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What Mattress Firmness Is Best For Lower Back Pain

So Which Mattresses Are Better For Back Pain

Best Mattress for Lower Back Pain & Sciatica 2021

To get relief from the pain, and to help the back heal and become healthy again, it is important to choose one of the following types of mattresses

  • Medium-firm mattress there is still firmness to the mattress, but the density does not interfere with the spine, lower back, and other pressure points.Moreover, the mattress provides support where its needed, and comfort for other body parts. A medium-firm mattress is not too soft and not too firm, so when buying a mattress make sure to point out that you want a medium-firm density mattress.
  • Latex mattress high-quality latex mattresses are known to be excellent for alleviating back pain. These mattresses also help with chronic back pain by conforming to the bodys natural curves.Latex mattresses are firm enough to provide the necessary support dor bodys pressure points while being soft enough to conform to the curves and contour of the body.
  • Gel memory foam mattress this is relatively new material on the market, but it has been praised for its ability to create a great mattress.Gel memory foam mattresses are known to conform to the body perfectly and help reduce pressure from the bodys pressure points, especially the lower back and hips.Such mattresses also ensure proper spinal alignment and even though they show indentation, they still support the body and follow its natural curves and weight.

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What Is The Best Type Of Mattress For Side

Most side-sleepers do well with a medium-soft to medium mattress, which should provide enough cushiness to relieve pressure on their hips and shoulders but enough support to keep their spinal alignment in check. People with back pain, however, ideally need a mattress that feels medium-firm, which is likelier to ease their aches and pains than a softer bed. We do suggest some slightly firmer mattresses for side-sleepers who require more support, and we think one of them will hit the sweet spot for back-pain sufferers who regularly sleep in that position.

If youre a side-sleeper with back pain, start by considering the Saatva Classic or Leesa Hybrid. These mattresses are still medium-firm, but weve found that theyre relatively plusher than the others, especially after a break-in period. If youre not sure about your firmness preferences, the two-piece Zenhaven gives you two options to choose from, with one side slightly more pliable than the other. Finally, although the Tempur-Adapt Medium Hybrid feels firm, it also has a uniquely contouring memory-foam sink, and it should adequately cushion shoulders and hips for side-sleepers, too. Keep in mind that firmness level is subjective, so we strongly suggest trying the mattress before you buy, if you can, or paying close attention to the trial window so you can return the mattress if it doesnt feel right.

Q: Is A Firm Or Soft Mattress Better

A: Sleeping on a mattress that’s at either end of the spectrum isn’t always the best solution for back pain. Too-firm beds offer great support, but they don’t always provide enough cushioning for pain relief. On the contrary, too-soft mattresses typically aren’t able to maintain the level of spine alignment needed to keep pressure off your lower back. It’s typically better to find a mattress in the middle, around the medium to medium-firm mark, that fills in around your sides while still supporting healthy spine alignment. However, remember that each sleeper differs in body type and nighttime needs so the main thing to keep in mind is how the mattress works for you specifically. As a general rule of thumb, it should be firm enough to support a healthy posture, but soft enough to cushion your sides.

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Can Your Sleeping Position Affect Back Pain

The position you sleep in also plays an integral role in either mitigating or worsening back pain. Authorities like Cleveland Clinic and Mayo Clinic emphasize the correlation between sleep position and back pain and offer tips on how to reduce pain in each position. On a scale of 1 to 10 , here’s what to look for in a mattress depending on your regular sleeping position.

  • The best mattress for side sleepers with back pain is a slightly softer bed that cushions the pressure points and has a firmness between 5.5 to 6.5.
  • Back sleepers need a solid medium-firm mattress that maintains spine alignment while softly supporting the hips and should aim for a 6 to 7 on the firmness scale.
  • Stomach sleepers need a slightly firmer mattress in the 6.5 to 7.5 range that keeps their hips elevated for a neutral spine posture.

