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Where To Buy A Nectar Mattress

Layers And Mattress Building

Nectar Hybrid Mattress Review (Reasons To Buy/NOT Buy)

As detailed listed below, the Nectar memory foam mattress is made up of numerous layers. A cooling Tencel layer, 3 memory foam layers, and a breathable base layer:

1. Convenience system Gel-infused memory foam and quilted gel memory foam

It is the topmost layer made from gel-infused foam and quilted foam The layers assist to distribute air and keep the mattress cool while likewise regulating body temperature level, enabling you to sleep cooler all night. They likewise similarly disperse your weight on the mattress, alleviating pressure on your back shoulders, and hips.

2. Transition Layer Adaptive Hi-Core memory foam

The adaptive foam layers job is to keep you from sinking in by supporting your body. It likewise adds a bounce to the mattress that you wont find in other memory foam mattresses.

3. Layer of support High-density polyfoam

It serves as the structure and offers the Nectar mattress its particular firmness that you wont find in most memory foam mattresses. The polyfoam also adds to the mattresss durability.

4. Tencel Cooling Cover

As the name recommends, this layer is a pro at cooling. It dissipates heat by accommodating air blood circulation, and moisture-wicking. Furthermore, its bedbug resistant, so you wont have to fret about those bothersome parasites.

Mattress Prices And Sizing

Numerous other memory foam bed mattress cost more than the Nectar Mattress.

The bed is a fantastic option for value-seekers and tight budget consumers as a result of its price and extraordinary efficiency in several classifications.

Below are revealed the existing prices for the Nectar Bed mattress along with the measurements as well as weights of each available dimension.


Lets have a look at exactly how the Nectar mattress does in particular facets.

Releasing The Nectar: Unboxing And Off

Nectar mattress Nectar mattress can be described as a bed-in-a-box mattress. It will arrive in a container and must be removed from the box and compressed prior to using. While one person is able to carry and set up the Nectar in order to make it ready to use it, it is recommended to setup the mattress with a companion.

The dense layers of memory foam can be quite heavy, and a friend can help you out.

When you first take a look at the Nectar mattress it may appear smaller than what you imagined. This is typical for all mattresses that are bed-in-a-box. For the Nectar the customer will need to wait 24-72 hours as an off-gassing time.

This will allow the Nectar to expand to its maximum size and give you the best comfort it could provide. For smell, the Nectar doesnt get any stronger in this regard than the majority of mattress-in-a-boxes available.

That said, if youre worried about the smell that Nectar is emitting, itd be best to keep the mattress in a well-ventilated space and not put it under any sheets or cover for a period of 24 hours.

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Nectar Mattress An Overview Where To Buy Nectar Mattress

In this article

  • 1.3.1 Last Decision: Is It Worth the Buy?
  • Nectar mattresses are made by Nectar, a popular bed producer that likewise handles pillows, mattress protectors, adjustable bases, bed frames, and nectar lush mattresses.

    The Nectar deep memory foam mattress was released in 2017, and it was created to provide comfort and high-end. It provides customized support by molding your pressure points and eliminating body discomforts, excess heat, and motion transfer. At 11 inches high, the nectar mattress is said to offer you the very best nights sleep of your life.

    The mattress is made up of 4 layers which include a polyfoam cover, adaptive transition foam, gel memory foam, and quilted gel-infused foam. These layers when combined give a soft yet supportive and firm mattress. On the firmness scale, the nectar mattress falls between 6 and 6.5 and is therefore categorized as a medium-firm mattress.

    In light of this, it is proper for light-weighted, moderate-weighted, and heavy-weighted sleepers. It is also ideal for all designs of sleeping positions from stomach sleepers to side and back sleepers.

    We need to state that one welcome surprise was its cost. It is less expensive than many memory foam mattresses yet uses the exact same premium quality products. Lets have an extensive analysis of its features and advantages:

    Nectar Sleep Trial Vs The Best Of The Rest

    Nectar Premier Queen Mattress in a Box

    The 365-night sleep trial offered by Nectar is one of the best and certainly a key selling point for the mattress.

