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Where To Get Mattress Bags For Moving

Rope Or Ratchet Straps

Ultrablock Mattress Bags for Moving or Storage 6 Mil Plastic Cover – Review

Once you get your mattress out of your house or apartment, youll want to use either rope or ratchet straps to secure it inside your chosen moving vehicle. Ratchet straps also known as tie-down straps are thick straps with hardware fasteners that are specifically made to secure cargo in place. Grab a few more than you think youll need just in case the bed ends up being bigger than you estimated and you need to extend the length of the ratchet straps by hooking on some extra straps. If youre using rope, get a thick, industrial-grade rope and completely skip those bungee cords that can give too much, which results in an unsafe, unsecured mattress.

How Do You Vacuum Seal A Mattress

Well, some of you may be thinking that this is a hard process to do. But in our view, it is not that hard as you think, you only need a detailed guide about how to do it in a proper manner. But before sealing a mattress inside a vacuum seal pack, do make sure to have some specific tools and things that you are going to be needed while doing the whole process.

First of all, call someone to help you if you want to seal a big or queen size of the mattress. Its because it can become easier to do if you are doing this process with the help of your friend or anyone else. And of course, if you want to seal a mattress, then make sure to have a good quality vacuum mattress bag with you. And bring some tape plus a big plastic sheet if you want to roll your mattress after vacuuming the mattress. Thats it if you have all of these tools and things, then we want more forward to the actual process.

That is it, now make sure that do not stand or put weight on your mattress roll, its because this can cause some damages to your mattress.

Faq For Mattress Vacuum Bag For Twin Queen Full

Can I vacuum pack my mattress?

How do you vacuum seal a mattress?

Can you vacuum seal memory foam mattress?

How do you compress a mattress for moving?

Final Verdict

This certainly was an honest effort to put things together to make you aware of the various vacuum bags. These bags really do come in handy and can be of great help. It is not just the mattresses you can also use it for storing all the clothes starting a small one to big ones. I hope this has helped you understand the buying process for them. Happy shopping!

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Tips On How To Move A Mattress

Now that you have all the tools and people you will need for moving, its time that you learn how to move beds and mattresses with ease. Heres what you need to do:

  • Make sure that your exit route is clear of obstacles starting from the bedroom, all the way to the pickup truck. This means that you should prop open all doors that you will be passing through, remove furniture away from the area, and clear the space in your moving van to fit in the mattress nicely.
  • Have your friend or a mover pick up one end of the mattress then bring it out with you.
  • Load your mattress inside the truck and strap it in using the ratchet straps or poly ropes.

Now that youve removed the mattress, the next item to go is the bed frame which you can now dismantle. Make sure that you have a resealable sandwich bag with you so that all the screws and other small parts can be stored properly. Tape the sandwich bag afterward to the bed frame, so you will know where to use them.

Get your moving blankets and use them to wrap the larger pieces of your bed frame to protect it from getting scratched or damaged during your move. Make sure that you strap your frame securely inside the truck or van. And keep in mind that the bed frame should never be placed on top of your mattress as you might end up with indentations on your bed that can affect your sleep.

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Mattress Bag For Moving & Long

Rest Haven
  • Queen/KingSize: Fits Queen and King Size Mattress with height up to 14 inches.
  • Economical: Includes 2 bags made of 2 Mil thick polyethylene .
  • NO Zipper/Closure/Handle: Please NOTE that there is NO Zipper or Closure or adhesive strip on the end, you need to buy some packing tape to seal the mattress bag.
  • No vent-hole design.

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The Top 10 Mattress Bags For Moving Or Storage

We used criteria including customer reviews, durability, price, ease of use and thickness when selecting the 10 best mattress bags for moving and storage. Real customer reviews are crucial when getting an objective idea of how each mattress cover works in real-world situations. All mattress bags featured come highly recommended by the bulk of the buyers who reviewed them.

Levarark Mattress Bag For Moving And Storage

  • TWO COVER PROTECTION PACKAGE To ensure maximum protection, our product comes in TWO PCS.
  • SIZE AND ADDITIONAL BENEFITS king size mattress cover measures: 82 x 15 x 80.
  • REUSABLE AND LONG TERM STORAGE Our Heavy Duty Tarp bag is PREMIUM with tough nylon handles.
  • SATISFACTION Carry-friendly handles and zipper present.

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Why Do I Need A Mattress Bag When Moving

Plastic mattress bag covers provide an easy way to preserve and shelter one of your most valuable household items. Three important reasons why you will need a mattress bag when moving include 1) to prevent bed bugs, 2) to protect your mattress from water damage and 3) to keep your mattress in tip-top condition when stored.

