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Do Purple Mattresses Ever Go On Sale

Purple Hybrid Mattress $2199 Original Price: $2399

Purple Mattress Review – AFTER 3 YEARS (Honest Opinion)

The Hybrid Mattress is currently marked down $200, making obtaining much needed sleep a breeze.

Features include a GelFlex Grid, responsive support coils and cushioning transition foam. You can also look forward to increased airflow and durability.

Save up to $600 by taking advantage of the complete sleep bundle.

What Is Purple Mattress Does Purple Mattress Ever Go On Sale

The Purple Mattress, or simply The Purple, is a mattress made of all foam, which means there are no springs. It is made using Purples own grid layer which uses a hyper-elastic polymer. The layer, also known as the Purple Grid Layer, is comprised of a comfort core and a support layer made out of a polyfoam.

Purple Purple mattress is available in a single firmness level medium-firm and is sold in different sizes directly to your door. This is in line with the rising tendency towards DTC which is a direct-to-consumer mattress firms which use less overhead to enhance the product the mattress itself.

Do Tempurpedics Ever Go On Sale

The brand runs regular sales throughout the year though, so this all depends on which Tempur-Pedic mattress you’re looking to save money on. We say that because the Tempur-Essential is usually on sale during Black Friday and Cyber Monday only, while the Tempur-Cloud and Tempur-Breeze are discounted most months.Dec 7, 2021


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Purple Mattress Plus From $999 Was $1199

Why Buy

  • Premium comfort foam
  • Instantly adaptive

A step up from the original Purple Mattress, the Purple Plus Mattress offers everything that makes the Purple Mattress so beloved with the addition of even more comfort than you may have believed possible.

The Purple Plus Mattress incorporates an extra layer of premium foam into the already seemingly flawless design of the original. This extra layer of foam delivers even better cushioning, responsiveness, and breathability. The premium foam reacts even more quickly to your movements throughout the night than Purples original foam, so youre more supported than ever before. The luxe foam base supports 2 inches of breathable GelFlex Grid, which cradles your pressure points and keeps your spine fully aligned throughout the night.

Just like the original, the Purple Plus Mattress is hypoallergenic, nontoxic, and super durable, not to mention made in the USA. If you dont mind a little bit of a splurge, the Purple Plus Mattress is only a few clicks away to provide you with the sleep youve always dreamed about.

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How Can You Tell If A Mattress Is Purple Or Not

10 Best Mattresses to Buy Online in 2020

There are a few things you can look for to determine if a mattress is purple. The most obvious sign is the color itself. However, some mattresses may have a purple tint but not be made entirely of purple materials.

If youre unsure, you can check the tag or contact the company to see what materials were used in the construction of the mattress. Additionally, some mattresses have a purple logo or branding on them. Finally, many companies will list the specific ingredients that were used to make the mattress on their website or product information sheet.

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How Much Does A Purple Mattress Cost

The prices of the Purple Mattress depend on the size of the mattress. Here are the different prices of the Purple Mattress line without any applied discount:

  • Purple Mattress Twin: $649 + tax
  • Purple Mattress Twin XL: $749 + tax
  • Purple Mattress Full: $949 + tax
  • Purple Mattress Queen: $1099 + tax
  • Purple Mattress King: $1399 + tax
  • Purple Mattress Cal King: $1399 + tax
  • Purple Mattress Split King: $1498 + tax

Use a Purple Mattress coupon to save on your online order, regardless of the mattress size that you need. Sometimes you can grab up to 20% off a mattress from Purple. has the right to alter the prices of their mattresses and other products. The terms and conditions of Purple coupons can change without any prior notice.

Are There Any Warranty With A Purple Mattress

There are two distinct warranties for Purple mattresses. One handles the outer cover , and one for the inside. For the cover, you can count on at minimum 2 years of coverage for any defects that the cover may have. As for the interior, you will be covered for at least 10 years of guarantee covering any defect. Just make sure you take into consideration that body indentations caused by heavier sleepers or simply frequent use- wont be covered by warranty if theyre less than 1 inch in depth. Customers are also required to cover the shipping costs that will occur with delivery and return.

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The Essential Purple Experience That Supports Your Back And Budget

  • Two inches of breathable GelFlex Grid to cradle pressure points like hips and shoulders while keeping the rest of your body fully aligned.
  • SoftFlex knit cover designed to let you feel the complete instant response of the GelFlex Grid.
  • GelFlex Grid support paired with our two-layer original foam base to give you outstanding, soothing sleep.
2â Hyper-Elastic Polymer material in Purple Grid Non-toxic polyethylene copolymer powder coating
Middle Layer 3.5â 1.8 lbs density polyurethane foam
Base Layer 4â 2.0 lbs density polyurethane foam
29% Viscose 67% Polyester 4% Lycra
Non-Slip Bottom 100% Polyester stitchbond with non-FR coating
Fire Retardant Non-Toxic Knit Barrier
Basic Care Spot clean with mild detergent . Machine wash/dry not recommended.

Mattress Prices And Sizing

Purple Mattress Review ( Casper and Nectar Mattress Comparisons!)