    But if you decided that the Necrat Mattress isn’t right for you, then you may well be looking for an alternative.

    So what do some of the other leading mattress companies offer?

    • PlushBeds: 100 nights. Return at your own cost. Or $149 collection fee.
    • Avocado Mattress: 365 nights for Green Mattress, Latex Mattress, Vegan Mattress, Vegan Latex Mattress, Organic Plush Mattress, Latex Mattress Topper, or Vegan Mattress Topper. 100 nights for Eco Organic Mattress and Eco Organic Kids Mattress. Free return/collection.
    • Naturepedic: 100 nights for mattresses bought from the Naturepedic website. No charge. Terms may vary if purchased from a third party.
    • Happsy: 120 nights. Free return/collection.
    • Amerisleep: 100 nights. Free return/collection.
    • Awara: 365 nights. Free return/collection.
    • Brentwood Home: 365 nights. Free return/collection.

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    Memory Foam Wedge Pillows

    Memory foam is the most popular material for wedge pillows because it withstands weight while maintaining its shape.

    Memory foam can trap body heat and become uncomfortable. However, some types of memory foam are made with gel to help reduce heat buildup. You can also try adding a cooling pillowcase.

    Nectar Mattress With Gel Memory Foam And Cooling Cover

    • Available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King
    • Medium Firm, 11″ profile memory foam mattress with Cooling Cover
    • Breathable cover featuring heat-wicking, cooling technology.
    • 3 of cushy, high-density, pressure-relieving gel memory foam.
    • Dynamic Response Layer with 2″ of soft foam


    The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress is the next generation of sleep technology. Featuring an 11″ medium-firm profile while utilizing the best technology in the bedding world. 3″ of Premium Gel memory foam on the surface layer contours to your body for comfort, pressure point relief, and ideal spine alignment. 2″ of soft foam combine with an additional 6″ of support foam add to the sleep experience. This multi-layer construction offers the perfect balance of comfort and support. The quilted, breathable cooling cover further enhances your sleep experience by creating the optimal sleep temperature any time of year in any climate. These perfectly rounded out details are what make the Nectar Mattress the preferred sleep surface for millions of people worldwide.

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    Nectar Essential Hybrid Mattress Review In Brief

    • Offers excellent pressure relief, particularly for back sleepers
    • Minimal motion transfer
    • Cover isnt washable

    Nectar is an extremely popular UK brand and its Original Memory Foam mattress is one of our recommended best mattresses . The Essential Hybrid is one of three hybrid models available from Nectar and is the cheapest of the range. But how does it sleep?

    We tested a UK single mattress for three weeks, with two main testers and a range of other sleepers invited to try it out. We tested the Nectar on all major areas of performance, such as pressure relief, motion isolation, edge support, cooling and ease of setup. Well expand on all these points throughout the review.

    Materials: Open-cell foam, memory foam, polyester,polypropylene, steel coilsSizes: Single, Small Double, Double, King, Super KingWeight: 22.5kg 50kg

    The Nectar Essential Hybrid has six layers and is made up of a combination of memory foam, foams and a layer of coils. Although Nectar rates the mattress at 6/6.5 out of 10, wed put it at 6.5/7 out of 10 its a slightly firmer mattress that offers great support for back sleepers and lighter to average weight stomach sleepers. The firmer feel of the mattress helps to keep the spine aligned, which is crucial to preventing pressure points from building up.

    The Nectar Sleep Premier Mattress

    Nectar Premier Copper Mattress Review – Reasons to Buy/NOT Buy!

    Nectar Sleep’s most popular mattress, the Nectar Sleep Premier, is also its best option for hot sleepers. The mattress is made with Nectar’s dual-action cooling technology, which reacts to your body’s temp to help you sleep cool. The mattress can be ordered as a memory foam mattress or as a hybrid mattress for an added cost.

