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Where Are Sleep Science Mattresses Made

Sleep Science Mattress 10

Sleep Science 12″ Natural Latex iFlip Mattress

The Sleep Science 10 memory foam mattress has a medium firm firmness ranking. It has three foam layers: three inches of memory foam, two inches of air support foam, and five inches of high density base foam. These mattresses have received positive initial feedback from sleepers in terms of comfort, with a slight contour but strong support. However, when it comes to longevity, there are several differences of opinion.

Policy On Delivery: The Following Is The Sleep Science Delivery Policy:

FedEx coordinates the delivery of Sleep Science items. The amount of time you can expect to wait varies depending on the model. Some versions ship in seven to ten business days, while others will take up to two weeks.

At-home assembly and package waste disposal are included in White Glove delivery for an extra $85 charge, White Glove workers can remove the customers old mattress and transfer it to either a collection centre or a recycling plant.

While some mattresses from Costco are delivered to Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico, only a few Sleep Science versions will be shipped to one or two of these places. Delivery surcharges for Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico would be measured at the time of purchase.

What Makes A Harrison Pocket Spring Unique

The Revolution Spring

This award-winning spring truly is revolutionary. Inside each Revolution Spring system there are two pocket springs, one inside of the other, that work independently. This exclusive system offers two variable levels of support, for the heavier and lighter parts of your body. This ensures you maintain the best possible posture during the night and eliminates any partner disturbance.

HD Springs

The more springs there are within your mattress, the more comfortable you will be on your mattress. But it can be difficult to comprehend how 15400+ springs fit into a mattress! Enter the HD spring. These springs are made from lightweight titanium alloy and are smaller in diameter and height than a standard spring. They adjust precisely to the contours of your body, relieving pressure, and help your mattress retain its shape over time.

HD Airflow Springs

These clever little springs are perforated, and so, with every natural pump of the spring, air is circulated throughout the inside your mattress. Due to their strategic placing, they direct air through the fillings and to the surface, helping your mattress to breathe. The springs work in conjunction with the inherent properties of the natural fibres, keeping you and your mattress, fresh and dry whatever the season.

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Finding The Best Mattress For You

Defining the ideal mattress is extremely subjective. Every sleeper has their own idea of the perfect firmness level. Optimal support and bounce can depend on your sleeping position and body weight. The right mattress can also vary based on whether you share a bed, whether you sleep hot, and of course, your budget.

Given all these factors, its impossible to say that theres one single best mattress for you. For that reason, weve broken our top picks into individual categories so that you can find the best bets among specific mattress types and aspects of mattress performance.

For an in-depth look at how to choose a mattress, visit our guide here. We also have every piece of information youd need when learning about mattresses in our mattress information section.

Also remember to contact us if youd like a personalized mattress review from our product review staff.

Sleep Science Latex Mattress

Sleep Science Black Diamond 11"  Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam Mattress

The best mattress is one that suits your needs, and there are many different types of mattresses to choose from. Whether you sleep alone or with a partner, on your back or stomach, the right type of mattress will make all the difference when it comes to getting a good nights sleep. The Sleep Science Latex Mattress is made with 100% natural latex foam for comfort and support so you can get the restful sleep you need. It also features an organic cotton cover that has been naturally fire-treated for safety purposes. So if youre in need of a new bedding set, look no further than this latex mattress!

Sleep Science Mattress 9 Latex Mattress

Through two coats of silicone, the Sleep Science 9 latex mattress offers a firmer mattress texture. The top latex sheet is 3 of medium-firm latex that bounces lightly under the sleeper. Behind that, a 6 layer of firmer latex foam covers the spine and gives the mattress a firmer texture. Both of these layers are perforated to allow for more ventilation which should keep you comfortable when sleeping. Customers classify these mattresses as initially comfortable, but some have reported long-term discomfort.

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Sleep Science Mattress 14

The Copper Infused Memory Foam mattress from Sleep Science has a solid shape and a copper infused foam top sheet. Despite the fact that this feature is meant to enhance ventilation and temperature control, some sleepers have complained about warm sleeping surfaces.

What if you could sleep better and feel more rested without having to worry about the time of night, how long its been since your last nap or what kind of diet youre on? The answer is Sleep science copper infused mattress. Copper has an anti-inflammatory property that reduces pain from arthritis, swelling and even heart disease. It also helps with improving sleep quality by regulating temperature and reducing excess sweating during the night. Overall, this means less tossing and turning throughout the night for improved REM cycles that lead to feeling more refreshed in the morning!

Not Your Average Pocket Sprung Mattress

At the heart of every one of the mattresses in our bespoke range are thousands of springs, which, are uniquely layered to adjust to your body whilst you sleep. These springs are key to the mattress contouring to your shape, alleviating pressure and keeping your spine in a neutral position throughout the night.

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How To Buy A Mattress Video

Watch our video below for tips on how to buy a mattress that meets your needs and personal preferences.

