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Can You Throw A Mattress In The Trash

Option : Donate To Charity

How to Dispose of a Mattress – Get Rid of your Old Mattress!

After evaluating the condition of your old mattress and you find that it is still in usable condition, you might want to consider donating your used mattress to someone in need. If you were planning to just get rid of it anyway, why not do a good deed and let the mattress finish out its lifespan in good use. There are many charitable organizations that would be happy to receive a lightly used mattress such as homeless shelters and domestic violence centers. You could donate your unwanted bed to help a family that has lost everything in a fire, earthquake, hurricane, or other natural disasters. You can rest easy knowing your former bed is helping someone less fortunate have a good nights sleep. Learn what organizations accept mattresses and in what conditions.

Can You Recycle A Mattress

How do you complete furnishing your home without a mattress? The comfort that a mattress gives to everyone is beyond estimation. No matter how rugged you are, sleeping on the couch or anywhere else is different from sleeping on the mattress.

The joy that greets you each morning is partly due to your sleep on the mattress. For each home you visit, you are most likely going to find more than three mattresses. In some, the number is higher. This shows that mattresses are terrific household materials.

The problem, however, is that these mattresses dont last forever. It will get to a point where you will have to change them due to different reasons. The reason for this might be due to their sizes. Probably, you or your kids have outgrown the current mattresses, and you need to replace them. Sometimes, it might even be that the mattresses are old and worn out.

Whatever may be your reason for changing them, there is an unanswered question of what happens to these mattresses? Where do they end up? Is there a thing you can do with them? Are they even recyclable? These and many more questions are what these post answer.


About Can You Throw It Away

Can You Throw It Away is committed to helping you properly dispose of all kinds of waste and also provides ideas to help you reuse your old items. The companys mission is to make recycling and reusing easy for people in the modern world, so they can reduce their environmental impact. Can You Throw It Away has a team that are passionate about sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint on the planet.

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Option : Fix Up Your Mattress

Are you wanting a new mattress, but maybe its not quite in the budget yet? Its understandable that you are so ready to get rid of the old mattress you cant stand, but have you gone through all the possibilities for fixing it up? You just may be able to fix your mattress enough to get a few more good years out of it.

Gel Mattress Pads: Add a gel mattress topper or pad for a cool to the touch improvement. Simply unroll to fit your mattress exactly, while still allowing your mattress pad and sheets to fit nicely over everything and the bed is much more comfortable and can even help reduce heat and sweating during your nights sleep.

Mattress Covers & Protectors: Adding a mattress cover and protector to your mattress could not only aid in fixing a sagging mattress by compressing it together but would also help keep your mattress clean as well as hiding any nasty stains. A mattress cover will also contribute to a more comfortable nights sleep.

Under Mattress Helpers: These types of items are not very common at many stores, so you may not know about this product, but you can purchase props that you place underneath the exact areas of your mattress that is sagging. These are not 100% helpful but do offer some extra support when other options dont do the trick.

Consult The Mattress Recycling Council


In California, Connecticut and Rhode Island, you are legally required to recycle mattresses through a program administered by the Mattress Recycling Council, which costs between $10 and $17 per mattress. To get rid of your mattress in these locations, you will need to have your mattress removed by the retailer when your new one arrives or deliver it to a certified recycling facility yourself.

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How Are Mattresses Recycled

Mattress recycling services can use almost all of the old mattresses. A mattress is first cut open and its layers are separated.

Typical mattress parts are fabric or fibers on the surface layer, foam padding made of polyurethane foam, and steel springs. Box springs typically have a wooden frame and a steel spring structure. Bed frames may also have foam and fabric for top layers.

Fabric is recycled into industrial oil filters or it finds its use in the textile industry. Foam padding can be turned into carpets or used in dog beds. Steel springs can be recycled as metal scrap, and wooden bed frames can be turned into mulch or used as a fuel source.

Mattress Recycling Facilities And Collection Sites

Some US states have great recycling programs. The good news is over 75% of your mattress can be recycled and materials used for new products.

California, Connecticut, and Rhode Island are a part of the Mattress Recycling Council. Its a program that boasts recycling over 6 million mattresses by the end of 2019. Mattress Recycling Council organizes collection sites and recycling centers.

If you live in other states, you can contact 1-800-GOT-JUNK? for used mattress removal. This service removes all kinds of junk, but it also has a specialized mattress recycling program. Actually, if a mattress is in a good shape, the organization donates it. If its in a bad shape, they recycle it.

Huge amounts of recycled mattress materials are used for a variety of purposes.

