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Pillow With Picture On It

Things To Consider And Top Tips

How to print a picture onto a pillow

If you’re printing on the back of your picture pillow cases too, please consider the bleed margin for the slip and flap closure. Within the design interface, you’ll notice a dashed line that indicates where the flap closure is positioned. Any design that is placed within this dashed line will be printed onto the flap used to tuck away the pillow. If you have any important features or text on your photo, make sure this isn’t placed in the flap area. Use the design tool to edit your image, zoom in so that you can see your images extra large and make sure everything is perfect, and preview to double check you’re happy with your design.You can also design a fun photo collage featuring loads of your best snaps. Simply upload your pictures and select more than one in the design tool to create a collage. Choose from ready-made montage styles or edit and rearrange the pictures manually for a truly bespoke custom photo pillow case gift that someone will just love.Christmas personalized pillowsDesign Christmas themed slip covers and snuggle up in winter with festive personalized pillows. You could print a photo from your children’s first nativity play as a loving – albeit slightly embarrassing – memory gift. Personalized Christmas pillowcases like this can become part of your family’s festive traditions, as each member can have their own.Newlyweds pillow caseIf your best friend is getting married or has already tied the knot, design a special photo pillow case

Creating A Photo Pillow Is Just 3 Easy Steps

  • Import Your Photo

    Get to upload photos from any desktop, Smartphone or tablet on our photo pillow editing tool.

  • Design

    Customize the pillow with your photo on it with many personalizing options, creativity, and new filters.

  • Delivered at doorstep

    Preview your final design and approve for us to start creating! We always deliver on time.

How To Make Photo Pillows

To meet the criteria above, youll need to get your photos custom printed on fabric. I use Spoonflower to do this. You can make six 18 inch pillows from one yard of fleece fabric . Cost plus shipping is around $30, and then you can use inexpensive backing fabric, meaning you can make six pillow covers for under $40.

Note: when you print your photos, print them the same size of the pillow insert youd like to use. For example, to make a cover for an 18×18 inch pillow, youll want your photo to get printed at 18×18 inches. When you sew the cover together it will end up slightly smaller than 18×18 inches, but thats ok because it ensures the pillow cover fills it out nicely.

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Your Pillow Could Help You Stop Snoring

The Carbon SnoreX brings some advanced technology where you may have last expected it: your pillow. This pillow unites sleep and science for a comfortable cushion that also fights against bacteria, allergies, neck and back pain, snoring, and more. However, a pillows first job is comfort, and this pillow brings some of the best. Made of memory foam with an Ice Cool cover, you get comfort along with refreshing temperature control. No more flipping your pillow searching for the cool side.

The SnoreX also has a special neck support channel that can help reduce snoring by keeping your head supported. If that wasnt enough, it also has two ergonomic arm rests for sleepers who like to keep their arms held high. All you need now is an eye mask and some sleepytime tea for a real cozy bedtime.

This pillow doesnt stop at comfort though. Its design also helps keep it clean, limit the accumulation of allergens and bacteria, and it could even reduce acne. By building a layer of infused copper, your pillow actually fights back against bacteria and germs. Add in the Air Vortex breathable mesh, and you should be sweating less while you sleep and reducing any acne that could have been coming from a dirty pillow.

What Is The Process For Creating A Personalized Photo Pillow

Phantoscope Soft Silky Velvet Series Decorative Throw Pillow, 12"  x 20 ...

Making a custom photo pillow with CanvasPeople is simplejust follow these five steps:

  • 1. Upload a photo of your choice from your photo library or social media profile

  • 2. Adjust sizing if necessary

  • 3. Add on optional effects

  • 4. Choose a frame for added polish

  • 5. Well handle the rest!

  • If youre looking for a seasonal present to kick up your holiday decor, browse our selection of custom holiday pillows to find all sorts of festive personalized pillows! From Babys First Christmas pillows to Happy Hanukkah and Kwanzaa pillows, our inventory is sure to help you ring in the season with snuggles and celebrations.

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    What Can You Do With Photo Pillows

    Add a dash of character and style to any room with a custom pillow from Collage.com. With so many sizes to choose from, these pillows are practical additions to couches, beds, and more. Order some for your own home or create pillows to give to all of your friends and family.

    A custom photo pillow is ideal for a variety of gift-giving occasions. These pillows are thoughtful wedding gifts, meaningful anniversary presents, and personal housewarming additions. Include pictures of your kids, grandchildren, family pets, wedding shots, and more. You can also choose to add text if you wish to communicate a special message. Or simply use these pillows to display your family monogram. There is no limit to what you can do with a custom photo pillow. Once you start the creation process, the inspiration will naturally come to you.

