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How Often Should You Rotate A Hybrid Mattress

How Should You Flip Your Mattress

How Often Should You Rotate Your Mattress? And Should You Flip It?

Since flippable mattresses can usually be rotated as well, its better to flip and rotate your mattress at the same time. Follow the steps below to flip and rotate your mattress without damaging it.

  • Remove adjacent furniture, such as nightstands and floor lamps.
  • Remove accessories such as pillows, mattress toppers, pads, and protectors.
  • Rotate the mattress 90 degrees clockwise, so the longer side is parallel to the headboard.
  • Raise and prop the mattress on its side.
  • Vacuum your mattress, bed base, and unreachable areas beneath your bed.
  • Gently flip the mattress.
  • Lower it gradually so the face-up side now rests against the bed base.
  • Rotate 90 degrees clockwise again to align the mattress with the bed base so the head is now at the feet and vice-versa.

How To Rotate A Mattress By Yourself

To many of us, turning a mattress 180 degrees seems to be a time-consuming process, which is why we put it off. However, by following these guidelines, you may do the task fast and easily:

How to rotate a mattress by yourself?

  • To make it simpler to rotate the mattress, remove all of the bedding from it, including the sheets, comforter, and any accessories.
  • It would be best if you made every effort to clear the surrounding area. Also, ensure there arent any lights or trinkets that may be knocked off a nearby surface if the child falls.
  • Use the handles on the mattress if it has them, and if not, ask someone else to assist you.
  • Rotate the mattress a quarter turn, then rest it as you go to the foot of the bed, and then rotate it another quarter turn. It may not be easy to rotate the mattress in a single movement in certain cases, particularly if you are doing it on your own.

What Mattress Types Need To Be Rotated

Most mattress models should be rotated unless specified by the manufacturersome models shouldnt be rotated because they contain sleep technologies, like zoned support systems, that may not work effectively if turned.

Types of mattresses that may need routine rotations include memory foam, innerspring, hybrid, and latex.

Both memory foam and innerspring mattresses should be rotated every three months. This ensures the bed wears evenly and lasts longerroutine rotation may even prevent sagging.

Hybrid mattresses need to be rotated every 3 to 6 months. Even though hybrids contain more materials than other mattress types, regular rotation prevents premature wear and tear.

Latex mattresses should be rotated every six months. Latex is more responsive than memory foam but still needs regular rotation to establish even wear, and rotating these beds may prolong their lifespans.

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How To Rotate A Mattress

While rotating bed mattresses, certain steps and guidelines can be followed to properly execute the rotation and securely fit the mattress onto the bed frame.

  • Plan your mattress rotations evenly to ensure timely rotation and even distribution of fillings. Small mattresses can be rotated easily, but large mattresses need to be rotated consistently with support to maintain their structure and prevent sagging.
  • Prepare your room and surroundings before the rotation, as mattresses can be difficult to maneuver and may disturb surrounding elements. Removing side table lamps, positioning the curtains far, and clearing out breakable items help in easy mattress rotation without obstructions.
  • A small mattress can be handled easily, but rotating a large mattress 180 degrees would require proper support with extra people. If the bed doesnt have a headboard, it is easier to glide the mattress into the rotation place.
  • Once rotated, ensure that the mattress is centered on the bed frame and the fillings are evenly distributed with no bends.
  • After rotating, replace the mattress sheets for a fresh look and regularly maintain mattress hygiene. After 2-3 months, repeat the rotation process.

The Benefits Of Rotating Your Mattress

How often Should You Flip or Rotate Your Mattress?

Ever wonder how long does a mattress last or how often you should replace your mattress? If youve been considered with mattress lifespan, mattress rotation can help.

  • Lumps and bumps By evenly distributing your weight across the mattress, you can prevent lumps and bumps from forming. Lumps occur when the internal structure of the mattress gets bunched up, so this is a risk for sleepers who toss and turn often.
  • Sagging When you strip your mattress bare, always look for evenness. Any sagging, or lower parts of your mattress can cause improper back supporteven if the mattress only sags an inch or two. If you tend to sleep on one side of the bed or sleep with a partner, you can stop sagging in its tracks with semi-frequent rotation. A sagging mattress is no fun, especially when you are trying to get a good nights sleep.
  • Hammocking Have you ever climbed into bed, laid down for a good night of rest, only to roll towards the middle of the mattress by the time morning comes? This is called hammocking, and it can be prevented with rotation. Its similar to sagging, but can wreak extra havoc if youre a side sleeperhammocking reduces how much hip support you get. Hammocking is also one of the clearest signs you need a new mattress, so make sure to rotate your mattress to avoid this.

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Do I Need To Rotate My Mattress Or Flip It

Regardless of the type of mattress you have, you should always rotate your mattress from end-to-end at least every three months.