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Can You Take A Mattress To The Dump

While yes, you can dump your old mattress in a landfill but its a really poor decision for the environment. You should first consider cleaner, more convenient options before simply resorting to dumping your mattress or other furniture in the trash.

As weve mentioned, furniture has to be disposed of in a particular way, so your used furniture items, including your old mattress, are on the list of things you cant throw in a dumpster.

This means that if you want to handle furniture disposal on your own, youll have to haul your old recliner or unwanted bed frame and headboard to the landfill or recycling center yourself.

Or, you could have your old furniture picked up and disposed of properly by a , which is actually the fastest and easiest way to get rid of furniture.

A junk removal company uses junk haulers that are trained in properly disposing of bulky junk items like furniture, mattresses, appliances, and electronics.

If you dont have the time for on-site estimates or strength to haul your unwanted sectional or sleeper sofa to the dump, youll want to book a modern removal company like LoadUp.

Through easy online booking, you can get local professionals to quickly pick up your furniture and dispose of it for you through donation, recycling, or another eco-friendly method.

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Option : Repurpose It

How To Dispose Of A Mattress – Got A Garbage Mattress?

If you love to DIY, break down the mattress and box springs yourself. Mattresses contain a variety of useful materials including steel, polyurethane foam, memory foam, latex foam, natural fibers, wooden parts, nails, screws, and much more. You can use the materials for a variety of purposes including:

  • Recycling the parts: Remove the steel parts and springs from your mattress and sell them to local scrap yards and scrap metal recyclers in your area. If your mattress includes cotton, wool, silk, polyester, or rayon, those materials can be recycled as well.
  • Home projects: The foams and cotton in your old mattress can be used for several things around your home. They can be shredded and used as carpet padding, insulation, filters, seat cushions, pet bedding, pillows, and more.
  • Gardening: Break down the wooden parts of your mattress and use them for gardening. When shredded, the wood works great for lawn mulch. You can also use the wooden slats to create a compost bin.
  • Arts and crafts: The fabric that covers your mattress can make a great DIY rug and memory foam padding can be cut into small sizes and used as cleaning sponges. There are also screws and nails in your mattress that can be used for arts and crafts.
  • : The coils and springs of your mattress can be melted down and made into various objects such as plant and candle holders, ornaments, bird feeders, and much more.

When in doubt, check out for even more ways you can repurpose your old mattress.

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Throwing Furniture In A Dumpster Is Often Illegal

No matter where you live, it is usually illegal to throw furniture or other items in someone elses dumpster. The dumpster may even be located on private property you cant enter without permission or knowing the apartment dumpster rules.

Private property is simply that which isnt owned by a state entity or a group of non-governmental entities. Dumpsters located at office buildings, apartment complexes and within shopping centers are technically considered to be on private property, and using them to throw away old furniture items is illegal.

If you get caught using a dumpster illegally, youre in for a hefty fine. Although they vary on a state-by-state basis, fines for illegal dumping are generally upwards of $500.

Thats a lot to pay for getting rid of your old couch or mattress or kitchen table.

How And Where To Sell A Used Mattress

Some people choose to replace their mattresses because they can no longer accommodate their needs.

For example, you may want to switch to a king-size mattress if you buy a larger bed. If your old mattress is in good shape, try selling it on eBay, Craigslist, or Facebook Marketplace.

Take photos of the mattress from all angles. Include the following details in your listing:

  • Mattress condition
  • Materials, such as poly or memory foam
  • Cover fabrics
  • Any defects, stains, or signs of wear-and-tear
  • Price mention if its negotiable

Potential buyers are unlikely to pay more than one-third of the original product price.

Brand-name mattresses in pristine condition may sell for more. You may also charge a slightly higher price if you can deliver the mattress yourself to the buyer.

As a general rule, clean and disinfect your mattress before putting it up for sale.

Note that some states, such as New Jersey, prohibit the sale of mattresses and other bedding items that were used by people with contagious or infectious diseases. Failure to comply with the applicable state laws and regulations can lead to hefty fines.

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What To Do With An Old Mattress: Know Your Options

First, determine the age and condition of your mattress. Next, look for mattress disposal services in your area and decide on the best course of action. Consider the following options:

  • Donate your old mattress
  • Break it down and repurpose it
  • Sell it
  • Throw it away

Some stores offer free mattress disposal services to buyers, while others charge a fee. California-based retailers, for instance, are legally required to pick up used mattresses and/or box springs from their customers at no extra charge.

Beware that mattresses that pose safety or health risks may not be eligible for recycling. A mattress contaminated with dust mites or rodent droppings, for example, should be disposed of as solid waste.

