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Queen Vs King Pillow Size

What Is The Difference Between King Vs Queen

Queen Vs King Mattress #shorts

Both the mattresses are similar in length but differ in their width. A king bed is 16 inches wider than a queen mattress, making it a suitable option for people who want extra space while sleeping.

Be it a King vs Queen mattress both offer you the same space in length. However, their main difference lies in width. The King provides an extra 16 inches of room, which is best for couples without feeling cramped. King mattresses come standard at 76 inches x 80 inches however, if necessary, they can be extended through 2 different sizes: 76 or 80. As their size is different, their price also comes in a distinctive budget bracket of almost $1000 extra for a King bed.

Here are some significant differences between queen and king size mattresses that can help you choose the best one as per your requirements:

Adults or couples with small bedroom Adults or couples who need more space
Recommended Room Size 10 feet by 14 feet 13 feet by 13 feet
Price $500 $3000 $800 $4000

To know more about sleep cycles, your chakras and its essentiality in your overall well-being, click here to dive deep into the world of sound sleep and cozy beds.

King Pillow Size & Dimensions

An Australian king pillow measures 51cm by 92cm in metric measurements, or 20in by 36in in imperial measurements. As the largest standard pillow size, this pillow works best for sleepers who have a lot of space in bed to move around. The king pillow also works well for those who value sitting up to work, read, or watch TV from the comfort of their bed.

  • What is the best bed size for a king pillow? As expected, this pillow is designed so that when two sit side-by-side, they fit perfectly across a standard king size bed. However, some prefer the sizing of a queen pillow to a king size pillow in that case, king pillows are also great for decorative purposes across a king or super king size bed. One king size pillow also works well across a twin or full bed king pillows also fit tightly in a pair across a queen bed.
  • What is the best pillowcase for a king pillow? The king pillowcase will fit this pillow the best.

Pillow Dimensions: Size Chart

From a standard to king size pillow you probably didnt realize how many pillow sizes were out there until you started shopping. Each has unique dimensions and is best fit for specific mattress sizes and types of sleepers. So while you may be okay with going the simple route and sticking with a standard pillow size, theres a chance its not the pillow that would be best for you.

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Queen Pillow Size & Dimensions

The Australian Queen size pillow measures 51cm by 76cm on the metric scale, which is the equivalent of 20in by 30in in imperial units. This pillow is 10cm longer than a standard but is equivalent in width. The extra length of this pillow, in comparison to the standard pillow size, makes it a good option for active sleepers of all kinds.

  • What is the best bed size for a queen pillow? As expected, this pillow is designed for a queen size bed two fit across a queen size bed perfectly. However, a queen size pillow can be used to fit across a twin size bed for someone who prefers a larger pillow. Two queen size pillows will fit tightly on a full size bed, while they can also be used on a king or super king size bed with extra breathing room on the sides of each pillow.
  • What is the best pillowcase for a queen pillow? The standard pillowcase will fit a bit snug but is the best option for this pillow.

Which Size Is Right For You

Buying the Right King Size Pillow Dimensions

Unlike sheets, there are no rules for pillows. You have to use a Queen sheet set for a Queen mattress, but you can use any pillow size which you prefer.

You dont necessarily have to match a Queen pillow to a Queen mattress, or a King to a King. The key is to use the pillow size that fits you and your sleeping preferences.

If you already have a pillow size that works for you, then great! Keep using it. If youre confused and dont know what size will work for you, lets first start with a visual aid.

As the picture shows, the depth of the pillows is the same. The width of each pillow is the same 20, but the lengths are where they differ.

The extra length of a Queen or King pillow might help you, or it might annoy you. More is not necessarily better!

Some people and certain sleeping positions will benefit from a longer pillow. Others will not.

We already identified each size above, now lets take a look at the benefits and drawbacks if any of each size.

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What Is The Best Size Pillow To Sleep On

The right pillow size for you will depend on the size of your bed and your sleep position. If you are a combination sleeper and tend to toss and turn during the night, it is best to opt for a longer pillow. The extra length of a queen or king pillow will keep your head and beck supported as you change positions.

Standard Size Pillow Dimensions

A standard pillow measures 20 inches by 26 inches. Its a compact size perfect for sleepers who dont change sleeping positions through the night. If you are a combination sleeper who tosses and turns in bed while sleeping, you may slide off the pillow, causing neck aches. However, if you are a side sleeper, back sleeper, or stomach sleeper, a standard size may be perfect for you.

One standard size pillow fits across a twin bed comfortably, while two can be placed across on a full and queen bed. However, to cover the width of a king or California king bed, youll need three standard pillows.

