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Do Mattress Toppers Really Work

Do Cooling Pillows And Toppers Work

Are Memory Foam Mattress Toppers Worth the Money?

Yes and no. The same logic behind cooling mattresses applies to pillows and toppers. There are many bedding products that claim to promote a cool feel, but you really need to keep an eye out for those special materials mentioned above for a true cooling product. I have seen several cooling pillows that are effective, including GhostPillow and the Purple Harmony, and a few cooling toppers such as the GhostPillow or TempurPedic models. So, they are out there — you’ll just have to do some research to find the products that will actually work for you.

Fix Your Fitted Sheet

With the topper in place, youre ready to add your sheets back on.

For the best results, make your bed with a deep-pocket fitted sheet. This way, it can stretch to the opposite corner without tugging one side upward. Most deep-pocket sheets can accommodate a mattress up to 22 inches, while normal ones can stop as short as 11 inches.

Carefully stretch the fitted sheet on top of the mattress topper. Once all four corners of your bed are secure, tuck the fitted sheets into the side of your mattress.

Whats The Difference Between A Mattress Pad And A Mattress Topper

Mattress pads are relatively thin and are primarily meant to protect against spills and stains, whereas mattress toppers are usually several inches thick and are designed to change the feel of a mattress.Mattress pads often contain some kind of padding like wool, cotton, fiberfill, or down. While this can add some plushness to a mattress, this is not their main purpose.

Mattress toppers usually come in the same materials you would expect from a mattress comfort layer, such as memory foam, polyfoam, latex, wool, or down. A mattress topper cant fix an old, sagging mattress, but it can change the feel of a mattress thats too firm or too plush. This is a cost-effective way to obtain a different firmness level without investing in a whole new mattress.

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Best Time Of Year To Buy A Mattress

Most mattress companies tend to release new models in June and in order to make room, they need to unload their current inventory, making May the best month to purchase a new mattress. You can also score a great deal during certain holidays such as Memorial Day, Labor Day, Presidents Day, Fourth of July, and Black Friday.

Are Mattress Toppers Worth It

Top 10 Overstuffed Mattress Topper  Mattresses Toppers  ClickHappyBuy

Yes! As long as youre using a topper for the right reasons, and not trying to fix an unfixable problem, a mattress topper can provide high levels of comfort, extend the life of your mattress and help you enjoy a great nights sleep. Healthy sleep is vital for our wellbeing, so it makes sense to invest in bedtime. A memory foam mattress topper is an affordable way of injecting a touch of luxury into your bed and can help you save money in the long run.

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Does A Mattress Topper Go Over Or Under The Mattress Pad

Your mattress topper should always go under your mattress pad.

Think of your mattress pad as a mattress protector .

That way, your mattress pad is protecting both your mattress and your topper at the same time.

Plus, if your pad comes in a fitted sheet, it can help keep your topper from shifting while you sleep.

Cooling Mattress Benefit : Relieves Night Sweats

Night sweats can happen to individuals for various reasons such as anxiety, sleep disorders, or reactions to some medications. Dealing with night sweats can be annoying and make sleeping almost impossible. A cooler mattress can help alleviate some of the heat the night sweats can bring on. Many cooling mattresses also feature moisture-wicking technologies which will help you get to sleep without suffering from as much discomfort.

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The Best Mattress Toppers Are Breathable Comfortable And Supportive

There are many mattress toppers out there in the market, but the right ones will serve their purpose for a longer period.

A balance of comfort and support is optimum. A slew of other features is a privilege within your reach. Opt for a topper to keep your body cushioned, cradled, and supported, while staying cool throughout the night.

Will Mattress Toppers Improve My Bed

Perfectly Snug Mattress Topper Review, This Really Works!

People who use a mattress topper on their bed are able to feel the difference of having one. A mattress topper can help support your body, relieve pressure points, and reduce tossing and turning all night long. If youre looking for ways to improve your sleep quality, try adding a mattress pad or memory foam pad of some kind.

Memory foam is the perfect material to use in a mattress topper. Its cheap and its comfortable. When you live in an area with seasonal temperature changes, having a mattress topper can be beneficial. When winter comes, your memory foam mattress pad will keep you warm without adding too much bulk. Likewise, when summer hits, itll serve as insulation to keep your body cool.

Whatever your preference may be, all you need is a mattress pad. Start off with one thats low-profile for under your electric blanket or sheets on warm nights. Later on in the year, switch over to a thicker version for sleeping off the ground or for extra comfort under sheets or blankets during cold nights.

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How Do You Know When Memory Foam Is Worn Out

However, over time the cellular structure of memory foam breaks down, becoming softer and losing its ability to bounce back, aka to support you. If your memory foam mattress has a body impression that stays long after youve gotten up, or if the impression is deeper than two inches, its time to replace it.

