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Where To Buy Crib Mattress

Milliard Premium Memory Foam Hypoallergenic Infant Crib Mattress

Buying a Crib Mattress: Tips for Choosing the Best Baby Mattress

The Milliard Memory Foam Crib Mattress with a plush washable Bamboo Cover offers the perfect combination of comfort and support from head to toe, promoting a healthier and more restful sleep for your little one. This crib mattress is constructed of a firm foam base and topped with a luxurious layer of high quality memory foam.

This ensures it will keep its shape, and wont bottom out over time, while offering supreme comfort and ultimate support. The ultra-soft bamboo cover adds a layer of softness and is waterproof and machine washable for easy convenient care.

The crib mattress is designed for maximum air flow to help regulate sleep temperature, and our unique technology also helps with weight distribution for a more restful sleep. Our memory foam supersedes all with superior 3lb. construction that will not lose its shape. Give your child the gift of a better nights sleep!

Highlighted Features:

Dream On Me Twilight 5 80 Coil Inner Spring Crib And Toddler Mattress

Your baby will curl-up in comfort on the Twilight Spring Coil Mattress by Dream On Me. Constructed with quality materials and workmanship this mattress is manufactured with pride in the USA.

This mattress offers 80 durable, interwoven, heat tempered, steel coils providing supreme comfort to support his or her growing bones. A protective polyurethane foam wrap on each side delivers a plush sleeping surface.

Features include a foam Insulating layer and lock-stitched waterproof binding for lasting durability and a layer of Fire blocker. The Dream on Me mattress meets the 16 CFR 1632 /1633 Federal Flammability tests.

The triple laminated waterproof cover is stain-resistant to help protect against liquids leaking inside. Safety is our priority, Dream on Me Twilight Mattress is Greenguard Gold Certified, JPMA Certified and ASTM Certified.

Highlighted Features:

Where To Buy A Crib Mattress: 3 Best Brands

If you want to know where to buy a crib mattress, we found the best brands. They are Sealy, Tempurpedic, and Serta. These companies are familiar because they are even known for being trusted by hotels.

Back to crib mattresses, we listed these top three crib mattresses because they will provide the best comfort and support for your child. They also have the certifications to prove their safety. So without further ado, lets get started!

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Naturepedic Mattresses: Warranty And Shipping

A 10-year warranty is available for the Chorus, Serenade, and kids mattresses. The warranty is valid for 20 years for luxury mattresses and the EOS Series. Crib mattresses have a lifetime limited warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

As for the shipping, it is free of charge. Once ordered, they cannot be canceled. They will be shipped within three business days. Naturepedic will replace any damaged mattresses at no additional charge.

There are also three delivery options should the customer avail:

  • Curbside delivery
  • In-home assembly

Affordable Crib Mattresses And Pads

Baby crib mattress

Youve selected the perfect crib to match the perfect décor in your perfect new babys room. Now its time to select a crib mattress. Sams Club carries multiple crib mattresses, all at low, affordable prices from brands you trust.

Crib Mattresses

There are many things to consider when selecting mattresses. First, it is necessary to pick out the right size. Luckily, most cribs and even toddler beds have a standard size that fits most crib mattresses. As long as you dont have a custom-made crib or one of an unusual size or shape, a standard crib mattress should fit.

In terms of softness, infants and toddlers have different needs. Sams Club carries a crib mattress that has one firm side to provide support to infants and one cushy side to give a little more comfort for toddlers. If you are trying to create an organic atmosphere in your babys room, you can also select organic or biodegradable mattresses that have breathable bamboo covers to prevent overheating.

Crib Mattress Pads

No matter which mattress you choose, its a good idea to cover it with a mattress pad. First, a pad offers extra layers of padding for comfort, but most importantly it is waterproof. Protect your babys mattress from leaky diapers, spilled bottles and more with a durable pad. Most pads are 100% lead, PVC and phthalate free for your babys health and safety.

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How Should A Person Choose A Crib Mattress

People should consider the size of the crib and choose a mattress that fits it properly, with no gaps.

