and that thick pillow will make you uncomfortable.
  • Elevate your legs. Elevating your legs is highly beneficial for your sciatica and it also helps you stay on your back throughout the night.
  • Change your mattress. If your mattress is too soft, your hips may sink in too much when youre on your back, causing you to switch to your side. If youre looking for a general mattress firmness recommendation for back sleepers, we recommend a medium to medium-firm mattress.
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    What Mattress Is Best For Side Sleeping With Sciatica

    The best mattresses for side sleeping feature a soft, conforming surface to ease pressure points. Yet the mattress should also feature a strong support core to buoy the spine and keep it in its neutral position. Side sleepers with sciatica might want to try a medium to medium-soft mattress, though a petite side sleeper might benefit from a fully soft mattress.

    Why Is My Sciatic Pain Worse In The Morning

    5 Best MATTRESS 2021

    This issue is similar to the question above about sciatica being worse in a prone position. Again, if youre sleeping in a position that puts pressure on your nerves, youll feel a lot worse first thing in the morning than you would during the course of the day. Your spine has been at a suboptimal angle for hours, naturally making the pain worse as soon as you become conscious.

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    Other Considerations For Sciatica

    Besides the brands mentioned earlier, one can also choose from dealers who make a custom-made mattress. Medical equipment manufacturers like Medtrica make custom made memory foam mattresses suited as per the requirements put forward. It doesnt use coils and hence lowers motion transfer allowing users to shift from one side to the other quickly.

    Best Mattress For Sciatica For People With More Weight

    The Big Fig Mattress

    • Type: Hybrid
    • Height: 13 inches

    Key features: Big Fig prides itself on being strong and soft while also supporting up to 1,100 pounds. Due to its individually wrapped coil springs and high-density foams, the company says it shouldnt sag. Many customers say their body aches and pains ceased after sleeping on this mattress.

    Considerations: According to some reviewers, the mattress is hard and can take some getting used to. If you dont like a firm mattress or have a lower body weight, this mattress may not be your best choice.

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    Take A Warm Bath Before Bed

    This may sound too simple to be effective, but many people who suffer from sciatic nerve pain along with other various aches and pains find it extremely therapeutic and helpful. A warm bath can help relax the muscles around your sciatic nerve roots, while releasing endorphins that assist pain management.

    The bathwater should be warm, but not too hot. You dont want to raise your body temperature, which can make it even harder to fall asleep. Water that is a warm, comfortable, and comforting temperature can help lull you to sleep. Just try to follow the same routine every night before bed.

    Heat therapy, in general, is a good path for chronic pain management. If youre not a fan of taking baths, you can apply heat in other ways, like hot water bottles or heating pads. You can even try a disposable adhesive back wrap that delivers a constant level of heat.

    Tips For Sleeping With Sciatic Pain

    11 Best Mattress For Scoliosis In 2021

    Its worth trying different sleeping positions and pillow combinations to find something thats comfortable and keeps your spine aligned. A good pre-bed routine will also help you relax and get in the right frame of mind for sleep.

    If youre struggling to get to sleep, these tips may help:

    If youre struggling to switch off at night, check out these tips for improving your sleep without resorting to drugs.

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    Can Sciatica Be Caused By A Bad Mattress

    A bad mattress doesnt typically show up on lists of sciatica causes, but its certainly not going to help. Thats true for several reasons.

    For starters, mattresses can play a big role in supporting healthy spinal alignment or not. A bad mattress that doesnt help the sleepers spine stay properly aligned could contribute to misalignment issues. Long-term misalignment of the spine could place undue pressure on the sciatic nerve.

    Additionally, according to an article published by Harvard Health, many people find their sciatica gets worse during prolonged periods of lying down. This is the case even in the best of conditions, so imagine how much worse someone might feel if theyre lying on an unsupportive or uncomfortable mattress.

    If someone notices that their sciatica pain tends to feel worse when they wake up in the morning, this could indicate that their mattress is exacerbating their condition.

    Sciatic Nerve Pain Q& a

    If you want to buy a mattress that helps with sciatic nerve pain, first it is important to understand the basics. The following sections will guide you and explain what sciatica is, the possible forms of treatment, the best sleep position for sufferers, and what traits you should look for in a mattress when trying to alleviate pain caused by sciatica. With all of this information, you will be able to move forward knowing you have the knowledge to make the decision that will suit your specific sleep needs perfectly.

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    What Kind Of Mattress Is Best For Sciatica Pain

    The best type of mattress for sciatica pain could be either a memory foam mattress or a latex mattress. Both types can absorb pressure while reducing motion transfer, making for a stable experience in which pressure is lifted from the spine and absorbed or evenly dispersed across the surface of the mattress.


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