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Should I Use A Mattress Protector

Should I Use A Mattress Protector On Memory Foam

Should I buy a mattress protector with my new mattress?


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Also to know is, how do you protect a foam mattress?


One may also ask, is a mattress protector necessary?


Do you need a mattress pad for a foam mattress?

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Do you put a fitted sheet over a mattress protector?

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A Mattress Protector Will Protect The Warranty Of The Mattress

Yes, one more thing you need to think about after buying a mattress the warranty. Staining a mattress and invalidates the warranty. Add a mattress protector and youll keep it clean, and the warranty valid. Simple and especially important if you’re trying out a new mattress on a 100-night trial and may want to return it.

Maximise Your Mattress Comfort

Combining mattress toppers with mattress protectors can provide you with a deep and luxurious experience. Experience the most comfortable nights sleep possible, and all with minimal fuss or effort.

From gel-infused memory foam and Sensitiva ball fibre to Matilda wool and Convoluted memory foam toppers, My Bambi has a size and style for all bed types.

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Keeps Your Mattress Clean

Perhaps one of the most obvious reasons you should get a mattress protector is because it will keep your mattress clean.

Think about all of the things that you could spill in your bed, especially if you eat in bed. Do you really want to spill that glass of red wine or those tacos on your brand-new mattress?

And if you do end up spilling, think about how much work has to go into cleaning it.

Now, its not just food and drinks that can end up soaking into your mattress. If you sweat in the night, for instance, that can easily seep into your mattress and, over time, create a noticeable odor.

Natural skin oil can even wear down a mattress over time.

And if you wear makeup to bed, that may even be absorbed by your mattress.

However, if there is a mattress protector, then you will spare your mattress from accidents and other staining substances.

Yes, you can clean a mattress. But its so much easier to just take a sheet off and put it in the washing machine rather than spraying, soaking, drying, or even professionally cleaning the whole mattress.

With a mattress protector, you will sleep easier knowing your mattress is as clean as can be.

How To Choose A Mattress Pad

Should You Wash A Mattress Cover Before Using It?

From organic cotton to memory foam, youve got a lot of options in the mattress pad department. So where do you even begin?

To narrow down your choices, consider your top priorities as a sleeper and bed owner. Do you sweat at night? Are dust mites your sworn enemy? Is it difficult to find a comfortable position to sleep in? Ranking your sleep concerns will help you choose a pad material that fits your sleep needs.

Some top decision factors for mattress pad shoppers:

  • Physical support Achy joints and sore muscles need a little extra cushion or structure. Usually, foam and synthetic mattress pads reduce strain on the body more than thinner, natural materials.
  • Allergens or bacteria Itching and sneezing through the night? Look for pads with a hypoallergenic or antimicrobial label. Their nonporous structure will block mites, allergens, and bacteria from disturbing your sleep.
  • Temperature and breathability Breathable natural materials, like cotton and wool, innately regulate body temperature. For synthetic options, make sure airflow or cooling are mentioned.
  • Price A down mattress pad feels like luxuryand so will its dry cleaning bill. Make sure to factor in buying price and cleaning expenses for your mattress pad. Typically, synthetic materials cost less overall than natural materials.

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A Mattress Protector Will Protect You From Allergies

If you or your loved ones have allergies caused by dust mites and thats at least 12 million Britons, according to a report by Allergy UK a mattress protector can make the bed less hospitable to the mites. So, thats not only a relief from the yuck factor we discussed above, but also from the symptoms of allergy. Even better, you can wash a mattress protector to get rid of dust mites can’t say the same for mattresses.

Breathable Natural Dunlop Latex

Latex is a fairly common material in todays mattress, but 4 inches of Rainforest Alliance certified natural Dunlop latex is not. By going the extra mile, Awara hands you the proven characteristics of this exceptional latex: durability, bounciness, and heat dissipation using the added advantage of being fully green. It contours to your curves and supports pressure points and joints.

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Mattress Pad Vs Mattress Coverthe Best Of Both Worlds

Still debating the difference between mattress pad vs. mattress cover? Stop right there! Theres no need to compare apples to oranges.

Both mattress accessories have their place and purpose on your bed. Combined, theyre an unbeatable duo for optimizing your sleep, hygiene, and mattress shelf life. For a quick summary, lets break down the main differences of each product:

Mattress Pad

  • Provides a waterproof and spill-proof barrier
  • Prevents critter and bacterial contact
  • Can help wick away perspiration

However, both products overlap on certain sleep benefits:

  • Temperature regulation
  • Hypoallergenic protection

To keep it simplepads generally improve your sleep, while protectors improve your hygiene and mattress quality. Put them together, and youve got a winning team .

Are You Supposed To Wash Mattress Protectors

Why you should use Mattress Protectors

Do you wash your mattress protectors before using them?

Because the mattress protector is starched during manufacturing, it should be washed before you put it on your mattress. The starch in the mattress protector can be removed by washing it.

