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How Thick Is The Puffy Mattress

Suitability For Average People: Great

Puffy Mattress Topper Review (Firm option)

People in the average weight range should have much the same experience as lighter individuals adequate support and alignment, pressure relief, and comfort.

However, the contouring effect and level of sinkage will be more significant for average-weight individuals and may feel a deeper level of envelopment and hug, impeding ease of movement for some.

Puffy Warranty & Return Policy

Puffy, unlike other companies, offers a lifetime warranty. It isnt unheard of, but it certainly isnt the norm. The majority of mattresses come with a 15-year warranty.

Puffys company policies are comparable to those of most businesses. Shipping and returns are both free. You have a trial period of 101 nights. The majority of businesses operate in the 100 to 180 day interval. Some companies, such as Casper and Nectar, provide you with a years worth of service. But dont worry, you have 101 days to decide whether or not a Puffy bed is appropriate for you.

Twin Size Mattress Dimensions: 38 X 75

Twin mattress are one of the most popular sizes for children who are too big to fit in a baby bed and too small to justify a full-sized bed. Twin mattresses are commonly used in bunk beds, as well. Check out the Puffy Lux Twin Mattress.

They are also quite common with single sleepers who are smaller in size, guest rooms, and college dorm rooms. Because of its convenient size, it is often used in houses and rooms with limited space to spare, such as studio apartments.

Twin mattress dimensions feature 75 inches of length, making it suitable for average to below-average height adults. To adequately fit a twin bed, you should be working with a minimum of 7 x 10 feet of space in a room.

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What Is The Puffy Mattress Topper Made Of

The Puffy mattress topper comes in a soft and a firm version. I tested the soft version for this review. It is available in six different sizes: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king. I tested the queen size for this review. Additionally, all the materials used in the Puffy mattress topper are hypoallergenic.

Cover: The cover of the Puffy mattress topper is 60 percent polyester and 40 percent bamboo rayon. It features a skirt with deep pockets that can accommodate a mattress up to 15 inches tall. This skirt keeps the topper secured to the mattress. Additionally, the underside of the cover has anti-slip grips to further keep the mattress in place.

Fill: The Puffy toppers fill is a 2-inch block of memory foam.

The Puffy Mattress Topper is a great solution for those looking to firm up a soft mattress, or soften a firm mattress! It has an anti-slip grip to keep it from falling off your bed!

How Do We Rate Firmness

Puffy Lux Mattress Review 2021

In terms of firmness, we think the Puffy Lux mattress lands around a medium-soft to medium on the firmness scale. Again, this bed is soft-to-the-touch and extremely comfortable. It offers a great amount of pressure relief, and really contours to the curves of your body as you lay down. Remember, though, that your weight affects how soft or firm a mattress feels. For example, a heavier individual will likely feel like the Puffy Lux lands closer to a true medium-soft, while a more petite individual might think its closer to a straight medium rating.

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Puffy Royal Mattress Review Breakdown

The Puffy Royal Hybrids top comfort layer consists of 1.5 inches of memory foam. The foam is infused with cooling gel beads, intended to draw heat away from the body. Beneath this layer is a second 1.5-inch layer of memory foam. With 3 inches of memory foam in total, the comfort layers conform closely to the sleepers body to provide plush pressure relief.

These top layers are followed by 2 inches of Puffys proprietary Climate Comfort polyfoam, which is engineered to increase airflow. The support core contains 6-inch pocketed coils that stabilize the mattress and provide edge support without creating too much motion transfer.

Compared to the other Puffy models, the major differentiator of the Puffy Royal Hybrid is the transitional layer of Cloud Air polyfoam. This layer has five zones that provide extra support in areas where the body tends to sink in. The zones are shaped by grooved cutouts, which have the added advantage of allowing more air to flow through the mattress.

