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Can You Dispose Of Mattresses At The Dump

Break The Mattress Down Yourself

How To Dispose Of A Mattress – Got A Garbage Mattress?

If you have the time, space, and tools, you can easily break a mattress down yourself. Simply cut around the perimeter of the fabric covering and peel the cloth and foam away from the box springs and wooden frame. You can roll these materials into a compact bundle and put them in your regular trash can. Next, take a saw and cut up the framewhich you can then burn or turn into wood chips. Take the box springs to a recycling center or sell them for scrap.

Given that mattresses can be so difficult to dispose of effectively, you may want to factor durability into your purchasing decisions. Some mattresses come with warranties that range up to 20 years. With proper maintenance, its not impossible for mattresses to last for decades, which can go a long way toward reducing your households overall waste footprint.

Mattress Disposal Tips & Locations In San Diego

The Better Sleep Council recommends you get a new mattress every seven years. If youre following this advice and decide its time for an upgrade, you may be wondering how to dispose of an old mattress. Every day, Americans dump 50,000 mattresses into landfills, even though an astounding 80% of the material can be recycled or re-purposed for other uses.

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Check With Your Local Trash Service

While it is always a good idea to at least consider donation an explore the option, in all likelihood you will have to dispose of it instead.

Some communities will take part in a large disposal period where dumpsters are placed in town once a year, but if your hometown does not engage in this practice, or if it is several months away, it may not be a viable option for you.

A good first step if you are not sure where to start is to simply reach out to your local trash service to find out whether they will take large items like mattresses at all. Do not simply leave the mattress on your curb without checking, as you could end up with a fine from your city.

If they do accept mattresses as a part of regular trash collection, they probably only do so on specific days, and you will likely need to wrap the mattress in plastic before they will take it.

Though every service is different, many times it will not be possible to leave your old mattress for your regular trash service to collect, and you will need to explore alternative options.

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State’s Policies For Mattress Removal

Be sure to check your state’s mattress removal policies before disposing of your mattress. For example, some states allow you to set your mattress out with the trash, others plan special mattress disposal days, and some require you to take large items like furniture and mattresses to waste management centers.

Additionally, states like California, Connecticut, and Rhode Island have mattress recycling programs to prevent mattresses from ending up in a landfill. These programs typically allow residents to call a recycling service to pick up the mattress for free or for a small fee.

Can You Recycle A Mattress

Mattress Disposal Made Easy

At the very least, some parts of your mattress will be recyclable, and its possible that all of it will be. And yet, according to The Furniture Recycling Group, Wembley Stadium could be filled five times with the 7.5m mattresses that are discarded in the UK every year.

While mattress recycling is relatively labour-intensive, more and more facilities capable of doing so are springing up around the UK. These facilities will break down your mattress into its recyclable components springs can then be melted down and remade into new metal products, while synthetic layers such as foam can either be used to make carpet underlay, or else can be sent to a plant where the waste can at least be converted into energy.

Aside from taking your old mattress to your nearest recycling centre yourself, the best way to ensure your mattress is recycled is to pay for it to be collected. But whether you use the local council, the company delivering your new mattress or a specialist mattress removal company, make sure it is clearly stated that the mattress will be recycled. Otherwise, its probably best to assume that it wont be.

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Do I Need To Pay To Get Rid Of My Mattress

Mattress removal costs depend on the number of mattresses you need to get rid of on average, a junk removal service will charge $120 to $175. Before you decide to hire help or call your local sanitation service to collect your mattress, find out if the manufacturer’s warranty still covers your mattress.

The mattress’s lifespan won’t necessarily match the timeline of the warranty, and it only covers defects not caused by the customer. However, if you’re trying to get rid of a lightly used mattress, these defects are typically included in what’s covered by a mattress warranty:

  • Sagging

We Have A King Size Problem And You Should Care

Since they are designed not to compress easily, mattresses occupy 400 times more space in landfills than regular rubbish.

So what? Right? Cant we just make more landfills? Actually, states across America are running out of landfill space and the passage of stricter landfill permitting policies is reducing the number of new landfills permitted for operation. In the grand scheme of things, this is progress that benefits us all. Ultimately, it leads to innovation and better resource management practices. However, it requires us all to change our consumptive behaviors and start to reconsider the way we perceive waste.

As a matter of fact, the lack of landfill space and increased disposal cost are the key factors that led states like Connecticut and Rhode Island to pass statewide mattress recycling Extended Producer Responsibility policies. Leading up to the passage of these policies, the City of Hartford, Connecticut produced an intriguing report highlighting the burden of mattress disposal cost on municipalities. A comprehensive exploration of EPR policies can be reviewed on Re-Mats websitethat post will cover most of the FAQs on the topic.

