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How To Get A Good Deal On A Mattress

What Is The Return Policy

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Most online mattresses come with a free trial period of about 100 days or so, if you buy it directly from the company. You might be required to try a mattress for 30 days before you can initiate a return, though. Third-party retailers, such as Amazon, department stores, and mattress stores, might have their own rules, whether you purchased the mattress online or in a brick-and-mortar store.

Th Of July Mattress Sales: Get A Casper For $195 And More

The summer is in full swing, which means the 4th of July will be here before you know it. And its hard to imagine a better way to celebrate Independence Day than by taking advantage of all of the incredible 4th of July sales that are happening today. Most noteworthy are the 4th of July mattress sales, which are perfect for anyone who missed the plethora of deals on mattresses on Memorial Day.

Mattress Stores Make Price Comparisons Unnecessarily Difficult

Of course, the mattress industry hates this kind of comparison shopping. To discourage it, some mattress manufacturers will give the same mattress different names in different stores.

For example, the popular Simmons Beautyrest line has different brand names at different stores. The “Beautyrest Recharge Allie” at Macy’s is called the “Beautyrest Recharge Devonwood Luxury” at Sears, the “Recharge Signature Select Hartfield” at Mattress Firm, and the “Beautyrest Recharge Lyric Luxury” at If customers don’t realize these are names for the same mattress, it’s harder for them to bargain effectively.

Fortunately, this kind of obfuscation isn’t too hard to overcome. Often you’ll be able to find charts online that tell you exactly which mattress models are equivalent. Otherwise, you should be able to figure it out by comparing features., for example, says that the Beautyrest Recharge Lyric Luxury has 1 1/4 inches of AirFeel foam, an inch of AirCool foam, a half inch of GelTouch foam, one inch of energy foam, 476 “800-series” coils, and so forth. Ask your brick-and-mortar store for this kind of information on the mattress you want, and then find prices for similar mattresses from online retailers.

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What Is The Best Kind Of Mattress

There really is no best kind of mattress, because the best for you depends on your personal needs – theres no one-size-fits-all with mattresses.

In order to figure out which kind is best for you, you can take a look at the three main types of mattresses and decipher which one will best suit your needs.

Pocket sprung

Able to range from extra soft to the firmest of the firm, pocket sprung mattresses can suit a variety of needs. Also, if you tend to get warm at night, these kinds of mattresses dont get as hot as memory foam mattresses, perfect for sharing beds with an extra-warm partner.

Memory foam

Memory foam mattresses offer a superior level of comfort and support by softening and moulding to your body shape over time. These kinds of mattresses are ideal for side sleepers and those who suffer from neck, shoulder, back, or hip pain.


Combining memory foam and spring technology, hybrid mattresses tend to be the most expensive as you get to enjoy the pressure relief from the foam as well as the firmer feel of a spring mattress for unbeatable comfort and support.

Mattress Deals Online Where To Find Them

What is the best way to get a great deal on a mattress?

Holidays are not surprisingly the best time of year for mattress sales. November, in particular, is a great month for mattress deals with many manufacturers offering their lowest prices of the year. However, if you need a cheap mattress deal now there are many mattress deals available that you can take advantage of. The best places to look are generally the mattress manufacturers. Nectar, Saatva, Purple, and Amerisleep, for instance, usually have various mattress deals you can take advantage of on any given day of the week.

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Did You Forget Something

Another money-saving tactic to try: After signing up for the newsletter and adding a mattress to the cart, take a U-turn: Close the browser tab and go on with your life.

Though this might seem counterintuitive, this passive approach to getting a deal often prompts an automated marketing system to send you an emailor even a text messagewith a discount code, to nudge you closer to a purchase. We found that online mattress retailers GhostBed and WinkBeds give second chances with an added bonus.

What Can Affect The Price Of A Mattress

Multiple factors can impact the cost of a mattress. When youre working with a limited budget, it is important to consider these details to find the best option for your money.

Quality and Type of Materials: Price depends partially on the type of materials used in a mattress construction. For instance, memory foam and natural latex often cost more. Coils and polyfoam tend to be much more cost-effective, and high-quality options can be highly durable. However, low-quality polyfoam and coils may prematurely sag or show other signs of wear.

Durability: The less durable your mattress, the more likely it will be to develop issues like sagging that limit its usable lifespan. Durability is usually linked to the quality of the materials, so shoppers who want their mattress to last may prefer to select the highest quality model that accommodates their needs, preferences, and budget.

Mattress Layers: Mattresses with more layers are typically thicker and pricier due to their extra materials and more complicated constructions. While their additional layers may improve the performance of some models, shoppers can often save money by selecting an option with a simpler design.

Density: The density of foam affects its performance and durability. Lower-density polyfoam and memory foam typically cost less, trap less heat, and respond more quickly to changes in pressure. However, they also tend to be less durable and not as exceptional at pressure relief and motion isolation.

