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Do You Have To Have A Box Spring With Mattress

Box Spring Versus Foundations

Do You Need A Box Spring?

Consumers purchasing a new mattress are going to find themselves wondering if they have the correct foundation. Because a traditional box spring is commonly known as the foundation, we need to take a minute to understand the differences in each.

As stated before, a box spring is the most known and used foundation. It does contain springs that help absorb movement. For innerspring mattresses not containing memory foam, this is an acceptable option.

A foundation is a solid or slatted piece used with memory foam and latex mattresses. They are made of particleboard or wood slats spaced strategically spaced apart. The best foundations for memory foam mattresses will be budget-friendly and designed to support you and your bed.

How To Set Up A Box Spring

Typically box springs come fully assembled, so you would just place it where you want it. Some box spring/foundations, like a smart box spring, that go above and beyond a traditional box spring may have a few parts to put together, but it should be easy assembly with instructions. These are usually metal box springs with a fabric covering that act as a complete foundation.

In a complete bed set, box springs are typically placed on a bed frame that connects to the headboard and footboard. It’s also common to see mattresses and box springs used together without a complete bed frame.

Those who don’t feel the need to have a decorative-looking bed can simply place their box spring on the floor or on casters, with the mattress on top.

With large mattresses, like a king-size, the box spring can be difficult to maneuver through tight spaces in your home. In this case, it may be beneficial to purchase a split box spring, which is split into two halves.

What Are The Components Of A Box Spring

As mentioned above, a mattress is made of either wood or metal, springs, and some type of coating, whether it be plastic or fabric. However, what you may not know is there are harmful, potentially dangerous chemicals within the metal and fabric used.

While it is true, you can purchase a safe box spring, most are made with harmful chemicals. The wood that makes up the frame of a box spring is often coated in formaldehyde and pentachlorophenol to ensure the lifespan of the box spring.

The fabric that wraps around a box spring may also be purchased in a safe, organic material, such as cotton, linen, or bamboo. However, the majority of box springs in peoples homes are made of synthetic materials. The fabric that coats a box spring often contains harmful chemicals such as sodium hypochlorite, chromium, or zinc.

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I What Is A Box Spring And What Does It Do

So, what exactly is a box spring?

Exactly how it sounds, box springs are wooden boxes filled with coiled springs that are tied down and covered with cloth to act as a supportive surface for the mattress. Traditional box springs would often come with your spring mattress, sold as a coordinated and matching set. A box spring usually sits on top of a metal frame, with the mattress acting as the final top layer.

Whats the point of a box spring? It serves a few purposes

  • It raises the height of the mattress. This can make it easier to get in and out of bed, compared with placing the mattress directly on the floor.
  • It provides a solid surface for your mattress to lay on, for added support. When matched up, the coils inside the box spring act as a continuation of the coils in your spring mattress, which absorbs some of the shock. This makes for a more comfortable sleep and it also helps your mattress last longer.
  • It improves airflow and circulation around your mattress, allowing for a cooler sleep.

What Are The Main Sizes Of A Box Spring

IKEA Box Spring, We Need It or Not? Depends on Your Bed ...

As with most mattresses that are made, there are also standard sizes of box springs available to you. Many people often classify the size of a box spring with the size of a mattress, such as a twin, queen, or king. But this is not the only size classification among box springs. The profile of a box spring allows for a certain extent of customization, as these come in many different sizes.

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Do I Need A Box Spring With My Mattress

When youre investing in a high-quality mattress, youll want to make sure you have everything you need for a great night of sleepand that includes solid support for your mattress to lay on.

While traditionally a mattress would come with a matching box spring to provide that support, times have changed as the industry innovates and grows. In this article, well explore a very common question: what exactly is a box spring, and do I need one?

Overview: Do You Really Need a Box Spring?

While box springs used to be a necessary purchase alongside traditional innerspring mattresses, theyre not as important nowadays. But we do recommend using some sort of support with your mattress. With the many alternatives on the market today, including metal foundations and adjustable bases, youve got options.

Do You Need A Box Spring Purple Mattress

Its simple to choose any random mattress and then call it a day. Yes, you save some dollars and perhaps some time from researching but spend enough nights on a mattress that you dont know about and then youll begin to wonder what youre doing that makes you feel more tired and unrested compared to the night prior.

Purple Mattress aims to solve the problem by studying the elements that make a comfortable sleep more enjoyable with exclusive technologies, like the Purple Grid Layer, which makes the mattress feeling that is different than other mattresses on the market. This article will examine the possibilities of whether Purple Mattress is the right choice to make your next mattress purchase.