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How To Dispose Of Your Old Mattress For Free

Depending on where you live in Victoria, you will either havethe option to leave your old mattress on your nature strip during a localcouncil annual hard rubbish collection period, or you can make an appointmentfor an annual hard rubbish collection. This municipal service is paid for withcouncil rates paid by local property owners. Contact your local councilfor specific details on their hard rubbish pickup service, which variesdepending on the council.

As explained earlier, just over half of mattresses sent towaste transfer stations are recycled in 2019.

How To Tell If Your Mattress Is Worn Out

How To Dispose Of A Mattress For Free

When is it really time for you to get a new mattress? The National Sleep Foundation tells us that more than 90% of people know that their quality of sleep depends on the quality of the mattress they choose to sleep on. Many tend to delay buying a new mattress due to the cost. The fact that mattresses are costly, makes it easier for people to sleep on their old mattress for much longer than they really should.

So is it time for you to get a new mattress? The answer is yes if:

  • You often wake up tired and/or achy
  • Your mattress is sagging and/or lumpy in areas
  • Your mattress is tearing and/or ripping

Eco Terra Latex Mattresses come with a 15-year warranty and a 90-day money-back guarantee.

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Throwing Out Your Mattress

In some cases, you may not be able to donate or recycle your mattress. It may be that your mattress isnt fit for donation, or you cant find a recycling center close enough that will take it. For whatever reason, youre unable to donate, give away, recycle, or upcycle your mattress, theres always the option to throw it out.

However, it is often not as simple as just putting the mattress out on the curb. Many states, cities, and towns have specific ordinances and rules about throwing away mattresses, some of which prohibit putting a whole mattress in the trash. In those places, a curbed mattress may not be picked up on garbage day, and may result in a ticket or a fine.

The rules regarding garbage disposal vary, and you can find the rules for your state and city with a quick Google search. If you live in an area where you can, in fact, throw out a mattress with your regular trash, make sure to carefully read any additional rules to avoid fines and/or pickup refusal. In most places, you will be required to wrap your mattress in plastic, and in some places, you will be required to wrap the mattress in a specially made plastic mattress bag. To be safe, cover your mattress in plastic and seal it shut with packing tape.

For those who cant curb their mattress at all, there are a few other options.

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Hire A Professional For Mattress Pick Up

What if no nearby organizations offer pick-up services, and dropping it off yourself is not an option?

Consider contacting a local mattress disposal service that sends trucks to transport your mattress to a charity, recycling location, a buyers address or etc. for a small fee. Weve covered some of the options above, but services like 1-800-GOT-JUNK will come and pick up pretty much anything.

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Disposing Of A Mattress In Other States

The Bye Bye Mattress program is run by the Mattress Recycling Council, a nonprofit organization formed by the mattress industry to operate recycling programs in those states that have enacted mattress recycling laws. The program is currently running in California, Connecticut, and Rhode Island and funded by a recycling fee collected when consumers buy a mattress or box spring.

If you are living in a state without a mattress recycling law, you still have options for disposing of your used mattress! Check out our directory of whats available in your state here.

Disposing your mattress doesnt have to be hard! And you can do it while being environmentally conscious.

Are There Any Fees For Disposing Of A Mattress In A Dumpster

Recycling and Proper Disposal Keeps Mattresses Out of Landfills

In some areas, there are fees associated with getting rid of a mattress. Mattress disposal charges apply when the local landfill or transfer station must break down or recycle the mattress. These charges come directly from the local facility and will apply whether youâre using a dumpster rental, curbside pickup or landfill drop-off.

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How Long Does A Memory Foam Mattress Last

Memory foam mattresses tend to perform well in our durability tests. Of the 52 memory foam, foam and latex mattresses weve reviewed, over 90% of them earned four or five stars in our lifespan test. The remaining mattresses got three stars, which is average or acceptable.

However, in the past we have uncovered memory foam mattresses that failed our durability test completely.

And just because you buy a memory foam mattress, it doesnt mean you dont still need to rotate it regularly, so theres no less maintenance than with a pocket sprung option.

All in all, we wouldnt recommend buying a memory foam mattress solely for the durability, unless it provides the support and comfort youre looking for as well.

Find out more about how to buy thebest memory foam mattress.

A Guide To Mattress Disposal And Recycling Across The Uk

Buying a new mattress is a wonderful event. Especially when you realise that your old mattress was pretty past it, and your best nights’ sleep are ahead of you.

However, youre left with a cuboid-shaped puzzle: mattress disposal. Wondering how to get rid of your old mattress brings many questions. Can you take a mattress to the tip, for example? Can you leave it on the street? Is it ok to have an unseasonal bonfire night celebration?

