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Where Can I Dispose Of A Mattress

Consider Mattress Or Furniture Companies With Take

How to Dispose of a Mattress

Some companies will offer the option that if you purchase a new bed from them, they will come and collect it several years down the road, when youre ready for a new mattress. They do this in the hopes that your next mattress will also be purchased from them.

This can be an easy and convenient way to dispose of your old mattress, if you feel confident that the company youre buying from will still be in business several years down the road.This service usually carries an additional fee at the time you buy your bed, but is sometimes free..

How To Dispose Of A Mattress For Free

There are various solutions accessible to those who want to get rid of their mattress for free, but its vital to weigh the benefits and downsides before making a decision.

Lets look at different methods of disposing of a mattress for zero cost, whilst detailing the potential difficulties you may encounter when going down this route.

Buying A New Mattress

Always ask the retailer if they can take away your old mattress for recycling when delivering your new one.

Also, do some homework first to find out what mattress companies are doing when it comes to the sustainability of their mattresses. Things to find out include whether the materials being used to make the mattress can be recycled or how eco-friendly it is.

Being more in-the-know about the mattress you are looking to buy can help to reduce the amount of waste created at the end of its life.

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Craigslist Facebook Or Freecycleorg Are All Effective Ways Of Doing This

23.a foam mattress can be extracted, shredded, and reused as carpet padding or for animal bedding. Tossing your memory foam topper out can be harmful to the environment, so try looking for a recycling center that can recycle your mattress pad rather than sending it to a landfill. It never hurts to ask and its such an easy and quick way to get your item off your hands fast.

29.4 ways to recycle memory foam. The various components of the mattress are recycled differently. 15.containing similar components to a mattress , a box spring can also be recycled using the same options you would for mattress recycling.

Wadding and latex from the mattress foam can be extracted through the process of separating hard and soft mattress materials, and it can be recycled into carpet underlay. 28.use your memory foam as a beanbag chair stuffing alternative. 5.mattress foam can include flexible polyurethane foam, viscoelastic foam, or latex foam.

Use the map below to find foam #6 recycling throughout north america. Memory foam can be recycled . Yes, you can definitely recycle your old mattress.

Produces 300 million pounds of polyurethane foam per year for mattresses alone. You can also visit the manufacturerâs website and look there for more details about this, or contact them and ask them directly. At present the textile material is difficult to recycle and will generally be used.

Great donation options include homeless shelters, domestic abuse. Natural latex can be 100% recycled.

Recycling & Donating Old Mattresses And Box Springs

Mattress Disposal Saratoga

It is difficult and expensive to dispose of old discarded mattresses. They are hard to compact, take up a lot of space in landfills, and get caught up in the incinerator which adds up to the disposal cost. This makes recycling a mattress the better alternative.

Contrary to what many might think, there are many materials within mattresses that can commonly be recycled . Most mattress and box spring components can be disassembled and recycled easily. They are made of materials that can be used to manufacture a variety of new products.

  • Foam Padding: Can be turned into carpet underlayment or animal bed padding / carpet padding
  • Fabric / Fibers: Can be used in industrial oil filters and other textile applications
  • Box springs: Can be recycled as metal scraps, used to make new appliances and building materials
  • Wooden frames: Can be shredded to produce landscaping mulch or burned as an alternative fuel source

Additionally, if the mattress is in good condition, we can also donate it to a local charity to ensure it gets as much use as possible.

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Option : Repurpose It

If you love to DIY, break down the mattress and box springs yourself. Mattresses contain a variety of useful materials including steel, polyurethane foam, memory foam, latex foam, natural fibers, wooden parts, nails, screws, and much more. You can use the materials for a variety of purposes including:

  • Recycling the parts: Remove the steel parts and springs from your mattress and sell them to local scrap yards and scrap metal recyclers in your area. If your mattress includes cotton, wool, silk, polyester, or rayon, those materials can be recycled as well.
  • Home projects: The foams and cotton in your old mattress can be used for several things around your home. They can be shredded and used as carpet padding, insulation, filters, seat cushions, pet bedding, pillows, and more.
  • Gardening: Break down the wooden parts of your mattress and use them for gardening. When shredded, the wood works great for lawn mulch. You can also use the wooden slats to create a compost bin.
  • Arts and crafts: The fabric that covers your mattress can make a great DIY rug and memory foam padding can be cut into small sizes and used as cleaning sponges. There are also screws and nails in your mattress that can be used for arts and crafts.
  • : The coils and springs of your mattress can be melted down and made into various objects such as plant and candle holders, ornaments, bird feeders, and much more.

