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Does The Thickness Of A Memory Foam Mattress Matter

Mattress Layers Whats Inside Yours

Innerspring vs Memory Foam Mattresses – Which Is Better For You?

The layers of your mattress contribute to thickness. Most mattresses consist of layers that can be broken into two different simple categories: the foundation or base layer, and the comfort layer or layers. Lets take a look at what this means and how they differ so you can have a better understanding of what is in your mattress and what it means for the thickness of mattresses overall.

The 411 On Memory Foam Thickness

Curious to know what thickness memory foam mattress you need to get? They can range anywhere from 8-14 inches. Typically, the standard mattress thickness is 10-12 inches, which is enough to conform to the body of the average adult sleeper. Thicker mattresses are another way to gain additional support.

If youre wondering what thickness memory foam mattress is best, these factors can influence whether you should try an 10-inch thick mattress or a 14-inch thick mattress:

If you need more support, opt for a thicker mattress.

While thickness is a great place to start, youll need to do a little research on your potential mattress to ensure it meets all your sleep needs.

Advantages Of A Thick Mattress

  • A thick mattress is better for heavyweight people, since each layer is thicker, and thereby better capable of offering support under heavy body pressure, along with ensuring the individual receives a decent support level.
  • A thicker mattress typically has a longer lifespan because it doesn’t sag as quickly as a thin mattress.

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What Are The Benefits Of A Thicker Mattress

A thicker mattress does not always guarantee a higher level of comfort. However, there are some benefits to be considered regarding specific sleep needs.

Reviews from couples and heavy people indicate that they find a lot of added comfort in a thicker mattress. When additional weight is applied on a thicker mattress, it is still able to provide comfort even with the emphasized compression. Instead of the comfort layers sinking down to the base, you will still be able to lie on the top of the bed and receive the benefits of an even and comfortable surface.

Thicker mattresses are often more durable. The additional material allows them to be functional for longer as there are more wear and tear allowed before the bed starts to sag and become unusable. As mentioned above, this additional durability comes at a price but is often worth the extra cost.

Expecting mothers may also want to consider a thicker mattress. During pregnancy, especially the third trimester, mobility is severely limited in women and they usually sleep on their side. Additionally, bending at the waist to sit down on a low surface becomes increasingly difficult.

A thicker mattress for pregnancy will make it easier to get into and out of it. This is particularly true during all the late-night bathroom trips that are sure to result from the additional pressure placed on the bladder by the growing baby.

Best Gel Memory Foam Mattress Zoma Mattress

Premium Memory Foam Mattress
  • Price: $499 to $1198

The Zoma Mattress is an excellent gel memory foam mattress originally built for athletes. Even if youre not athletic, the Zoma Mattress can foster deep sleep while enhancing muscle recovery and physical performance. Since the bed is infused with gel, you have to worry about getting hot while sleeping, either.

Zoma uses gel memory foam for the beds comfort layer. Its cushiony without feeling overly soft and the gel infusions dissipate heat and moisture. This layer includes Triangulex, a support technology split into three zones. Its soft around your hips and shoulders but firm around your back for optimal alignment and cushioning.

Beneath the gel memory foam is Reactiv transition foam, a springy material designed to keep you from sinking into bed. This makes it easier for you to switch positions, get out of bed, and sleep comfortably overall.

At the bottom of the Zoma Mattress is Support+ foam, a durable foam thats resistant to wear and tear from aging. As the name suggests, the Support+ layer plays an important role in supporting your spine.

With the Zoma Mattress, you receive a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty.

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Question About Mattress Thickness: How Thick Should My Mattress Be

When shopping for a new mattress, people are on the lookout for things like price, materials, firmness level, cooling capabilities, or other technologies that they could benefit from in order to get more comfortable and feel more supported in their favorite sleeping position.

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But something that few people seem to care about is the thickness of the mattress. Is this really important and what is the right thickness level.

Why Does Thickness Matter

Memory foam mattress thickness matters because the number of layers inside your mattress can totally affect how supportive and comfortable it is. The more weight applied to a memory foam mattress, the more it compresses. So you might want to consider a thicker mattress if you sleep with a partner. In the end, thickness can make the difference between sleeping on a marshmallow and sleeping on bedrock.

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Are Memory Foam Mattresses Good For Back Pain

Memory foam is a good mattress material for back pain sufferers, as the foam adapts to fit the contours of the body, unlike traditional sprung mattresses, which only directly support the major pressure points like the hips, knees, and neck.

As the weight of body is more evenly distributed, this helps to keep the spine in natural alignment through the night, reducing those aches and pains you feel in the morning. As such, many back pain sufferers find that memory foam mattresses are quite simply the most comfortable and effective solution to chronic back problems.