Unfortunately, bed bugs and pests can be a big problem when moving or storing a mattress. After all, you never know whats inside a moving truck or storage unit. If youre moving to a large, urban center where pests are prominent, youll need to be especially aware of any bed bug problems. Otherwise, you could end up with quite a few unwelcome house guests. Water damage is another big factor to consider when moving or storing a mattress. Moving a mattress from one home to another means having your mattress exposed to the outside elements . If your mattress becomes wet while in transit, it could get damaged before it even makes it to the new home. Finally, keeping your mattress in tip-top condition requires the use of a mattress bag when moving. In addition to protecting your mattress from the elements, it will keep the springs inside your mattress in good working order.

Top Ten Best Mattress Bags For Moving

Sealable Mattress Bag – Plastic Mattress Cover for Moving and Storage

The best mattress bags for moving for you is the one that fits your needs. It is important to do your research to find the right mattress bags for moving for you. There are many mattress bags for moving on the market, so take your time to find the one that is perfect for you. Consider what you need the best mattress bags for moving for and what features are important to you. Be sure to read our reviews before you make a purchase. The best mattress bags for moving for you may not be the most popular one on the market.

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Place Your Mattress In A Heavy

This will help protect your mattress during the move and if youre putting it in storage. Moving mattress bags are sold in standard mattress sizes, but youll need to know the depth of your mattress to make sure the bag is big enough. They usually come in packages of two, so you can use one for your box springs, too.

Suoco Mattress Vacuum Storage Bags With Valves

If you want more bags out of the box at the same price as the previous pack of this list, so, here we want to introduce the SUOCO mattress Vacuum Storage Bags on our list. The SUOCO manufacturing company is offering eight bags out of the box with this package. But there is something that you need to know about these bags, and that is the size of each storage bag. Here you will get four large sizes of storage bags, plus there are four jumbo sizes of storage vacuum bags that also come with the pack. If we explain this pack in one line, then we will present it like this It is a perfect package for solving storage issues. The material of these bags is highly durable for vacuuming cloth kinds of stuff. Not only this, but the company also has provided a handpump out of the box for vacuuming purposes.


  • The manufacturing company claims that you can save up to 80% of the space by using these vacuum storage bags.
  • If you were looking for the reusable type of vacuum bags, then make sure to try this pack of eight reusable storage bags.
  • The valve mechanism is pretty advanced here to prevent any leakage issues.



  • The most likely point about this pack is that you can buy it at a very competitive price point.
  • All these eight bags are sufficient to keep your clothes or other stuff moisture-proof.
  • You can save up to 80% of your roomâs space by using these bags.








  • None so far

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Things To Consider When Shopping For Mattress Bags

When looking at mattress bags, theres more to finding the right bag than buying the cheapest one. Some other factors to consider are:

  • Purpose: Decide on whether youll be using the mattress bag to place the bed in storage or move it. You may want a heavier-duty bag if movers will be transporting it.
  • Construction: Depending on how much handling it will get, look for mattress bags thicker than 2 mil. In addition, mattress bags with handles and reinforced stitching make it easier to carry and move the mattress without tearing the bag.
  • Enclosure/reusability: Mattress bags with zippers or self-adhesive seals can be reused more easily than mattress bags requiring packing tape to close.
  • Impact on the environment: Once the mattress bags life cycle is over, recyclable bags have less impact on the environment. Some are even made with recycled materials, for an earth-friendlier bag.

Alexhome Mattress Bag For Moving And Storageheavy Duty Tarp Reusable Mattress Storage Bageasy Carrier Mattress Moving Cover

Protective Mattress Bags with Handles
  • New Product Promotion:15%.
  • Heavy Duty Tarp Material: compare with other mattress cover for moving,we use all-new PE without plastic waste.
  • Easy to Use:the mattress storage bag with 8 strong handles,we have a upgraded version on the handles.
  • REUSABLE: AlexHome mattress bag for moving and storage is different from plastic mattress bag.

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How To Unpack A Mattress

You learned how to move a mattress and got it to your new home without a hitch. Congrats! The day isnt over, though. You still have to unload the mattress. Undo the moving straps and slide your mattress out of the vehicle. Its a good idea to recruit a friend for this to avoid accidentally dropping your mattress or having to slide it into your new home. Carry it inside and remove the plastic moving bag, keeping the mattress on its side, preferably near an open window to air out. We recommend placing it in a room that isnt your bedroom so you have space to put your bed frame together.

Want to know how to disinfect your mattress? Youre in luck! Moving is a great time to give your mattress a deep clean. A good place to start is by vacuuming the mattress with a clean brush nozzle to remove any dust that collected on the way over. If possible, stand your mattress outside for one to two hours on a moving blanket.