When in doubt, check out for even more ways you can repurpose your old mattress.

Who Can Pick Up An Old Mattress

In theory, almost anyone COULD pick up an old mattress, but this could potentially put you and your family at risk. When looking to get rid of an old mattress you want to make sure you call a qualified, experienced and most importantly, an insured company. Many fly-by-night companies are more than happy to remove your items for a fee, however lots of these operations dont carry appropriate insurance or WCB coverage to make sure you, the customer, is protected. Always make sure you ask these questions when hiring a junk removal service.

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Well Handle It From Here

Republic Services, Inc. is an industry leader in U.S. recycling and non-hazardous solid waste disposal.

Through our collection companies, transfer stations, recycling centers and landfills, we focus on providing effective and reliable environmental services and solutions to make proper recycling and waste disposal effortless for our 14 million customers.

We are committed to the preservation of a Blue Planet® a cleaner, safer and healthier world where people thrive not just for today, but for generations to come. Republic Services is experienced in meeting sustainability requirements and committed to providing environmentally responsible solutions to meet current and future market recycling and solid waste needs.

Our website access is limited to locations within the United States. Below you will find links to websites accessible to locations outside of the United States.

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Know The Rules Of Disposal


Because every town and city manages waste differently, its important to understand the waste disposal laws in your area.

In some places, you can leave your mattress at the curb for regular pick-up if you wrap and seal the bed with plastic and tape. In other areas, doing this may earn you a ticket or fine for improper disposal. Be sure you know whats appropriate for your place of residence.

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How To Dispose Of Mattresses

Can you recycle a mattress?

Ask your mattress retailer if they offer a recycling program or check out independent recycling options or contact Re-Matt, a local mattress recycler .

A mattress in good condition

Donate or drop-off a mattress at a charity. Some organizations accept mattresses in good condition for donation. Contact them to confirm.

Take your mattress to a City landfill. Landfill charges will apply.

Does The City of Calgary collect mattresses?

No. We do not collect large pieces of furniture like mattresses, box springs or futons.

Landfill locations listed below:

Will The Council Collect My Mattress

Most, if not all, local councils offer a collection and disposal service for bulky waste, which includes beds and mattresses. But it can be surprisingly expensive, and theres often no guarantee that your mattress wont end up in landfill many local authorities simply say that they will recycle some or all of the waste where possible.

Some councils, such as Liverpool City Council and a number of London boroughs, offer free bulky-waste collection, but theyre very much in the minority. Most councils charge a fee to collect bulky waste, and it can be expensive Argyll and Bute Council and Wealden District Council charge more than £50 for the service, the London Borough of Richmond charges £62 per collection, for example, at time of writing.

If you live in England or Wales, you can find out how much your council will charge for bulky-waste disposal by typing your postcode into the gov.uk website. If you live in Scotland or Northern Ireland, go to your councils website and search for bulky-waste disposal.

Having the council collect your mattress from your home can be convenient, but make sure you read the terms and conditions carefully. Many councils charge a different price depending on the number of bulky items theyll be collecting, but bear in mind that a bed frame and a mattress will likely count as at least two items. And items will often only be collected if theyre left in a designated spot.

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Taking The Mattress To The Landfill

If your is able to transport your mattress themselves, you may want to take it directly to the landfill rather than waiting for a trash pickup service to collect it. Your local landfill or dump may charge a fee to accept the mattress.


You may be able to take a mattress to the landfill on your own time, rather than waiting for a scheduled pickup appointment or bulk trash day.


You need to transport the mattress themselves, which will typically require a large vehicle. You may have to pay a fee for the landfill to accept the mattress.

Additionally, this is not a great option from an environmental standpoint. Landfills are already overflowing with waste, and mattresses contribute to that problem. According to a Seattle Times article, mattresses can cause issues for landfill equipment during garbage compaction: Mattresses dont compact well. Even worse, the mattress springs pop out and get tangled in the equipment, often damaging it.

Can You Take A Mattress To The Dump

How Do I Dispose of a Mattress?

If you have explored these other options, and cannot find anywhere to accept your mattress, you may be wondering how to get rid of your mattress. Avoid dumping or burning your mattress. Obviously, taking your mattress to the dump should be avoided if possible, but if you live in a very rural area or it is very bad shape this may be your only option. This is still a better option than burning it or dumping it somewhere that is not a designated dump or landfill. You should be especially careful about burning or illegally dumping your mattress. Dumping is illegal if you choose to dump your mattress on the side of the road or in someone elses dumpster, you could be fined. Burning a mattress can be extremely dangerous. If you burn a mattress, you are putting your own health and safety at risk. Burning a mattress also releases harmful toxins in the air that cause damage to the environment.