What temperature should my mattress protector be washed? It is possible to wash your mattress protector at 60Adegc, or even at 90Adegc, and get it clean and fresh. A higher temperature wash has the additional benefit that it doesn’t require you to use unnecessary chemicals.

This begs the question: How often should a mattress covering be washed?

Your mattress pad should be washed at least once a month. “Sheets are more susceptible to wear than a pad, which is why they should be washed more frequently. “

How can you wash a mattress cover in a washing machine?

Your waterproof mattress cover can be washed in warm or cold water. Use a delicate or gentle setting. You can use a bleach-free laundry soap . Some covers may have a damaged waterproof backing. Tumble-dry the cover after washing on a low heat setting.

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Consumersafetyorg Also Offers Some Other Key Factors To Consider Before You Buy

  • Warranty. Your mattress has a long lifespan and so should the product protecting it. Look for a mattress protector with a multiple-year warranty to ensure that any manufacturer defects are taken care of without you having to replace the protector at your expense.
  • Comfort. Though not to be confused with a mattress topper , some mattress protectors do offer comfort features. It might be made of a material that promotes warmth for cold winter nights or is breathable and cool for hot summer nights.
  • Easy to Wash. The best case scenario is a mattress protector that fits into your washer at home. If it requires dry cleaning, consider another easier option. While you cant wash your mattress, laundering your mattress protector regularly helps you remove dead skin, hair, sweat, and grime that builds up over time. Your mattress protector should be washed a minimum of every 3 months more frequently if conditions warrant.

Where Comfort And Luxury Meet

All of the material used in the mattresses is hand-selected and analyzed . Awara claims to offer the best that there is in the market. The rainforest certified latex, organic cotton, and natural wool material for outer layers assist comfort breathability as well as temperature control. Because of this, theyve provided a mattress thats great for your general well-being.

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Do I Need A Mattress Protector

Technically, no, you don’t need a mattress protector. After all, you, better than anyone else, know how much wear and tear your mattress gets every day. If it’s just you, it probably gets less use than if you have young children or pets climbing in and out.

However, a mattress is a big investment and, if treated well, it can bring you years of better rest. This is why we recommend using a mattress protector on your Leesa mattress. A mattress protector provides a barrier between your mattress and life, so when a mess happens, you can easily remove and wash your mattress protector with no damage to your mattress.

Protect More Than Just Your Mattress

3 reasons why you should use a mattress protector ...

When it comes to keeping your bedding clean, its always a good idea to cover all areas. Weve looked at some of the main reasons why you need a mattress protector, but your pillows are just as important.

Pillow protectors provide the same fantastic protection against dirt, moisture, dust mites and allergens, helping you get more out of your sleep. From eco-friendly materials to heat regulating fabrics, My Bambi Pillow Protectors are as gentle on your pillow as they are on the environment.

Besides Pillow Protectors, we also have an extensive range of luxury pillows to choose from, giving you bed to head comfort and protection. If youre not sure which pillow is best for your needs, check out our guide on How to Choose the Best Pillow for You.

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But What Kind Of Mattress Protector Should You Buy

Gone are the days of selecting a mattress protector based on size alone, said Caitlin Hoff, a health and safety investigator for Today, mattress protectors come in a range of different materials and offer different functions depending on what youre looking for.

A basic mattress protector may only protect the mattress from wear and ensure longevity, while a higher end protector will protect your mattress from bed bugs, stains, dust mites and allergens, she added. Depending on your needs, you can select the brand or product that provides you with the best solution.

Hoff gives the example that if someone suffers from incontinence, he or she would want to look at waterproof mattress protectors while a student in a college dorm should consider a mattress protector that protects against bed bugs that might lurk in crowded dorms or apartment buildings. If you arent sure of your needs, you can always buy a mattress protector that addresses a wider range of challenges.

But What About A Mattress Pad

The main purpose of a mattress pad is to provide additional comfort to the mattress top.

The pad typically covers the top surface of the mattress and lays in between a mattress and bedding.

Typically, new mattresses are super comfortable and will not require an additional mattress pad.

However, some mattress pads have waterproof and hypoallergenic properties along with extra cushioning which may make them worth the added purchase.

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Should I Use A Mattress Protector For My Naturepedic Mattress

Are you searching for a bed mattress that is actually organic, that is chemical-free, and crucial, that is healthy for you and let you sleep extremely well?

Almost all brand names claim those points above. The only way you can be particular that a brand really entitles for those elections is by taking a look at the accreditations it has actually acquired.

That is why I like Naturepedic mattress. They have several certifications, awards & advocacy, which you can discover later on

Why Is Mattress Hygiene Important

Why You Need a Mattress Protector: Not Just for What You Think

Mattress hygiene has a direct influence on your sleep quality and is a measuring standard of your sleep environment. A mattress with poor cleanliness and which is affected by external agents is equivalent to not having a bath or not wearing laundered clothes.

It is a personal care element that has a direct impact on your overall health and sleep. The occurrence of body odors, moisture, dust, mites, or other factors are indicators of health risks. A mattress must be the safest place for you and not a breeding ground for infections or external agents.

