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What Is The Standard Size Crib Mattress

When Making A Move To The Crib Take Care Of The Following And Youll Be Good To Go:

How to Wrap a Nonstandard Size Crib Mattress

Start Small: Make the switch in stages, this will help the baby get comfortable and accustomed to the crib and the mattress.

Security: You should make sure your babys crib is of the best security standards and meets the latest guidelines. This will not only give your baby a safe sleep but also give you peace of mind during the transition. Follow these simple safety guidelines.

  • There should be no loose or sagging pieces on the crib.
  • Use a firm mattress.
  • Babies should only be placed on their backs to sleep.
  • Dont cover your baby with a blanket or comforter. Use a sleep sack or warm pajamas.
  • Dont place stuffed toys in the crib.
  • Bumper pads are unnecessary and potentially dangerous.
  • Careful periodic inspections of the crib for any breakage or damage.

Routine: Make the crib part of your babys routine. Also, nows the time to establish some night-time rituals like bathing, feeding, snuggling, and playing. Your baby will gradually accept that the crib is a safe, secure part of their daily routine.

  • You should sleep with your baby in the same room for the first year.
  • If the crib is too large to fit in your bedroom, set up a place to sleep in the nursery.
  • Have your baby spend some time in the crib every day.
  • Remember that babies need security, familiarity, and routine to feel safe.
  • When its time to sleep separately, ease your worries with a baby monitor.

Ikea Crib Mattress Standard Size

IKEA is the number one choice for affordable furniture finds, including cribs and mattresses. Despite their low prices, IKEA crib mattresses adhere to the US safety standards down to a tee.

All their crib mattresses are 27 ½ inches x 52 inches and are compatible with non-IKEA full-size cribs, too. The options only vary in thickness and materials depending on the model you choose.

Below are some of their crib mattresses.

  • Krummeleur mattress: 27 ½ in x 52in x 3 in
  • Pelleplutt mattress: 27 ½ in x 52in x 2 ¾ in thick
  • Jattetrott mattress: 27 ½ in x 52in x 4 ¾ in thick

Baby Bjorn Travel Crib Mattress Dimensions

A Baby Bjorn Travel Crib is a mini crib that is great for quick trips, like when youre visiting grandma. This lightweight crib is easy to set up in less than a minute.

The PU mattress for this travel cot is thinner, measuring 24 inches x 41 inches x 1.2 inches. When not in use, you can fold and tuck it away.

Keep in mind that travel cots are best for short naps. Long hours of sleep require a more solid surface for optimum body support.

Aside from choosing the right crib mattress, improve your babys sleep by soundproofing the nursery. Like babies, parents also deserve a good nights sleep. Visit our comparison guide for different types of mattresses.

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Standard Crib Mattress Dimensions

Baby beds come in all sizes, but the good news is that their mattresses do too. Whatever youve chosen, you will be able to find the right mattress.

In the U.S., its the law that all cribs must fit whats known as a standard full-size crib mattress. And what size is a standard crib mattress?

  • The length of the crib mattress must be between 51 and 53 inches.

  • The width of the crib mattress must be between 27 ¼ and 28 inches.

As for thickness, crib mattresses are usually between four and six inches thick, depending on what theyre made from. Thicker isnt necessarily better. Your baby will get the safest sleep on a mattress thats firm, supportive, and fits the crib frame, however thick it is.


So as long as youre not making the crib yourself in your family woodshop, or inheriting an heirloom from before the standards were set, it should be a standard size.

This means that a mattress that suits it will also be easy to find. Yay!

How Do I Clean A Crib Mattress

Measurements of a Standard Size Baby Crib

Its a good idea to take a vacuum to your babys crib mattress whenever you change the sheets. This step will help to remove dust and other allergens. As for unexpected messes, it depends on the mattress and the stain. Before attempting to clean, check the label on your crib mattress for specific instructions, including what types of products you can use.

If you have a mattress cover, you can simply remove it and throw it in the washing machine.

If you dont have a mattress cover, mattress cleanup usually takes three steps:

  • Remove excess liquid: Gently soak it up with a clean sponge or paper towel. Dont press too hard if your mattress isnt waterproof.
  • Add baby-safe soap and water: Use a clean sponge and dont put soap directly on the stain. Gently wipe the area without pressing down too hard. Wring out and rinse your sponge until its clear of soap, then wipe the area. Repeat until there isnt any soapy residue left on the mattress to irritate your babys skin.
  • Dry thoroughly: Use a clean towel or allow to air dry. Then remake the crib with a fresh crib sheet.
  • If your baby mattress still has an odour after the stain has been treated and the mattress has fully dried, take it outside on a warm, sunny day, repeat the cleaning steps and let it dry completely in the sunshine. The UV rays will kill off the bacteria causing the offending odour.