Some bedding companies have another subcategory called the super standard, measuring 20 inches by 28 inches. The width remains the same, but you get extra 2 inches in length. Since its a minor difference, both the pillow sizes can be fitted inside a standard pillowcase, measuring 20-21 inches by 30-32 inches.

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Q And A: All You Need To Know About Pillow Sizing

You might have an idea about the specifics regarding the pros and cons of pillow sizing standards. Not only do they help you provide a sense of comfort while sleeping but also play an important role in your health. If you are still confused about the wide variety of sizing standards or want to get a better idea, have a look at the list of Q and As below:

King Size Bed Vs California King Bed

Sew Easy Pillow Sham – standard/queen size and king size

Standard king mattress is 76 inches wide by 80 inches long. A standard California king mattress is 72 inches wide by 84 inches long. The king bed is more of a square shape, whereas the California king is more rectangular.

Before choosing which bed you prefer, you should know the dimensions and the pros and cons of each.

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How Elevated Should Your Head Be When Sleeping

Head elevation depends on your sleeping position. The idea is to keep your neck parallel to the shoulders and hips to maintain healthy spinal alignment. If your head is raised too high, it may cause the spine to arch, and you may experience back pain. If your head is too low, more pressure builds up in the neck, causing stiffness and pain.

Whats The Difference Between Pillowcases And Pillow Shams

Pillowcases are made of the same material as bed sheets. Most sheet sets come with two pillowcases in the same color and fabric as the sheets. While pillowcases are designed for sleeping, pillow shams serve a more decorative purpose.

Pillow shams are typically made of a heavy, coarser material that matches the bedspread or duvet cover. Depending on the fabric, pillow shams may not be comfortable for sleeping. Pillow shams also have a slit that runs across the middle of the back of the pillow and often closes with an overlapping piece of fabric.

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Other Size Matters For The Ultimate Pillow Experience

Standard Queen Pillow Size or Standard PillowSize: These sizes are really the best for sleeping and what we recommend first. The downside to along pillow is that the fill can migrate to the ends more easily and they are less squishable having morevolume as discussed above. Some sleepers prefer a shorter pillow because they like the compactness. Thesesizes also save money so those that dont really have a preference may choose the less expensive option.

Queen Pillow Size:The Queen pillow is a good choice for someone who tosses and turns because it gives you lots of room on eachside of your head. As well, a large pillow can feel luxurious and contribute to a retreat-like feel in yourbedroom.

King Pillow Size:King pillows were designed for the extra width of a King or California King bed but they are great for atwin bed if your sleeper tosses and turns. They also make a good back support pillow for reading or workingon a laptop in bed. A king pillow can also work as a shorter body pillow.

Euro Pillow Size: With so manysizes of Euro Square pillows to choose from, its easy to get the right look for your bed. They are mostlyused for décor and reading pillows .However, did you know the 26″ square is also used as a sleeping pillow in some European countries, such asGermany and Holland? If you buy bedding while traveling, you may be needing a new sized pillow.


King Vs Queen Bed Dimensions

Perfect Pillow Sizes: Standard, Queen, or King?  Au Lit Fine Linens

The size difference between a queen and king bed is the main component separating the two options. Standard king mattresses are 76 inches wide and 80 inches long with a surface area of 6,080 square inches. Meanwhile, standard queen mattresses are 60 inches wide and 80 inches long with a surface area of 4,800 square inches.

Since both sizes are the same length, the real deciding factor between a queen vs. king bed is how wide youd like your mattress to be. For people who prefer a bit of wiggle room, a king mattress is 16 inches wider than a queen. On the other hand, the reduced width of a queen bed makes it ideal for smaller spaces.

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Choosing A Pillow Based On Bed Size

As we’ve mentioned, pillows come in a variety of different sizes. The most common pillow size is standard as they’re small/medium-sized. The majority of sleepers prefer this size pillow to sleep with as it’s not too small, and not too big! Most people sleep with one or two standard sized pillows. There are also larger styles such as queen, king, and euro sizes. Here in the U.S., euro pillows are often only used for decoration, however, in European countries, such as Germany and Holland, this type of pillow is the norm!

Here is a breakdown of the different pillow sizes, with the suggested number that you should have per bed:

Super Standard Pillow Size 09/2022

A super standard pillow is slightly larger than the standard pillow size by two inches. It measures 20 inches in width and 32 inches in length. The pillow is the best choice for people with no particular type of sleeping style or rather, it is ideal for combination sleepers.

Super standard pillows provide more support than the standard pillow does. The pillow also fits well across single and twin size beds. They also fit queen size beds and standard size beds with perfection.

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Why Are Pillow Sizes Important

Confused about why pillow width and size is important? Heres a list of medical and aesthetic reasons.

