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How Much Is My Pillow Mattress

What Kind Of Mattress Toppers Do Hotels Use

  • D & G THE DUCK AND GOOSE CO Overfilled Extra Thick Mattress Topper.
  • Utopia Bedding Quilted Fitted Mattress Pad Mattress Cover Stretches up to.
  • LINENSPA 3 Inch Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper Full Size.
  • LEISURE TOWN Queen Mattress Pad Cover Cooling Mattress Topper Cotton Top Pillow Top.

What Does The Mypillow Mattress Topper Feel Like

When you put your hands on the MyPillow mattress topper, you should expect to feel a relatively firm foam design. That design will be good for back sleepers and some stomach sleepers, because firmer foam is good for supporting the hips and shoulders and distributing weight evenly across the mattress. Side sleepers should steer clear of any firm-feeling topper, because such toppers likely wont provide the pressure relief thats necessary for a good nights sleep.

Since the topper is made of foam, it shouldnt feel too cool to the touch. The material isnt especially breathable, and the phase-changing material in the cover doesnt really kick in until heat is generated on top of the topper. A major selling point of the MyPillow topper are the four straps one on each corner of the topper designed to hold the layered-foam piece in place on a bed.

Other Types Of Pillows

While standard, super standard, queen, king, and body pillows are among the most popular for sleeping, there are a few other types of pillows that can be used for different occasions as well.

  • Travel pillows: A smaller pillow perfect for long car drives or plane rides. With a typical size around 12 x 16 inches, travel pillow options or nap pillows are small enough to transport, but also give your head the support it needs.
  • Throw pillows: These are typically only for show , and make a room more comfortable or inviting. Throw pillows come in all different shapes and sizes.
  • Euro sham pillows: A type of throw pillow that measures 26 x 26 inches. Like other throw pillows, a euro pillow adds to the visual appeal of a room.
  • Pregnancy pillows: These come in a variety of lengths and shapes. From a simple wedge to a 10 x 10 foot C shape, these pillows are made with many needs in mind.

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The My Pillow Mattress Recommendation

If you are a fan of My Pillow I think you should definitely give their mattress a try. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked this mattress. It comes with a 120-day guarantee with free returns if you dont like the mattress within that time period and comes shipped in a box right to your house so no need to wait for a delivery.

vc_column_text class=sleep-sherpa-exclusive-deal]Get $100 off your My Pillow Mattress with coupon code BED100 at checkout Activate Here

How To Clean A Mattress

Why a Mattress Topper Might be Better than a New Mattress

1. Complement the mattress with a mattress protector or a separate pillow top. It makes it more hygienic, as it is easy to remove and clean. Some mattresses and pillow tops have a washable cover. Read the tag inside the cover for more information.

2. Make sure that the zipper is closed when washing the mattress cover. Vacuuming the mattress helps to remove dust and mites. Use upholstery cleaner to remove stains.

3. If your mattress is turnable you should turn it about every three months. Turning a mattress ensures more even wear and helps to prolong its comfort. Dont fold the mattress. It can damage the springs and materials inside.

4. Even the best mattresses become less comfortable with age, and all mattresses accumulate dust and mites over the years. So even if the mattresses have a 10-year warranty, we still recommend that you change your mattress every 8-10 years.

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What Is A Mattress Cover

What is a mattress cover?

Unlike the mattress pad, the mattress is cover is thin and very light. It does not give too much weight.

Do you want to know more? Keep reading to be enlightened.

People sure do know what cover means. It acts like a coating or a barrier to a particular thing.

When policemen say cover, it means to protect themselves from enemies.

Are you getting a hint about a mattress cover now? If yes, thats good, and if not, thats fine.

Ill explain it to you further.

People usually use mattress covers to cover the mattress. But that goes down to a lot of uses and work for the mattress cover.

Many often use it to protect the mattress from pests coming in that could ruin the material used and in hotels to limit the transfer of odour from one guest to another.

Indeed mattress cover has a lot of purposes.

It also depends on the material to make it one can make it of plastic more useful.

When a guest, friend, or family member vomits into your mattress, youll have a hard time cleaning it. But then plastic mattress covers would save you from it.

It would avoid all dirt, including spilled liquids to enter the mattress that is a must-have in your house.

A mattress cover can also be your turning point in having a good-looking bed. Once your mattress is old, it gets dirty looking, and signs of usage show up.

One way to hide those flaws found on your mattress is to add luxury-looking mattress covers to make it look elegant and new.

How To Get Rid Of New Mattress Smell 3 Easy Methods To Trust

How to get rid of new mattress smell? Sometimes a new mattress smells a little after removing it from its packaging, especially those made out of synthetic materials.

They contain some hazardous chemicals like retardants, for example, that are behind this smell.

The mattress is kept inside a plastic bag to keep it clean before someone purchases it is also why odours of the chemicals are trapped inside.

For this problem, many mattress manufacturers suggested that airing out the mattress thoroughly for at least five days before covering it with sheets.