Research the local regulations for mattress removal to stay on the safe side.

Is Junk Removal Better For Your Furniture Removal & Disposal Needs

The Mattress Landfill Crisis

Unfortunately, it can be very difficult to get rid of old furniture, no matter where you live. Many garbage removal services will haul away certain bulky waste items when you request and schedule a special pickup, but they wont pick up furniture thats been left on the curb.

You may be thinking about doing some good and helping others by donating your unwanted furniture to a local charity. Organizations such as the Salvation Army, Goodwill, and similar charities usually accept donations of gently used household items.

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Give Them Up For Charity

One of the easiest ways to help the good cause of charity is to donate your things. If you have old mattresses, you can always donate them.

However, before you donate your old mattresses, you have to ensure that they are still in a good state. The idea behind donating items for charity is simple and clear. It is not just to dispose of them, but to give them out so that other people can have good use of them.

In this light, if your mattresses are too old or worn out to serve any good purpose, you should consider recycling them.

How To Donate Or Sell A Mattress

Good options for mattress disposal are to:

  • Donate or sell the mattress
  • Have a mattress company dispose of your mattress
  • Take it to a recycling facility or a collection site
  • Upcycle the mattress yourself
  • Wrap it in plastic and throw it in the dump

You can donate or sell your old mattress if its in excellent condition not torn, dirty, moldy, or disfigured. You should clean the mattress, vacuum it and let it air out prior to giving it to someone else. Check out local rules and regulations because some places require sellers to have used mattresses cleaned by professionals.

Youll probably have to pack the mattress properly before donating or selling, so be sure to have a plastic wrap, or better yet, a special plastic mattress bag. Whether youre selling or donating, its important to inform the charity/buyers if there were any pets or cigarette smoke where the mattress was held.

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Check If It Can Be Recycled

If the mattress is not contaminated or does not have any serious problems, theres a high chance that it can be recycled. Millions of mattresses are thrown into landfills each year, and this number is very scary, considering that they can take decades to decompose. Some mattress recycling companies in Canada have found efficient ways to recycle the mattress material, and anyone who has a used mattress should call and question whether their mattress can be recycled.

However, its important to note that the locations of these mattress recycling facilities are often very far away, and they generally do not offer any pickup services.

There are many ways a person can get rid of a mattress from their home. First, if the mattress is in good enough condition, they can donate it or even try and sell it. If it has lived past its age, though, its proper disposal will have to be arranged as soon as possible so that it does not become an unsightly obstruction in ones home or a space-consuming item in the garage or storage area.

One of the easiest ways to effectively get rid of a mattress is to simply rent out a garbage bin and toss it out along with any old pieces of furniture and leftover materials from renovations while youre cleaning your home. When you decide to toss out your mattress for good, call a junk removal service or your local curbside collection agency to see if they are willing to pick it up. Also, check to see if it qualifies to be sent to a mattress recycling center.

Nobody Should Put A Mattress In The Dumpster

How To Dispose Of A Mattress For Free

Just because you are able to fit something in a dumpster, that doesnt necessarily mean you can. And even if youre allowed to throw some things away in a dumpster, that doesnt always mean you should.

Because of safety concerns and local regulations, there are many types of junk and other waste that you cannot dispose of by throwing them in a dumpster.

If theres an item youre just not sure about whether or not you can dispose of it in a dumpster, check with your local public works department for a list of items that are generally prohibited.

In the meantime, were going to take a look at the things you can and cannot dispose of in a dumpster. Well also answer whether or not you can throw a mattress in a dumpster and how you can find an even easier option for mattress disposal.

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Can Mattresses Be Put In A Dumpster Where I Live

If you are renting a dumpster for a home cleanup or specific project, contact our team to learn about accepted materials and mattress disposal rules in your area beforehand. There may be an additional charge for each mattress or box spring you are disposing of due to local fees charged by the landfill or transfer station.

How Casper Can Help

One of the best things about Casper mattresses is that our limited warranty covers the full 10 years. So, youre guaranteed to have restful sleep for a full decade. We believe that improving the way the world sleeps also means improving our impact on the environment. Thats why we created a bedding recycling program called Resnooze & Recycle. If youre looking to get rid of your old bedding, all you have to do is follow three simple steps:

  • Bring in your old bedding to a participating Casper sleep shop.
  • Well give the sheets a second life.
  • Well offer you a discount on new Casper bedding.
  • Its a win, win. If youre looking to buy a new mattress, Casper mattresses are specifically designed to last long-term, with comfort in mind.

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