    Diy Photo Pillow Tutorial

    Start by making a high-quality collage of your photos. I used Photoshop Elements 13 to make my collage, but you could also make a free collage using picmonkey.com.

    Or you could just upload one photo and tile it all over your fabric if thats what you want.

    The Heavy Cotton Twill fabric I used has a 58 wide printable area so I made my photo collage about 36 tall by 58 wide so I didnt waste any printable space.

    Youll want the image resolution to be at least 150 dpi . I set mine at 300 dpi.

    Then when I uploaded the collage on the My Fabric Designs website, I set the dpi as 300 so everything would be the size that I planned.

    Once you get your fabric

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    What Are Photo Pillows

    A personalized throw pillow from Collage.com allows you to include your favorite pictures on a myriad of decorative or functional pillows. These soft and comfortable pillows make the perfect cuddle partner. Your pictures print in vivid detail on the pillow, bringing out the colors and crispness of all of your most treasured photo memories. Each pillow comes standard with a solid white backing or you can upgrade to the double-sided printing option for even more photo memory fun. A host of customization options allow you to be in charge of the complete look of your pillow.

    Choose Your Insert Or Use Your Own

    Pillow Cube Review: An Oddly Shaped Pillow for Side-Sleepers

    When designing your perfect pillow, you can also choose whether you want Collage.com to include an insert or if you prefer to use your own. For just a nominal cost, you can choose one of Collage.coms extra cozy inserts to fill out your pillow cover. The pillow cover is machine-washable, making for easy cleaning. Simply remove the insert and machine wash in cold water using a mild detergent.

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    A Special Personalized Gift

    We know how hard it is to find a gift that is personalized, unique and practical, which is why we were so excited to launch Buddy Pillows. Photos hold some of our fondest memoriesa physical reminder of the bond we share with our loved ones. And sometimes it’s nice to be able to hug your loved ones tight when you need it the most!

    • Surprise Grandparents with huggable pillows of their Grandkids, especially if they can’t see them due to Covid-19.
    • Create cuddly versions of family members for loved ones in retirement communities or memory care facilities.
    • Give children a way to hug their parents while they are away, whether it’s on deployment, for work, due to divorce, or even just for parent’s night out.
    • Cherish the memory of a lost loved one with one of your favorite photos of them.
    • Turn your OC or fav character into a huggable pillow.

    A Gift For Loved Ones Near Or Far

    Many college students wont be heading back to campus in the fall, but we have something that might brighten their dayprint your face on a Buddy Pillow and send it to your roommate, so you can still chill on the couch together in a socially responsible way. Our custom pillows are also meaningful gifts for those who cant visit loved ones in nursing homes, or are missing family and friends due to social distancing.

    Our special pillow gifts are all about the details …

    • Ultra-soft polyester plush, non-fading
    • Advanced printing technology, vibrant color
    • Image printed on front and back
    • Filler: 100% hypoallergenic cotton
    • Machine washable/ dryable

    The face pillows are an especially fantastic way to immortalize yourself or a friend and will almost always be rewarded with fits of laughter. I mean, seriously… they are ridiculously awesome!

    Skip to second 0:50 for the big reveal.

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    Custom Personalized Throw Pillows

    • Multiple Sizes Available: Our personalized photo pillows are available in three different sizes: 12×12, 16×16 and 18×18.
    • Perfect for Every Occasion: From holiday decor, to romantic Valentines Day gifts, to a custom gift for Mothers Day, these personalized photo pillows are the perfect gift for your loved one during any season.
    • Made to Last: Our custom photo pillows arent just cozy and decorative, theyre also created with the highest quality of materials and printing practices, ensuring a long and happy life on your couch.
    • Double or Single Sided: High resolution imagery can be added to either one of both sides of the pillow.

    Pillows With Picture On It

    Creative Arts n Frames Personalised Magic Cushion With Your Fantastic ...

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    What Size Is A Standard Photo Pillow

    It depends on where you plan to use your photo pillow! If youre shopping for a pillow for a large couch or bed, you might opt for our 18×18 photo pillow. And if youre shopping for a petite pillow for an armchair or daybed, our 12×12 personalized pillow might be the perfect fit!

    CanvasPeople photo pillows are available in the following sizes:

    • – 12×12

    Use Our Photo Pillow Templates Or Completely Customize It Yourself

    This step is purely optional. You can submit your pillow design for printing after step 5 or you can continue to personalize the product with a variety of custom templates that will inspire your creativity. You can take this part of the design process one step further by choosing to add a unique background or a text message inscribed on the pillow. It all depends on how much personal detail you wish to include on your pillow design.

