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Best Pillows For.stomach Sleepers

Tips For Stomach Sleepers

Best Pillow for Stomach Sleepers 2020 – Our Top 7 Picks!

Although stomach sleeping is the least common position, and the least recommended sleeping position, there are still many people who choose to sleep on their stomachs. On top of finding the right pillow, there are a few more things you can do to improve your alignment when you sleep on your stomach.

Well share a few tips for stomach sleepers that make the position a little more comfortable.

Do I Even Need A Pillow If I Sleep On My Stomach

While back and side sleepers usually need a pillow with good support and solid loft, some stomach sleepers dont need a pillow at all to keep their spines aligned. As long as your mattress provides enough lift and support in the hips and midsection area, sleeping without a pillow is totally feasible and shouldnt cause issues. If you prefer sleeping without a pillow and dont experience any pain in the neck or back, you should be completely fine to skip it altogether.

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Find the best

Best Pillow For Shoulder Pain

While sleep can be a time of relief and relaxation, its tense and uncomfortable for those with shoulder pain. Many find shoulder pain is exacerbated at nighttime, so it might be wise to invest in the best pillow for shoulder pain. After all, the wrong pillow can throw your spine out of alignment and fail to support those pain points. To help you on your journey, weve created this roundup for the best pillows for shoulder pain in 2022.

Disclaimer: The content on Sleepopolis is meant to be informative in nature, but it shouldnt take the place of advice or treatment from your physician or medical professional. This review is meant to be an informative guide for those looking to maintain healthy posture while they sleep. User experiences and needs will vary. If you experience lasting pain, soreness, or discomfort while sleeping, its always a good idea to seek out a healthcare professional in person.

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What Is The Price Of The Plushbeds Down Pillow

As noted above, the PlushBeds Down pillow is often seen as an affordable alternative to some of the more expensive, yet better-known names in the market of the best pillow for stomach sleepers. Take a look:

Brooklyn Bedding is one of the more popular names that are going to come up when youre searching for the best pillow for stomach sleepers. The companys product in question is made from Talalay latexthats actually the main reason for its popularity.

First of all, the latex makes the pillow a rather thin option for stomach sleepers . This helps you deal with the earlier-talked-about back-arching situation – since the Brooklyn Bedding pillow is as slim as it is, you wont have to worry about digging into it and adjusting the filling.

Furthermore, the Talalay latex makes it so that the pillow sleeps really cool, too. If youre looking for the best pillows for stomach sleepers, you probably know how bad the feeling of waking up with your head all wet from sweat is – Brooklyn Bedding aims to solve this problem.

I Am A Stomach Sleeper Pillow

The Best Pillow for Stomach Sleepers Review
Height 5.2 inches, adjustable

Your doctor may recommend that you use a continuous positive airway pressure machine for a number of medical conditions, including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease .

A CPAP machine works by pumping air through a tube and into a mask that you wear over your nose and mouth while you sleep. Stomach sleeping can be challenging if you use a CPAP machine. This pillow works with most major mask brands and styles.

The pillow has a concave center and crescent-shaped bottom to accommodate your shoulder when you twist your neck to the side. Plus, its core is infused with charcoal support foam that helps eliminate odors.


You can add or remove layers to adjust the pillows height, from 5.2 inches to as low as 2 inches. You can also choose between two sides.

One side is a cool mesh designed to allow air to flow through. The other side is soft, hypoallergenic fiberfill. The indentations on this side are meant to leave room for your mask and the hose of your CPAP machine.

The manufacturer offers a 45-day return policy and a 1-year warranty for damage and defects.

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Best Down Pillow For Stomach Sleepers: Downlite Extra

  • Price: $112.10119.44
  • Materials: duck down and cotton

This down pillow is soft and very slim, featuring a hypoallergenic duck down filling.

Downlite has received a Responsible Down Standard certification. This means that Downlite uses suppliers that do not harm the animals used for down.

While down is a very soft material, it is not suitable for people following a vegan lifestyle or those with allergies to down. Additionally, it is more expensive than other materials, such as microfiber.

The brand also warns that this is not a supportive pillow but is specifically designed for stomach sleepers. The company writes that people who find soft pillows too firm may find this pillow suitable. Downlite describes the feel of this pillow as similar to sleeping on a down comforter.

It is machine washable and ships for free.

Available from different sellers, prices range from $92.45 for the standard size and $100 for the queen size.

What Were Looking For:

Loft: The loft, or height, of your pillow is a crucial factor for side sleepers to consider. Dr. Toussaint-Keshinro explains that keeping your head, neck, and shoulders in a neutral and even position is most important. If a pillow is too flat or too high, it can create an uneven muscle tone in the neck and shoulders, leading to spasms over time. While there isnt a formula to figure out the ideal loft of your pillow, Dr. Dennis Colonello, celebrity and professional-athlete chiropractor at Peak Wellness and all33 co-founder, suggests that your pillow be around four inches off of your mattress. But dont go breaking out your ruler just yet, as there is wiggle room with this number. For taller people with broader shoulders, a higher loft may be more comfortable, and conversely, a petite person with more narrow shoulders will likely rest comfortably with a lower loft.