Contrary to popular belief, old mattresses dont end up starring in global productions of The Princess And The Pea. Mattress disposal can result in large, multi-material objects ending up in landfill. Waste isnt good in any form, but mattresses are really large bits of waste, so its important to get this right.

Thats why weve researched the best ways to dispose of an old mattress, all of which are easy for you to follow, and good for the environment, too.

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UPDATE: The UKs coronavirus regulations have, unsurprisingly, had a rather significant impact on how easy it is to dispose of your mattress. While many of the services we discuss in this article are still operating under Covid-secure rules, some retailers such as Ikea have suspended their collection services. Always be sure to check the retailers website for more information on its Covid policy.

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How To Haul Away A Mattress

  • Use a waste disposal service: Mattress hauling is part of waste disposal. You can call a dumpster rental or waste disposal service that will pick up and haul your mattress for you. Prices vary, and youll have to do some extra work, like wrapping it tightly in plastic, if you suspect your old mattress has bed bugs. .
  • Have your new mattress company haul your old one away: Many mattress companies will haul your old mattress away to recycle it when they deliver your new one. This is by far the easiest option since you wont really need to do anything other than pay a small fee for the labor involved in removing and hauling away your old mattress. Here are some things to know:
  • Generally, the fee is under $30.
  • Some companies will haul your mattress away for free as an added incentive to have you purchase your new one from them.
  • Best for local moves.
  • Many online retailers dont offer this service.

Optionally Donate To A Local Charity

How to Dispose of a Mattress

If your mattress is still in good condition, consider donating it to a local charity. Many offer free local pick-up for donations. You may also be eligible for a tax deduction for donating your mattress. Contact a local Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity, ReStore, or homeless shelter to find out more about their donation programs and policies.

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How To Recycle Your Old Mattress

When its time to recycle your old mattress, look for the nearest participating recyclers in your area. Residents can drop their old bed at no-cost to for a reimbursement of $3 per mattress with a limit of five units per person per day. If you bought a new mattress and need to get rid of the old one, the law requires retailers that are delivering the new one to give the consumer the chance to have the old one picked up during delivery at no extra cost. However, if you bought your mattress from an online company, they are not subject to this law and retailers have the right to not take back a used mattress that may be a health or safety risk.

Options For Mattress & Box Spring Recycling

Donate to a Charity. Use MassDEPs Beyond the Bin Recycling Directory to find organizations near you that accept mattresses.

Find Out if Your City or Town Has a Program. The map below indicates which communities are enrolled in the MassDEP Mattress Recycling Incentive grant program, which subsidizes mattress recycling. An alphabetical listing of communities is also available.

See SMRP Municipal Grants and Additional Resources below to learn more.

Please Note: If your town or city is not part of the MRI program, please contact your local health or public works department to learn about your communitys mattress disposal requirements and/or available recycling options.

Use a Recycler on State Contract. Municipalities and certain public entities may use the FAC90 Statewide Carpet & Mattress Recycling Services Contract to select a vendor to either accept mattresses on a per-unit basis or provide collection container rental and hauling.The following mattress recyclers are currently on state contract:

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Option : Throw It Away

If youve exhausted all your options and are unable to recycle, donate, resell, or repurpose your old mattress, the last option is to throw it out. However, that doesnt mean leaving it next to your dumpster. Many cities and states have specific rules and regulations in place around throwing away mattresses. Several cities dont allow you to leave a mattress in the trash doing so can result in a ticket or fine. Some areas will allow you to throw out a mattress in the Dumpster however, there may be specific rules around it. For example, some cities may require you to wrap the mattress in a plastic mattress bag. Its always best to check the regulations of your area before throwing out your mattress. If you live in an area that doesnt allow you to throw out your mattress with your regular trash, there are a couple of other options available.

Throwing out your mattress should be your last option. However, if you have to do it, make sure to do it responsibly.

Can I Dump My Old Mattress In The Trash

Mattress Disposal Santa Clara

Yes, you can dump your old mattress in the trash but take note that there are serious environmental consequences to doing so.

Roughly 20 million old mattresses and box springs end up as trash every single year in the U.S. The problem with this is that trash in landfills releases methane, a greenhouse gas that contributes heavily to climate change.

What’s worse is if the mattresses end up in open landfills instead of closed ones, they will contribute to 91% of all landfill methane emissions.

If, however, you insist on dumping your mattress in the garbage, I recommend that you still do it responsibly by following these steps:

  • Check to see if your town offers bulk trash pick-up.
  • Wrap your mattress in a plastic bag, preferably a recycled one.
  • Bring your mattress to the curb.
  • Getting rid of mattresses in a responsible way isnt easy. A growing number of landfills dont want them, since they are bulky, hard to crush and can jam machinery.

    Ryan Trainer, President of International Sleep Products Association

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