The Puffy Royal Hybrid has a medium feel that rates a 5 out of 10 on the firmness scale. The mattress has a 14-inch profile and comes with a stain-resistant polyester cover that can be removed for washing.

Puffy Royal Hybrid Mattress

How Is The Puffy Mattress Constructed


The Puffys soft, stretch-knit cover is 100 percent polyester and thin enough to allow for airflow. In addition to being stain-resistant, the cover can be completely unzipped and is machine-washable. This contrasts with the integrated covers used by many of the Puffys competitors and makes this mattress a good choice for people concerned about staining and washability.

Comfort Layers

Two foam layers, each two inches deep, make up the Puffy mattresss comfort system. The first is a gel-infused Cooling Cloud memory foam layer, which offers deep, pillowy pressure relief and a soft feel. Foam infused with gel, like the kind used here, may also have better temperature regulation properties than standard memory foam.

The Puffys second layer composed of Climate Comfort polyfoam does double duty as both a comfort and transition layer. This foam is temperature-resistant and denser than memory foam, offering support for the initial comfort layer while preventing sleepers from sinking through to the firmer support core.

Support Layers

The Puffy has a 6-inch base layer of high-density Firm Core Support polyfoam. This is a standard construction for all-foam mattresses. The dense foam is stronger than the softer comfort layers and serves to stabilize the bed and prevent excessive sagging.

Mattress Height
Product Name
100% Polyester

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Sizing And Weight Options

Size should be one of your first considerations when picking out a new bed. Most mattresses sold today are available in six standard sizes. These include the twin, twin XL, and full for solo sleepers, and the queen, king, and California king for two or more people. Keep in mind you may need to buy a new support system if your previous mattress and new mattress do not share the same size.

Thickness is another important factor. Some people prefer sleeping close to the ground on a low-profile mattress , while others find that high-profile mattresses provide more padding and comfort for their body. A medium-profile mattress will be suitable for anyone who wants a more balanced thickness.

Lastly, be sure to check the weight of any mattress you plan to buy especially if that bed comes from a mattress-in-a-box brand. These mattresses are delivered directly to your doorstep, meaning youll need to carry it to the room of your choice without professional assistance.

Weights, heights, and size options for all Puffy and Casper models are listed in the tables below.

What Are The Advantages Of Using A Mattress Topperwhat Are The Advantages Of Using A Mattress Topper

Puffy Lux Mattress Review – Is It Worth It?

With the capability of spreading your weight uniformly on the bed, it adapts to your body curves, ensuring that it eases the pressure points, therefore, avoiding aches and pain. The toppers dimensions are 37.5 by 79 inches. It, therefore, can fir most mattresses that you are likely to find in the dorm.


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Suitability For Light People: Great

The medium feel of The Puffy Mattress should suit most lightweight people well, perhaps even feeling more like a medium-firm.

The soft nature of the memory foam means even light individuals will feel the contouring and cradling effect of the comfort layer.

While they may not feel as profoundly enveloped as heavier individuals, they will not be left feeling unsupported and perched on top of the bed.

Best Mattress Toppers For Your Dorm

Laying down on your bed is the best feeling after a long and stressful day at college. Unfortunately, mattresses in college dorms arent known for their comfort, so it is essential that you find a comfy mattress topper that will allow you to get a good nights rest and not wake up stiff or with back pain.

This list features high-quality mattress toppers from trusted brands that will make you feel like youre sleeping on clouds. Also, since most college beds are twin or twin XL, all the mattress toppers on this list will be available in those sizes.

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Quick Note For Those With Serious Mobility Disabilities

If you have serious mobility issues, you may find this reduced bounce paired with the plushness makes it a little bit more difficult to get in and out of bed. In your case, you should check products with an innerspring unit or latex in the comfort layers. However, in terms of motion transfer reduction, I think the Puffy Lux a good consideration for sleep partners.

What Are Other Considerations To Keep In Mind When Buying A Mattress

Puffy Royal Mattress Review

Size is an important consideration, but the material of your mattress matters, too. Each type of mattress has different characteristics.

