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Why Are Pillows So Expensive

How My Pillow Works

Why Icelandic Eiderdown Is So Expensive | So Expensive

The idea of MyPillow is to keep your spine in a line as straight as possible. Many pillows out there, even memory foam ones, will eventually lose their shape making you use your hand for support.However, My Pillow was designed to keep its shape. Since your head will receive complete support, you will no longer be waking up in the middle of the night to adjust the pillow.This item was meant to offer relief from various sleeping issues so that you may have an uninterrupted sleep that lasts a whole night.

So Are These Expensive Throw Pillows Worth It

Yes, investing in an expensive throw pillow is worthwhile. Throw pillows are typically purchased for aesthetic purposes. As a result, high-end throw pillows feature high-end, high-quality materials.

Also, the styles and shapes are so attractive that they will completely transform the appearance of your room.

Additionally, depending on your preference, throw pillows will produce a unique atmosphere and appearance. So, if a pricey throw pillow fulfills your needs, it is a good investment.

Make Your Home Cute And Cozy For Less

Throw pillows can be expensive, and theres a good reason for it. However, you may not have the money to buy decorations that arent crucial. So, compare a few options and consider making pillows at home. Then, mix and match to create a design scheme thats all your own. Make your home cute and cozy without breaking the bank.

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Get The Support You Need

The point of sleeping with a pillow is to ensure your neck and spine are properly aligned throughout the course of the night, and you dont want to leave it to the least expensive pillow for sale to do such a serious job for you.

Doing your research pays off when you find a pillow that matches the level of support you need to make it through the night and wake up well-rested. For example, a back sleeper is going to be better off with a foam pillow that is on the lower side, while a side sleeper is going to benefit from something firmer so that their head stays in the right place while dozing off.

Rather than searching pillows for $30 or less or inexpensive pillows, try searching for a term more specific to the type of sleeper you are and what you would look for. Like, best pillow for a side sleeper and then take your search from there.

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What Types Of Pillows Are There

Why Are Throw Pillows So Expensive?

Pillows are constructed with a variety of materials. Understanding what these materials are and how they generally perform will help you determine which pillows best fit your needs.

Pillow covers also come in a variety of materials. Most pillow covers are made of cotton, polyester, or a cotton-poly blend. Some are made of other materials, such as bamboo-derived fabric or satin.

Cotton covers tend to be more breathable than polyester. Different cover materials feel different to the touch, but the feel is less important since most customers use pillow cases over their pillows.

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Our Top Down Pillow Pick

Continental Beddings Siberian 800 Fill Power White Goose Down Pillow

This is a high quality white goose down pillow with 800 fill power. This level of fill power provides optimal support and is perfect for back and side sleepers.

It works ok for stomach sleepers as well, but the loft could be a bit high, especially in the beginning.

The pillow comes with a very comfortable cotton sateen cover that is breathable, allowing the down to regulate temperature perfectly.

You can learn more about this pillow here.

Filling Easily Sculpted To Your Preferred Shape

The filling, being the star feature of this pillow, is a mouldable polyurethane foam that makes for easy shaping and folding. Its the same type of foam youd find in a regular memory foam pillow. In MyPillow®, however, it is not a pillow-shaped chunk of polyfoam thats underneath the cover but rather pieces of shredded polyfoam instead.

This is what makes the pillow so easy to fluff and has a bouncier fell to it and does not just return to its rectangular shape. You can sculpt a MyPillow® into the perfect shape to aid you to slumber. It stays in shape the entire night without needing you to wake up halfway to fluff it back up.

Whether you like to fold your pillow or sculpt it to your liking, you can wager that MyPillow® will be able to sustain the perfect position for you to sleep well. Because each fill level is different, the support and relief factor will vary amongst the four choices.

The lesser the fill, the softer and flatter the pillow might be. It is a matter of preference and suitability of the person that determines which fill will benefit you for the quest for a good nights sleep.

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Why Trust Good Housekeeping

Lexie Sachs is the Executive Director of the Textiles, Paper & Apparel Lab at the Good Housekeeping Institute. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Fiber Science from Cornell University and more than 15 years experience in the textiles industry, including merchandising and product development for home products. Lexie joined Good Housekeeping in 2013 and has extensively tested all types of beddingâincluding mattresses, sheets, pillows, comforters and more â using specialized lab equipment and with hundreds of testers.

How We Test Pillows

Behind the Scenes: Designer Pillow Shoot

All pillows are evaluated in the Good Housekeeping Institute’s Textiles Lab. First we check the care labels to see how easy they are to clean , then we wash them five times to see whether they’ll actually hold up to laundering. We also look at how well they fit into a pillowcase and we perform support and recovery tests that mimic the pressure from your head lying on it all night: A weight is left on the pillow for an extended period then we measure how quickly it returns to its original shape.