If your mattress is double-sided, you’ll need to flip it over when you rotate it too.

Mattress type
Double-sided Rotate from end-to-end and turn it over

You shouldn’t turn over a single-sided mattress. This is because the other side is not designed to be slept on.

Should You Flip Your Mattress

Mattress flipping means that youll turn it over and sleep on the side which was facing the box spring. How often should you flip your mattress? After several mattress rotation cycles, you can go ahead and flip it. This way youll wear out both sides of the mattress, which further adds to its longevity.

This only works if you have a flippable mattress, that is, a double-sided mattress that allows you to turn it over and still have the same firmness and support.

Most modern mattresses are one-sided mattresses, that is, they are not flippable mattresses for example, a pillow top mattress or some innerspring mattresses. A one-sided mattress typically has specific layers on each side. Most hybrid mattresses are not flippable they have a bottom side with a foundation and coils on it, and then the support core, several layers of foam, and finally comfort layers on the top side. They have so many different materials working together to provide proper support, and if you flip it you lose those important features.

You should contact the mattress manufacturer if youre not sure whether to flip or not. Mattress flipping is much harder than rotating, so you should definitely get some help there.

Its generally not impossible to sleep on the wrong side of the mattress, but itll be much firmer. You can try to sleep on the bottom side if youre into really firm mattresses, but it probably wont be the best option for a lot of people.

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Option #3 Using A Mattress Topper

One of the simplest methods in giving your mattress a firm surface is by getting some mattress topper.

Choose one that is firm enough.

You can either opt for a thick memory foam or a latex mattress topper.

These two are the most optimal choices when making a mattress firmer since they can provide adjustable support.

Between the two, latex is relatively firmer, though.

In any case, if you need the upper layer of the mattress to be firm yet soft at the same time, you can opt for mattress toppers filled with cotton.

A mattress pad that snugly fits in your bed can also be a good supplement in enhancing and retaining the firmness of your tempurpedic mattress.

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The Bed Rotation Will Affect The Frequency Of Rotation

Rotation or Flipping: How Often Should You Rotate Your Mattress? Mancinis Sleepworld

Did you know the base of the bed will affect the lifespan of a mattress? If your bed has strong frame support, the mattress wont bow or sag. This is because the pressure of the body is distributed frequently.

A sprung slatted base will deliver natural springiness and avoid the sagging of the mattress. Nevertheless, rotation is important if you want to get the most from your bed.

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What Mattress Firmness Do I Need

As a general rule, you can find the right bed by identifying your preferred sleeping position and learning what mattress firmness alleviates your pressure points.

  • If youre looking for the best mattress for back sleepers, choose something medium to medium-firm. Medium-firm mattresses can alleviate pressure points in the shoulders and tail bone and prevent the sleepers hips from bowing into the mattress, causing misalignment and pain.
  • The best mattresses for side sleepers are medium in firmness as these beds offer enough comfort to alleviate pressure in the shoulders and hips and enough support to prevent the spine from twisting.
  • Stomach sleeping overextends back muscles, ligaments, and the spine, which leads to chronic pain issues including sciatica, herniated discs, and neck pain. We advise stomach sleepers to switch to side sleeping to avoid chronic pain. If youre not ready to switch to side-sleeping just yet, a medium-firm or firm mattress encourages neutral alignment to minimize chronic pain.

Can You Flip A Pillow Top Mattress

No, you cant flip a pillow top mattress. Flipping one will compromise the pillow top, which is a soft layer that is found only on the top of the mattress . A quick way to determine whether or not your mattress can be flipped is to assess its symmetry: if its the same on the top and the bottom, you can flip it. If the top and the bottom are not identical, you cant flip it.

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How To Ship A Tempurpedic Mattress

If you want to ship the Tempurpedic Mattress from one place to another, you must first make sure that you cover it well and that it is well covered. And the company needs to know how to handle the Tempurpedic Mattress.

You will have to pay for the matric to ship which can range from $0.70 to $2.50 per mile.

Benefits Of Flipping Mattress

How Often Should You Rotate Your Mattress

No one wants to suffer from poor sleep or any uncomfortable sleeping position due to uneven bed. The regular flipping or rotating your mattress will help you maintain an even surface as well as a comfortable bed. That means you can enjoy your mattress for a more extended period and no need to get a new replacement.

Flipping mattresses keep beds sturdy and durable for a longer lifespan. But how do you flip your mattress so that it stays good as new? First, determine which spot you always sleep. By flipping it, you allow the bed to recover from the everyday weight that sleepers put on them.

Currently, there are new-gen mattresses that feature added layers so that users dont have to rotate and flip them now and then. Todays mattresses also provide customized designs to give sleepers the best experience in a more extended period without sacrificing comfort and quality.

