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Where Can I Drop Off Mattresses

Mattress Recycling Near Me Conclusion

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Being that almost 80% of a mattresses material are recyclable, its crazy how many go to the landfill. With several options for recycling them including seling them, it would be great of more poeple were informed. When mattresses get recycled we reduce waste, reduce energy consumption, and help global sustainability. This is what I have learned from the places that do mattress recycling near me.

Option : Break It Down And Reuse It

Did you know that 90% of traditional innerspring mattresses can be reused? Mattresses that are disassembled and broken down provide parts that can be recycled, sold for scrap, or used around your home for handyman projects.

Just some of the parts of an innerspring mattress that can be reused include:

Steel springs can be bundled and sold as scrap to be reincarnated as new steel components, such as wind turbines.

Foam material can be reused as carpet padding or moving blankets, and when recycled, it can be used as a biomass fuel source.

Wood parts can be broken down and reused as landscaping mulch, stuffing for pet beds, or scrap material for a variety of projects in both the house and the garage.

If you decide to repurpose some of the parts of your old mattress, you can learn how to disassemble it step-by-step by watching this how-to video on breaking down a mattress for parts.

Note: Disassembled innerspring mattresses contain sharp components. Be sure to use caution!

Have a memory foam mattress? They can be shredded and reused in couch cushions, carpet padding, or even building insulation. And you can even make a little extra cash by selling that shredded foam!

Take The Mattress Apart Yourself And Recycle

If you aren’t able to find a recycling or donation site for your old mattress, there’s always a chance you can take it apart and recycle the components yourself. For example, you could take out the metal springs or coils in the mattress and take them in for scrap recycling , or you could take the foam in to be shredded in order to make new memory foam or other products. The wooden frame as well as any natural or synthetic fabrics used may also be recyclable.

Before you start hacking up your mattress, it’s probably a good idea to consult a DIY site to get full details on how to disassemble your mattress. It’s no easy task, and the pros can show you how to streamline the process.

Creative repurposing can turn old mattresses into new furniture, holiday decorations or even works of art.

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Where To Dispose Of A Mattress

When looking to dispose of a mattress, you will typically find a few options available to you. Most cities and counties have landfills available for drop off, however these are usually located on the perimeter of the city. Some cities also have transfer or eco stations located throughout their urban areas. These can be must easier to access, however often are accompanied with larger lines as well as sometimes with less accurate fees to dispose of your mattresses and other waste. Be sure to do your research of which locations accept mattresses, as well as the dumping fees and recycling fees for these items. Alternatively, Junk 4 Good can make your mattress disappear with ease. Our teams will arrive on site and remove the mattress from its location in your home. We will then make sure the mattress is safely transported to an appropriate recycling facility, all for a simple all-in-one fee.

Mattress Disposal In The Greater Southern California Area

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If you are outside of San Diego, head to to find a mattress recycling location near you. By recycling your old mattress, you reduce your environmental footprint on the earth. Knowing you made an environmentally responsible choice will definitely help you get a good nights sleep on your new mattress!

If youre still looking for a new one, browse Fine Furniture San Diegos mattress collection today.

More Tips

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Why Should I Recycle My Old Mattress

Even though most components of a mattress can be recycled, they are one of the most common items sent to landfill. Each year in Australia around 1.6 to 1.8 million mattresses are sent to landfill and each mattress takes up 0.75 cubic metres of space in landfill. By recycling old mattresses, these large waste items can be diverted from landfill and their components, such as wood, foam and springs, can be recycled into a number of new products. Recycling mattresses can also help reduce waste handling and landfill costs.

Donate Your Mattress To A Local Nonprofit

There are several nonprofit organizations and institutions that would gladly take your gently-used mattress. The groups below generally accept mattress donations, though local policies may differ.

These organizations usually offer mattress pickup:

These organizations typically require mattress drop-off:

  • Places of worship

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How Much Does Mattress Removal Cost

Mattress removal costs can range from $10 up to $700, depending on the number and size of the mattresses youâre getting rid of, as well as the service you choose and your location.

The average cost of a junk hauling service is $297, which usually covers 9 cubic yards, or 3 pickup truck loads, of junk.

If you are getting rid of multiple mattresses as well as other household junk, a dumpster rental will be the most economical option. The average cost of a 20 yard dumpster rental is $447, which includes more than double that amount of debris and can fit multiple mattresses and box springs.

When you rent a dumpster for mattress and box spring disposal, you can choose a container size that fits the amount of trash you have. And you can keep your dumpster on-site until youâve finished cleaning up, making it the timelier and more efficient disposal option.