In addition to Lab testing, we also have real consumer testers try them out for in-depth feedback on things like comfort, support, temperature regulation and more. Testers are assigned a pillow based on an initial survey to make sure they’re getting a good match, then they’re given weeks to sleep on it before providing both scored and open-ended responses.

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Green Fill Great For Side Sleepers And Heavier Individuals

The firmer variety of pillows which are the green and blue fills are generally recommended to side sleepers and larger build people to give them optimal support by cradling their necks as they sleep. The green fill level is firmer and fuller than the yellow and white fills.

The fluffiness is still maintained throughout the green fill level pillow but feels more like what a regular memory foam pillow would feel like.

For a side sleeper, you can expect excellent support for your neck because the pressure is evenly spread out to hold you in place as you sleep. There is no need to worry about being sore in the morning. You can really feel the shredded polyfoam work in this fill level when you lay down on it because the fill effortlessly shifts within itself to cater to your sleep position.

Feel free to move things around too because although the green fill level is firm, it is still very much mouldable to your comfort.

My Pillow Bed Sheets Review

The MyPillow Giza Dreams sheets are made from 100% certified Giza cotton and are cheaper than comparable Egyptian cotton sheets of the same percentage. Customers describe them as being heavy in a good way, in that they feel substantial and luxurious. In addition to being incredibly soft, they also come with a 10-year warranty, which is generally unheard of for sheets. They come in 24 beautiful colors to suit most bedroom styles. They are not made in the USA.

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About The My Pillow Brand And Its Owner Michael J Lindell

Owned by Michael J. Lindell, MyPillow, Inc. is a company that manufactures open-cell, poly-foam pillows in Chaska, Minnesota. Its story is somewhat interesting, with the inventors journey to come across the right pillow to suit a particular persons needs.Once he discovered that even the more expensive memory foam pillows would go flat over time, leaving him with a sore arm and a stiff neck in the morning, he decided that it was high time for him to create his pillows.Lindells dream was to find a pillow that would not lose its shape over time and would remain cool at night. He also wanted to be able to wash it in the washing machine and dry it in the dryer. Eventually, after experimenting with various fills and formulas, he designed what he called the perfect pillow in the summer of 2004.After that, MyPillow ads started appearing everywhere on TV. You probably even heard it, and never even realize that youve known it. The biggest giveaway is Lindells enthusiasm and passion for MyPillow.The pillow gained a lot of success with the ads and infomercials. With a 10-year warranty, this pillow was designed to be durable, as well as rid you of back and neck pain.

How Much Does My Pillow Cost

why do throw pillows exist: Why is it called a throw pillow, are they ...

The cost of My Pillow will greatly vary depending on where the pillow is purchased and how you go about purchasing it.

On the official My Pillow website, they are advertised at $79.98 for a Queen Size and $89.98 for a King Size. Their website advertises an ongoing Buy 1 Get 1 Free special which requires a promo code.

The BOGO special can be quite confusing by design. Navigating through the checkout process may be tricky and will leave you disappointed if you do not review your purchase before submitting payment.

Heres how it works When you add the queen size BOGO special to the shopping cart and go to check out, it displays the following:

Subtotal $159.96

Discount $ -45.70

Grand Total $114.26

Where did the -$45.70 discount come from, you ask? It certainly doesnt equal the cost of an additional pillow which amounts to $79.98.

At a glance, one may mistake the discount to reflect the BOGO offer and proceed to checkout, paying $114.26 instead of $79.98. However, if you look closely at the top and you will see Enter Promo Code. Where does this promo code come from?

While a BOGO offer with promo code is advertised on their sales page, you will not find this promo code anywhere on their site. My Pillow does have a separate promo code page that suggests you look for a code in Print ads, Tv, Radio, or Online but still does not offer any visible codes on their website.

Walmart: $48.95

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Are Throw Pillows Worth Buying

Whether throw pillows are worth investing in is up to you. However, many homeowners say that extra cushions on the couch mean better naps and cozier movie nights. And if you snooze in a specific position, the right pillow can make all the difference.

How Is A My Pillow Different From Any Other Pillow

MyPillow® pillows are patented with a 3-piece interlocking fill that supports your head and neck as you sleep. Unlike other pillows in the market, the filling in it is a shredded polyfoam which is what gives the MyPillow® pillow is mouldable qualities. You can adjust the shape of the pillow by fluffing it and folding it to your preference. You can also choose between the different fill levels provided to further determine what suits you best depending on your sleep positions. The versatility of MyPillow® is not one youll find elsewhere.