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How Long Will A Mattress Topper Last

High-quality mattress toppers generally have an expected lifespan of 3-5 years. This can vary dramatically depending on several things. In general, a few of the most important factors affecting long-term durability of the mattress topper are the depth of the mattress topper, the materials its made from, the treatment you subject it to and the environment in which its used.

A frequently used mattress topper will wear out faster than a mattress topper thats only used occasionally. A heavy adult will typically wear out a mattress topper faster than a lightweight child will. A thicker mattress topper will typically last longer than a thinner one will.

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Why Are They Important

While most people do not realize it, todays mattresses are not built with the same attention to quality that they once were. Todays mattresses are typically built using low density foams that simply dont last very long. Low density foams dont provide much in the way of comfort, and because they dont offer much in the way of support, they become uncomfortable to sleep on after a few years. A mattress pad can provide your Australian mattress with better support, which will allow it to last longer.

A Gel Swirl Foam Mattress Topper That Looks As Cool As It Feels

How Do Memory Foam Mattress Toppers Work?

Promising review: This is literally the most amazing mattress topper that I have ever owned . The thickness is just right to relieve pain . It is super soft and comfortable, and it is not easily moved by changing positions at night. It completely stays in place. In addition, I bought these pillows with my topper. The combination makes for a perfect nights sleep. I cannot recommend these two together enough. My sleep has been forever changed. Jessyca Hammonds

Get it from Amazon for $52.99+ .

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Reasons Why You Should Get A Mattress Topper

A mattress topper can provide various benefits to your nightly slumbers, and may even improve your investment in a high-quality mattress. However, it can also be an added expense and the decision should be carefully considered before taking the plunge into pillowy plushness.

So, why use a mattress topper? To put it simply, they elevate your sleep.

Mattress Toppers Are Not The Same As Mattress Pads

Now, the terms mattress topper and mattress pad are often confused. Technically speaking, theyre not the same.

Mattress pads are usually thin layers of material made to protect the mattress from moisture, dust mites, and bacteria. While cushioning is not a mattress pads main purpose, it can give added comfort as well.

On the other hand, mattress toppers are a type of thick cushioning that provide both protection and comfort to sleepers two birds, as they say, but with one topper. A special type of topper the Ecosa Topper provides even more benefits such as decreased sleep disturbance, no slippage, easy cleaning, and eco-friendliness.

If you or your partner is a light sleeper, movement by the other can be reduced by 50% with the Ecosa Topper, keeping the light sleeper disturbance-free. This is because of the grippy back of the topper as well as the elastic straps on all corners. It will not slip about that easily.

In addition, the Ecosa Topper comes with a removable cover that you can throw in the washer. Lastly, the cover as well as the inside are made from certified OEKO-Tex Standard 100 cover fabrics. So, you can see that not all mattress toppers are made equal.

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Memory Foam Vs Gel Foam

If youre a hot sleeper who needs a lot of pressure relief, then it might be smart to opt for a gel foam mattress. Though it wont make the mattress feel completely cool to the touch, gel microbeads help dissipate body heat and keep sleepers cooler throughout the night. Gel foam mattresses also tend to feel more responsive, so sleepers wont feel like theyre sinking inside the bed.

Traditional memory foam mattresses tend to trap more heat than gel foam beds, but gel foam mattresses usually cost more. If youre on a tight budget, you may want to consider getting a no-frills memory foam mattress. Additionally, memory foam mattresses often have more of a quicksand sort of quality. You may feel like youre sinking into the top layers, rather than resting on top of the mattress. This is great for folks who want lots of body contouring, but its not everyones preference.

Gel Foam
Available In Many Firmness Levels

Which Type Of Material To Choose

Best Mattress Toppers (Top 8 Toppers!) – Which One Is Best For You?

Here are some of the key points about the different materials to keep in mind when choosing a mattress topper:

Memory foam

  • Better for back and front than side sleepers.
  • The main downsides are the higher price and the need to periodically shake it.


  • Very soft to sleep on, with a light and fluffy feel.
  • Good insulation, so will suit people who sleep cold at night.
  • Good for any sleeping position
  • The main downsides are the need to shake it periodically, and concerns around animal welfare.

With those points in mind then, lets take a closer look at the individual mattress toppers.

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Best Budget: Leisure Town Mattress Pad

  • Not firm support

The cooling mattress pad from Leisure Town hits all of the top features that we recommend when looking for a mattress pad: The material is cooling, it is easy on the budget, andperhaps best of allits machine-washable. The mattress pad provides just the right amount of cushion and is filled with a down alternative that provides a fluffy feel.

