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How To Compress A Hybrid Mattress

Plastic Storage Bag For The Mattress

How to roll pocket coil mattress

Transporting your memory foam bed in a bag is one of the safest and most inexpensive ways to move a mattress. Placing the rolled-up mattress in a bag will give the bed greater protection during the move, although not all storage bags are created equal. Some bags act more like dust covers. They are thin and tear easily, so its a good idea to avoid these bags.

Choose a storage bag designed specifically for your size mattress and make sure it comes with a seal or plastic slide zipper. This helps the vacuum create an airtight seal.

Youll also want a storage bag with tear-resistant polyethylene, zero vent holes, and reinforced seams or edges. There are eco-friendly and recyclable options available, as well.

How Do Mattress Companies Compress And Ship Mattresses

The shipping process for a mattress company is quite different than for an individual. The main difference is that mattress companies have access to equipment that can safely compress a mattress without damaging the materials.

With modern compression technology, even coil-based mattresses can be dramatically reduced in size right as they are produced. That compressed mattress is sealed in plastic, which allows it to hold its compact shape, and then put in a box for shipping.

While still heavy, the shipping box is of a manageable size, allowing it to be delivered to your doorstep. When it arrives, all you need to do is bring the box to the bedroom and remove the packaging. The mattress will regain its full size within a span of a few minutes to a couple of days. In most cases, you can sleep on the mattress immediately, although sometimes you may be advised to wait a few hours before using the bed.

Because the mattress is compressed right after being made, some volatile organic compounds from manufacturing get trapped in the plastic. These VOCs can give off a mild odor when you first cut away the plastic, but theyre generally considered to be harmless. As long as your bedroom is relatively well-ventilated, that new mattress smell should fade within a few hours or at most a few days.

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Tip 2 Use Vacuum Bags To Shrink The Mattress

Vacuum packing is an ideal way to move or store a foam mattress. Not only do mattress vacuum bags provide a way to compress the mattress but they also protect it against moisture and dust.

There can be a lot of dust and dirt stirred up during any move. The car or truck can be dirty, which will, of course, be transferred to your mattresssomething you want to avoid. Also, the weather might not be on your side on the day of moving. Even a short exposure to rain or other weather elements can damage your mattress. Not all damage will show up immediately or in an obvious way, but it will eventually affect the comfort, smell, and hygiene of your mattress, reducing its durability and longevity.

Vacuum bags can be used to draw out the air, thus preventing moisture damage, preventing the spread of dust or the growth of bacteria. It also provides a protective surface layer that will help keep the mattress safe from physical damage and stains as it is being moved or stored. We recommend this mattress vacuum bag from Amazon because it has a leak-proof valve and also comes with straps.

Vacuum packing a foam mattress is a simple process. Simply get one of these affordable vacuum bags, sized for your mattress. Slide the mattress into the bag, and make sure the bag is well-sealed and air-tight. Using a household vacuum cleaner attached to the bags valve, suck the air out of the bag, and seal the valve.

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How To Move A Mattress On Top Of A Car

Make sure the mattress is safely secured to the roof with sturdy rope this will help ensure it doesnt fall off and potentially cause an accident.

The Spruce says the exact length of rope required will depend on the width of your mattress: Mattresses are 39 inches to 76 inches wide. Its a good idea to measure the width of your bed, then multiply that number by four to get more than enough rope. For example, 50 inches times four is 200 inches, which translates to a 16-17 foot long rope.

When you are tying the mattress, make sure its centered on the roof of the vehicle, that your knots are secure, and that you dont tie any rope through the drivers side window so that the driver can enter and exit the vehicle safely. And of course, drive safely.

Roll It Up And Strap It

Hot Sale Hotel Roll Compressed Pocket Spring Hybrid ...

As soon as you compress the bed, you should roll it up and use ratchet straps to secure the mattress and stop it from unfolding. Ratchet straps are also called tie-down straps. They are cheap and you can get them in a market.

Ratchet straps will make moving the mattress easy and they will give you something sturdy to grab onto when you have to lift and carry your bed. These will also hold everything in place in case the tape and vacuum seal job doesnt hold up.

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Dreamcloud Vs The Competition

How does DreamCloud compare to other brands? For starters, if you will be choosing the queen mattress in a box, you will be paying less than $900 while others go beyond that amount. At 15 inches thick, it beats the rest of the brands out there, which is yet another point in favor of DreamCloud. It is one of the only brands that has a double tufted cover layer thus, giving you plenty of edge support, unlike others.

Like it was mentioned before, DreamCloud offers a 365-night risk-free trial where you can test your mattress all year round. Plus it has a lifetime warranty unlike most bed-in-a-box brands out there. Its patented coil system sets it apart from the rest as it offers a superior support system for a perfect nights sleep. Not only that, DreamCloud is CertiPUR-US certified.

Compare: The Dreamcloud mattress easily beats out its competition. Compare the Dreamcloud mattress to its popular counterparts and make the right choice.