They may also wish to choose a mattress from a reputable brand. Looking for customer reviews from multiple online sources can help identify reliable brands and products.

Some companies also have third-party certifications, such as CertiPUR-US certification, which identifies products free from harmful chemicals. These certifications can help with identifying safe and high-quality products.

Graco Premium Foam Crib & Toddler Mattress

Introducing the 2021 Edition of the Graco Premium Foam Crib & Toddler Bed Mattress, even easier to clean and care for. Proudly awarded the Parent Tested Parent Approved Seal of Approval and the 2020 & 2021 Womens Choice Award for 9 out of 10 Customer Recommended Crib & Toddler Mattress, the 2021 Edition Graco Premium Foam Crib & Toddler Bed Mattress is even easier to clean and care for, as it features soft , removable, and water-resistant outer cover that can be conveniently machine washed.

The Graco Premium Foam Crib and Toddler Mattress is GREENGUARD Gold Certified, meaning it has been screened for over 10,000 chemicals and volatile organic compounds known to pollute indoor air, and also CertiPUR-US Certified, meaning it is made without ozone depleters, mercury, lead, formaldehyde, and other heavy metals.

This crib and toddler mattress is also JPMA Certified, meaning it has been expert tested by independent laboratories to guarantee this product meets the highest standards for your childs safety. It is also expert tested to meet all applicable federal safety and flammability standards.

This mattress is conveniently compressed in a lightweight box. For optimal performance, we recommend you unroll your mattress and allow to expand immediately upon delivery to allow maximum time for full expansion in a room temperature setting. Designed to fit any standard full-size crib and toddler bed.

Highlighted Features:

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With A Huge Array Of Baby Mattresses To Choose From Its Tough To Know Whats The Best Baby Crib Mattress For You Our Sealy Baby Crib Mattress Designers Provide Expert Advice With This Complete Buying Guide


USA standard size cribs and toddler beds are sized with an inside dimension between 27 3/8 to 28 5/8 inches wide and between 51 ¾ and 53 inches long. Crib mattresses are sized just under that to fit properly and snugly, mostly at 51.625 inches long by 27.25 inches wide, and a crib mattress can be no thicker seam to seam or edge to edge than 6 inches.

If you see a dimension that is higher than 6 inches listed on a retailer web site, it could be a shipping dimension since many baby mattresses are shipped in a carton for protection. If you have any concern about fit in your babys crib, visit the crib mattress manufacturers web site to be sure.


One of the most important features to look for when buying your baby crib mattress is to ALWAYS shop for one that is waterproof. Experienced parents know that babies can get messy: diaper blowouts, spilled milk, spit up, and toddler sick days happen. If your babys mattress is not protected, then bacteria, mold, mildew, and other allergens can grow inside babys mattress. Look for a mattress that is waterproof along the sleeping surface and has waterproof seams.

Whether its a fabric cover or a laminate cover, make sure your babys mattress has some type of waterproof lining or barrier.



Innerspring Coils Provide Proper Posture Support

Upgraded Features

Foam Crib Mattresses Absorb Movement

Best Organic Crib Mattressnaturepedic Classic Organic Crib Mattress Lightweight

â Crib Mattress: Best Crib Mattress 2021 (Buying Guide)

This lightweight mattress is certified organic and nontoxic by the Global Organic Textile Standard. This means that it meets strict environmental standards and contains no harmful materials or chemicals.

The two-sided design makes it suitable for both infants and toddlers. It also features organic cotton batting, which reportedly provides firmness and comfort.

This mattress has a stain-resistant, food-grade polyethylene waterproof surface that is easy to clean. It also has a built-in dust mite and bed bug barrier.

The following are common questions and answers about crib mattresses:

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The Complete Guide To Buying A Crib Mattress

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Given that infants sleep up to 18 hours a day, buying a crib mattress becomes a fairly important decision. There are many factors to weigh while buying a crib mattress. Read on to find out what parameters you need to consider before picking a crib mattress for your babys nursery

Sealy Baby Flex Cool 2

The Sealy Flex Cool 2-Stage Airy Infant and Toddler Crib Mattress offers a firmer infant side and a softer toddler side for 2 stages of comfort for baby. This high coil count crib mattress features 204 heavy gauge steel coils offer premium firmness and support, with an all-around steel border wire to help keep the sides, corners and edges firm.