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Whats The Difference Between A Mattress Pad Vs Mattress Protector

Pads, protectors, toppers, covers, encasements the list goes on and on. Every mattress owner has faced this confusing stew of product labels, but not every shopper knows what each label really means.

Rest easy, because Caspers sleep experts are here to help answer the frequently asked questionswhat is a mattress protector? and what is a mattress pad? And more importantly, what is the difference between a mattress pad vs mattress protector? A mattress pad is meant to provide extra comfort to your bed while a mattress protector protects your mattress.

From plushy comfort to protective barriers, each product has its place in your bedroom. Youre about to learn where that is as we explain these two main categories of mattress accessories more in depth.

Give your mattress the protection it needs for long-lasting durability.

Here Are Some Additional Reasons People May Consider A Mattress Pad:

  • You need additional support and/or comfort or customization for medical reasons
  • Your mattress is too firm you can add a mattress pad or topper to adjust the firmness
  • Your current mattress is older and no longer comfortable but you are not ready to replace it
  • You want to waterproof/protect your bed but you dont want a mattress protector
  • Your mattress protector makes noise and you want to muffle it with a comfortable mattress pad

Mattress pads tend to be a little more expensive than mattress protectors but some can be found for less than $20.

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Special Discounts For Special Groups

Awara includes a special discount of $375 for those groups of those who have served or are serving the nation. These groups of people are Military, Medical, and First Responders.

Are you part of those groups of heroes? Check for eligibility now. This connection sends you to the Awara military discount page where you can apply. For the other groups, you can find them on their website.

Makes Your Bed More Comfortable

Should You Wash A Mattress Cover Before Using It?

Of course, you want your bed to be as comfortable as possible. The more comfortable you are at night, the sounder youll sleep, and the better youll feel the next day.

Some mattress protectors can actually make your bed even more comfortable because it comes with an added layer of cushion.

That being said, if youre looking to add the most comfort possible to your mattress, you may want to look at also finding a mattress topper or mattress pad.

Not to be confused with a mattress protector, a mattress topper is a much thicker pad that goes above your mattress and under your fitted sheet. It offers more cushion and more support.

What does a mattress pad do? It has the same purpose as a mattress toppermake your bed more comfortable. But a mattress pad is slightly thinner than a mattress topper.

Added to that, you can actually place a mattress protector right over your topper or pad for added protection and comfort.

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Premium Coil Support Center

The pocketed coil is another natural fit to latex, doubling down on its bounce without compromising its durability. This coating is tall, which guarantees to be a firm bed and well-suited for combo and stomach sleepers.

Individually wrapped 9 coils enhance breathability and reduce motion transfer. Even if your partner tosses and turns.

What Is The Difference Between Mattress Protector And Mattress Topper

A mattress topper has a thick memory foam layer of padding to improve the comfort and support of a mattress. It usually sits on top of the mattress and stays in place by a fitted sheet. With many specialized and high-tech padding materials, mattress toppers are a popular choice. Toppers with advanced features can conform to the contours of your body, giving customized, evenly distributed support to the entire body while removing hot spots that cause pain.

Many mattress toppers enjoy additional benefits like being moisture-resistant and regulating temperature to keep you cool and comfortable. A mattress topper, simply by being between the mattress and you can provide an additional layer of comfort and can also offer light protection from spills and stains. However, you should note that toppers do not offer real protection. They also drastically extend the life of a mattress.

Mattress protectors primary function lies in protecting the mattress from stains, spillage, or even bedwetting. It typically lacks any kind of padding or doesnt resemble the quilted appearance of a mattress pad.

A mattress protector can slow down the rate of deterioration of a mattress internal padding materials by preventing seepage, staining, etc. It stops mold from growing by preventing the seepage of liquids or fluids. It preserves the condition of the mattress and can extend its durability.

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Mattress Toppers And Mattress Protectors What’s The Difference

It can often sound like we’re talking about the same thing when we mention mattress protectors and mattress toppers but they are actually quite different. Each serves a different, but just as important, purpose in achieving the perfect nights sleep for your guests. Although adding a mattress topper and mattress protector to your guest beds might be a little more expensive and require a little bit more effort, they can have a big impact on the comfort of guests and the quality and endurance of the rest of your bedding.

Should You Use A Mattress Protector

Why use a mattress pad? Here’s why!

Your mattress is an expensive asset and needs extra protection. You might not think this is necessary, but your phone is likely worth much less, and you protect it, right? You load your laptop up with anti-virus software because you want it to last as long as it can. You shouldnt treat your laptop any differently.

But what mattress protector should you choose? Youll need one that is safe and healthy, and will not hinder your sleep. Wed also recommend one made from natural materials, so that you can recycle it and cause no damage to the planet.

A mattress protector is also a good idea if you think your mattress might be on its way out. It can improve your sleep quality drastically and buy you more time, so its a worthy investment, given it is a fraction of the price of a mattress.

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