Firmness: All of our experts agreed that medium-firm pillows tend to be the best option for people sleeping on their side. While there is room for personal preference here, a medium-firm pillow helps your head stay in the right position without sinking while you sleep. For people who like to dream on a bed that feels like fresh brioche buns instead of a firmer surface, gusseted-down and down-alternative pillows can be a plush compromise. Additionally, Cushner and Foley suggest memory foam pillows, as they sort of mimic the softness of down by contouring to your body, while still providing support.

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The Cost Of The Pillow

Before you start shopping for your new pillow, be sure to set a budget for yourself. Flat pillows designed for front sleepers can get surprisingly expensive, and you dont want to wind up spending more than you can afford because you fall in love with a specific model.

Investing in a quality pillow is a choice that you can benefit from night after night, but that investment still needs to fit your budget. The good news is that the online, direct-to-consumer sales model cuts middlemen costs, bringing down prices for shoppers on quality bedding products.

Best Down: Brooklinen Down Pillow

The Best Pillow for Stomach Sleepers Review – List of Our 8 Favorites!

Nothing compares to the lofty feel of a down pillow, and if you love nothing more than resting your head on a bed of feathers, the Brooklinen Plush Down Pillow is for you. The brand offers its signature down pillow in three different firmnessesstomach sleepers should opt for the softest option, as this will provide better neck support throughout the night.

This down pillow comes in standard and King sizes, and is filled with down clusters and feathers that are treated with an antimicrobial to stop mold and mildew growth. It’s covered with a 100 percent cotton sateen shell with double-stitched edges, and if your pillow ever needs to be fluffed up you can just toss it in the dryer on a no-heat setting for a quick tumble.

No need to search for the cool side of the pillow when you have Coop Home Goods’ Eden Pillowboth sides will stay pleasantly chill thanks to the pillows blend of gel-infused memory foam and microfiber fill. This combination of materials is designed to maintain a comfortable temperature all night long, helping to minimize tossing and turning. And a plus for stomach sleepers: You can unzip the pillow and remove some of the filling, allowing you to tailor its height to your needs.

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Q: After Sleeping On My Stomach I Often Wake Up With Tingling In My Arms Why Is That

An unfortunate downside of stomach sleeping is that it can lead to an increased risk of paresthesia in the arms, says Scaduto. Thats because sleeping with your arms above your head increases compression of the nerves of your neck and arms. That position can also irritate your shoulders and exacerbate existing shoulder pain. The best way to reduce the number of times you wake up with this awful feeling? Sleeping on a supportive pillow made to align your neck and spine.

Best Pillow For Stomach And Side Sleepers: Coop Home Goods Body Pillow

  • Price: $80.00
  • Sizes: 54 in x 20 in x 7 in
  • Materials: viscose rayon, polyester, memory foam, and microfiber

Using body pillows may help stomach sleepers keep their spine in a neutral position while they sleep, as they can provide full-body support.

This pillow may also suit individuals who change their sleeping positions while they sleep, as the amount and placement of the fill are adjustable. Coop writes that it is suitable for side sleepers.

This body pillow consists of shredded memory foam and a cooling gel, which the company claims draws heat away from the sleeping surface. The cover comprises polyester and bamboo-derived rayon.

Additionally, the company states it holds CertiPUR-US and GREENGUARD Gold certifications.

It comes with free shipping and returns, a 5-year warranty, and a 100-night trial.

The Coop Home Goods adjustable body pillow costs $80. A person can also buy a pillow and protector set for $109.

Below are answers to the top frequently asked questions about pillows for stomach sleepers.

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Continental Bedding Siberian Pillow

The unique, comfortable pillow is ideal for stomach sleepers.

The good quality pillow gives you a better nights sleep and wakes you up fresh. Pillows will support your neck and align your spine. Goose-down pillows are a great choice to sleep well.

The Continental Bedding Goose Pillow contains high goose down and combed cotton. It is lightweight and soft, with an 800-fill power. The cotton fabric allows for air circulation to maintain the temperature. So, you can sleep hot or cold. This pillow will keep you comfortable all night.

The pillow is smooth and soft with its 400 thread count Egyptian cotton casing. It creates a healthy environment for all types of sleepers. Stomach sleepers also select this pillow to enjoy their nights sleep.

The white goose-down pillow is great for people who want a firmer surface for sleeping. Due to overfull and increased cluster density, this pillow keeps you in the proper position throughout the night. Because of their firmness, they are perfect for reading and watching TV in bed. It is a breathable, fluffy, and long-lasting pillow.

You can add a mattress topper with this pillow for a more luxurious nights sleep. The mattress topper will give you the necessary comfort in bed. It will relieve pressure from your body and keep you relaxed.

Silky-soft bed sheets also give your mattress a unique look. It will protect your mattress from dust and damage.