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    How Did Healthline Get The Nectar Mattress

    The Nectar mattress was sent to Healthlines sister site, Mattress Finder, for free so we could test it. However, we accepted no monetary compensation to provide this review. Mattress Finder is an independent website that produces unbiased reviews, comparisons, and buyer guides. The thoughts and opinions expressed throughout this article belong to Mattress Finder and Healthline.

    Nectar Mattress For Couples

    Of course, a great mattress cant only be a fit for only one person. It must also be able to support at the very least two people.

    Its a fact that couples do a lot of damage to a mattress than one person could. Mattresses must be able to support these activities in order to qualify as a high-quality one. Where To Buy Nectar Mattress

    Some things to look at include a mattress good response to motion, its responsiveness during sexual activities, cooling capabilities, as well as edge assistance.

    • Motion Transfer

    The motion transfer in the mattress signifies how much movement is transmitted across the bed from side one to other. If a mattress has low motion transfer, then youll not feel any motion transferring from your beds edge from one side to another.

    A mattress with the lowest motion transfer is fantastic for couples who sleep with pets, or couples who have very different sleep habits.

    It is well known that memory foam mattresses do exceptionally well at motion isolation. The Nectar mattress is not an exception.

    The way it is constructed, the Nectar Mattress is constructed, it minimizes movement to the dot. If someone shifts their sleep position, or rolls into and out of bed, the next party will barely feel that said movement except for the most significant ones.

    This bed will be perfect even for those who sleep lightly. It is even completely silent.

    However, the Nectar Mattress offers better temperature control than other memory foam mattresses.

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    Nectar Mattress Pain Relief

    A mattress should be comfortable. It should be as comfortable even if the person is suffering from uncomfortable pain in the body. The indication of a poor mattress or mattress that is not suitable for you is when the said mattress causes high pressure or pain whenever you lie on it.

    In the opposite way If a mattress can ease or relieve pain, then that mattress is right for you. Where To Buy Nectar Mattress

    It is said that the Nectar Mattress does wondrous relief for people who suffer from painful back pain. The way that the top layer is built allows it to be firm enough to support the back, but also soft enough to permit your body to slowly sink, thereby filling the body with parts that are not that are in contact with the bed.

    This is especially beneficial for people who prefer sleeping on their backs. The Nectar helps to maintain a healthy spine alignment, which should keep light and average-weight sleepers, and perhaps some heavyweight sleepers satisfied and happy.

    For shoulders, the Nectar does well in helping support the back portion of the torso. This includes shoulders. Similar to those who suffer from back pain, people who sleep back would find no problem and great comfort while lying on the Nectar.

    Side sleepers too, can discover their upper and shoulder well-supported. As such, the Nectar is the perfect choice for all sleepers seeking relief from shoulder pain.

    • Other Pain Issues

    Best Place To Buy A Mattress

    Nectar Classic Queen Mattress in a Box

    Have the springs of your old mattress worn out? Do you feel uncomfortable while lying on your bed? Is your mattress not providing your body enough support while sleeping?

    If yes, it is time for you to welcome a new mattress to your home.

    You might be confused about the best place to buy a mattress. We understand your trouble.

    In this guide, you will read about mattress stores, department stores, and furniture stores. You will also read how people have adapted to buying mattresses online.

    We will help you figure out the best place to get a mattress through the help of our mattress buying guide.

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    Is Simba Hybrid Pillow Eco

    We’re pleased to say that the Simba Hybrid is as eco-friendly as it gets.

    Not only can the entire product be recycled and repurposed, but you also have to consider the following:

    • BCI-Sourced cotton is farmed using environmentally friendly methods that use less water and chemicals.
    • Pillow is free from TCPP, parabens and biocides to aid with recycling, and is manufactured in an IS0 14001 ECO factory.
    • Carbon-neutral delivery is standard practice.