Before you continue, you may want to check out this video by Mac Dingle on YouTube that gives a quick review. After, you will want to read the rest of the article for a more comprehensive review of Purple Mattress.

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Are Box Springs A Thing Of The Past

Over a decade ago, a box spring was essentially required when buying a new mattress. Today, thats not necessarily the case. While some types of mattresses still require box springs, others do not. There are other types of supports that you can use under a mattress, including platform beds and foundations.

Is A Box Spring Still Useful

Do I Need a Box Spring for my Memory Foam Mattress?

Like I said above, a box spring can still do the job of providing a flat and firm structure for your mattress to lie on.

I advise against putting your mattress directly on the floor so a box spring can provide a platform for it. Heres why:

  • Air cant circulate underneath the mattress. This is particularly a problem for foam mattresses because air cant move through the foam support core and mold can grow on the bottom if there is no air circulation underneath it.
  • Allergies. Dust mites and other allergens love to live in our carpets. If you have your mattress directly on the floor, youre putting yourself a lot closer to them.
  • Bed height. Having your mattress directly on the floor will make your bed quite low. Some people will find it hard to get in and out of bed if its too low.
  • Many modern mattresses advise against putting their mattress directly on the floor. You dont want to risk voiding your warranty.

So a box spring will elevate your bed off the floor and do that job. You can get modern box springs that dont actually contain springs but there are loads of other ways you can keep your mattress off the floor without using a box spring.

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Do I Need A Box Spring No But You Need Something

Im so glad youre asking yourself, do I need a box spring?. Theyve been a part of our bedroom setups for our entire lives, its something that isnt questioned much. You might even find it difficult to picture sleeping without one. BUT, box springs are becoming outdated. Their springs are notorious for wearing out, leading to bad sleep no matter what your mattress. They dont have a nice modern look either.

That leaves you with some questions:

  • If I dont need a box spring, why have I been using one for so long?
  • Is a box spring still useful?
  • What could I use instead of a box spring?

What Two Beds Make A Queen

Two twin beds will equal about 78 inches in width. This is a lot larger than a queen sized mattress, which is only 60 inches wide. A queen is also longer than a twin, so if you attempt to put a queen sized sheet onto two twin sized beds, you will have a situation where the sheets are too narrow, but also too long.

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Do You Need A Box Spring

For most mattresses, having something between the mattress itself and the floor is helpful. Whether this should be a box spring, a foundation, or a platform bed depends on several factors.

All mattresses will benefit from having a firm, solid foundation to rest on. Box springs were created to help absorb impact, reducing the wear and tear on the mattress. However, box springs were more prevalent when mattresses had much thinner profiles overall, and were primarily innerspring designs. Today, most modern mattresses do not necessarily require a box spring.

Whether or not you should use a box spring depends on a few factors. The main people that should use a box spring include:

  • Those using a traditional metal rail bed frame, which is designed to cradle box springs
  • Those with an older innerspring mattress designed for use with a box spring
  • Those with a mattress whose manufacturer specifically recommends box springs
  • Those who want to elevate their bed to make it easier to get in and out of

The main people who should not use a box spring include:

  • Those with newer memory foam, latex, or hybrid mattresses
  • Those who prefer the style or functionality of a platform bed, wood foundation, or other kind of bed base
  • Those who prefer to sleep with a mattress directly on the floor

Construction Of A Memory Foam Mattress

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A memory foam mattress is not made up of just memory foam. Typically, only the top layer is memory foam, while the bottom layer or layers are stiffer, more supportive foams.

Since memory foam mattresses are made entirely out of foam, they can be heavy. Innerspring and hybrid mattresses can feel lighter because of the empty space in their coil bases.

The foams in the mattress are flexible, designed to conform to your body, and able to move with an adjustable base. However, this flexibility means the mattress requires consistent, uniform support to maintain its shape.

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Do I Need A Box Spring For My Mattress Your Top Alternatives Revealed

If youre in the market for a mattress and wondering if you need a box spring, then this article is for you

The short answer is no, you dont need a box spring for your mattress! What you need is a foundation, which doesnt necessarily have to be a box spring. In fact, youll be happier if you choose a box spring alternative instead.

If you read until the end of this post, youll have all the information you need to make an educated decision on what bed foundation will best protect your mattress investment.

Why do you need a mattress foundation?