Other Pillows We Tested

Ultimate Stomach Sleeper 2

From $49 at Garnet Hill

We loved the Garnet Hill Heirloom European White Goose Down Pillow, so its no surprise we also liked their down-alternative pillow as well. Its more plush and supportive than most other synthetic fill pillows we tested and keeps its shape throughout the night. Its washable and comes in three firmness levels. Garnet Hill also has a 90-day return policy.

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Why Trust The Spruce

This article was edited and researched by Cristina Sanza, a lifestyle writer specializing in home products and organization hacks. To keep our product picks current and help you choose the most comfortable pillow, she consulted dozens of customer reviews, third-party articles, and brand websites. In her search, she considered factors like loft, breathability, and pricepoint.

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  • What Is The Price Of The Saatva Pillow

    Now, let me brace you for this in advance – the Saatva pillow isnt cheap.

    Honestly, it’s at the very top of this list as far as price tags go.

    As with many other contenders for the spot of the best pillow for stomach sleepers, youll have two sizing and price options with the Saatva pillow:

    Ya Thats not even near of being cheap.

    That said, however, there doesnt seem to be many customer complaints when it comes to pricing. This is true both with best pillows for stomach sleepers, and with other categories, alike.

    The Nectar pillow is an adjustable, double-layered product. The pillow is filled with shredded memory foam, which makes up the inner layer of the product.

    Thats exactly what makes the pillow adjustable, too. You see, upon arrival, the Nectar pillow is going to be overstuffed. If youre not too big of a fan of sleeping on a firmer pillow, you can then simply take out the amount of foam that youd like, fluff the pillow back into shape, and have the perfect product for yourself!

    The outer shell of the pillow is rather lofty – this, in fact, isnt such good news for anyone whos looking for the best pillow for stomach sleepers. Having said that, though, yet again, this is where the adjustable factor comes in – taking out some of the foam, youll be able to adjust the height of the loft, too!

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    What Is The Best Pillow For Stomach Sleepers

    February 26, 2022 Filed under: Sleep Solutions

    Everyone has a preferred sleeping position that helps them fall asleep, and for some people, the only way to get comfy is to sleep on the stomach. However, most sleeping positions have some drawbacks when it comes to supporting the body, and stomach sleepers are at the most risk of back problems. Even if you fall asleep easily, your body still needs proper support, elevation, and alignment throughout the night. One way to help give your body that support is by sleeping with the right pillow.

    Best Memory Foam: Wondersleep Dream Rite Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

    4 Best Pillows For Stomach Sleepers – Check Them Out Here!

    Stomach sleepers will love the squishy feel of the Dream Rite Shredded Memory Foam Pillow, which allows you to add or remove filling to change its height and density. The fill is made from a mixture of 80 percent shredded memory foam and 20 percent polyester fiber, providing the perfect level of support for your head and neck.

    This budget-friendly pillow is covered in a rayon-polyester fabric that stays cool and breathable, and all its materials are hypoallergenic, making it ideal for allergy sufferers. It’s no surprise that this pillow has somewhat of a cult-following, thanks to its adjustable filling and oh-so-soft feel.

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    A Pillow That Can Be Customized To Your Side Sleeping Needs

    Coop Home Goods

    Fill: Shredded memory foam | Trial period: 100-night sleep trial | Adjustable: Yes

    The pillow thats right for someone else might not be perfect for youthats why Coops pillow is adjustable. You can remove or add the foam fill until you find the firmness level thats just right for you. Its also GreenGuard Gold certified and contains no toxic or harmful chemicals. Also worth noting: The cover and fill are machine-washable, so you can keep both your pillow cases and your actual pillow super clean.

    What the reviews Say: With nearly 50,000 ratings, the vast majority of which gives five stars, its a winner for lots of folks: I am a side sleeper who desires a great deal of support. Because this pillow has pieces of memory foam instead of a solid piece, it does not condense and it is airy, providing airflow keeping it cool. My highest recommendation!

    Best Value For Advanced Features Vaya Pillow


    • Memory foam that contours to your head and maintains its shape.
    • Good reviews and ratings and a long trial period.
    • Many cooling features to improve sleep quality.

    One potential problem with shredded materials is that the pillows that are filled with them can lose their shape, requiring constant fluffing and reshaping to fit your head shape during the night. This is one of the prices you pay for their plushness and breathability, but it is a problem for stomach sleepers especially because hard protruding parts of their faces, like their chins, dig into their pillows. The GhostPillow is made of gel memory foam that does not have this problem, as it is firmer and contours to the shape of your head.

    76 percent of Amazon shoppers give it either a five-star or four-star rating, and if you dig through the reviews, you will see that some of them are stomach sleepers. Many of these stomach sleepers report that they dont have to stick their arms under the pillow for extra support, saving them the experience of waking up with stiff necks and shoulders. But you dont have to rely on reviews, you can try it out for yourself for an impressive 101-day trial period.

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