Some Parting Words Regarding Back Pain

Best Mattress for Back Pain

You dont have to let the stress of shopping for a mattress keep you up at nightand you shouldnt have to deal with pain when you wake up in the morning. This list of The Sleep Doctors mattress picks will help you find the one that will keep your back pain in check, so you can take back control of your sleep.

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Tips And Tricks For Sleeping With Pain

To wrap up this guide, I want to share some tips and tricks for sleeping with chronic pain. Unfortunately, theres no magical solution for alleviating pain, but there are some slight modifications you can make to get the journey started. I should note that not all pain sufferers will be able to implement all these strategies, nor should they. Were all different, and so our paths toward healing will be different, too.

I always recommend that my clients see the big picture, Dr. Poorbaugh stated. When it comes to pain, we have two options: We can seek a fix or a heal. The path to less pain is quite different depending on your choice, but each option has three pillars of management with very little overlap.

While the fix typically involves medication and surgery, the heal focuses on three main tenets: nutrition, sleep, and movement.

Best Budget Mattress For Back Pain: Vaya Mattress

A new mattress can be quite an expensive commitment for some budget shoppers. That’s why we love the Vaya, a foam mattress that focuses on pure comfort and support at a price that most can easily afford. The bed is 12 inches thick and suitable for all sleeping styles, with a queen size mattress costing $599.

The Vaya Mattress has two foam layers in a soft, breathable cover:

  • 3 inches of Vaya Comfort Foam
  • 9 inches of Vaya Base Foam

Vaya Comfort Foam is a bouncy, malleable foam. It conforms to you in every position for full-body pressure relief. The comfort foam’s lightweight design also ensures it stays cool during the night, limiting the heat retention that can interrupt your rest.

Vaya Base Foam is a resilient material that resists sagging and supports you in all sleep positions. The foam evenly distributes your bodyweight, preventing the pressure build-up that can cause backaches or exacerbate existing conditions.

Vaya’s commitment to their customers’ comfort extends to their policies, as well. You have 100 nights to try out a Vaya Mattress after it arrives and can return it for a full refund if it’s not right for you. Every purchase of a Vaya Mattress is backed by a 10-year warranty that covers sagging over 0.75 inches.

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Look At Bed Platforms And Bases

The base or platform that your mattress sits on is key to maintaining a supportive bedding systemand thus warding off back pain. Some sleepers like using an adjustable base with their mattress, which gives them the freedom to raise or lower their upper and lower body to their liking. Adjustable bases can also aid in relieving back pain, as long as you switch them to the right settings based on your sleep position.

For example, back sleepers should slightly raise their torso and legs, which can help take pressure off of the lower back. Side sleepers can put their back and legs into a fetal position by pressing the incline, so that their knees are at a 90 degree angle, allowing their upper body to curl into them. This maneuver relieves the lower back by releasing pressure. Stomach sleepers, however, are not advised to use an adjustable base. It’s already an unhealthy position to begin with, and raising or lowering either your upper or lower body in this position can put more strain on your neck and your lower back.

Should you choose to forgo an adjustable base, make sure the base you already have or choose to buy matches well with your mattress. Most mattress brands list specific parameters for the type of base that works best. By adhering to these specifications, you can help your mattress avoid premature sagging and stay in top-notch condition.

Main Concerns About Mattress

Best Firm Mattress For Back Pain (Our Top 6 Picks!)

When thinking about how to arrange the material for this resource, I decided to divide it into 5 areas, each one focusing on responding to among the primary questions you require to inquire about mattresses. Here are the 5 concerns you need to address:

  • How old is your mattress?
  • What Sleep Position Do You Prefer?
  • What firmness do you require?
  • How much do you weigh?
  • What kind of mattress do you require?

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Other Sleep Accessories To Prevent Or Relieve Back Pain

There are some changes in lifestyle that help maintain your spines neutral alignment, thus preventing back pain. First, avoid lifting heavy things. We also suggest using ergonomic furniture for a healthy posture, regularly exercising, and getting quality sleep to boost spinal health and keep back pain at bay.

