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What’s A Mattress Foundation

Full Size Mattress Foundation

Whats Inside a Box Spring Mattress – Foundation

A full foundation measures 54 inches wide and 75 inches long. Full size beds are a great fit for single sleepers who need more room when they sleep. A full bed allows them enough space to roll over without getting too close to the edge of the bed. These are also common in guest rooms as they do not take up as much room as larger beds.

What Type Of Foundation Is Best For A Memory Foam Mattress

When it comes to the best foundation for a memory foam mattress, there arent any hard and fast rules to determine the answer. The best foundation is one that provides the support your mattress needs, and the look you want at a price that falls within your budget.

Its easier to establish which types of foundations arent best for your new memory foam mattress. Avoid any foundation that doesnt provide the support your bed needs to retain its shape and effectiveness. For example, a box spring is a poor choice for a memory foam mattress.

Foundations that provide a solid base for your bed to lay on are ideal, as are foundations that offer support slats that are close together This will ensure that your mattress has the support it needs to maintain its structural integrity while also keeping you comfortable.

Do Slats Ruin Mattresses

So long as the beds slats are appropriately spaced and secured to the bed frame, your mattress should be safe on a slatted foundation or platform bed. If the bed frames slats are further than 2 to 2.75 inches apart, your mattress is at risk of dipping between the gaps and sagging. Unsecured slats can slide out of place and leave your mattress unsupported.

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Style And Design Preference

Most of us consider the look of a bed foundation in relation to the other furniture in our bedroom. Luckily, there are different options and styles to choose from. Platform beds make great bedroom additions with extra storage, while wooden bed frames, like sleigh or four poster beds add some elegance.

Do You Need A Mattress Foundation For Your Bed Frame

Whats Inside a Box Spring Mattress

A platform bed with built-in wooden slats that are less than 3 inches apart does not require a separate mattress foundation as the slats provide mattress support. Image from .

Most bed frames do not include a mattress foundation in their model. Without a mattress foundation, the mattress is at risk of deteriorating quickly because it lacks sufficient support.

A mattress foundation is essential if the bed frame doesnt have any built-in mattress foundation like slats or a solid surface like a platform bed frame. Since platform bed frames include built-in slats or solid surfaces, they do not need a separate mattress foundation.

However, if the slats are too far apart, then place a bunkie board on top of the slats to create the perfect mattress foundation. Bunk beds, loft beds, Murphy beds, and trundle beds also need a bunkie board or slats as a mattress foundation. Check this article titled Adjustable Climate Mattress System for more information about the impact of slats on a mattress breathability.

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What Is The Standard Height Of A Box Spring

The standard height of a box spring is 9 inches, but box springs can range from 4 to 10 inches thick. Box springs accommodate innerspring mattresses, and in todays market, these have an average thickness of 8 to 14 inches.

Additional bedroom items such as mattress toppers will also add to your beds overall height. Ideally, your mattress should be about 25 inches from the floor, so you can get in and out of bed comfortably.

How To Find The Best Box Spring For A Memory Foam Mattress

In this article, we will discuss the following bed foundations:

  • Platform Bed Frames
  • Box Spring Replacement Foundations
  • Bunkie Boards
  • You will also find information about whether or not it is okay to put your memory foam mattress on the floor, how to protect your foam mattress, and the differences between memory foam and latex.

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    Characteristics Of A Memory Foam Mattress

    Memory foam mattresses are quite popular these days. They offer something new and improved for the consumer to consider. The idea that a mattress can mold to ones body and cradle them as they sleep is revolutionary. This is a far cry from the traditional mattress that contains springs that may wear out or break with extended use.

    There are characteristics of a memory foam mattress that consumers should consider when deciding to make the switch from traditional to memory foam. The first characteristic to consider is the weight of a memory foam mattress. They tend to be heavy and need a solid foundation. The ideal setup would include a solid with a flat surface to lay the mattress on. You will then need a bed foundation to rest the mattress and support on.

    Secondly, memory foam mattresses have the ability to aid in the treatment of chronic back problems and poor circulation. While sleeping, memory foam can relieve pressure points and spinal pressure. The average individual spends one-third of their life in bed. So, it seems sensible to have a mattress that would aid in the treatment of chronic ailments.

    Lastly, memory foam is a material labeled hypoallergenic. This means that while you sleep, the threat of needing an antihistamine in the morning is low. Because of the material used, consumers are less likely to have an allergic reaction during their sleep.

    Is It Bad To Put A Mattress On The Floor

    Helix Midnight Mattress Review | An Excellent Choice for Side and Back Sleepers

    In most cases, no. A floor is a solid support for a mattress as long as you don’t mind being so close to the ground. It will not hard your mattress to use it on a floor.

    One consideration is airflow. Using a box-type foundation or a bed frame raises your mattress off the floor, alloying air to flow all around it. If your mattress is on the floor, moisture and humidity can’t escape out the bottom. One idea is to periodically turn your mattress on its side and allow it to air out for a day before plopping it back on the floor.