Other than this, there could be many ways to get rid of the new mattress smell, which we will have to discuss below.

But before that, let us know why it is essential to remove the smell first.

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How To Measure A Pillow

Measuring a pillow doesnt seem to be a hard task, but when done incorrectly, youll get inaccurate measurements. Rather than using a soft, tailors measuring tape, use a firm, carpenters tape measure. Hold two corners of the pillow to the ground and measure from one end to the other.

When measuring, make sure not to do so diagonally or from the center to any side of the pillow. Youll also notice the pillow dimensions listed above are all whole numbers. It may take some rounding, but your measurements should be whole numbers as well.

Were all different and therefore need different pillows. Now that youve read through our guide to different pillow sizes, you know how to find the the right pillow that will be best for you and your needs. After picking out your perfect pillow, look through our bed sheet size guide to find the right size linens for your bed.

Best Pillow Top Mattress For Side Sleepers

How To Fluff Your Pillow – Three EASY Strategies!

Helix Midnight Luxe

  • Mattress type: hybrid with pillow top
  • Return policy: 100-day home trial
  • Best for: couples, side sleepers

The Helix Midnight pillow top uses memory foam in the top, covered with Tencel, a type of breathable rayon fabric. The wrapped coils are zoned for extra comfort around the shoulders and hips while keeping the spine in alignment. This makes it especially comfortable for side sleepers and popular with people looking to reduce back pain.

The coil configuration is symmetrical, so the mattress can be rotated 180 degrees. And its medium firmness makes it a good compromise for couples who have different feel preferences.

There are over 2,000 reviews with an overall rating of 4.5 stars out of 5. Customers mention excellent support and the softness of the pillow top.

The Helix Midnight is available online and at some affiliated showrooms.

Shipping is free via FedEx ground, but you provide the setup. Because of safety concerns relating to COVID-19, the companys in-home delivery and mattress removal services have been suspended. The only exception is for California customers. In order to comply with state laws, Helix will take away your old mattress for free.

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What Is Mypillow Mattress Topper

MyPillow started by manufacturing only pillows. Over the years, MyPillow has branched out to manufacturing mattresses, mattress toppers, and sheets along with their patented pillows. They use the same foam they use for their pillows in their mattresses. The mattress topper is made of foam and sports a multi-layer foam structure. This is coupled with phase changing cover designed to provide the optimal cooling experience and comfort right through the night. It also claims to help calm and ease any pain you might have through its pressure points and keeps your body temperature well-regulated during sleep. The main features of MyPillow mattress topper are:

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Falling Asleep With The Tv On Could Bring Early Death: Study

The findings show that lowering internal body temperature significantly shortens the time it took the subjects to fall asleep and also improved the quality of sleep.

Researchers in the Cockrell School of Engineering had looked at the link between temperature and sleep before, conducting a study in 2019 finding that taking a warm bath an hour or two before bed helped people fall asleep quickly and sleep better.

In a follow-up from this study, scientists found lowering the internal body temperature at the right point of the sleep cycle helps people fall asleep. The study says targeting important bodily sensors in the areas that control heat dissipation makes more sense than focusing on the entire body and results in helping sleep.

It is remarkable how effective gentle warming along the cervical spine is in sending a signal to the body to increase blood flow to the hands and feet to lower the core temperature and precipitate sleep onset, explained Kenneth Diller, a professor at the Cockrell School of Engineering.

This same effect also enables the blood pressure to fall slightly overnight, with the benefit of allowing the cardiovascular system to recover from the stress of maintaining blood flow during daily activities, which is highly important for long-term health, he continued.

Unfortunately, its not known how much the system might cost or when it might become available, although the researchers now have a patent for the technology.

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About Mike Lindell Inventor Of My Pillow

Inventor and CEO Mike Lindell

Hello, Im Mike Lindell, inventor of my pillow, Ive invented the worlds most comfortable pillow, I make them right here in the United States. He then makes a simple promise that appeals to all of his sleep-deprived listeners You will have the best sleep in the whole world! It will change your life. It will be the most comfortable pillow that you have ever owned!

Do these words sound familiar? Who is this guy and how did he end up in the spotlight selling pillows? I asked Google and results werent exactly pretty.

As it turns out, prior to 2009, Mr. Lindell had spent the majority of his life addicted to drugs and alcohol. It wasnt until the age of 48 that he reportedly gave up the habit and sought religion.

Throughout his life, he tried his hand at several different businesses including carpet cleaning, nightclubs, bars, hog farming, a food truck and even a professional gambler, none of which were nearly as successful as My Pillow.

The idea for My Pillow came at 2 am back in 2004. After years of sleepless nights, a vision came to him to create the best pillow ever and call it, quite simply, My Pillow.

Interest from the home shows started to snowball and his company eventually found itself featured in the local newspaper which gave yet another boost to sales.

How We Test The Mattresses

My Pillow Mattress Topper Review

MyPillow sent us this mattress free of charge for testing purposes. We retain full editorial control over the reviews we publish. In other words, the opinions stated in this review belong to the Slumber Yard. The company did not pay us to say positive or negative things about the bed.