The Eco Terra mattress is made with natural bed mattress sustainable materials.

While the majority of models cost close to $2,000 or more, a queen size Eco Terra mattress is typically readily available for much less. The business keeps its prices cost effective by making its bed mattress in-house and selling directly to consumers.

The Eco Terra is offered in all six basic mattress sizes.


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How Long Does It Take To Break In A Purple Mattress

Sleep on your Purple mattress for at least 21 days. If you decide the mattress isn’t a good fit within the 100-night trial period, call a Customer Care rep at 888-848-2305. The rep will walk you through a few disposal options: Donate clean and undamaged mattresses to a local charity.Sep 9, 2021


Does Purple Provide Additional Services Such As Mattress Removal

Unlike other direct-to-consumer mattresses, Purple does not have what might call a white-glove service that can take care of your old bed or even services such as mattress set-up. If you buy an Purple mattress, youll have to manage the removal of your old mattress and the installation of the new mattress. Make sure you give the Purple mattress a couple of hours to expand before you use it, as it usually is packed in a box.

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Does Purple Mattress Ever Have Sales

Purple Mattress does have sales like Black Friday, Easter Sale, and New Years Sale. However, the company has not announced exact when these sales will take place.

Many people are wondering if Purple Mattress ever has sales. The answer is yes, but the company hasnt released when these sales will happen yet.

Purple Mattress Black Friday And Cyber Monday Deals

Presidents Day Sale Mattress Firm

Like several popular mattress brands, Purple likes to offer great sales and discounts around Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Although we cant say for certain what those deals will look like this year, we expect that they will be better than any normal deal offered throughout the year. If you can wait until November to buy a new bed, you might end up saving yourself an additional $50-$100.

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Purple Plus Mattress $1749 Original Price: $1899

If you want to take the original Purple Mattress to the next level, the Purple Plus Mattress is the one for you. Complete with an extra layer of premium foam and topped with two inches of breathable GelFlex Grid, youll sleep the night away.

Save up to $550 by taking advantage of the complete sleep bundle.

Is There A Purple Mattress Topper

Purple dont currently offer a mattress topper which is likely due to the quality of their mattresses which means a topper is not essential.

If youre wanting to protect your new Purple mattress though, you may want to consider the Purple Mattress Protector ). Theres an option available for a Kid Mattress Protector ) which will fit the Kids Mattress.

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Start Your Free Trial Today

Thanks to the free trials from Purple, you can try their award-winning products with no financial risk. Purple offers new users a 100-night free trial for their mattresses and pillows. This risk-free trial is the perfect way to see and feel if a Purple queen mattress or another size is right for you.

Did you love your sleep? Great! You can keep the mattress. If not, the brand will pick up and return your Purple bed with no strings attached. Additionally, every Purple promo comes with free delivery and free returns.

Purple Mattress Dimensions And Size

Purple Mattress Review – Is It The Best Online Mattress of 2022? (UPDATED!)

The Purple bed ranges in size depending on the model you choose. The measurements and dimensions are as follows:

Original Purple

  • Twin XL Mattress: 38 x 80 x 9.5
  • Full Mattress: 54 x 76 x 9.5
  • Queen Mattress: 60 x 80 x 9.5
  • King Mattress: 76 x 80 x 9.5
  • Cal King Mattress: 72 x 84 x 9.5

Purple Hybrid

  • Twin XL Mattress: 38 x 80 x 11
  • Full Mattress: 54 x 76 x 11
  • Queen Mattress: 60 x 80 x 11
  • King Mattress: 76 x 80 x 11
  • Cal King Mattress: 72 x 84 x 11

Purple Hybrid Premier 3

  • Twin XL Mattress: 38 x 80 x 12
  • Full Mattress: 54 x 76 x 12
  • Queen Mattress: 60 x 80 x 12
  • King Mattress: 76 x 80 x 12
  • Cal King Mattress: 72 x 84 x 12

Purple Hybrid Premier 4

  • Twin XL Mattress: 38 x 80 x 13
  • Full Mattress: 54 x 76 x 13
  • Queen Mattress: 60 x 80 x 13
  • King Mattress: 76 x 80 x 13
  • Cal King Mattress: 72 x 84 x 13

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Who Is This Best For

Mattress researchers often recommend a specific type of cushioning for different sleeper types. If youre not sure of the kind of sleeper you might be, simply observe the positions you typically end up in in the night. You can generally be characterized by three categories: Side, Back, and Stomach Sleepers. How is Purple mattress for each of these kinds?

Highlights Of The Purple Mattress

  • The original Purples gel grid construction collapses when sleepers apply sufficient pressure and stays upright everywhere else, creating a squishy-yet-firm feel
  • This supportive mattress could be a great match for back sleepers, stomach sleepers, and heavier-weight side sleepers who weigh enough to collapse the grid around the shoulder and hip, thereby creating pressure relief
  • The hyper-elastic gel polymer is very durable, which should make this a long-lasting mattress that doesnt sag
  • The Purple should sleep temperature neutral thanks to the thin SoftFlex cover and breathable gel grid, which has nearly 2,500 air channels
  • The mattress has a 3 foam encasement that runs around its perimeter and helps shore up the edge support

Read our full Purple mattress review to learn more about what makes the original Purple a great mattress.