Best Budget: Brunswick Spring Mattress

The Brunswick Spring Mattress offers a perfect combination of features that contribute to a restful nights sleep. Temperature control, lumbar support, and a comfortable pillow-top all work together to create a great mattress for most sleepers.

Outside of the features that Brunswick already masters, it aims to reduce common problems with pillow-top and hybrid mattresses. They offer more targeted support where you need it most, as well as superior motion isolation due to the multi-tempered, independently zoned, and pocketed springs. When it comes to firmness, the Brunswick Spring Mattress is about a 6.5, or medium-firm, on the firmness scale.

The exceptional sleeping experience offered here starts with a soft, quilted cover. Its smooth to the touch and durable enough to last throughout the mattresss lifespan.

Underneath this is the cozy attached pillow-top. Instead of being a separate topper, this pillow-top section is built on top of the other layers of the mattress. This cohesive structure can make the mattress more supportive, but its also easier for your fitted sheets. The first layer of pillow-top is a euro-top fill, comfortable and cushioned so that you can rest easier.

You can try the Brunswick Spring Mattress for a sleep trial of 120 nights. After the first 30 days, you can return the mattress if it isnt for you. When you decide to keep it, youll have a 15-year warranty against deep indentations, sagging, and major defects.

Available online

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How To Compress A Memory Foam Mattress At Home

By Sarah Anderson, Certified Sleep Science Coach

Youre moving to a new place, and you love your memory foam mattress so much you want to bring it with you, but a mattress is hardly something you can just pack up in a box or is it?

Youve probably heard of bed in a box mattresses, where a mattress company compresses a mattress for easy delivery. What you might not know is you can do something similar with your memory foam mattress, right at home. Compressing your mattress will make it easier to transport and protect it from grime as its moved to your new home.

Before we begin, we want to warn you that it is possible to damage your memory foam mattress by compressing it yourself. Mattress companies have special machines they use to apply tons of pressure to the mattress to avoid causing harm. Using a DIY compression method may compromise the beds support, leaving you with a lumpy mattress or a mattress that wont expand back into its full shape while being transported.

Your warranty may also void if you DIY compress your mattress, so read through your warranty before you decide home compression is your answer.

Can You Fold A Pocket Spring Mattress

How to compress ð fold and roll up a mattress ð?ð? #shorts

A pocket spring mattress consists of a layer of pocket springs designed to take isolated compressive forces when we lay on it.

This type of mattress, otherwise known as a hybrid mattress, is best known for its performance in motion isolation.

Although there are layers of foam designed to wrap around a layer of springs, a pocket spring mattress cannot be folded or bent. Unlike foam mattresses without springs, folding or bending a pocket spring mattress for the purpose of storage or moving will cause irreparable damage and void the warranty. It is simply not designed to do so.

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Foam Mattress Compression Toolkit

The tools and equipment for a successful compressing of a foam mattress are easy to acquire and inexpensive. The 6 items you need are:

  • Vacuum cleaner

An ordinary domestic vacuum cleaner will extract the air with the help of a valve.

  • Plastic mattress bag and a small vacuum bag with valve, OR

Most storage and removal companies stock these for mattresses of different sizes. You want heavy-duty plastic.

You are getting a small-sized vacuum bag only for its valve. Vacuum bags in smaller sizes are typically easier to find than larger ones.

You will be cutting out the valve and attaching it to the mattress bag.

Remember to check that the valve is the right diameter for your vacuum hose.

*Note: Go for the next option if possible.

  • Vacuum bag with built-in valve

Alternatively, if you can get your hands on a ready-made vacuum bag with a built-in valve for your mattress size the job will be simpler.

A mattress bag with a DIY valve from a separate vacuum bag may result in imperfect sealing and thus air leakage causing the mattress to gradually inflate in transit.

  • Duct tape

Youâd need this to create airtight seals, as well as reinforce plastic seams and hold the mattress roll in place.

  • Ratchet tie down straps

Handy for keeping the mattress compressed in transit. These provide useful carrying handles, but itâs possible to omit the straps and use duct tape instead.

You need three or four one for each end and at least one for the middle of the rolled mattress.

  • Box
  • Helpers

Place Your Bed In The Plastic Mattress Bag

If you bought the right size mattress bag, your bed should fit like a glove. Once youve got your bed securely inside, seal up the bag.

If you bought a sealable mattress bag, you should be able to seal it shut like you would any plastic bag. After you successfully seal it, use a few strips of duct tape to reinforce the seal.

Should the seal of the bag break while youre moving your bed, the duct tape acts as a back-up to keep things from going south.

If the plastic mattress bag you bought doesnt have a seal, thats okay, just make sure to use quite a bit of duct tape to make sure the plastic bag is securely shut.

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How Is A Memory Foam Mattress Compressed Into The Box

If youve never ordered a bed in a box mattress before, you might be wondering what you can expect when it turns up at your door.

Well, youll probably be quite surprised at just how small the box is.