Here are the most common benefits you will get when you flip or turn your mattress regularly:

  • Longer lifespan for the mattress
  • Spine support and alignment.
  • You have maximized mattress investment.
  • Enjoy even and fluffy bed.

Again, before rotating or flipping your mattress, check the manual to make sure it requires flipping. If you purchased an innovative mattress with extra layers of foam, its more unlikely to require rotating. Following the instructions can save you energy, money, and time from a new replacement.

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How Often To Rotate Mattress

In general, you should rotate the mattress once every three months. Older mattresses need to be rotated frequently for optimal care. With occasional rotation, a good mattress can last up to 10 years.

The best indicator to tell whether the mattress needs rotation is looking at the care instructions. For the vast majority of mattresses, you should rotate them regularly. This applies to latex, foam, hybrid, and innerspring mattresses. However, the frequency depends on several factors.

What About Flipping Your Mattress

You might be surprised to learn that these days, most modern mattresses are designed for one-side use. This means theyre not designed to be flipped. For example, a manufacturer might design a mattress with a firm, supportive layer of foam or metal springs on the bottom, to ensure the sleepers body is supported and their spine is properly aligned. But to keep the mattress comfortable, the manufacturer might include a top layer with cushy foam for comfort and contouring. If you were to flip a one-sided mattress like this, the comfort layer wouldnt properly support the mattress from the bottom, and the sleeper wouldnt be comfortable dozing directly on the support core. Plus, the mattress would wear out more quickly.

However, some mattresses are designed to be flipped. For example, some all-foam mattresses are double-sided to offer two different firmness levels. One side is a little firmer than the other, and the sleeper can decide which option they prefer. Other mattresses have one uniform firmless level and flipping them periodically helps extend their longevity.


How often should you rotate your mattress? Generally, once every 6 to 12 months. For a more specific answer, dont hesitate to contact the mattress store or the manufacturer.

Sweet dreams!

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Why Rotate Or Flip

Some models need to be rotated now and then because by doing so, you would even out the overall wear and tear that the bed is subjected to. This is not only going to prolong the overall usability period, but it would help you keep your spine in a rather neutral alignment.

This is a critical aspect of getting a nights sleep thats good and relaxed. Its also playing an important role in the prevention of wake-ups through the middle of the night.

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On the other hand, flipping the mattress requires you to turn it on its other side. There are certain older beds which require this. Typically, innerspring mattresses which have no pillow top could be flipped to enhance their prolonged performance as they’re going to wear out as time passes.

What Is The Very Best Hybrid Mattress

How Often Should I Rotate my Mattress?

If you like the idea of integrating the advanced pressure relief of memory foam mattresses with the assistance of an innerspring system then a hybrid may the the ideal option for you.

While there are some great hybrid mattress models out there, sadly, not all hybrids are great. What are some of the best hybrid mattresses on the market that you can buy?

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Should I Flip My Leesa Or Hybrid Mattress

No! You dont have to worry about flipping your Leesa mattress. Traditionally, mattress companies recommend flipping your innerspring mattress to get even wear on both sides of your mattress over time. Four times a year, they advise that you flip or rotate your traditional mattress. With Leesa, you don’t have to stress about a mattress-flipping schedule because you don’t have to flip your mattress.

Our mattresses are designed from the bottom up, with layers in a specific order, to help you get better rest. If you flipped your Leesa or Sapira mattress, its entire performance design would be upside down. Resting on your mattress this way, you wouldn’t receive the benefits of the multilayer foam design, which is intended to help your body recover and charge during the night. Additionally, the two-inch top layer of our beds allows for airflow, so you get a cooler nights rest. Flipping that layer on the bottom won’t work.

Worried about the life of your mattress? Don’t be. We only use the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. So, just because you don’t have to flip your Leesa or Sapira mattress, doesn’t mean it will have a shorter life span. Our beds are built to last and durable, so you can rest on for years to come.

Can You Rotate A Mattress With Zoned Support

You should be able to rotate any mattress without trouble. Some modern mattresses such as Amerisleep and Saatva have zoned support. These are typically memory foam mattresses or hybrids with specific layers they are a bit firmer in the head and leg area, and a bit softer in the hip area, so that you can get the best support in all parts of the body and better sleep.

You can still rotate this type of mattress because those zones are normally symmetrical so you wont lose the support features when you rotate it. However, you might not be able to flip this mattress. Also, if your mattress has zoned support thats asymmetrical at the top and bottom , you should either avoid rotation or contact the mattress company. Most mattresses are thoroughly described by mattress companies, so just visit their website or sift through the Q& A section, and you should be able to find the answer quickly.

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Why Is It Good To Flip Your Mattress

Its smart to flip your mattress so that youre not constantly applying pressure to the same spots, thereby wearing it down. This is especially true for people who weigh more than average. By distributing your weight across all parts of your mattress over a long period of time, you even out the pressure applied so it will stay in better condition for longer.


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