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How Much Does A Purple Hybrid Mattress Cost

Here are the different prices of the Purple Hybrid Mattress based on size without any applied coupon code or discount:

  • Purple Hybrid Twin XL: $1299 + tax
  • Purple Hybrid Full: $1499 + tax
  • Purple Hybrid Queen: $1599 + tax
  • Purple Hybrid King: $1899 + tax
  • Purple Hybrid Cal King: $1899 + tax
  • Purple Hybrid Split King: $2598 + tax

Save on a Hybrid Mattress regardless of size with any available Purple coupon from this page. has the right to change the prices of any of their products and the terms and conditions of all Purple promo codes without any prior notice.

When Is The Best Time To Buy A Mattress

The best mattress sales for Presidents

Its no secret that huge sales are the perfect time to make big purchases, but predicting them can be tricky if you arent watching your calendar. Here are some of the biggest holidays when youre most likely to score great deals from physical stores and online retailers alike:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Amazon Prime Day

Watch out for a holiday sale so you can finally achieve quality sleep at an affordable price.

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Purple Mattress Discount & Sale Overview

In this post, well review everything you need to know about Purple company policies, warranty, pricing, and how to save money buying this online mattress.

Purple ships all of their mattresses to your home for free. Depending on which model you buy, it will arrive in a bag or via white glove delivery. This means that someone will do the hard work and set up the mattress for you. The company offers free delivery for residents in the United States and Canada. White glove delivery is available in all 48 contiguous states. If youre looking for a more in depth review, check out our full review of the purple mattress.

Why Does My Tempurpedic Bed Hurt My Back

A memory foam mattress can hurt your back if the mattress is too soft, too firm, too thin, lacks support, is sagging, is placed on the wrong frame, hasn’t had enough time to adjust to your physical characteristics or simply isn’t a good fit for your body weight, body type, or dominant sleeping position.


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Compare With Similar Items

This item Purple Mattress – Queen, GelFlex Grid, Better Than Memory Foam, Temperature Neutral, Responsiveness, Breathability, Made in USA
4.5 out of 5 stars 4.4 out of 5 stars 4.4 out of 5 stars 4.4 out of 5 stars 4.6 out of 5 stars 4.7 out of 5 stars
80 x 60 x 9.5 inches 80 x 60 x 9 inches 80 x 60 x 12 inches 80 x 60 x 10 inches 80 x 60 x 12 inches 80 x 60 x 8 inches
80 x 60 x 9.5 inches
Item Weight
4.5 out of 5 stars
Best Sellers Rank

Product Warranty:

Check Out A Few Online Sellers

How It’s Made – Purple Mattress Factory Tour

Online mattress brands tend to offer some of the biggest discounts on the market, although you wont be able to see or test your hybrid mattress in person first.

However, there is one distinct advantage to shopping at online stores: reviews. With all the information on the internet at your fingertips, its easy to make the right choice. So, be sure to scope out those online deals for your perfect mattress.

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Does Purple Mattress Go On Sale

Purple is widely identified as one of one of the most innovative, popular bedding firms in the world today, thanks in big part to the success of the Original Purple mattress. The Purple bed uses a patented product called Hyper-Elastic Polymer, which is unlike any other mattress product on the marketplace its not a memory foam, or any sort of foam really. In this review, well cover exactly what that material is, in addition to firmness, and back, belly, and also side sleepers.

Quick Note On Pricing

As you define your needs, consider that different mattress types come with various price tags. For example, a high-quality mattress with box springs can run anywhere from $800 to $5,000 or more.. Meanwhile, cheaper innerspring mattresses are cost-friendly but often rated lower in quality and durability.

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The Best Purple Mattress Sales And Deals 202: Up To $600 Off

ByPaul Dimerylast updated 4 August 22

Purple’s mattress sale has big discounts on its best boxed mattress

The Purple Mattress sale for June has landed with a big discount on the brands most popular bed-in-a-box, the Original Purple Mattress. The best deal saves you up to $600 , with a queen size Original priced from $995 at Purple . Weve been covering Purple for a while and this is the lowest price weve seen on the Original for months, so now is a great time to buy.

$995 is a very competitive price, making it cheaper than the top-rated DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid and the Casper Original Hybrid . The Purple Original has a user review rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars generated from over 31,000 reviews, and features the same innovative Purple Grid technology as its pricier siblings.

Its the best mattress for pressure relief and full-body support from a cooler bed with a reasonable price tag. Its still more expensive than the Cocoon by Sealy Chill cooling mattress though, priced $799 for a queen at Cocoon .

Normally we see discounts averaging $150 to $200 on the Purple Original, with the best sales usually saved for the brands premium hybrid range. Not this month, as the Purple Hybrid models come with $300 off select bedding instead , instead of straight money-off discounts. You may have to pay a small surplus on the bedding too, depending on what you pick. This isnt the best deal weve seen on Purples hybrid range, so the Original is the one to go for now.


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