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What Mattress Is Bigger Than A King

History Of King Mattress Size

How big is a California king mattress?

Today, partners sharing a king size bed on a daily basis is commonplace. However, before the 1940s, most married partners actually sought separate twin size beds to sleep in at night. Even though the idea of a larger mattress, like a king size, was first introduced in the early 1900s, it did not become popular with consumers until the 1950s. Prior to the rise in popularity of oversized mattresses, consumers preferred the lower cost of a twin size mattress, too. In the 1940s, manufacturers began developing larger beds they called queen and king beds, but consumers never bought onto the concept. These supersized mattresses began to grow in popularity with the initial price range of $69 to $79. In addition to being well-priced, there was a need for more oversized mattresses since Americans were growing taller themselves. Eventually, with bigger houses and more space, the concept of a king size bed took off by the 1960s and has remained popular ever since.

What Size Box Springs Should Be Used With Oversized Mattresses

Most often, the box spring can be bought at the same time as the mattress, which ensures a proper size. In rare cases, though, two standard size box springs can be set side by side underneath an oversized mattress and work equally well. One example of this is the family, which sports the same mattress size as two king size mattresses, set beside each other.

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How Much Bigger Is A King Than A Queen Bed

A standard king is 76 inches wide and 80 inches long, while a queen is 60 inches wide and 80 inches long. That means king beds are the same length as queen beds but 16 inches wider, making the surface area of a king bed 1,280 square inches bigger than a queen bed. This added space is great for large bedrooms or people who prefer more room while they sleep.

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What Is A Double King Size Bed

This article wouldnt be complete without mentioning the massive double king bed. At 152 x 80, the double king bed is the widest oversized mattress in our lineup!Given the width of this mattress, the double king bed is perfect for fitting the entire family.

Make sure you have plenty of room if you decide to purchase this one at over 12 feet wide, it will easily stretch across the full length of most rooms!

Who Should Buy A King Size Bed

Want a bigger bed? Firm offers 12

Like super kings, couples are particularly drawn to king beds since they offer ample room for each sleeper. And, if you and your partner have different firmness preferences, you can use two twin XL mattresses together since they equal the same dimensions of a king. With a split king, sleepers with different preferences can choose their preferred mattress model for their side of the bed.

When sharing a large bed, couples can sleep in their optimal sleeping position without disturbing their partner.

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Advantages Of A Queen

A queen-size bed can be a wonderful choice considering the following top reasons.

1. It is spacious if you get it all for yourself.

2. Its cheaper compared to the king-size, especially if youre working on a budget.

3. It fits much better to the proportions of your space, considering those that have a smaller bedroom.

4. Allowing you that all-important floor space, the extra space provides room for existing furniture.

Where Can I Get Bedding And Other Accessories For An Oversized Mattress

Bed accessories can be quite difficult to find for both custom mattresses and oversized mattresses because they’re not as popular as standard-size beds.

Most retailers will carry bedding ranging from a twin/twin XL mattress up to a standard king or California king. However, you can do some searching online to find retailers that offer larger bedding sizes or get them custom-made for your bed measurements.

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Where Do I Find Oversized Alaskan King Wyoming King Or Family Beds

Youve heard about them, but have you ever seen an oversized mattress? They do exist and in fact we make them here at Von Viva, where there is one on display right in our showroom.

For the past decade, weve seen a growing trend of customers wanting even larger oversize mattresses. Why is the traditional King-sized not large enough?

  • Restless sleepers. Some people like and want more space while sleeping with their significant other the sound and motion from one partner may be too jarring to the other.
  • The Family Bed. Many families, especially those with young children, want the whole family to sleep together.
  • Dog lovers. If you have no space in your bed because of a larger-than-life canine friend, it could be time to upsize your bed.
  • Extra tall sleepers. Some folks are blessed by being head and shoulders above the rest, and for this they will often require a larger bed.
  • Luxury. If you live in a large home with lots of space, sometimes a King doesnt feel the space. Having an oversized mattress gives you more room to get the sleep you deserve. Also, how cool is it to have the biggest mattress of anyone you know.

What To Consider When Choosing Between A King Or California King Size Mattress

King Mattress vs California King Mattress – What’s the difference?

You need to ensure that you get the proper mattress size before buying a new bed. The king and California king mattresses are great choices for consumers who want a lot of bed space.