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Where To Recycle Foam Mattresses

Foam mattresses can often be recycled along with any other conventional mattress. In fact, foam is one of the most recyclable components of a mattress. To find the best location to take your foam mattress to for recycling, search online for local recycling facilities. If youd like, Junk 4 Good can do all the leg work for you. Our teams can remove and recycle foam mattresses with ease, you wont have to lift a finger.

How To Recycle Mattress Foam

How To Recycle Mattress Foam. Place the mattress on a stable surface such as a piece of plywood or drywall placed on the floor. We recycle our customerâs used foam cushions and foam mattresses so they avoid ending up in the landfills. The foam can be recycled to make carpet underlay.

Image Source : https://www.memoryfoamtalk.com/how-to-dispose-of-foam-mattress-topper/How to Dispose of a Foam Mattress Topper? Memory Foam Talk

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Mattress Disposal Methods To Avoid

  • If at all possible, avoid disposing of your mattress at a landfill site. If you have the opportunity to recycle it instead, you will be helping to improve the status of landfills and the environment.
  • Do not throw away your mattress on the side of the road, in a field or in any other public space, known as fly-tipping. Its not only inconvenient for those who live close by, but its also unlawful, and you could face a hefty fine if you do it.
  • Even though it may be a tempting way to dispose of a mattress for free, we advise that you do not burn it. While there are no specific regulations prohibiting bonfires in England and Wales, lighting a mattress on fire might be hazardous as you could quickly lose control of the fire. They may also be harmful to your health and the environment due to the gases they emit.
  • While there are several choices for consumers who want to get rid of their old mattresses for free, not all of them provide the same level of speed, convenience, and flexibility as a mattress removal service. RecycleZone can provide quick and effective mattress removal services, with same-day pickups available . Our skilled furniture removal team will take care of everything for you, making the procedure as easy and stress-free as possible.

    Mattress Recycling In Lowell

    How To Dispose Of A Mattress For Free

    In a city known for its visions to inspire and entertain, the desire to keep the city clean and junk free is shared by the entire community. An old mattress and box springs by the side of the road is no exception, this creates an eyesore and is a danger to the environment. Help avoid polluting your neighborhood and seek help for Lowell mattress disposal.

    Book Mattress Disposal Plus for removal and disposal today.

    Rely on Mattress Disposal Plus a name you can trust for fast, friendly and secure Lowell Mattress Disposal.

    Service Location:

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    Option : Throw It Away

    If youve exhausted all your options and are unable to recycle, donate, resell, or repurpose your old mattress, the last option is to throw it out. However, that doesnt mean leaving it next to your dumpster. Many cities and states have specific rules and regulations in place around throwing away mattresses. Several cities dont allow you to leave a mattress in the trash doing so can result in a ticket or fine. Some areas will allow you to throw out a mattress in the Dumpster however, there may be specific rules around it. For example, some cities may require you to wrap the mattress in a plastic mattress bag. Its always best to check the regulations of your area before throwing out your mattress. If you live in an area that doesnt allow you to throw out your mattress with your regular trash, there are a couple of other options available.

    Throwing out your mattress should be your last option. However, if you have to do it, make sure to do it responsibly.

    Will The Local Tip Take A Mattress

    Your local tip will probably take old mattresses, but to get it there youll need a vehicle and one that’s big enough to fit a mattress in. If you have a car but your boot is too small to fit the mattress when flat, you might find that it fits if you roll the mattress up and fasten it with rope.

    But that’s a lot of effort to go to when the mattress might well just end up in landfill anyway. You might decide youd rather go to the extra effort of taking it to a dedicated recycling facility, or pay for the convenience of the council or a specialist disposal company to collect it from your home.

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    Can I Take An Old Mattress To The Dump

    You can take your old mattress to the dump for disposal. This is not our recommended option due to the fact that old mattresses are extremely bad for landfills for several reasons:

    1) They take up too much space: The goal of a landfill is to pack as much garbage into as small of a space as possible. Unfortunately, mattresses are huge and do not pack down well, at all. This causes them to take up a tremendous amount of precious space in landfills, furthering our trash problem in MA.

    2) They do not compress well: In order to hold their shape, mattresses contain a series of springs. These springs will often get tangled in the compressing equipment, leading to expensive damages. The same problem applies to box springs: theyre hard to take apart and they dont stay compacted.

    As a result, we do not recommend bringing your mattress to your local dump. It will be difficult for you to transport the awkwardly shaped mattress there and it will cause lots of problems in the landfill over time. They will also charge you for your mattress at the dump.

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