Next, sprinkle baking soda on your mattress and vacuum it off after a few hours. If you have a steam cleaner, even better. Just run it over your mattress for a few minutes. Lastly, lightly spray your mattress with disinfectant and wipe it off with a clean cloth. You can put your bed back together while your mattress dries and once its completely dry, youre good to go!

How To Measure A Mattress

While the standardized mattress size can help you understand the general size of your mattress, the exact measurements can vary among makers, so its important to measure your mattress. Youll want to measure it for length, width, and depth .

Length:The longest side of the mattress. When lying down, this is the side that runs from your head to toes.

Width:The shorter part of the mattress.

Depth: Another term for the thickness of your mattress. A typical mattress is between 8-14 inches thick.

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Easiest To Wrap: Linenspa Mattress Bag

Trying to wrap a large, bulky mattress is sometimes a challenge. Linenspas envelope design makes it fairly simple to place your mattress in the bag. Slide the end of a mattress into the opening and work the bag up the remainder of the mattress. Once you do, fold the extra plastic over and seal with packing tape.

The 2 mil clear polyethylene isnt the thickest, but should be sufficient to keep your mattress safe and dry. Linenspa provides you with two mattress bags per order use one for the boxspring and one for the mattress.

Linenspa mattress bag sizes offered

  • Twin XL

Naisi Mattress Vacuum Bag 80% Compress Vacuum

Mattress Packaging Solution for Moving Home and Storage

This company Naisi Mattress Vacuum Bag for Storage has these premium heavy-duty vacuum storage bags, that work both with a vacuum cleaner and also a vacuum hand pump, that is provided free with this pack. These bags have high tensile strength. Naisi Mattress Vacuum Bag compress your mattress down to the most minimal size so that you can store the vacuumed mattress by rolling it up in everywhere such as car, trunk, wardrobe and so on, it comes with double zip seals. These get so compact that it can increase your baggage space. To make it easy to use, it comes with a handheld vacuum pump which helps remove air from the bag. These bags after vacuumed, provides long term protection from various issues, like infestation from insects and also dust and dampness. As it comes in various sizes, it will help store all types of clothes, garments, bedding sheet and many more. The company gives a lifetime guarantee and if any defects will be replaced freely. Also, check Air Mattress for easy to store and re-use.


  • The vacuum seal is broken easily within hours.

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Find A Friend To Help

Moving a mattress by yourself isnt a great idea. Not only are mattresses heavy, but theyre also large, making it difficult to see whats in front of you when moving the mattress. Make sure you have at least one friend, family member or professional to assist with the heavy lifting in and out of the home.

Buy Equipment To Move A Mattress

Have you ever tried spreading peanut butter with tongs? Without the right tools, the simplest task is a struggle. When it comes to deciding how to move a mattress, take care to select the correct equipment and have it ready for when you move. Make sure you pick up the following items before moving your mattress and dismantling your bed:

  • Waterproof mattress cover

  • Moving blankets

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Consider The Size Of Your Mattress

You may think that the larger mattress the more challenging the move. But this isnt always the case. Take, for example, a split king size mattress and a queen size mattress. Although a split king size mattress may be larger when set up, it splits into two parts, while a queen size mattress doesnt. So a queen size mattress could actually be harder to move through narrow hallways and around corners. Its important to consider factors like this when planning to move your mattress.

To avoid any unnecessary surprises, be sure to measure your mattress before attempting to move it. Maneuvering the mattress and moving it out of your home will be a struggle if it turns out to be even an inch longer than you planned.

How To Move The Bed

HG Mart Mattress Bag for Moving and Storage

Now that the mattress is out of the way, you can start dismantling your bed. Depending on the frame, your screwdriver, Allen key, and wrench will come in handy here. You may also want a few extra hands to make the process easier and to help you wrangle any large pieces. Be sure to keep your sandwich bags handy and store all the screws and small parts in them, then tape the bags to your bed frame. Be strategic with your tape placement so you dont lose any paint when you remove the bags.

Once taken apart, carefully wrap your bed frame in moving blankets and carry it out to the moving vehicle. This will protect your bed frame and your walls from any dings or dents. Put the frame in your vehicle and secure it with the moving straps. Be careful not to stack your bed frame on top of your mattress because you could end up with some unwanted indentations.

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Remove And Pack All Bedding

The third step is to remove all bedding from the bed, including sheets, quilts, blankets and pillows. We recommend washing linens prior to packing them in moving boxes. Once the bedding is packed up, remove the boxes from the bedroom in order to free up space for the mattress. This will also prevent you from tripping over moving boxes while moving the large mattress.


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