  • ComfortYour head size is a consideration for comfort, as people with broader shoulders and heavier heads will likely feel comfortable on a larger, wider pillow that has the space for more fill and loft.
  • Spinal AlignmentA pillow thats well-placed and well-sized can help take pressure off of the neck, back, and shoulders and promote spinal alignment. Check out the best pillows for neck pain for our suggestions.
  • Sleeping PositionWhile loft is among the most important factors for all sleeper types, pillow width is equally as important for combination sleepers. When combination sleepers change positions throughout the night, they may roll off the pillow if it isnt wide enough to accommodate their level of movement. Stomach sleepers, back sleepers and side sleepers should consider their body size, weight and shoulder width when choosing the appropriate pillow width. Check out our best pillow guide for all of our recommendations.
  • Aesthetic QualityBed pillows should appear substantial in scale without feeling overpowering or too small for the mattress. For example, a King size mattress with a single standard pillow isnt as aesthetically pleasing as a King size thats layered with five or six pillows.

King Vs Queen Comparison Chart

GX Suspension Set of 2 Standard/Queen or King Pillows on QVC
Queen Mattress
Smaller primary bedrooms Larger primary bedrooms

Beyond the basic dimensions, there are several other factors to consider when deciding between a king vs. queen mattress. Heres a more in-depth comparison between the two bed sizes:

King Mattress

  • Dimensions: 76 x 80 or 193.04 cm x 203.2 cm
  • Surface area: 6,080 square inches or 39,225.73 square cm
  • Casper price: Starts at $895
  • Best for: Couples or adults who want more space
  • Bedroom size: Larger primary bedrooms

Queen Mattress

  • Dimensions: 60 x 80 or 152.4 cm x 203.2 cm
  • Surface area: 4,800 square inches or 30,967.68 square cm
  • Casper price: Starts at $695
  • Best for: Couples or adults with smaller bedrooms
  • Bedroom size: Smaller primary bedrooms

To understand how these mattresses stack up against other bed sizes, take a look through our mattress size comparison guide.

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What Makes Each Pillow Size Unique

Standard is the most common size for bed pillows sold today. These are the shortest, most compact bed pillow options among common sizes. They also tend to be the least expensive because theyre so widely available. Most Twin-size and Full-size beds are outfitted with one standard pillow, while Queen and King beds almost always have two standard size pillows.

Super standardbed pillows are just two inches longer than standard pillows, making them an excellent option for sleepers who find standard-size pillows too compact. They cost about the same as standard-size pillows but are a little more difficult to find.

Queen size pillows typically measure 20 x 30, but those measurements may vary slightly depending on the brand. The extra length of a queen pillow when compared to standard and super standard sizes is beneficial for sleepers who toss and turn throughout the night, such as combination sleepers. Most queen bed pillows are placed in pairs on a Queen size bed. On a King or California King size bed, they can be placed size by side with a bit of space in between.

King size pillows are the largest of the standard sizes and are significantly longer than standard and queen size options. King pillows are rarely found on smaller mattress sizes like Twin beds or Full beds, but they give a nice, full look when used in pairs on King and California King beds. They can also serve as backrests for people who like sitting up in bed to read, work or watch TV.

Chronic Pain

Size Of The Standard Pillowcase

How you use pillowcases on your pillows will play a huge role in ensuring that you get sound sleep and your pillows maintain their shape. Pillowcases come in different construction materials, with the most common being the cotton material.

The majority of consumers worldwide buy the standard size pillowcase more than the other sizes because it comfortably fits the standard pillow size and the queen pillow size. The standard pillowcases, which also go by the name housewife pillowcases, fit any pillow with the standard size of 26 inches by 30 inches.

The size of the standard queen pillowcase also fits any pillow with the same measurements as those of the standard size pillow, but with a width variation of between 5 and 10 cm. the king-size pillowcase is an extra-large piece that fits the king-size pillow with no room for discomfort.

Some people prefer to use a larger pillowcase on their pillows because they provide more room for fluffing the pillows. Some of the pillowcases also come with rectangular panels on the edges, which add to the pillowcases size. Smaller fitting pillowcases help to keep the pillow firm as you sleep. The smaller sizes are also great, especially if you want to extend the lifespan of the pillow.

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Queen Size Pillow Dimensions

The standard size of a queen pillow is 20 inches by 30 inches, but there may be slight variations in dimensions depending on different brands. The extra length of a queen compared to a standard or super standard is beneficial for restless sleepers.

A queen size pillow fits snug in a standard pillowcase. Some bedding manufacturers may have other sizes, but a standard and king are popular pillowcase sizes.

A queen pillow can be placed across a twin, and two of them fit perfectly across a queen-size bed. You can place two queen pillows tightly across a full, while on a king or California king they can be placed comfortably across the bed with extra space in between.


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