Two of the most popular mattress options on the market are memory foam and hybrid. A memory foam mattress is designed to provide targeted pressure relief by contouring to your body perfectly. On the other hand, a hybrid mattress offers the support of a traditional innerspring and the comfort of memory foam.

Shop the best-rated Puffy Mattress with these extra comfy benefits:

  • Free Accessories Worth $600

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How Firm Is The Puffy

The Puffy mattress, in our opinion, is somewhere between a 6.5 and a 7 on the firmness scale, with the comfort layer being soft but also rather thin. The transition and support layers are the ones we feel most when lying on the Puffy. When it comes to mattresses, we found this one to be firmer than most others weve tried.

What Size Sheets For Two Twin Beds Pushed Together

If you plan on pushing two twin size mattresses for your bed, its going to be difficult to find sheets that fit exactly right. A twin size bed comes in at 38 inches wide and 75 inches long, while a king size mattress is 76 inches wide, and 80 inches long.

Your best option is to use separate sets of sheets for the perfect fit. Alternatively, using two twin XL mattresses will allow you to use bedding made for king-size mattresses.

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Suitability For Stomach Sleepers: Ok

Lighter stomach sleepers will fare the best on The Puffy Mattress. Average to heavyweight stomach sleepers may find the firmness level too soft, and a mattress that is more responsive with a bit more pushback and support may be a better match.

While the level of support offered by The Puffy is decent, the level of sinkage it allows may mean stomach sleepers find their hips sink too much, causing spine misalignment and potential lumbar or neck discomfort.

A firmer or more responsive and supportive mattress like a hybrid may be a better match for strict stomach sleepers, especially heavier ones.

What Is Puffy Mattress Made Of

Puffy Mattress Review vs Nectar and Purple Comparisons!

Puffy Mattresses are made of premium non-toxic CertiPUR-US® certified memory foam with low Volatile Organic Compound emissions, free of harmful chemicals and heavy metals, for good indoor air quality. The Puffy is a bed-in-a-box mattress made entirely of foam that is supposed to keep your spine in a neutral position.

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How Thick Is A Decent Mattress

A decent mattress thickness can range from 10 to 15 inches, depending on the layers and the preference and needs of the user. And while thickness is not the sole indicator of the beds feel, you can expect that the thinner the mattress, the harder it will feel. Furthermore, remember that thickness is not the only factor that will affect the mattresss longevity.

Another tip is to aim for a bed with the top or comfort layer at least two inches thick and the bottom or base layer at least six inches thick. These minimum thickness measurements will ensure a stable and comfortable bed if youre still unfamiliar when selecting a mattress based on its thickness. If youre also interested in knowing the best thickness for memory foam, we have written a separate article for this topic exclusive to this type of foam bed.

Who Is The Puffy Lux Hybrid Good For

The Puffy Lux is a great all-around mattress. It’s well built and very comfortable. However, there isn’t a single perfect mattress that works for everyone. Here’s the type of people that will like the Puffy Lux Hybrid.

  • Back & Side Sleepers – Buy It: This sleeping style matches excellently with the Puffy Lux. Since the mattress is a soft-top with medium support, back and side sleepers will both sink comfortably into it, while still getting adequate support from the denser foam layers and coils underneath. Side sleepers will love this mattress the most. Side sleepers need extra give on the top layer of a mattress, so they’ll love how much you sink into this mattress when you sleep on your side.
  • People Under 250 Lbs: If you weigh over 250 lbs, the Puffy Lux will likely feel too soft. The heavier you are, the more you sink into a mattress. If you’re above 250lbs, you’re going to want a slightly firmer mattress.
  • Couples: Since the Puffy Lux did such a great job with motion isolation, it’s a great choice for couples. Even on a smaller size like a full or a queen, you’ll get decent motion isolation.