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Tuft & Needle Original Memory Foam Mattress From $745

Why Buy

  • Great for back and stomach sleepers
  • Two layers of foam

Tuft & Needles Original Memory Foam Mattress has a staggering number of five-star reviews, and based on the combination of quality, features, and price, that doesnt come as much of a surprise. The Original Memory Foam mattress is made from two layers of high-quality memory foam and is undeniably plush. The top layer consists of three inches of Tuft & Needles Adaptive foam, which is the companys own patented, extra-durable blend. Adaptive foam cradles your body, providing relief to all your pressure points and ensuring that you are supported all night long. Thanks to Tuft & Needles Open-Cell Cooling Technology, which increases air circulation throughout the mattress, you will stay cooler than cool while you sleep.

One reason that people tend to avoid foam mattresses is because of the belief that deep body impressions will form over time, but Tuft & Needle has got that covered. The bounce-back support in the Tuft & Needle Original Mattress prevents body impressions, making this the perfect mattress for people with more than one preferred sleeping position. Back sleepers and stomach sleepers will especially love this particular model.

Familiarize Yourself With The Mattress Firmness Scale

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Brands use a firmness scale from one as the softest to ten as the firmest to describe the feel of their latex. Here is a more detailed explanation of how each rating in the scale is like based on how it reacts to weight:

  • Eight to 10 rating means a firm mattress, will allow little to no contouring or sinking as a reaction to body weight
  • Six to seven rating means a medium-firm mattress, this allows minimal sinking
  • Five rating means a medium mattress, it cradles pressure points and supports the lower back and neck
  • Three to four rating means a medium-soft mattress, it does not allow as much sinking as a soft mattress
  • One to two rating means a soft mattress, it allows the heaviest body parts, e.g. trunk, to sink deeply

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Beautyrest Br800 14 Medium Pillow Top Hybrid Mattress

Normally $999, Now $489 for Queen

The 14-inch Beautyrest BR800 is a medium-density pillow-top mattress that combines cooling gel memory foam and pocketed coil technology. And with a ventilated foam encasement around the edges, you’re sure to enjoy a good night’s rest.

The lowest price we’ve seen is $399.

Th Of July Mattress Sales: Best Deals Today

  • Casper Snug Memory Foam Mattress From $195
  • Casper Essential Mattress From $336
  • Nectar Memory Foam Mattress From $399
  • Sealy Chill Memory Foam Mattress From $499
  • Layla Memory Foam Mattress From $599
  • Dream Cloud Mattress From $699
  • Tuft & Needle Original Memory Foam Mattress From $745
  • Saatva Classic Mattress From $887
  • Nolah Evolution Hybrid Mattress From $999
  • Helix Midnight Luxe Memory Foam Mattress From $1,099
  • Tempur-Adapt Adaptive Foam Mattress From $1,899

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Up To 50% Off At Dormeo

Specialising in memory foam and hybrid mattresses, Dormeo has a huge range to suit every preferred sleeping position and level of firmness. Its Octaspring mattresses use patented memory foam springs that are eight times more breathable than traditional memory foam and cant be found in any other mattress. The Hybrid also comes with an award-winning mattress cover that is removable, washable and has antiallergenic protection to keep nasties like dust mites and bacteria at bay. As if thats not enough, all mattresses come with a 20-year warranty and free delivery and Dormeo will even throw in a free pillow with some purchases.

Best deal:, Was £1,299.99, now £999.99

Should I Consider A Memory Foam Mattress When It’s On Sale

How To Get The Best Deal For King Size Mattress?

Memory foam mattresses are incredibly popular at the moment due to their versatility and affordability. Memory foam moulds around the shape of your body, automatically distributing your weight to offer maximum support and comfort.

Memory foam bounces back quickly and retains its shape surprisingly well over time. This is true for both brand new memory foam mattresses and sale items alike.

When you buy a memory foam mattress in a sale, you are making your money go much further, and investing in thousands of great nights sleep in your future.

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How To Choose The Right Mattress For Your Sleep Position

If your body isnt properly supported while you sleep, you can start experiencing weird aches and pains. As we mentioned above, neck and shoulder pain could indicate that your pillows arent doing their job. But back pain or other types of discomfort might mean that you need a more supportive mattress. Regardless of your preferred sleep position, the goal is to get to a place where spinal support and pressure-point relief intersect.

As is the case when youre standing, proper spinal alignment is important when youre lying down. Your spine should more or less be straight, except for that subtle curve inward toward the belly, in your lower back.

Pressure points are the bony or heavier parts of your bodysuch as the shoulders, hips, or kneesthat press against the surface of the bed. They vary depending on your sleep position. Pressure-point relief is helpful from a musculoskeletal standpoint if you have muscle or joint issues. For instance, if youre a side-sleeper with hip pain or rotator-cuff tendinitis , youll want a mattress that isnt too firm, so it doesnt put excessive pressure on these painful areas.

In general, here are the features you should look for based on your sleep position, as well as tips on how to check for good alignment:

Mattress Sales Tips: When And How To Shop Them

You should rarely have to pay the full price for a mattress because new sales are running all the time. To ensure you get the best possible deal, check the original price of the mattress on the manufacturer’s website, and search for any discount codes that can be applied to bring the price down further.