How Hybrid Mattresses Are Different Does The Thickness Of A Hybrid Mattress Matter

Allswell Home Memory Foam Mattress Topper Review


  • 4.6 Is a Hybrid Mattress a Great Choice for Heavy Individuals?
  • These mattresses combine different materials to offer the most comfortable and well balanced sleeping surface you can buy today.

    Coil springs and memory foam are the 2 most popular materials in the mattress market and hybrid mattresses bring out the best of both these materials.

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    Not All Foams Are Equally Firm

    While you might assume that density is the main measure of mattress firmness, there is in fact yet another number to add to your mattress calculations.

    If you want to know how firm a mattress is, look at its Indentation Load Deflection rating. In the mattress business, manufacturers figure out how much pressure a mattress can take before it indents four inches into the surface.

    A high rating indicates a firm mattress, while a low rating indicates a soft mattress. Choose the option that best suits how you sleep.

    • Soft Any mattress from 1-4 is considered soft and is perfect for those who sleep on their side or are light sleepers.
    • Medium A 5-7 mattress is medium-firm and perfect for those who sleep on their back or have back pain.
    • Firm A mattress rated between 8-10 is ideal for heavy sleepers and those who sleep on their backs or stomachs.

    Body Weight & Mattress Thickness

    As weve mentioned above, your weight is one of the most important factors that will have a say in what thickness your mattress should have. Here are some general guidelines that might prove useful the next time you go mattress shopping:

    • For the most part, people that weight below 225 pounds wont need a mattress thats thicker than nine inches.
    • People who sport between 225 and 275 pounds will need a mattress that measures about 10 inches in height.
    • People that are above the weight of 275 pounds are much better off with a bed thats at least 12 inches in height.

    The truth of the matter is that the thickness of the mattress will also determine its lifespan. As you can imagine, when resting on top of several layers of material, you are more likely to have a bed that lasts for a decade.

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    Inch Vs 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress

    As we already mentioned, the best thickness for a memory foam mattress that you can choose is between the 10 and the 12 inches. In case your weight up to 250 pounds, then the 10 inches will serve the purpose. However, for heavier people, you should consider getting the 12 inches memory foam mattress instead.

    The main difference between these two thicknesses is the firmness. Most people who weight under 250 pounds also prefer the 12 inches mattresses because they have a floating feeling.

    Take a look at the best pillows for side sleepers in 2018.

    Find A Memory Foam Mattress That Fits Your Budget

    Best Soft Mattress Topper 2021

    When youre buying a mattress, youre basically buying a good nights sleep. Thats why it never hurts to splurge a little and go for a quality mattress. Thankfully, not all memory foam options will break the bank. The price of a memory foam mattress depends on its thickness, size, and foam type, but options range from the low hundreds to several thousands of dollars. To see which mattresses fit within your price range, check out our guide on Memory Foam Mattress Pricing.

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    What’s The Difference In Mattress Thickness

    While you may see memory foam mattresses coming in anything from 14 inches thick to 20 inches, this is unlikely to consist of memory foam alone. Mattresses are made up of layers of different materials. For example, a hybrid mattress might contain a pocket spring, latex foam or base foam with a memory foam top layer.

    Our memory foam comes in a range of thicknesses. Lets explain the difference.

    How Long Will A Memory Foam Mattress Last

    Most memory foam mattresses last from six to eight years before having issues with sagging or diminished performance. This lifespan is longer than most innersprings and airbeds, similar to hybrids, and shorter than all-latex beds.

    Some memory foam mattresses may last for more or less than the 6-8 year average. Issues that can affect longevity include:

    • Quality of materials: Memory foam layers that are thicker, denser, and part of a mattress made with significant attention-to-detail are far more likely to hold up for the long haul.
    • Stress placed on the mattress: More stress is placed on a mattress by couples than an individual person, by people with a higher body weight, and by children who jump on the bed.
    • Mattress maintenance: Failure to use the mattress as intended can make it susceptible to more rapid wear-and-tear. For example, an unsupportive frame may heighten the risk of premature damage to the mattress itself. Using a mattress pad or protector helps protect the mattress against spills that could damage the foam.

    Higher-end foams tend to cost more, but that investment often pays off over time. Opting for better materials and then taking care of the mattress can contribute directly to a longer useful life for your bed.

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    Memory Foam Mattress Layers

    While exact layers vary, most memory foam mattresses are made of the same ingredients. In most mattresses, the bottom layer is made of solid shock-absorbing foam designed to stabilize the rest of the mattress and the softer layers above. Next are transitional layers of memory foam and polyurethane foam. A 10- to 12-inch mattress generally has couple of these layers as padding. Thicker mattresses use an additional layer of cooling gel or textured foam for extra comfort. All of this is wrapped up in a hypoallergenic or quilted cover layer to keep you comfortable and it contained.

    What Is Foam And How Is It Made

    Nectar Mattress Review – The Best Memory Foam Mattress Of 2022? (UPDATED!)

    The Tuft & Needle Original mattress is entirely foam, but offers a great balance of firmness and support.