Our guide kicks off with detailed information about our picks for the best mattresses of 2022 and then, for those who want to get into the ins-and-outs of the mattress buying process, covers the key topics that a savvy mattress shopper should be aware of. Lets get started. You can also check out our guides to the Best Pillows and Best Sheets for more tips on optimizing your sleep environment.

Labor Day Mattress Sales Are Still Going On!

Labor Day is now behind us, but many mattress companies are still offering major holiday discounts. Check our product reviews below for discount information. You can also head to our list of Labor Day deals and discounts.

Sleep Science Iflip Mattress Reviews

Sleep Science 13″ iFlip Napa Memory Foam and Latex Mattress

Do you have trouble falling asleep? Do you wake up in the middle of the night and cant get back to sleep? If so, it could be because your mattress is not providing enough support. You need a mattress that will provide more than just a place to sleep-you need one that will help you get a better nights rest! Introducing IFLIP Mattresses from Sleep Science IFLIP mattresses are designed with advanced features such as Dynamic Response Foam technology and AirCool+ fabric which combine for an unmatched level of comfort, cooling power, and pressure relief. Plus, they offer 10 years warranty on all their products!


The iFlip series helps you to adjust your mattresss comfort level simply by tossing it thats correct, you get two mattresses in one! A color-coded cover distinguishes each side of the mattress, and its easy to unzip and wash when desired. When the lighter stripe is on top, the sleep surface is medium-soft when the darker stripe is on top, the sleep surface is medium-firm.

The iFlip Solano mattress dual support includes gel-infused memory foam! The temperature-neutralizing properties of Gel-Infused Memory Foam are exceptional. When used in conjunction with Air Comfort Foam, youll feel as though youre sleeping on a cloud of luxury without ever getting sticky.

Medium-Firm 2 Gel Infused Memory Foam

1 Foam for Air Comfort

Air flow and heat dissipation are allowed by the 4 proprietary air channel base.

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Why You Can Rest Easy With Simba

Were experts in the science of sleep, and over a million customers have already trusted us to give them the best nights sleep theyve ever had.

  • Top Rated and Award Winning

    We have 200,000 five-star reviews, which is more than any other boxed mattress brand in the world weve also won 40 sleep industry awards.

  • Proudly Made In Canada

    We have over 40 years experience in the industry, we’ve made sure all our mattresses are designed in the UK & Made in Canada.

  • Expert Sleep Science

    Using body profile data from ten million sleepers, our sleep scientists have created a mattress designed and crafted for every sleeping style and body type.

  • Simba Service Promise

    We offer free delivery and returns, with a 100-night comfort trial and a 10-year guarantee.

What Is The Best Mattress Of 2022

In order to determine which mattress ranks highest, our test team considers a number of factors, including performance ratings and quality of construction. We believe the Helix Midnight is the best overall mattress on the market because it performs well in multiple categories and features a thoughtful design. With its mid-range firmness and excellent pressure relief, motion isolation, and temperature neutrality, this mattress is likely to appeal to a wide range of sleepers. The approachable price-point makes it an even more attractive option.

If you are looking for a mattress that excels in a specific performance category, our team has tested and researched hundreds of other mattresses to come up with the list of picks above. Whether your priority is a mattress that stays cool at night or youre looking for a bed that can help relieve back pain, weve got you covered with recommendations.

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What Are The Best Costco Mattresses

With the plethora of mattress brands offered at Costco, it can seem daunting to try to figure out where to begin your search. Thats why weve included our top 5 brands below to serve as a good starting point for everything related to Costco mattresses.

Our top picks for the best Costco mattresses include:

  • Tempur-Pedic Best Memory Foam Mattresses
  • GhostBed Best Cooling Mattresses
  • Simmons Beautyrest Best Luxury Mattresses
  • Brentwood Home Best Organic Mattresses
  • Molecule Best for Pain Relief

Each of these brands offers unique qualities that makes their collection stand out.

The Perfect Mattress Didnt Existso We Invented It

Sleep Science 12"  iFlip Sonoma 2

Experience gravity defying comfort on the SIMBA Aerocoil® spring layer.These tiny cones of comfort are the key to our incredible, upper comfort layer theyre our pride and joy. Theyre smaller and slimmer than the typical, rather tall and bulky bed spring, because theyre made from super-strong steel this means even a micro size gives you the support you need, but being so small and fine you wont feel a single one.Youll find up to 5,000 of these ingenious springs nestling in our mattresses each individual Aerocoil® spring flexes gently in response to you and your partners movements, offering personalised support to each of you without disturbing the other. And as they compress and extend with you, they gently push air through the comfort layer, helping to keep you at just the right temperature.So now you know. Small really is beautiful.