Be sure to measure the room dimensions before buying your comfort pad. A California King can be the best pick for a narrower room, and for more spacious and broader rooms, you can choose the King size.

Check out the following factors to analyze California king vs king sizes and choose between these two.

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Can You Use Two Twin Xl Mattresses On A King Size Frame

The short answer is yes. Two Twin XL mattresses make up the dimensions of one King size mattress. This is a popular strategy for sleeping partners who have very different feel or firmness preferences. Joining two mattresses together on a single frame is also a nice option for sleepers who want to use an adjustable frame. The separate mattresses allow sleepers to sit up or lie back without disrupting their partner. If you do opt for 2 Twin XL mattresses on a King frame you can either use individual Twin XL bedding sets or a single King size sheet set.

Where To Find Foundations And Bedding Accessories For Oversized Mattresses

One common disadvantage of all oversized mattresses is their incompatibility with most bedding accessories and foundations. Usually, the companies who make these mattresses may make compatible foundations, bed frames, and bedding accessories, but if they dont, you can have them specially made. Another option could be to place your oversized mattress directly on the floor.

If you dont find sheets easily, you can get your flat and fitted sheets tailor-made. While buying or ordering a comforter or duvet, remember the 12-16 rule, for covering all three sides of the mattress: when making the bed, your comforter or duvet should be 16 inches wider and 12 inches longer than your oversized mattress.

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Twin Vs Single Mattress: Whats The Difference

A single mattress and a twin mattress are one and the same â both have the dimensions of 38 inches by 75 inches. These, along with the twin XL , are designed to fit one person. The term âtwinâ came about because these mattresses were often placed two to a room, either in childrenâs rooms, hotels, or other rooms that are meant to be shared by more than one person.

Pros Of A King Mattress

TIL there are beds bigger than California King. Including Wyoming and ...

A regular King mattress is the standard version of the size, so the reasons to get a regular King sized mattress instead of California King will apply to more people. King is the big mattress for most people. For example:

  • The King has more overall space. A standard King covers 6,080 square inches. A California King covers 6048 square inches.
  • Its easier to find sheets and other accessories for King mattresses. Youll have a lot more choices and an easier time getting them.
  • Mattress stores stock King mattresses a lot more than California Kings. Whereas you can usually get a King mattress immediately, a California King might take a few weeks to arrive.
  • As mentioned before, a King is bigger than a California King, so you have more space. If two people are sleeping in the bed, there will be less partner disturbance in a King. If you have a tosser/turner sleeping next to you, the extra overall space can make a difference in how much sleep each partner gets. Ditto if you allow kids or the dog to sleep with you.

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Advantages Of Owning A King Size Bed

Those who love a king size wax lyrical about their benefits, and they have a point. Many of us love the many positives that a larger bed has to offer. After all, many high-end hotels offer king size beds as standard in their rooms and suites, and they have a point. But what exactly are the advantages? Read on to find out the very best things about king sized beds.

  • If youre all arms and legs, a king size might be for you. For those of us that are long-limbed, you may find that a king offers you superior comfort in terms of fit. After all, when youre sleeping, you need adequate space to get a peaceful nights rest.
  • For those of us that are restless sleepers, a king size may prove to be the best option. Theres nothing worse than settling down to sleep, only to be disturbed by your partner tossing and turning. With a king size, you have extra space, and therefore are less likely to be aware of your bedmates movements.
  • If youre fortunate enough to have a very large bedroom, youll want everything to look in proportion. You may find that a king fits in far better with the measurements of your room, as opposed to a queen. After all, you want the balance of furniture and floor space to look aesthetically pleasing.

The Number Of Sleepers:

You can never go wrong with either a king or queen-size if youre looking for the best bed for couples. However, kings can also accommodate children and provide each partner with 8 inches of extra space. Each partner will have 30 inches in a queen bed, and if youre a single sleeper who doesnt stretch out, it is the perfect choice for you.

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King Mattress Affords Spacious Luxury

A standard king size mattress is 76 inches wide by 80 inches long, although slight discrepancies between brands can occur. These spacious beds offer plenty of elbow room for restless sleepers, making it the perfect mattress for couples. King size beds are also a great choice for families with young kids who like to snuggle with mom and dad on weekend mornings. A king mattress can easily accommodate sleepers who extend bed privileges to their large dogs.

For many families, the generous proportions of a king size bed are worth the extra investment. Before purchasing a large bed however, its important to break out the tape measurer. Make sure there is plenty of space in the master bedroom for the dimensions of a king, while leaving enough walking space around the bed.