The infant side features an anti-sag weight distribution system and multiple layers for firmness, while the softer toddler side offers a lightweight, airy topper that contours to babys body for added support and comfort.

A cotton wrap surrounds the mattress core for durability support and comfort and the cotton cover is soft and breathable on babys skin and offers a waterproof barrier.

Measures 51.63 x 27.25 x 5.75 and fits both USA standard size cribs and toddler beds. Use for infants and toddlers approximately 0-5 years. Tested for a snug fit inside standard cribs and toddler beds for years of use.

Highlighted Features:

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Dream On Me Orthopedic Firm Foam Standard Crib Mattress

Dream On Me, Orthopedic Firm Foam Crib Standard Mattress provides 5 of foam comfort for your baby. The waterproof cover is vented for a fresh sleeping environment that aids. Rest easy knowing this mattress is constructed with quality materials and workmanship in the USA and is phthalates and lead.

Easily wipes clean with warm water and a soap. Complies with the Federal Standard Flammability Standard 16 CFR 1633 and carries a 10 year warranty.

Highlighted Features:

  • Waterproof cover is vented for a fresh sleeping environment that aids
  • Constructed with quality materials and workmanship in the USA and is phthalates and lead
  • Easily wipes clean with warm water and a mild soap
  • Complies with the federal Standard Flammability Standard 16 CFR 1633

What To Look For When Buying A Crib Mattress

Lifekind® Certified Organic Oval Crib and Organic Bassinet ...

After finding the right crib for your little one, youâll be looking for the right mattress.

As many Pampers Parents have noted, it takes a long time to research the best crib mattresses. To help speed the process, we’ve assembled a list of what to consider when buying a crib mattress:

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Crib Mattress Safety Guidelines

Obviously, your babys safety is a top priority. Here are a few safety basics to keep in mind when choosing a crib mattress:

  • Avoid second-hand if possible: Because of the dangers associated with mold and bacteria, its best to avoid a used mattress, especially if you dont know the history of the product. Reusing one from another one of your children? Make sure there arent any openings in the waterproof cover where mold couldve taken root.
  • Keep the crib empty: Although they look lovely, pillows, bumpers, stuffed animals and blankets shouldnt be in a babys crib. Thats because they can wind up covering your babys face and be a suffocation hazard. Keep it to a fitted sheet only.
  • Place baby on their back: The safest sleeping position for your baby is on the back. It reduces the risk of sudden infant death syndrome , which is the leading cause of death in the first year of life.
  • Check before you flip the mattress: If you have a double-sided mattress, check with your pediatrician to see if the time is right to flip it over to the toddler side. Most parents make the switch when their children are about 12 months old.

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Why Buy A New Crib Mattress

For parents on a budget, some baby gear can be safely bought second hand. But crib mattresses should be purchased new, not used. Let’s examine the reasons why.

  • In 2002, the British Medical Journal published a study that showed a correlation between used crib mattresses and an increased risk of SIDS. This could come down to a number of outside factors, but we don’t think it’s worth taking the risk.

  • Used crib mattresses can contain mould spores, especially if they don’t have a waterproof cover.

  • Babies might be cute, but they certainly aren’t in control of their bodily fluids, so a used crib mattress is likely to be unsanitary.

  • A used mattress may not be as firm as it was when new, and it’s important that young babies sleep on firm mattresses.

“Check that your crib mattress fits snugly in the crib well in advance of when you want your baby to start sleeping in it. That way, you have time to return the mattress and replace it with a larger one if it’s too small.”

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How Much Does A Crib Mattress Cost

A crib mattress can cost anywhere from under $50 with a maximum of slightly above $200. While these beds are smaller than our traditional ones, they still use quality materials, affecting their overall cost. Nonetheless, do not be afraid of getting a slightly pricey crib mattress as long as you know it will be safe for your baby.