After using it on her full-size memory foam mattress for a week, our tester found it to be comfortable and flexible, though not fully waterproof as the manufacturer claims. Its overfilled construction was a positive for her but might be a negative to those who prefer firmer sleeping surfaces. Also note that it works best on taller mattresses, with enough material to fit mattresses up to 21 inches tall. If you have a thinner mattress, this might not be the pick for you.

All in all, though, if youre looking for a mattress cover that provides protection, cooling, and extra padding, the Leisure Town option is a great option that comes in at an equally great price.

Material: Fiberfill | Height: Not listed | Size: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, Queen, Olympic Queen, King, Cal King | Certifications: HNN Cooling Technology | Return Policy: Unlimited

The Spruce / Joseph Gonzalez

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Who Should Buy A Cooling Mattress Pad

Anyone who gets hot at night should buy one.

If you struggle with uncomfortably warm conditions at night, no matter what season it is, a cooling mattress pad is for you.

They also add to the comfort of your mattress.

Additionally, mattress pads and toppers add an extra layer between you and your mattress, meaning your mattress is even more protected from any debris, liquids, and other pollutants.

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You Still Need A Good Mattress For Proper Support

If your mattress has seen better days, you cannot use a topper to fix it as it will still sink in the lumps and indentations. If you have a saggy mattress, the foam toppers wont improve your sleep quality as they will sag too.

A breathable mattress allows your body to cool in order for you to sleep better.

Even if you invest in a breathable memory foam topper, you still have a poor quality mattress underneath. For the best outcomes, infuse an innerspring mattress with a foam topper to enjoy more restorative stages of sleep. A topper will only increase your comfort levels if your mattress is in a fairly good condition.

Do You Need A Mattress Protector And A Mattress Topper

A Simple Mattress Stain Remover That Really Works

Mattress toppers and mattress protectors can be used together or on their own to add a little comfort to old or uncomfortable mattresses. A mattress topper makes your bed feel brand new and adds height, depth, and extra cushioning to your mattress. On the other hand, as the name suggests, a mattress protector protects the surface underneath against dust, dirt, sweat, moisture, and spills. For more information, take a look at our article do you really need a mattress protector.

You need a mattress protector to protect your mattress against spills and liquids. However, you do not need a mattress topper if you are already happy with the comfort of your mattress.

The mattress protector will help prolong the lifespan of your mattress. Even a simple waterproof mattress protector like can add years of life to your mattress because it will limit moisture buildup and absorption into your mattress. Note that you will need to replace your mattress protector to maintain its integrity as well. Heres a guide to how often you should replace a mattress protector.

If you are not satisfied with the cushioning or the firmness of your mattress, then you may want to adjust its comfort by adding a mattress topper.

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Are Mattress Toppers Hot To Sleep In

In general, most mattress toppers aren’t hot to sleep in. Of course, as there are so many different types to choose from, so it’s true that some may feel warmer than others.

Memory foam options may feel warmer than toppers made from hollowfibre. However, those with natural fillings, such as feather and down, are natural insulators. This means they keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Additionally, natural fillings are very breathable, for extra freshness.

Although a lot of people enjoy the warmer feel of memory foam, if your topper is making you too hot, you can pair it with a lighter tog duvet to balance it out.

Take a look at how mattress toppers compare!


Do Gel Mattress Toppers Really Keep You Cool

Cooling gel is a go-to material for brands aiming to create a temperature neutral mattress or bedding accessories. However, theres been debate over how effective cooling gel really is.

Cooling gels are infused in foams and often start out feeling cool to the touch. However, as you lay down on these foams, the gel infused throughout will begin to take on the temperature of the foam surrounding it.

Meaning, while these gels work to cool you off when you initially climb into bed, they arent going to keep you cool all night long. If you tend to wake up in the middle of the night overheated, these gels probably wont make a substantial difference.

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What Mattress Types Sleep Cool At Night

Latex foam and Purples Hyper-Elastic Polymer are the most breathable mattress materials. However, some beds come with cooling covers that make a bed physically cool to the touch. Memory foam, on the other hand, is known for retaining heat, so avoid that if cool sleeping is what youre after. The exception would be if it has a special temperature regulating technology like copper or gel-infused foam, or phase-change material.

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Back Pain And Pressure Relief

How does KulKote work? â Mattress Topper | KulKote

If you sleep on your side, you may experience pressure on your hips and shoulders that makes it difficult to sleep deeply or continuously. This can also cause back aches and pains that are difficult to get rid of. Gel memory foam gently responds to your bodys weight and relieves pressure points. By offering unparalleled support, gel memory foam also helps keep your spine properly aligned while you sleep, reducing back aches and pain. All of these benefits add up to a better nights sleep, cradled in the comfort that gel memory foam provides.

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