Check For Deals on The Puffy Lux Mattress!

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Puffy Lux Hybrid Mattress Overview

Puffy has three different mattress models on the market: the original Puffy, Puffy Lux Hybrid, and Puffy Royal Hybrid. Each one contains the companys famous slow-moving memory foam. The Lux and Royal, however, also have springs in their support layer.

For this mattress review, well focus specifically on the Puffy Lux Hybrid. This luxurious bed creates fantastic pressure relief and body contouring. That said, it will work better for some people more than others. Heres a quick overview of who may like this mattress.

Who Might Like The Puffy Lux Hybrid?

Who Might Not Like The Puffy Lux Hybrid?

  • People who want an especially bouncy mattress
  • Stomach sleepers
  • Those who need more support

America’s Most Comfortable Mattress

Puffy Mattress Review (2019)

The Puffy Mattress is the culmination of four years of research and development, foam formulations, and sleep trials. We believe, as do the majority of our customers, that we have crafted the perfect sleep system especially for those with back pain.

Its no secret that foam, especially higher quality foams such as those used in the Puffy, can only be compressed tightly for so long before degrading in quality. To ensure you receive your mattress in immaculate condition, we make, compress, and package our mattresses in smaller batches so they are only compressed for a week or two before you receive it.

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Closing Thoughts Of This Puffy Lux Mattress Review

The Puffy Lux Hybrid mattress is one of the softest yet supportive mattresses with pressure relief we’ve tested to date. It quickly became one of our favorites. We hope you got good information from this Puffy Lux mattress review. Stomach sleepers should be wary, but any sleep style other than stomach sleepers will probably love this memory foam bed.If you’re in the market for a high-quality cooling and supportive mattress with great pressure relief, the Puffy mattress is a great all-around choice for everyone but stomach sleepers. Their impressive 101 night sleep trial and option for a full refund gives you peace of mind, especially since you have to buy it online. The memory foam layers help create a cloud-like feeling, without the downsides you expect from other mattress options on the market. It ships without any shipping fees and is one of the best memory foam mattresses for back sleepers, especially if you struggle with pain in your hips and shoulders.Are you considering buying the Puffy Lux or already sleep on one? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section of the Puffy Lux mattress review below!

Check For Deals on The Puffy Lux Mattress!

Whats The Difference Between The Puffy Mattress Topper And The Puffy Mattress Pad

The Puffy mattress pad does not contain memory foam, instead it has fluffy ball fiber filling made of polyester. Same as the topper, it is 2 inches thick.

The mattress pad is designed to add a softer cushion-like layer to a mattress, not change how the firmness of a mattress feels. So while it would soften a firm mattress a little and give a more cushy feel to the surface, its not going to shift the feel of the mattress as much as the topper.

In my opinion, the mattress pad is best for people who feel like their mattress is a bit flat to lie on and want a more pillowy surface. The topper, with its memory foam inside, will change the feel of the mattress more significantly and also give more contouring.

The topper and the pad are similarly priced items with different construction and purposes.

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Puffy Mattress Review: Sleep Among The Clouds

Puffy mattresses strike a balance between supportive and cloud-like. Our Puffy Mattress Review breaks down what each mattress in the Puffy fleet has to offer.

Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn a commission.

Its no secret that a good nights sleep can work wonders for our quality of life: It can give us increased energy, help us recover quicker, reduce stress, and much more. Good sleep starts with a quality mattress, which is where this Puffy mattress review comes in. If youve been considering redoing your bedroom and upgrading to something a little plusher, the Puffy mattress fleet is sure to deliver. Weve teamed up with the team at Mattress Advisor to cover the three mattresses that Puffy creates. Between their cloud logo and company name, one hopes that sleeping on a Puffy mattress will feel something like what we hope sleeping on a cloud would feel like. Spoiler alert: its pretty close to what we envisioned. Check out these plush mattresses and discover if theyre the right fit for you.


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