Mattress World Northwest invites you to visit one of our mattress showrooms in the Portland area to find your perfect sleep set up. Our friendly staff can guide you in your decision, but will never pressure you into a sale. We carry leading luxury and affordable brands of inner spring, memory foam, latex mattresses, and hybrid beds. Call 503-713-6594 or visit us today!

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Are There Different Types Of Double Bed Frames

What is the difference between a King size and a California King size mattress?

Shopping for the right bed and mattress can be extremely challenging, especially when you dont know what youre looking for. The home industry allowed consumers to choose among a great variety of different bed frames and mattresses. There are twin, twin XL, double beds, queen, king, and California king.

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Whats The Difference Between A King And A California King

The difference between a king and California king is both the width and length of the mattress. While typical king beds are 76 inches wide and 80 inches long, California king beds are 72 inches wide and 84 inches long.

The added length can provide more comfortable space for tall sleepers. In addition, the reduced width makes a California king a more comfortable fit for long, narrow bedrooms than a standard king. Want to learn more about the two king sizes? Read our detailed comparison between a king vs. California king.

King Vs Queen Bed: Size And Comparison Guide

Debating between a king vs. queen bed? When it comes to mattresses, one size doesnt necessarily fit all.

While a king might be better for those sharing the bed, a smaller queen can fit into tighter spaces. From your height to your budget, there are several other reasons why you might prefer a queen vs. king mattress.

If youre ready to dispose of your old mattress and replace it with one fit for a queen or king, youll want to make an informed decision. Keep reading to learn the key differences between a king vs. queen bed and how to pick the right size for you.

Shop our award-winning king and queen size mattresses for more room to sprawl at prices that wont break the bank.

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Your Partner & Family

Everyone has a unique style of sleeping, especially couples with kids, so it helps to consider the entire family’s needs when deciding between a California king vs king size mattress. Couples who like to cuddle dont generally take up the whole bed, so in this case, a Cal king may be the best choice as its not as wide.

Couples who love the space to sprawl across the bed prefer a regular king mattress because of the extra width. King-sized beds also suit families with younger kids who like to crawl into bed with mom and dad from time to time. And lets not forget pets! A king size is the best option when you need to cater to the needs of everyone, including your pup!

Top tip: for big families with kids and pets, a standard king may be better as youll enjoy extra width.

Mattress Sizes And Bed Dimensions

An Alaska King Bed Is Even Bigger Than a California King

Selecting the right bed size is a huge part of the mattress buying process. For many sleepers, it can be a habit to stick with the same mattress size as what you had before when its time to replace, but things changesleepers change.

Are you an active sleeper? Do you have animals or children sharing the bed with you? Do you have a partner? You may also want to consider if your bedroom size changes, if your mattress size should change as well. These are just a few of the simple questions to ask yourself when deciding what mattress size is right for you.

38 x 80 Couples with different mattress preferences, Sleepers who want to use an adjustable bed frame
Couples, Couples with Children and/or Pets
Wyoming King Couples, Couples with Children and/or Pets
Texas King Couples, Couples with Children and/or Pets, Tall Adults
Alaskan King 108 x 108 Couples with different sleeping positions, Couples with Children and/or Pets

This guide breaks down each mattress and bed size dimensions and specs to give you all the details and help you decide which is the best fit for you and your space. Once you have the sizing down, take our mattress quiz to get a better idea of the best mattresses for your sleep preferences.

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Where To Find Specialty Mattresses

Most companies do not sell oversized mattresses. Instead, oversized mattresses and other specialty beds are rare to come by, so youll need specialized boutiques or companies to produce them. However, when custom-ordering, you can customize specific details such as the mattress filling, thickness, and firmness.

Comprehensive Guide To Bed Sizes And Bed Dimensions

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Queen And King Bed Dimensions

  • Queen 60 x 80
  • King 76 x 80

Queen beds are as long as King beds but are narrower by an entire 16 inches. This makes a considerably bigger area for a King mattress 6,080 square inches as compared to 4,800 square inches for a Queen-size bed.

A Queen is enough for a couple to sleep comfortably or for an individual who likes to take up a lot of space or sleeps with one or more pets.

However, standard King-size beds are the way to go for families because they can host a couple with a small kid or two and a pet. King could also be a choice of a couple where each person likes to sprawl out and who need more space than normal.


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