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Why Are Throw Pillows So Expensive Find Out Now

A couch, chair, or bed in a room would be incomplete without a set of beautiful throw pillows. Throw pillows do not just tend to bring a rooms aesthetic together, but they also give back support. Because of the wide variety of fabrics, styles, and prices, finding the ideal throw pillows may be difficult.

All in all, throw pillows are a terrific way to dress up your furniture and add a unique touch to your home design. But one feature of these pillows always seems to stand in the way of purchasing them is their high cost.

Adding a few throw pillows to a room can instantly transform the ambiance, accentuate a piece of furniture, and add a unique touch. The fabric, decorations, hue, and patterns of a throw pillow must all be considered depending on the image you wish to achieve in your room.

To create a more pleasant setting, there is nothing wrong with blending sizes, styles, and materials.

Down Is Suitable To Market As An Expensive Product

$40 Pillow VS $130 Pillow! – Which gives you the better sleep?

Most products that come from animals can easily be marketed as being expensive. This is true for leather products, cosmetic and beauty products and many others.

A lot of companies want down pillows to be more of a luxury product compared to polyester, cotton and other stuffing types. Overtime this has increased the average price of down pillows by a lot.

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Do All Pillowcases Work

MyPillow® recommends that the pillowcases used for a MyPillow® pillow be 100% cotton cases with open ends as cotton is very breathable and soft. As the pillow has a cooling effect, any other pillowcase of different fabric or blend may promote more heat trapping within the pillow. It is also not recommended that you use a pillow protector as a MyPillow® pillow is completely washable.

Cooling Effect Is Less Satisfactory For Blue Fill

To all the hot sleepers out there, you may want to be wary that MyPillow® pillows are not as cooling as youd expect. While they do say that the pillow has natural cooling effects, this might be exclusive to the lesser filled option for the pillow i.e. the yellow and white fill levels.

The firmer fills especially the thickest grade have the tendency to trap a fair amount of heat as the shredded internal polyfoam filling is more tightly packed. Lying in the same spot on the pillow may encourage the overheating and you would be required to twist and turn in your sleep.

So, theres probably a considerable amount of pillow flipping involved if you are a very hot sleeper.

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What To Consider When Purchasing A Pillow

You should consider many factors when pillow shopping. First, your personal sleep position preference heavily influences which pillows best fit your body. Of course, many shoppers are limited by a budget. Keep these factors at the forefront of your mind while examining your pillow options.

Learn each pillows loft and firmness level to determine if its a good option for you. Identify the materials each pillow is made of, if it has cooling properties, and if it will relieve pressure in your neck and shoulders.

In this section, we provide more information about the factors to consider when pillow shopping.

What Are Some Popular Types Of Throw Pillows

why are cute little pillows so expensive??

If you are shopping for throw pillows, you will find these cushions in cotton, linen, wool, silk, microfiber, suede, or even shaggy faux fur. Decorative throw pillows may be round, square, rectangle, or bolstered design for the lumbar region. Many throw pillows have embellishments like fringe, patchwork, quilting, or corded trim. Do you want an easy way to change up the look and feel of your throw pillows? Feel free to change the type of cover you have on your throw pillow according to your mood and personal taste.

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Customizable Comfort For All Types Of Sleepers


This adjustable pillow is filled with gel-infused memory foam that can be added or removed as needed to accommodate all types of sleepers . With a removable cover thats made from the brands Lulltra fabric and a blend of bamboo-derived viscose rayon and polyester, the pillow provides a cool, soft surface for sleeping and plenty of breathability. Not satisfied with it during the first 100 nights? You can return the pillow for a full refund.

What Makes Throw Pillows So Pricey

You are not inaccurate if you think that throw pillows are a costly pleasure. Luxury throw pillows may cost anywhere from BDT 4000 to BDT 10,000 or more, depending on whether or not they are custom-made. Throw pillows may be pricey depending on the fabric, shape, and design. Although affordable throw pillows are available, the quality of manufacturing, amount of pattern, and usability may be compromised.

There are several factors that contribute to the high cost of throw pillows. They are as follows:

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How To Increase The Lifespan Of Your Mattress

The best way to save money is to maximize the lifespan of your new mattress. A quality mattress can last a decade or even longer if you properly care for it.

Make sure you clean your mattress regularly. Rotating it 180-degrees every 6 months is a great way to reduce the amount of wear and tear on the surface layer of your mattress, which can reduce body impressions and sagging. If you own a dual-sided mattress like Layla, then you can even flip it every 6 months to help maximize the longevity of your purchase. Most modern mattresses are one-sided, however, which means that flipping is not required.

If you can make your mattress last longer, you wont have to ask yourself why are mattresses so expensive? because you wont have to worry about buying a new one very often.


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