While doing so, look out for any other incentives that are being offered for example, some manufacturers give away bedding bundles as part of the deal. This could include their best mattress protector for safeguarding your bed from stains and spills, as well as the best pillows for comfier sleep.

Of course, even at a discounted price, mattresses are a sizeable investment so it’s important that you’re entirely satisfied. With this in mind, be sure to buy one from a mattress manufacturer or retailer that offers a risk-free trial period, along with a clear and fair returns policy.

You can normally find offers on the best mattress toppers during monthly mattress sales too, and these are great if you need a comfort boost for an older bed but can’t stretch to a new mattress just yet.

The best mattress sales normally land at the end of November when the Black Friday mattress deals start rolling in, as manufacturers drop their prices and serve up big discounts. These sales then roll over into the first Monday directly after Black Friday, when we see all the Cyber Monday mattress deals arrive.

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Get Help Disposing Of Your Old Mattress

Getting rid of your old mattress can be troublesome.

Do you throw it away? Recycle it? Donate it?

Specialist retailers don’t really help you out with this either.

But most online brands do!

Many of the mattress brands we work with offer a removal and recycling service, where they pick up your old mattress when they deliver your new one, saving you time, money, and effort.

Do Research On All Kinds Of Mattresses

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There are several types of mattresses on the market such as Hybrid, Memory Foam, and Innerspring mattresses. Then there are extra features like a EuroTop, and Pillow Top for innerspring mattresses. Then you have your legacy brands or the boom of online bed in a box retailers like Casper, Purple, and Puffy.

Each brand is going to boast different features that make that mattress line or collection unique. Look into the features that are most important to you!

Beautyrest BRS 900 Medium Pillow Top Features:

  • 900 series pocketed coils
  • Gel Memory Foam in Middle Center
  • Pieces of silver in quilt top of the mattress
  • Layers of memory foam
  • Air Cool foam to help with temperature control

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Helix Midnight Luxe Memory Foam Mattress From $1099

Why Buy

  • Pressure point relief for side sleepers
  • Premium quilted pillow top
  • Two free pillows

Side sleepers rejoice! Helix has created the perfect mattress made precisely for you. The Helix Midnight Luxe Mattress is, without a doubt, the mattress that you have been dreaming about. This luxurious, ultra-comfy mattress comes with zoned lumbar support, creating enhanced contouring throughout the night. If youre a side sleeper, especially one who is known to toss and turn, this mattress is the upgrade youve been searching for. The luxe memory foam provides pressure point relief at your hips and shoulders, making sure that you sleep more deeply, staying put a little bit longer.

Each Helix Midnight Luxe Mattress purchase is accompanied by a choice between two different cooling covers. You can opt for the ultra-breathable, moisture-wicking Tencel cover, which was designed to give you the best possible airflow, or Helixs GlacioTex Cooling Cover, which effortlessly draws heat away from your body, making sure that you stay cozy and cool. Best of all, both options are totally hypoallergenic. The mattresss premium quilted pillow top ensures maximum plush comfort.

How Much To Spend On A Mattress

Presidents Day is the unofficial time for mattress sales, but in truth theres always a sale going on. Contrary to what a salesperson might have you believe, that blowout deal is not going to evaporate the second you exit the store . Once you do start shopping, this is a rough estimate of what you can expect to get for a queen-size mattress in different price ranges:

Under $500: If you have your heart set on an innerspring bed, its unlikely youll find a decent one for less than $500your choices in this price range are generally all-foam or foam-forward hybrid mattresses. The cheaper the bed, the likelier it is to be made with lower-quality polyfoam and memory foam . Less expensive mattresses also tend to be firmer and less durable than pricier beds. But those on a budget still have a few reasonably comfortable options to choose from, including the Zinus Cooling Copper Adaptive Hybrid Mattress, our pick for the best mattress under $400.

Kelli Pate contributed to this guide

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How To Find The Best Mattress Deals

To summarize, here are a few tips for finding the best mattress for you at an affordable price.

  • Do Your Research: Comparison shopping is essential for finding a high-quality mattress that wont break the bank. Check out as many online brand websites as you can find, and also consider paying a visit to your local mattress store.
  • Watch for Sales: Holiday sales are consistently good times to save money on a mattress, but keep an eye out for additional deals throughout the calendar year. Bookmark the mattress brands that seem like your best choices and periodically check their websites for promotions and coupon codes.
  • Consider Buying with a Buddy: Some online mattress brands offer discounts to customers who buy their mattress based on a referral from a previous buyer. Team up with a friend or relative and you might be able to save a little extra on your purchase.
  • Read the Fine Print: Free shipping, full refunds on returns, and non-prorated warranties are quite common, though for some brands, youll find hidden charges nested in their policy descriptions. Always take a moment to read these materials from start to finish.
  • Bundle with Other Products: If youre buying a new mattress, theres a good chance youll need new bedding or a foundation to go with it. Choosing a brand that offers sleep product bundles can result in big savings.
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