What To Do With An Old Mattress

What To Do With An OLD Mattress

When you are looking at replacing your old mattress, it can be difficult to find out what your options are for getting rid of it. Most charity donation programs no longer accept used mattresses as donations, so aside from selling or giving it away to a stranger for free over the internet, what can you do? The best solution is to make sure your old mattress is recycled. Junk 4 Good can help pick-up, lift and load your old mattress items from your home with ease. Our qualified team will take care of all the heavy work, the transportation and will ensure your item is responsibly recycled.

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Free Mattress Recycling Programs

Some states have free mattress recycling programs available. For example, in California, Connecticut and Rhode Island, the Mattress Recycling Council runs a mattress recycling program called , and statewide laws allow households to drop off old mattresses and box springs at collection sites free of charge .

You can also use ByeByeMattress or other search engines like Earth911 to locate a mattress recycling spot.This interactive mapreveals over 100 mattress recycling centers nationwide.

Some cities offer full-service recycling centers where you can drop off almost anything. If you have more than just a mattress to drop off, or the mattress is too large for you to bring in, you may be able to arrange for pickup from your home — some city and county governments will pick up bulky items curbside upon request, although these may or may not be part of a recycling program.

City recycling programs may charge a fee for dropping off mattresses or box springs. You may or may not need to make an appointment to drop off your mattress.

Option #: Diy Mattress Recycling Project

If you are a DIY and like taking on projects why not recycle your mattress yourself. This could be a great way to teach your kids about being resourceful or just a fun way to save some money and the environment. By recycling your mattress you can save on average 26sq.ft. of landfill space. We have a great step-by-step blog post on how to break down and recycle your own mattress. Along with another post on how to recycle your box spring yourself. To do this all you need is an exacto knife and some space . Simply cut around the edges of the mattress until you can take off the cover. Inside you will find foam and metal springs. Separate the foam and metal. You can actually bring the metal springs to the scrap yard and they will pay you for them. As for the foam you can shred it up and use it in dog beds, to fill pillows, or you can find a local carpet manufacturer who may pay you for the foam.

Overall, when it comes to getting rid of a mattress in the Houston area, you do have quite a few options at your disposal. If you have any questions or need any help disposing of your old mattress feel free to contact us or leave a comment below and we would be happy to lend a hand in helping you find a resource to get rid of your mattress. Just please dont dump it on the side of the road or leave it in someones dumpster. Ultimately, that becomes somebody elses problem to dispose of and it will generally cost them money out of pocket to do so.

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Extending The Life Of Your Mattress

There are a few ways you can extend the life of your old mattress but its not recommended. Old mattresses tend to have sleepers tossing and turning during the night, due to sagging and more. They also have the ability to negatively affect a person’s overall health. Dust mites are unfortunately a common mattress issue that can cause many health problems, especially in allergy and asthma sufferers.

Sleeping on an old mattress can even be stressful, proven by a bed-based study which concluded that sleeping on a new mattress increases sleep quality and reduces back discomfort.

Ca Mattress Take Back Law

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If you are purchasing a new mattress and having it delivered, make sure to ask the retailer to remove your old mattress–at no extra charge! CA law SB 254 requires that as of July 1, 2014, a retailer shall offer a consumer the option to have a used mattress picked up at the time of delivery, at no additional cost to the consumer, if a new mattress is delivered to the consumer. Any retailer selling a mattress to a California consumer must offer to arrange to pick up a used mattress at no cost to the consumer at the time of purchase. Starting January 1, 2021, CA law AB 187 expanded the take back requirement to include mattress deliveries made by common carrier that were previously exempt. Additionally, on January 1, 2020, the definition of a mattress expanded to include futon mattresses.

For more information, visit the Mattress Recycling Council website here.

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Can I Put My Mattress On The Curb

No, putting your mattress on the curb is generally considered to be illegal dumping as most cities and municipalities do not offer collection for items like this. However, you will want to first check with your local waste management to see if they offer any large item collection. Without doing prior research, we have seen countless customers receive fines for leaving mattresses and other junk in inappropriate areas. If you need your mattress gone fast, give Junk 4 Good a call, we can have a team to your home quickly. Additionally, if you have your mattress curbside just before our pick-up, we can offer a 15% discount!

Can I Put A Mattress On The Curb For Trash Pickup

You should not be looking to put bulky items such as mattresses on the street for trash collection. If you have a skip and you want to throw your mattress in there, then that is fine, but otherwise, this is something that you should avoid.