Because the mattress has undergone a mechanical process where it is:

1: Squashed flat using a special machine.

2: Vacuum sealed into plastic packaging.

3: Folded in half.

4: Rolled up into a neat package ready for boxing.

You can see for yourself how a bed in a box mattress is compressed and rolled up in the video below from Mattress Clarity where filming took place inside a Brentwood Home factory.

Remove All Bedding And Pillows

How A Hybrid Help To Reduce Back Pain?  raakell

Before you slide your mattress into the storage bag, remove all bedding. This includes your sheets, comforter, blankets, pillows, and mattress toppers.

You might consider leaving a mattress protector on your mattress for extra protection from dirt and pests. Some mattress protectors cover only the mattress surface, although a zippered mattress encasement covers all six sides of the mattress.

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Tip 4 Use A Dolly Or Cart To Prevent Damage To The Mattress

Whether folded, rolled, compressed, or flat, you can also safely transport your mattress to the car, truck, or to its next resting spot by using a dolly or cart. Just put your mattress onto a dolly or cart of the right size and transport it to the desired place.

Using a dolly, you avoid dragging the mattress on the floor or having it fall on the ground, dirtying it, and possibly tearing the material. This will be especially useful if it is a heavier and larger mattress.The right kind of dolly or hand truck ideal for moving your particular mattress is readily available to rent or buy from your local dealers. We like this panel cart from Amazon because it has panel bars that will keep the mattress in place whilst moving.

Our Recommendation: Zoma Hybrid

The Zoma Hybrid is a bouncy alternative to our memory foam mattress. The bed offers the same recovery benefits as the classic Zoma Mattress, thanks to our unique comfort foams.

There are four layers in a Zoma Hybrid. A soft, breathable, and stretchy polyester cover encases the 11-inch mattress.

The top layer is 2 inches of gel memory foam with triangular cutouts in the shoulder and leg areas. The cutouts increase airflow in and out of the mattress, which restricts heat build-up.

The second layer is 2 inches of Reactiv foam. Reactiv is a responsive poly-foam that adapts to your movements, allowing the bed to snap back into shape quickly. The dense nature of Reactiv increases the beds support without impacting the beds breathability.

Six inches of pocketed coils support the Zoma Hybrid. We wrap the coils before placing them inside the mattress, allowing each coil to react to your movements independently. This design feature prevents motion transfer without compromising on the beds signature bounce.

Underneath the pocketed coils is a 1-inch layer of base foam. The base provides a solid surface for the coils to stand upright, limiting sagging.

The Zoma Hybrid features a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty, the same as our memory foam mattress. If you decide the Zoma Hybrid isnt your perfect bed after 30 nights, we will give you a full refund.

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Tips For Handling A Mattress While Moving

There comes a time when every family or individual will need to move a mattress. The challenge is to move the mattress safely and for the mattress to arrive at its destination usable and undamaged.

When handling a mattress while moving, straps can be used to secure the folded mattress. Foam mattresses can be shrunk using vacuum bags, which make it easier to roll up the mattress. Specially designed lifting straps or mattress moving bags can be used to move an unfolded mattress, whilst also protecting it. A dolly or hand truck can be used to move an awkward or heavy mattress.

Before the mattress is transported, it must be properly prepared, folded or rolled , and packed for transport. Here are some tips for moving a mattress.

The Mattress Might Not Expand Fully

How to compress ð fold and roll up a mattress ð? #shorts

The biggest risk of leaving your memory foam mattress in its box for too long is that it might not expand to its full size after opening.

This is because the compression forces being applied to the mattress for an excessive amount of time may inhibit the materials ability to fully decompress.

If your memory foam mattress isnt expanding to its maximum capacity then see the related questions section below for a possible solution.

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Alternative Way To Move A Memory Foam Mattress Without Compression

If youve decided that your memory foam mattress is too precious to compress, all is not lost. You can still transport it conveniently when moving to a new place by ordering a heavy-duty mattress travel bag with handles.

These bags are manufactured from durable plastic to guarantee superior protection for mattresses during transit. Theyre typically waterproof and dust-proof 2 properties that can optimize the physical condition of the mattress.

Besides, the bags can be securely used without violating the terms of the manufacturers warranty. The only catch may be to hire a moving truck with enough space to accommodate the full size of the mattress.

How To Compress A Foam Mattress

Mattress Manufacturers usually compress and roll their mattresses up before bagging and shipping them. While this is done with the help of a compressing machine which you probably dont have, it is possible to also shrink yours too before packing and transporting. Keep in mind that if you do this, youll be saving space.

To shrink your bed, you need a vacuum cleaner and a special vacuum bag for mattresses. Put the foam mattress inside the bag and, using the vacuum cleaner, suck the air out of the bag.

To prevent air from leaking out, make sure to seal the bag well. When youre done, roll the mattress and place it inside a different plastic bag.

When the mattress is delivered, you need to give it some time to recover from the shrinkage. You will get vacuum bags for beds online.

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