The mattress is made in the USA. The foams inside the bed are CertiPUR-US certified. This means the foams are free from harmful chemicals and toxins.

The MyPillow mattress ships for free to the 48 contiguous states. Unfortunately, the company does not ship to Alaska, Hawaii or Canada.

Last we checked, the MyPillow mattress is only available to purchase online. Although the companys pillows and other bedding accessories are sold in select retail locations, their mattress is not. It wouldnt surprise us though if you see the MyPillow mattress pop up in retail chains like Costco or Sams Club in the future.

The MyPillow mattress is made entirely of foam.

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My Pillow Mattress Benefits Overview

The My Pillow brand strives to keep all the sleepers satisfied with its remarkable bedding products. The company operates a huge call center to deliver the best customer service worldwide.

The My Pillow bed is 10-inch thick, having three specialized foams, Gel Infused Memory foam, Softbounce Transition foam, and My Pillow Support foam, respectively. The entire layout ensures remarkable pressure-relief and healthy spinal alignment for all sleeper profiles. The medium-firm mattress prevents backache and ensures a rejuvenating slumber without any stress or pain in the joints. The My Pillow mattress molds your body curves in all sleeping positions owing to the superb hug of memory foam.

The gel enhances the responsiveness of the mattress, making it suitable for combination sleepers. If you tend to sleep hot, this phase change material regulates the temperature of the bed and keeps the sleep surface cool and comfy.

The considerably resilient surface supports all body structures and prevents excessive sinkage for heavyweight sleepers. You can also enjoy an undisturbed snooze on this mattress owing to its adequate motion isolation.

The durability of this product comes from the high-density Support Foam. Secure edges protect against roll-off accidents and make getting in and out of bed easier. The attractive cover is breathable and assists ventilation of the mattress. This comfy slumber surface is easy to maintain and enhances the product lifespan.

A Gel Swirl Foam Mattress Topper That Looks As Cool As It Feels

Promising review: This is literally the most amazing mattress topper that I have ever owned . The thickness is just right to relieve pain . It is super soft and comfortable, and it is not easily moved by changing positions at night. It completely stays in place. In addition, I bought these pillows with my topper. The combination makes for a perfect nights sleep. I cannot recommend these two together enough. My sleep has been forever changed. Jessyca Hammonds

Get it from Amazon for $52.99+ .

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A Plush Hypoallergenic Mattress Topper From The Cult Favorite Mattress Company Helix Sleep This Mattress Topper Is Made Of Softer Bamboo Blend Fibers And Is Also Designed To Be Allergen

Promising review:I have serious cervical, thoracic, and lumbar back issues including failed back surgery syndrome. I shopped and researched for a quality mattress topper that was not gonna be like just buying a simple mattress pad with little to no results. So I took the chance by spending more on this Helix and have nothing but good things to say! It made my bed much more comfortable, morning pain is reduced, and is still holding its fit and form three months later with my 63 250lb. self on it. My teenage daughter even hijacks my bed when Im gone. Spend more because it has been worth it.Brian C.

Get it from Helix Sleep from $110+ .

Save 30% Plus 2 Free Mypillows And 1 Free Set Of Giza Dream Bed Sheets With Free Shipping

Snuggle-Pedic Pillow and Mattress Review â My Bedroom Sleep Test To Find The Best!

Encased Coil Quilted Mattress Dimensions

Twin – 73 lbsTwin XL – 78 lbsFull – 98 lbsQueen – 112 lbsKing – 137 lbsCalifornia King – 137 lbsSplit King – 78 lbs QTY 2

Twin – 37 lbsTwin XL – 39 lbsFull – 49 lbsQueen – 58 lbsKing – 78 lbsCalifornia King – 78 lbsSplit King – 39 lbs QTY 2

More about the product

Our 10 Mattress made in the U.S.A. is made up of 5 unique layers providing you with the comfort and support you need to fall asleep and stay asleep all night – Guaranteed! Our luxurious Quilted MyPillow QDS® Fabric Cover is made with the highest quality material that is stain resistant, stays cool, soft and easy to clean. The MyPillow Mattress is delivered by FedEx right to your door and is easy to set up! Just unroll it and watch it come to life.

The MyPillow Mattress has a 10-Year Warranty, 6-Month Money Back Guarantee and Free Shipping

California customers please call to place Mattress order –

Layer 1 – Quilted MyPillow QDS® Fabric CoverThis special comfort finish is soft and cooling. It is also quick drying and stain resistant.

Layer 2 – Plush Gel Foam LayerThe softest layer in the mattress, this gel foam helps provide excellent pressure relief and comfort.

Layer 3 – Extra Soft Comfort Foam Transition LayerThis layer is made up of plush, extra-soft high density foam.

Layer 4 – Plush Transitional Comfort FoamSecond layer with firmer transitional foam to increase the overall performance of the mattress.

Sherry & Joe’s Story

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