    Foam manufacturing shares some qualities with baking: You put together a handful of ingredients, mix them, and they go from a batter-like blend to the final product. Mattress foams are made with just three components: polyols, the basic building blocks, which are most often derived from oils, like petroleum isocyanates, which are reactants that trigger chemical changes when mixed with the polyols and blowing agents, which create gas bubbles in the foam. Mix them together in the right proportions and, voilà, youve got foam. Latex, which is less common in mattresses and has different components, can also be made into a foam. To drastically oversimplify, foam is like bricks of bubbles, says JT Marino, co-founder of mattress-in-a-box company Tuft & Needle.

    Manufacturers can change the sensation of a foam by altering the proportions of different ingredients. The firmness, in particular, is controlled by the ratio of isocyanates to polyols. Essentially, the more isocyanate, the more firm that foam will be the less isocyanates, the foam will be, Marino says. There are two types of isocyanates that have different chemical structures that may be used in foam, MDI and TDI , he says. MDI plays a role in giving foams their memory and is often found in more expensive products, while TDI is generally used in cheaper foams, he says.

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    What Is Memory Foam

    Memory foam, or viscoelastic foam, is a polyurethane foam treated with chemicals to create more viscosity, or its ability to change and hold its shape under pressure. Heat and pressure from sitting or lying down causes memory foam to conform to the body, relieving pressure points.

    Memory foam is a popular mattress material because it reduces aches and pains by forming to your bodys natural curves. It also provides excellent motion isolation, so you wont feel your sleep partners movement. In contrast, innerspring mattresses are bouncy and have very little motion isolationyou can easily feel any movement which can wake you up at night.

    Memory foams dense structure restricts air circulation, trapping heat. Heat builds up and may wake you, making it harder to fall back asleep.

    Another drawback to memory foam is off-gassing. Off-gassing is a chemical smell memory foam gives off temporarily.

    Available Sizes And Thicknesses

    Mattress toppers generally vary in thickness from 2 to 4 although some may go up to 6 inches. In addition to thickness, the toppers may also be available in different foam densities, but lets take a look at the available thicknesses and sizes.

    So, the first thing you have to learn about is the availability of various thicknesses and sizes.

    If you are going to buy a memory foam mattress topperthen you should consider both the thickness level and the density of a mattress topper to make sure you get the right level of comfort and support you need.

    In most cases, mattress toppers are available in three basic thickness ranges: 2 inches, 3 inches, and 4 inches thick although you can also find some special mattress toppers that are 5 or 6 inches thick as well.

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    Is Memory Foam Good For Allergies

    Certain memory foam and sprung mattresses can worsen allergy symptoms, but it all depends on the style of mattress you get. Certain fabrics and materials can be susceptible to build ups of moisture, mould, bacteria, and dust, all of which provides an ideal environment for dust mites, one of the most common household allergens. Thats why its important to find a good memory foam mattress with hypoallergenic features designed with allergy sufferers in mind.

    All Dormeo memory foam mattress covers are infused with a CleanEffect® treatment, offering anti-bacterial and anti-dust mite protection, ensuring your mattress stays clean and odour-free for a healthier nights sleep.

    If the air is too humid in your bedroom, it can cause dust mites and mould to develop, which can worsen allergies, asthma and other respiratory issues. As well as providing deep comfort, Dormeo mattresses are also designed to be breathable, allowing moisture such as perspiration to evaporate into the air instead of remaining in the mattress.

    How Thick Is A Standard Queen Bed

    Best Mattress Toppers For Heavy People

    Mattress size and thickness dont correlate. A mattresss size is the surface dimensions of a mattress, while a mattresss thickness is the depth or height of a bed.

    So, a California king, queen, and twin mattress can all be 14 inches thick despite having different surface areas. Also, depending on the brand you buy from, the firmness of the mattress, and the materials in the bed, can affect a mattresss thickness.

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    Mattress Construction And Mattress Thickness

    The thickness of each of the layers inside a mattress determines its depth. The majority of mattresses have two layers, however high-quality mattresses might have three, four, or even more layers. Different materials are used in each layer.

    The cushioning, stability, and longevity of your mattress are all affected by these materials. The comfort layer and the base layer are the two essential layers found in all mattresses.

    So, what is the number of layers in a memory foam mattress? It depends on the brand and manufacturer, but there are usually two layers: a comfort layer and a base layer.

    • Base Layer: Everything is supported by this lowest layer. To avoid sagging, it is made of durable materials.
    • Comfort Layer: This top layer molds to your bodys shape and relieves pressure. Its made of supple memory foam.

    A transitional layer between the comfort and base layers is sometimes included in these mattresses. This center section functions as a buffer and prevents sagging.

    What thickness memory foam mattress topper is best for you depends on how firm and supportive you want your mattress to be, but one thing is certain: youll need more base layer than comfort layer.


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