Without a proper foundation, your mattress will sink and become uncomfortable. But whats even worse than the lack of comfort this sinkage causes is the lack of support. If your mattress doesnt evenly support your body as you sleep, then youll likely wake up in the morning with aches and pains. When it comes to lack of support, boxsprings are a primary offender.

There are several box spring alternatives that will provide a better foundation for your mattress to rest on. Alternatives like platform beds, wood foundations, and adjustable beds are longer-lasting than boxsprings. Using one of these alternatives means youll have appropriate support and firmness for your back throughout the night.

So even though box springs used to be considered a practical and functional part of your beds setup, they have become largely outdated. There are better options to choose from now! But you may be wondering

The Different Types Of Box Springs

There are different construction types as well as varying height options and split foundations. Over the last several years, advancements in sleep technology have resulted in mattresses that are a lot taller than they used to be. For this reason, many manufacturers produce low profile box springs. as well as ultra-low profile box springs.

The difference in height is completely aesthetic. There’s no difference in the amount of support they provide to the mattress. Whether you use a standard or low profile box spring, you can count on your mattress getting the support it needs.

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Key Differences Between A Box Spring And A Foundation

Both box springs and foundations raise your mattress to a comfortable level and can be good bed bases for your mattress, depending on your mattress type. Here are some essential differences to keep in mind when making your choice:


Compatible with most mattress types, even heavier ones

Might make a thinner mattress feel firmer

What Happens If You Use A Bed Base That Is Incompatible With Your Mattress

Do You Need A Box Spring? – Everything There Is To Know!

Pairing your new mattress with the right bed base can extend both its comfortability and lifespan. If you invest in a hybrid, latex foam, or memory foam mattress, which are designed to contour to your body specifically, a mismatched bed base can greatly diminish the value you get from your mattress.

Box springs, for instance, are typically not designed to withstand a mattress as heavy as memory foam, and using them together can cause sagging in the mattress, then back pain for you.

To be completely sure your bed base and mattress are compatible, check with your mattress manufacturer.

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Important Warranty Considerations With A Box Spring

Although a box spring is not always incompatible with an Avocado Mattress, your box spring must provide proper support, and must be designed and constructed to be capable of handling the combined weight of both the sleep system and the intended users. Many do not.

Since many box springs tend to be associated with older innerspring mattress sets, they tend to not provide proper support for a heavy natural latex hybrid mattress or all latex mattress. They may cause your mattress to falsely appear as if it is sagging in the middle, or even cause your mattress’ innerspring system to fail over time by bending your mattress in the wrong direction . This is why Avocado does not sell box springs. Per the terms of our mattress warranty, “If the purchaser uses an inappropriate foundation, box spring or base as determined by Avocado Mattress, the Mattress Warranty, without limitation, will be void.” When in doubt, we strongly recommend switching to a foundation or simply a bed frame or adjustable base that does not require a foundation. Your back will thank you, too.

So Do I Really Need One

When it comes down to it, box springs arent an absolute necessity for many mattresses, but you will need some kind of supportive foundation one way or another. Depending on the Beautyrest mattress, you can always forgo a bit of comfort and ventilation and put your bed directly on the floor, or even on wood pallets, to firm up the mattress a bit. But if you want customized support that helps you sleep soundly and rest easy every night, youll want to invest in something a little more reliable.

Platform beds are another great option, as well as adjustable power foundations. Adjustable beds are the ultimate in comfort and support, letting you adjust your mattress depending on your needs. Some models even let you and your sleeping partner choose different positions, maximizing your comfort without going full-on 50s sitcom couple. We have plenty of foundation options in store, and just as you should always test out a mattress before buying, you should always test out a bed frame too. Come have a snooze in our store and see which one feels best to you!

Whether you decide to go with a box spring or not, be sure to get a Beautyrest mattress that supports you just right, and a foundation that perfectly complements your mattress! Getting the right support is important, and thats why our team is always ready to support you on your journey to better sleep with helpful blogs and expert advice in-store.

Angela, your sleep expert

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What About A Bunkie Board

If youve been Googling bed bases, youve probably come across a bunkie board. Typically found in bunk beds, thus the name bunkie, these boards are designed to work with traditional metal bed frames and provide support to mattresses that are being used without a foundation. A bunkie board is thick piece of plywood used to increase the firmness of box springs. Because of its solid, smooth surface, a bunkie board could be used to support your foam mattress, but may not be as good of an option as something more solid like a foundation, platform bed or adjustable base.


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