Important Certifications To Looking For While Buying A Crib Mattress

Nursery Ideas – Finding the Best Crib Mattress for Your Baby – Baby Mattress Buying Guide

Many third-party organizations test and certify mattresses on a variety of parameters. Greenguard Gold is one such trusted and popular certification.

A Greenguard Gold certification tests products for thousands of chemical emissions that could affect the health of your baby and family.

  • Tests for over 10,000 chemicals
  • Tests for more than 360 VOCs
  • Tests for harmful pollutants that affect health

If you are keen on getting a foam crib mattress, look for the CertiPUR-US certification that tests for volatile organic compounds and guarantees that the mattress is free of ozone depleters PBDEs, TDCPP, and TCEP flame retardants mercury, lead, and other heavy metals formaldehyde and phthalates.

Another important and well-recognized seal to look for is the JPMA seal. The JPMA certification seal means that a baby product has been tested by an independent facility and meets the guidelines set by standards developer ASTM International.

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Overview Of The Naturepedic Mattress Where To Buy Naturepedic Crib Mattress

There are four types of Naturepedic mattresses: EOS Series, Chorus, Essentials and Luxury. They are available in sizes for adults, children, and babies, with a range of mattress types of your choice. Each succeeding variant is more expensive than the other.

This is because the brand uses 100% natural cotton and chemical-free material. Naturepedic uses non-GMO elements and food-grade waterproof surfaces.

For the Chorus mattress, it has a strong wool batting. Suitable for all types of sleeping from the side, stomach, and back. Being a hybrid mattress, they view it as universal comfort. The mattress has a layer of non-GMO polylactide which adjusts to ones sleeping pattern.

Note: firmness is subjective. Depending on who will use the mattress should also be considered.

Dream On Me 4 Full Size Foam Crib And Toddler Bed Mattress

The Dream On Me 4 Inch Full Size Fiber Standard Crib And Toddler Mattress blends safety with comfort. Its Greenguard Gold Certified to ensure optimum health and safety, JPMA certified to meet/exceed all safety standards set by CPSC/ASTM & passes all flammability tests.

It has a soft, embossed, vinyl cover made of flame retardant, materials. Square corners ensure a snug fit while its light weight makes sheet changing a breeze. Our mattresses are designed, engineered and proudly made in the USA using the best quality materials.. To clean, simply wipe with mild soap and water. Mattress dimensions are 52L x 28W x 4H inches. Fits standard full size cribs and toddler beds.

Highlighted Features:

  • Fabric
  • Features to look out for: This crib mattress features a polyester fiber core for firm comfort and maximum infant support and safety as recommended by pediatricians and consumer guide books. Its lightweight, making changing sheets a breeze
  • Safety first, always: Passes all Flammability tests , GREENGUARD Gold Certified for a healthy indoor environment for your baby
  • Highlights: High density foams provide reduced sagging and increased durability to provide firm support for sleeping infants
  • Easy to maintain: Entire cover and lock stitched binding are water resistant and wipe clean
  • Made in: This mattress is manufactured with pride in the USA

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Serta Tranquility Eco Firm 2

Sertas Tranquility Eco Firm Crib and Toddler Mattress achieves a strong, stable and safe sleep surface thats made especially for your growing baby. Built with 120 heavy-duty innerspring coils for long-lasting firmness, air vents to keep it fresh, plus a durable two-sided design, it will withstand years of use.

Just flip it as your child grows its hardworking on both sides. One side provides the ideal firmness for infants while the other offers a layer of natural cotton for toddlers. Designed by the same brand thats been leading the way in mattress innovation and technology for more than 80 years, Sertas crib and toddler mattresses deliver the same quality craftsmanship and attention to detail as their adult mattresses.

All Serta crib mattresses are GREENGUARD Gold Certified and meet the strictest standards offered by the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute, which recognizes products with low chemical emissions, contributing to improved indoor air quality.

Highlighted Features:


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