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    The Higher The Better

    While part of height comes down to personal preference, bed height could also influence sleep directly. Bed height could affect sleep if youre not comfortable, thus making it harder for you to sleep well. Some individuals feel more at ease being higher off the ground than they would in a lower bed.

    However, there are other factors to think about. If youre older, it may be harder to get out of a bed thats too low or too high. A lower bed could be more strenuous on the back because you have to bend down further when changing sheets, potentially straining your spine.

    Popular Foundation And Frame Options

    • Metal bed frame and foundation: This is one of the most popular mattress support systems, and it’s also usually the least expensive option. In this case, the mattress rests on top of a standard wood foundation, which sits inside the metal frame.
    • , such as sleigh beds and canopy beds, can be made of wood, metal, or upholstered in a variety of fabrics, such as linen or velvet. Depending on the style, they can include a headboard, footboard, and/or side rails. Like metal frames, upholstered frames are meant to be used with a standard foundation.

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    What Happens If You Use A Bed Base That Is Incompatible With Your Mattress

    Pairing your new mattress with the right bed base can extend both its comfortability and lifespan. If you invest in a hybrid, latex foam, or memory foam mattress, which are designed to contour to your body specifically, a mismatched bed base can greatly diminish the value you get from your mattress.

    Box springs, for instance, are typically not designed to withstand a mattress as heavy as memory foam, and using them together can cause sagging in the mattress, then back pain for you.

    To be completely sure your bed base and mattress are compatible, check with your mattress manufacturer.

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    Whats The Best Support For Different Mattress Types

    Wood Mattress Foundation

    All mattresses need proper support, but the best kind of support can change from bed to bed depending on the construction of the mattress.

    When it comes to all-foam beds, especially memory foam mattresses, never use a box spring for support. Traditional box springs can damage the consistency and support of foam, drastically reducing your beds lifespan. Instead, foam mattresses pair well with adjustable bed frames, foundations, and platform beds.

    Hybrid and innerspring mattresses pair well with either a box spring or foundation deciding between the two comes down to a matter of personal preference. Plus, these beds work well with most any bed frame so you have options.

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    Which Foundation Should I Use

    The right foundation for you will depend on what type of mattress you use. If you use the wrong foundation, you can void your warranty and even damage your mattress.

    The best foundation for a memory foam mattress is a slatted foundation, with slats no more than 2.75 inches apart. It allows air to flow through, carrying off excess heat and moisture. Other types of foam mattresses do similarly well on a slatted foundation.

    You should never pair a foam mattress with a traditional box spring. Over time, the foam is likely to sink between the box springs inner coils, stretching the mattress out of shape. This risk of sagging is why most foam mattresses warranties are voided when you use them with a box spring.

    If you have a box spring you still wish to use for extra height, try slipping a bunkie board between your mattress and box spring. The bunkie board will provide the consistent support your mattress needs.

    On the other hand, innerspring mattresses pair well with a box spring, along with most bed frames. And the foundation you shouldnt use with an innerspring mattress? An adjustable base.

    A mattress for an adjustable bed must be adaptable enough to move with the bases panels without compromising the mattresss support and comfort. While foam beds and most hybrid mattresses are flexible enough,, the coils of an innerspring may be bent or damaged if placed on an adjustable base.

    Consider Mattress Type And Size

    The size and type of your mattress will play a key role in what type of bed foundation you purchase. Most bed foundations accommodate all mattress sizes, but make sure you check with your mattress store before picking a specific base. Most bed foundations will also work with any type of mattress, except for a few exceptions. Use only box springs with innerspring mattresses.

    Use flexible mattresses, like memory foam or latex, with adjustable bed frames. And bed slats are great for helping you stay cool with memory foam or hybrid mattresses.

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    Iv What To Know About Solid Foundations

    Another type of mattress foundation is a solid foundation, which is also sometimes referred to as a platform base. Instead of featuring slats with space in between them, this foundation will have a solid surface to place your mattress on. This offers a sturdy support system, ensuring the weight of the mattress is evenly distributed at all times.

    Solid foundations come in a variety of styles and may also have built-in storage underneath.

    Benefits Of A Mattress Foundation

    TempurPedic Mattress Review – We Compared All The Mattress Models!