    Should You Buy The Nectar Mattress

    The Nectar Memory Foam is an affordable, durable and reliable bed-in-a-box that we would recommend to most sleepers and budgets. If you like to feel supported by a medium-firm mattress while also feeling cushioned, then you will enjoy Nectars plush top layer and stable support.

    Based on our extensive testing, we’d describe the Nectar Mattress as durable, with adequate edge support, limited motion transfer and a neutral temperature that works well for most sleepers. However, if youre heavy in body weight, you sleep very hot, or you prefer sleeping on your stomach, then this might not be the right fit for you. There is a slight cradling feeling here, which you’ll either love or find a little too restrictive when changing positions during sleep or getting out of bed.

    If you’ve now decided that you’re after a completely different feel, and fancy some bounce rather than sink, then the innerspring hybrid Saatva Classic comes in three different firmnesses . Elsewhere, the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid provides a firmer feel without the sink-in sensation check our DreamCloud Mattress review for more details, or see how the two compare in our Nectar vs DreamCloud face-off).

    First reviewed: February 2022

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    Nectars Mattress: Construction And Design

    At first glance at first, it appears that the Nectar mattress appears to be quite heavy. Its 12 thick and comprised of foam across its three layers. From the bottom, its made up of:

    • The Standard Foam Base Support:

    On the beds base is a basic base support, made of foam. Its extremely dense and can be as thick as 7 so you are sure that it will last and can support all other parts.

    • Soft Foam for Support:

    This proprietary material serves as a transition layer between the comfort layer and the support layer. This layer is also made of memory foam which is more dense and thicker compared with the layers of comfort on top of it.

    The 2 layer is also able to quickly adjust to movement, making it easy to move around the mattress. It also provides bounce to prevent the sleeper from sinking down to the support layer.

    At the top of the mattress lies the 3 layer of gel foam. Its not very responsive to pressure and will take time to reform. This may be the secret of its firmness.

    The gel infusion is also designed to serve a purpose. Memory foam mattresses can retain heat and make it uncomfortable for sleepers. The gel memory foam offsets this effect and also provides necessary cooling on top of the mattress.

    • Cooling Cover: Rounding off everything is the removable quilted cover made of polyethylene. It adds to the cooling properties of the gel memory foam and quickly removes the superficial heat that was transferred by touch.

    What Do The Nectar Mattresses Feel Like

    Nectar Mattress Review: 30-Day Test!

    The Nectar Classic and Nectar Premier both boast a soft, slow-moving memory foam feel. Lying down on these memory foam mattresses, youll slowly sink in and feel the memory foam conform to the curves of your body.

    While the Nectar Premier Copper has a thicker layer of memory foam on top, in my experience, it exhibits more of a balanced foam feel. Youll sink in a fair bit, but it will be easier to move around on this mattress.

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    Trial Warranty And Shipping Policies


    In addition to the Nectar Sleep website, the Nectar Mattress is available through online retailers and marketplaces such as The mattress is also sold in more than 1,000 brick-and-mortar stores across the United States.


    Nectar Sleep ships the mattress and other products to all 50 states. Customers in the contiguous U.S. qualify for free ground shipping, but those in Alaska and Hawaii must pay an additional delivery charge of $150 per item. Deliveries are not available for U.S. territories or international destinations.For ground deliveries, the mattress is compressed, wrapped in plastic, and shipped in a box. The package will be placed on your doorstep. After the mattress is delivered, carry it to the room where you plan to use it, open the box, and carefully cut away the plastic using a knife. The mattress will immediately begin to expand, though full shape recovery may take up to 72 hours.

    Additional Services

    In addition to standard ground shipping, Nectar offers White Glove delivery for a flat fee of $149. This service includes full assembly in a room of your choice and removal of one old mattress. Youll pay $49 for each additional item youd like to have removed, such as a box spring. Additional charges apply to customers in California, Connecticut, and Rhode Island due to recycling laws in those states.The company offers mattress financing options through Affirm. More information can be found on Nectars website.

    Sleep TrialWarranty


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