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The Features Of Sleep Science Mattress

  • Most of the mattresses are built using CertiPUR-US Certified memory foam. As a result, the foam enhances air circulation and weighs on back pain and soreness.
  • The latex gives the mattress long life.
  • You can get the mattresses from Costcos website or their warehouse stores that can be found all over the US.
  • There are a variety of models that go for varying prices. You can, therefore, choose what suits you and your budget.
  • Their mattresses come with high-density memory foams and top comfort layers.
  • The Costco Company has a return policy. The organization allows you to test out the mattress for a while and if it doesnt meet up to your standards. You can return it.
  • All the mattresses come with a 20-year warranty.
  • The price ranges from $310 to $1800. However, the cost varies with the model, and if you decide to add a foundation, you will pay an additional of $200 to $400.
  • The product has been able to please and satisfy over 76% of its consumers.

Sleep Challenge #: Discomfort From Poor Support

Many mattresses dont provide the proper support that your body needs to stay comfortable. Poor support becomes even more of an issue with body pains or over time as inferior mattresses begin to sag.


Ortho Mattresses have the highest quality coils and construction in the business. Unlike most mattress makers, Ortho makes its own coils and assembles their own spring systems to ensure they are the finest in the world. Our Titan System is the industry standard for excellence, providing more high-quality support springs than any other competitor.

Even on our most economical models, we include SolidState Construction to provide added side support and structural integrity.

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Who Manufactures Sleep Science Mattresses

GhostBed Mattress Overview. Find valuable information about GhostBed mattresses before you buy. We help inform your decision by providing GhostBed mattress prices and performance reviews.

  • GhostBed Mattress Gallery
  • How Much Does the GhostBed Mattress Cost?
  • What Is the GhostBed Mattress Made Of?
  • What Is a GhostBed Mattress?
  • Where Can I Buy a GhostBed Mattress?
  • How Long Does a GhostBed Mattress Last?
  • How to Return a GhostBed Mattress
  • How Long Does It Take for a GhostBed Mattress to Expand?

The Science Behind A Great Nights Sleep

Sleep Science 12″ iFlip Sonoma 2-Sided Memory Foam Mattress

There are thousands of beds and mattress to choose from, but not all beds and mattresses are made with the science of a great nights sleep behind them. Thats why, here at Sleep Matters, we have chosen award winning, reputable UK manufacturers such as Harrison, Mammoth and Highgrove, who produce innovative and revolutionary products that not only improve the way we sleep, but transform it. Visit us at our West Yorkshire store, located on the outskirts of Huddersfield, and discover the science behind the way we sleep.

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The Four Factors That Make A Great Mattress

Over the years, Dr. Breus realized that one of the most frequent questions his patients asked was, what bed should I buy? While there are some great mattresses out there, constant changes in names, prices and specifications made it impossible for him to recommend any one model. Based on his clinical practice and his own research, he identified the four factors of mattress design that are critical to better sleep. With this knowledge, his patients and friends could ask the right questions, and find the right bed for their individual needs.

Where Different Mattress Brands Are Made

Mattresses that you can buy online or in physical stores today can be manufactured anywhere in the world. Theres a vast selection of USA mattress manufacturers, but at the same time, there are innumerable foreign manufacturers, predominantly from Asia.

  • Amerisleep mattresses are produced in the US. It would be quite ironic if they werent, right? Their most popular models are hybrid mattresses with Bio-Pur® foam, which is their proprietary type of memory foam.
  • Avocadois a US company their mattresses are designed in New Jersey and handmade in California. They source materials from the US and internationally to make anything from a crib mattress to a luxury hybrid mattress. Avocado mattresses contain organic latex, organic wool, and organic cotton cover.

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There Are 5 Key Benefits Of Healthy Sleep:

  • Improved health and immunity
  • Improved mood and stress reduction
  • Improved energy and productivity
  • Improved focus and alertness
  • Improved appetite control

Unfortunately, many Americans dont get a healthy nights sleep for a variety of reasons, including mattresses that dont provide proper support and comfort.

At Ortho Mattress, weve scientifically engineered our mattresses to provide optimum sleep conditions and address all the issues competing mattresses can present.

Sleep Science Queen Folding Mattress Foundation

Sleep Science Ara 13"  Split King Memory Foam Mattress with QPlus ...

A good nights sleep is essential for our mental and physical wellbeing. But, what if youre not getting enough hours of slumber? There are many reasons why people may have trouble sleeping-from stress to chronic pain. We spoke with a sleep scientist to find out the best mattress foundation for those who need extra support or prefer a firmer surface. The Sleep Science Queen Folding Mattress Foundation provides firm, high-density foam that creates the perfect environment for restful sleep and uninterrupted comfort the newest addition to our foundation selection, this item provides the support you need for your Sleep Science mattress. It is designed with an ample-depth design so that the mattresses lies flat and even on top of it. The foam edge guard prevents mattress compression underneath as well as collects any liquid form spills from fluids or other items that may run over the side of a bed.

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