    The benefits of a slatted mattress foundation are as boundless as your nighttime imaginings. They include:

    • Surreal sleep time support The compact designs of mattress foundations support your mattress, while still allowing for added bounce.
    • Expansive compatibility Many types of mattresses fit within mattress foundations. Whether its a memory foam mattress, an innerspring mattress, or a hybrid mattress, slatted foundations give all types of cushions a place to sleep.
    • Swift assembly and takedown Consisting of only a few key components, mattress foundations are easily assembled and disassembled in a matter of minutes. The assemblies are often toolless, needing only a few pushes and tugs to complete the framework.
    • Dreamy durability Over time, box springs foundations break down, caused by wear and tear of the coils. In comparison to box springs, slatted foundations support a firm sleep for longer periods of time.
    • New heights Pairing your mattress with a foundation gives it an extra lift. Mattress foundations keep your comforters and sheets far from the dirt and grime collecting on bedroom floors. They also create adequate airflow to avoid a case of mildew mayhem.
    • Mattress stabilization The form-fitting structure of a mattress foundation keeps your mattress in place during long nights of tossing and turning. While you may travel to far-off lands in your dreams, a mattress foundation ensures youll still be in the same place when you wake up.

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    Do I Need A Bed Frame With A Box Spring

    Typically, you dont need a bed frame for a box spring. A box spring is good enough to support your innerspring mattress but it wont add much height to your bed. This is where a bed frame comes in handy. A bed frame will heighten your bed as well as play a role in your rooms decor if its upholstered or decorative. Placing a box spring on the floor will significantly reduce the height of your bed by at least 9 inches.

    Difference Between A Low Profile And Standard Box Spring

    Traditional box springs are typically made of a metal grid pattern or metal springs enclosed by a metal or wooden frame. They are a lot heavier than a low profile version and heighten the bed significantly. Standard box springs are typically around nine inches tall, whereas low profile models run between five inches to five and a half inches tall.

    In short:

    • Standard box springs are tall, heavy, and typically consist of springs and a grid made from heavy material.
    • Low profile box springs are typically much more simple frameworks usually made without springs. They are shorter and more lightweight than standard box springs.

    Originally box springs were always bought in combination with a mattress set, but now that isnt necessarily the case. Many people are switching over to the newer models of box springs because of their convenient lightness and ability to be transported from place to place a lot easier.

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    Tips For Overwintering Cacti

    This Zinus wood-slat foundation is super sturdy at a great price, and it has a clean, modern look. The assembled height is about 10 inches off the floor, so with the mattress, it sits at a nice height off of the floor. I had a 10-inch mattress on mineânot too low and not too high, so it was easy to get in and out of bed.

    In addition to their other benefits, slatted mattress foundations are a great option because they allow mattresses to breathe.

    What Is A Box Spring

    Do You Need a Box Spring Foundation for My Mattress? The Facts

    A box spring is a wooden frame with a layer of steel coils inside, topped with an anti-skid fabric. Unlike traditional box springs, some modern-day models have a steel frame for enhanced support.

    Coils in the box spring promote airflow while providing sturdy support. The extra give from the box spring ensures even distribution of weight on the surface and prevents sagging.

    Box springs are best paired with traditional innerspring mattresses because the layer of coils inside serve as shock absorbers, reducing motion transfer. Other mattress types like memory foam or latex are not compatible because these heavier mattresses may break the coils, leading to sagging.

    Check with the mattress manufacturer about which type of mattress foundation works best to support your mattress.

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    Reasons Why You Should Care About Your Mattress Foundation

    • Added support. Everyone could use a little extra support now and then, right? Your mattress is no different, even a new mattress. A good foundation prevents sagging and supports all that comfort-inducing technology in your new mattress.
    • Improved durability. Your choice of foundation helps boost the staying power of your mattress by absorbing motion and weight actually lengthening its comfort life. Its like the back-up singer of the band. It doesnt get star treatment but it needs to be there for you to have the ultimate, full-sensory sleep experience.
    • Greater height. You could put your mattress on the floor, if you really wanted to, but its not going to be much fun getting in and out of bed. A proper mattress foundation will add up to 16 inches of height, which is just about right for easy access.
    • Go with the flow. Giving your mattress some clearance off the floor means youll not only be keeping it cleaner, but youll allow for maximum airflow. It helps with the breathability of your mattress and prevents you from overheating as easily. Research confirms that, for better sleep, cool is always better than hotter.

    Mellow Ace Of Base: Rounded Metal Bed Platform

    Industrial level construction and beautiful modern design combine to make the Ace of Base Rounded Metal foundation from Mellow an ideal choice for anyone looking for a good quality foundation for their new memory foam bed.

    This platform is made from heavy-duty steel, and its finished in an attractive brushed nickel color. The corners are round for extra safety, and its a feature youre sure to appreciate if youre used to regularly stubbing your toe on your bed frame. The hollow internal structure allows you to store items beneath the platform, which is a great way to maximize the usable space in your room.

    This platform ships to your home in a single box and assembly takes half an hour or less, thanks to the easy to understand instructions, and the ingenious Click2Lock assembly system. This easy to follow system requires practically no tools for assembly. Each piece clicks together securely in seconds, allowing you to get your frame together in record time.

    Since theres no headboard to worry about, you may be able to move your foundation without disassembling it as well. But, if you do have to break down your frame, it comes apart nearly as quickly as it comes together.

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