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    Why Are My Pillows So Flat

    How come pillows go flat? Your head is compressed to the loose material inside the pillow for a long period of time, which is one of the most common reasons why a pillow flattens. The fluffiness of the material is lost and it ends up being flat. Its possible that the pillow is flat due to the water in it.

    How To Make Photo Pillow Covers

    How to Make a Throw Pillow with Piping

    The first step is to cut out each individual photo .

    Next, youll need a backing fabric. I used flannel for the back because its soft and super inexpensive, especially with a coupon at Jo-Anns. However, flannel does pill after a while, so a plain cotton might actually be a better choice. For each pillow cover, youll need two back pieces. The back pieces should be the same height as the front and a little more than half as wide. For an 18in pillow cover I cut my back pieces 18 inches tall by 11 inches wide.

    On each back piece, hem along one of the long edges. Turn under 1/4 inch and press, then under 3/4 and press, then sew with a straight seam.

    To make the pillow cover, place the pillow front right side up. Then place both back pieces on top of it, right sides down. The finished edges of the back pieces will overlap in the middle.

    Pin and sew all the way around the pillow cover, pivoting the needle at the corners. Use a 1/4 or 3/8 inch seam allowance. Once youve sewn all the way around, you can turn your pillow cover right side out and stuff a pillow form inside:

    If youd like, you can customize your pillow covers with piping, pom pom trim, or tassels. I added piping on the pillow above and pom pom trim on the pillow below:

    You can see more about how to add pom pom trim in this post, and you can learn about adding piping from this video

    Love photo projects? Check out some of these posts:

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    Add Photos To Pillow For An Extra

    Accent any room with custom built throw pillows. Our soft, photo pillows are amalgamation of comfort with best quality fabric. While on one side it gives a better feel and durability, on the other side the elegant touch makes it further adorable. Using the pictures of your family, friends, pets and others close to your heart and keep them forever by your side.

    How To Make A Personalized Photo Pillow

    If you want to give the people on your holiday list a gift they can really hold onto, why not make them all personalized photo pillows with our easy DIY tutorial? This customized gift may look like it took a lot of time and effort but believe it or not, you can actually do it at the last minute using mostly recycled materials. Your loved ones will be blown away when they open their gift to see their own faces emblazoned on a cozy pillow.

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    Give Your Body A Leg Up On Healing With This Full Leg Massager

    You might love your pillow, but is it giving you everything you need for a great nights sleep? What if you could lay your head down somewhere with gentle neck support, AirTech Memory Foam, graphene, copper, moisture-wicking, and even arm rests? Oh, and it can help prevent snoring. The Carbon SnoreX 8-in-1 Cooling Pillow might be the most comfortable and advanced pillow you ever sleep on, and its only $50 for a limited time.

    Get To Print Any Of Your Favorite Memories

    SoHome Luxury Velvet Throw Pillow Covers, Pack of 2 Cream Decorative ...
    • Memories

      Showcase those unforgettable memories on personalized photo pillows and bring them to life in any setting of the room!

    • Family

      Family photos on pillows make the place even warmer especially if one of your favorite kid goes to college.

    • Milestones

      Showing milestones on the photo pillows is the best way to boost your support on the family members.

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    How To Make 5 Or 6 Different Photo Pillows

    If you dont want multiples of the same photo pillow, but lots of different photo pillows, you have two options. If you arent familiar with Photoshop Elements or dont have it, you can use the Fill a Yard option at Spoonflower. This will let you upload different photos and fill up your yard of printed fabric with them.

    If you are comfortable using a program like Photoshop Elements, you can mix and match different photos and different pillow sizes. Open a new project that is 36 inches tall by 56 inches wide at 150 dpi. Then crop photos to the size of your pillow forms and arrange them on your project.

    Flatten and save as a .jpg and upload that file to Spoonflower.

    Order your fabric.

    When your fabric comes, it will be a wide piece of fleece that is 36 inches tall. Heres what mine looked like:

    Spice Up Your Home Decor With A Personalized Pillow

    Everyone has photos around their house, but how many people have throw pillows made from their photos? Now is your chance to create a one-of-a-kind housewarming gift for your friends and loved ones… or surprise your significant other with a huggable pillow of their favorite personyou!

    The clarity of your image on the pillow will directly reflect the quality of the photograph provided. Please submit the highest resolution image possible for the best results.

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