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    Why Crib Mattress Size Matters

    The right crib mattress size ensures the safety of your little one because it fits snugly against the sides of the crib and prevents gaps. This keeps your child from becoming wedged between the crib and the mattress. Therefore, you can sleep soundly knowing your baby can sleep and roll around safely with the help of the right mattress size. This idea also applies to different crib mattress shapes, because a compatible mattress shape prevents large gaps around the edges of the crib. You should always match your crib mattress to the frames recommendation. For example, pairing a rectangular crib with a mini crib mattress or oval crib mattress creates significant gaps in the corners and sides of the crib, while the recommended standard crib mattress fills in all the gaps for a safe sleeping space.

    Different Shaped Crib Mattress

    While standard and mini crib mattresses are rectangular, shaped crib mattresses can be circular, oval, or hexagonal. They look fancier than full size or mini cribs and add a unique design element to your nursery. Since the dimensions of shaped cribs are not regulated, they also must be sold with a mattress, per the CPSC guidelines.

    Different shaped cribs can be smaller or larger than the standard full size crib, so keep in mind the size of your room when buying one.

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    Where Can I Find Additional Information

    For more information on the requirements for full-size baby cribs, contact the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission:

    • Office of Compliance : e-mail: telephone: 638-2772.
    • Small Business Ombudsman : e-mail: Please use our Contact Form, which is the best way to get a fast response telephone: 531-9070.

    What Size Sheets Fit A Crib Mattress

    Crib Mattress Comparison: Standard Mattress, Newton, Lifenest & Secure Beginnings


    Bed Sheet Size
    51â³ x 28â³ Crib Bassinet Cradle
    74â³ x 38â³ Twin Long Twin Extra Long Single Extra Long Twin XL Dorm
    Full/Double 74â³ x 53â³ Standard Double Full
    80â³ x 60â³ Queen RV Half Queen California Queen

    Also asked, what size are crib sheets?

    Standard size refers to crib sheets and mattresses that are 51 5/8 inches long by 27 1/4 inches wide by 5 1/2 inches thick. Not all baby sheets and mattresses are standard size, however, so you will want to measure your crib mattress and make sure that the baby sheets you select will fit.

    Likewise, will a twin fitted sheet fit a crib mattress? A twin bed sheet conveniently provides the exact amount of fabric needed to sew up two matching crib sheets. Adding elastic to the outer hems makes them easy to pull off and on — and to stay-put underneath a squirming baby or lively toddler.

    Keeping this in consideration, are toddler and crib sheets the same size?

    Crib Mattress Conversion to Toddler Bed. A little secret about toddler beds that does not seem immediately self-evident is that most crib mattresses are actually the same size as toddler mattresses. In other words, crib mattresses and toddler mattresses are one and the same.

    Is a crib mattress the same size as a twin?

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    A Guide To Crib Mattress Size

    As new parents, you will be thrown into a world of nursery building, toy selection, baby clothes, and everything your newborn can ever need. But if you want to ensure that the baby sleeps a healthy amount without disrupting your rejuvenating nap, you need to invest in a proper crib mattress.

    Unsurprisingly, the market offers an array of crib types and sizes of crib mattresses. The ultimate decision of picking out your favorite type and crib mattress sizerests upon you. So, before making the purchase, familiarize yourself with the options and buy the best for your little one.

    Would A Crib Mattress Fit

    This is a question our experts keep getting from time to time. Now, we have got the complete detailed explanation and answer for everyone, who is interested!

    Asked by: Prof. Davin Krajcik

    Most toddler beds are actually the same size as a standard crib mattress. Standard crib mattresses measure 28 x 52. This means that there is no gap between the mattress and the side of the crib where a baby could potentially get stuck. So, your baby’s crib mattress should fit their toddler bed- in theory.

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    Which Cribs Must Comply With These Requirements

    Full-size cribs manufactured, sold, resold, leased or otherwise placed in the stream of commerce must meet all requirements of the full-size crib standard. Additionally, full-size cribs provided for use at child care centers, family child care homes, and places of public accommodation must meet the full-size crib standard requirements. Enforcement guidance was issued in 2011 describing obligations of child care providers to meet the 2010 updates to the standard. Cribs that are medical devices, as determined by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, are not subject to the CPSC’s full-size crib standard.

    What Should I Look For When Purchasing A Baby Crib Mattress

    Size Of Standard Crib Mattress

    When purchasing a baby crib mattress, there are several factors you should consider. When selecting a baby crib mattress, there are several factors you need to take into account: firmness, safety features, materials used, and price. A firmer baby crib mattress is generally better for newborns because it helps prevent them from sinking too deep into the bed and becoming uncomfortable. However, as your child gets older and starts to roll around, you may want to switch to a softer mattress in order to prevent them from getting trapped in the bed.

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    How To Clean A Baby Mattress

    The baby mattress you purchase should be easy to clean most baby crib mattresses have a waterproof surface that will not absorb liquid, so accidents or spills can be wiped up quickly. Memory foam is one of the best materials for baby products because it provides comfort and forms around your babys body as they sleep on it. With memory foam, you wont need to worry about your baby overheating while they are sleeping either!