It puts a strain on resources, as well as posing a potential health and safety risk. Something you could try is leaving it out with a note for someone to take if they want to. You can also post it on community websites to let people know it is there and free.

Putting it out for trash collection is something that you should try to avoid. Most trash collection wont pick up buly items and they will just leave it there anyway. After it sits in the elements for a few days it can become unusable. It makes more sense to simply recycle, and arrange for it to be collected. Some countoes will have scheduled days for bulk pick up. You can possibly request a bulk pick up with your county as well.

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What Parts Of A Mattress Can Be Recycled

The foam and the steel springs in the mattress can be recycled, The wood can be reused as wood chips and any cottons or fabrics can be recycled with textiles. Some newer mattresses with gel tops have parts that are more difficult to dispose off becase of their chemical compositions. For the most thay are pretty much wholly recyclable and this makes them the perfect household item to recycle.

Can Mattresses Be Put In A Dumpster Where I Live

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If you are renting a dumpster for a home cleanup or specific project, contact our team to learn about accepted materials and mattress disposal rules in your area beforehand. There may be an additional charge for each mattress or box spring you are disposing of due to local fees charged by the landfill or transfer station.

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Ways To Donate Your Mattress

By Geoff McKinnenCertified Sleep Coach

Your new, high-quality mattress has arrived at your doorstep, and you are ready to set it up and start getting a better nights sleep. But what about your old bed?

Your new, high-quality mattress has arrived at your doorstep, and you are ready to set it up and start getting a better nights sleep. But what about your old bed? Discarded mattresses harm the environment. In fact, Americans dispose of more than 50,000 mattresses a day, with the majority of these beds ending up in landfills. With one bed taking up about 40-cubic feet of space, this represents a significant burden on landfills.

This environmental strain makes it more critical than ever to find ways to donate or recycle your old mattress. Fortunately, several organizations make this process easy and convenient. Read on to find out 5 ways to donate your mattress and help it find a new home.

How To Dispose Of A Mattress: A Guide For Every State

Are you ready to dispose of an old mattress? Youve got options no matter where you live! The best way is to recycle it. The old steel, foam, fibers, wood, and other materials can be used to create new products.

Below we share resources to help you dispose of your mattress and rest easy knowing you did the right thing.

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About Canadian Mattress Recycling

Canadian Mattress Recycling Inc is Metro Vancouvers leading mattress recycling facility. We dispose of and recycle mattresses from residents in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. Since we opened our doors eight years ago we have recycled over 25 million lbs. We make it easier for residents and commercial businesses alike to dispose of their old mattresses responsibly.

Locally-Owned and Operated

We are a 100% locally-owned and operated company based in Delta, BC. Our team of employees are dedicated to environmental preservation through recycling.

Award-Winning Service

Were consistently rated 4.8 stars on Google, and receive rave reviews from our past clients. We were also the recipients of the Green Business of the Year Award by the Delta Chamber of Commerce in 2016.

Hassle-Free Online Booking

Booking a pickup with us is hassle-free. Simply fill out our online form, and well contact you during our office hours to confirm your pickup. We serve Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

We Recycle Everything We Receive

We put old mattresses, box springs, and furniture back to work. We dismantle them at our recycling facility, recycling close to 100% of everything we receive. Salvaged steel, foam, plastic, cotton, polyester, coir, wood, leather, and cardboard become new products instead of landfill waste.

Addremove Which Landfills Will Take My Mattress For Recycling

How To Recycle Your Old Mattress

Residents can take eligible mattresses and box springs to the Olinda Alpha Landfill or Prima Deshecha landfills as they are open for public disposal. The Frank R. Bowerman landfill is not open to the general public for disposal.

Commercial customers may take eligible mattresses and box springs ONLY to the Frank R. Bowerman, the Olinda Alpha or Prima Deshecha landfills.

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Optionally Donate To A Local Charity

If your mattress is still in good condition, consider donating it to a local charity. Many offer free local pick-up for donations. You may also be eligible for a tax deduction for donating your mattress. Contact a local Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity, ReStore, or homeless shelter to find out more about their donation programs and policies.

Consult The Mattress Recycling Council

In California, Connecticut and Rhode Island, you are legally required to recycle mattresses through a program administered by the Mattress Recycling Council, which costs between $10 and $17 per mattress. To get rid of your mattress in these locations, you will need to have your mattress removed by the retailer when your new one arrives or deliver it to a certified recycling facility yourself.

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