    If your babys mattress starts to get dirty, you can easily clean it by wiping it down with a damp cloth:

  • Remove the mattress from the crib and put it on a clean surface. Make sure to place it on a flat, hard surface that is large enough for you to work with.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner to suck up dust particles and hair. This will prevent the baby mattress from getting too dusty in between cleanings.
  • Spray down the surface with water, then wipe it off with a damp cloth or towel. Make sure to dry babys mattress completely after this process is complete.
  • Vacuum again before putting back in crib.
  • Put sheets or blankets over top for protection against spills and stains.
  • Store away until next use .
  • Make sure to ask if the mattress has been treated with any chemicals before purchasing this material does sometimes release formaldehyde gas which may irritate babies sensitive skin. Innerspring baby crib beds also make good choices when choosing a mattress type because air flow through coils allows airflow into the bedding during hot weather conditions.

    Does Your Crib Mattress Fit Into Your Crib

    If you already have a crib mattress, you can check if it fits perfectly into the crib. A two-finger home fitting test couldnt be easier and quicker. I recommend doing it with any crib mattress, new or used one! Better be safe than sorry!

    This way, you can further check if you have chosen the right crib mattress size and make sure you didnt buy the wrong one. If there is a visible gap between the mattresss edge and cribs frame, place your fingers there. You shouldnt be able to fit more than two fingers in the gap!

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    Crib Mattress Size For Travel Crib And Pack N Play:

    Pack N Plays and travel cribs come with a travel mattress. You can not use a regular crib mattress in them! It is too thick and not safe for the baby!

    You should use only the included traveling mattress or contact the manufacturer about the replacement!

    Be extra careful when buying a portable crib mattress for a travel crib or Pack N Play! It is hard to find a snuggle-fitting model, and most of them are also too thick.

    These cribs have mesh sides that do not offer enough resistance. They bend easily, causing the risk of falling from a thicker mattress. So, even if the mattress fits perfectly, it is not a suitable choice if it is too thick!

    The baby can become stuck between the crib side and the mattress edge. That may induce injuries or even cause suffocation.

    Most travel cribs and Pack N Plays take the portable crib mattress, which is up to 3 inches thick, but as I said, check by the manufacturer first!

    What Is The Standard Size Of Crib Mattress

    Crib-Sized My Green Mattress Comparison

    Babies spend about 18 hours sleeping in a day, more like they spend the whole day sleeping .

    You cant possibly carry your baby for 5 hours straight, talkless of 18 hours, hence you need to get sleeping aids for them.

    Mattresses alongside baby cribs have served as sleeping aids for babies over the years. However, babies are very delicate, and it is important to get the right sizes of cribs and mattresses for them.

    The issue of how to choose the right size of crib mattresses for babies is a common one amongst nursing mothers, particularly new ones.

    In this article, well be doing an overview of the standard crib dimensions and standard crib mattress dimensions to help you choose the right size of crib mattress for your baby.

    Lets start with the crib dimensions.

    Quick Navigation

    • Shaped cribs come in different shapes and varying dimensions.
    • They are often smaller.

    The type of crib you decide to go for will ultimately determine the kind of crib mattress that would be a perfect fit. You dont want to get a bed that will be bigger or smaller than your crib.

    Top 3 Crib Mattress Sizes

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    How To Choose A Crib Mattress For Your Baby

    For some parents-to-be, nine-ish months of pregnancy can feel a little abstract. Yes, there are doctors appointments, birth prep classes and a burgeoning belly, but its still hard to imagine how life will be when your new bundle of joy arrives. And then you buy a crib and it all becomes so much more real.

    An important part of that purchase is the crib mattress, and there will be endless options to consider. But how do you choose a baby mattress thats safe and comfortable? Read on for the answers to commonly asked questions and put your mind at ease.

    And if youre ready to dive right in, our best crib mattresses are right this way.

    How To Choose The Right Crib Mattress Size: The Complete Parents Guide

    With a baby on the way, you are likely going to spend a significant amount of time designing a nursery, which requires making decisions about everything from paint colors to diaper storage. In addition to these design choices, youll also have some decisions to make about the place where your little one will spend most of their time the crib. Choosing a crib and the correct crib mattress size are major decisions not only for the design of your nursery but also for your babys safety. In this article, the experts at Newton Baby discuss the types of cribs and their corresponding crib mattress sizes so that you can make an informed decision for your new little one.

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    How To Choose A Crib Mattress

    One of the most delightful parts of expecting a child is putting together the nursery. It’s also one of the most important. While the perfect paint shade and cutest bedding are nice, safe sleeping space is essentialand that starts with picking the best crib mattress for your baby.

    While a mattress may just seem like, well, a mattress, there are specific safety considerations to keep in mind, as well as features that are worth looking for.


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