A rejuvenating sleep can have a long-term positive impact on your back pain. It can prevent some of the causes that trigger back pain. In cases of existing back pain, quality sleep can help. Your bed plays the most crucial role in facilitating good sleep.

Other sleep accessories such as pillows, adjustable beds, and mattress toppers complement your mattress to enhance sleep quality.

Memory Foam And Latex

The most commonly recommended beds for back pain are memory foam and latex. Memory foam mattresses and their natural alternative, latex mattresses, both offer strong support and contouring. They hug the body and cradle all your natural curves, supporting pressure points like shoulders and hips while relieving pressure for reduced pain. Memory foam and latex also help keep your spine aligned while sleeping, which further reduces stress on the back and lowers pain in all areas.

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Whats The Difference Between A Firm And Soft Mattress

When shopping for a new mattress, you have likely noticed that each one comes with a firmness level. But, how is this level determined? Many brands rely on a standard firmness scale from 1 to 10with 1 being the softest and 10 being the firmest. Firm and soft mattresses are at opposite ends of this scale. That said, youll rarely find mattresses rated as a 10 or a 1 because those are extremely firm and extremely soft beds that arent commonly made.

A firm mattress rates between a 9 and a 7 on the firmness scale. These beds have very little give, so the surface tends to remain even and allows for little sinking.

A soft mattress rates between a 2 and a 3 on the firmness scale. These beds compress quickly and easier when pressure is applied. Most sleepers experience some level of sinking when resting on a soft bed.

Should You Choose Firm Or Soft

2021 Best Mattresses for Lower Back Pain (Top 10 Ranked)

This is pretty much the same as when we talk about comfort and support.

A new mattress should never be too firm, nor should it ever be too soft.

A mattress should be as neutral as it can be, to ensure both your body and spine stay in a neutral position.

A mattress that is too firm can not only restrict blood flow, but can also cause pinched nerves.

If you find that a lot of the times you awake, with the sensation of having pins and needles in your body, this is a sign of a mattress that is too rigid.

If your mattress is too soft, you chance having a sagging effect, much like a hammock.

When this happens, you can find yourself with back pain, due to your spine not being correctly aligned.

Hopefully now you understand why we want a mattress to be as close to neutral as possible.

You need your mattress soft in the right places, without being too soft.

But you also need your mattress to be supportive, without being overly rigid. Best Mattress Firmness For Bad Back

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How To Find The Right Mattress For Your Back

There are two layers you need to consider when choosing your next mattress. The support system, and the comfort layer.

The support system

A spring or foam layer, the support system supports your weight and provides the spinal alignment you need for a restful night. A zoned support system is tuned to provide the right amount of support across your body. This allows the mattress surface to curve to your natural shape with even pressure across your body. Perfect for maintaining spinal alignment.

Support systems are rated by firmness, and we have to move past the age-old idea that extra-firm mattresses are best for solving a bad back. Choosing the right firmness for you depends on your body type. Softer mattresses are more suitable to smaller, lighter people, while people with a larger body type will feel more supported with a firmer mattress.

Choosing the correct firmness can help prevent back pain and speed up recovery.

A mattress that is too soft to support your weight will sag in the middle, distorting your spine and preventing complete recovery. Unsupportive mattresses also make you work harder to get comfortable, often leaving you feeling fatigued the next day.

A mattress that is too firm will not have enough give to support your spines natural curve. If your mattress is too firm for your body type, the zoning will be ineffective and the pressure uneven.

The comfort layer


memory Foam


hot sleepers

The Best Mattresses For Back And Neck Pain 2021

We include products we think are useful for our readers. If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission. Heres our process.

Sleep quality can affect most aspects of an individuals life, both physically and emotionally. Millions of people experience difficulty sleeping, and neck and back pain is a common cause. Individuals could help reduce back and neck pain by choosing a suitable mattress that provides adequate support.

of adults will have neck pain at some point during their lives.

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A Zoned Model Thats Firm In The Middle And Softer Around The Edges


  • Materials: Pocketed coils, wool comfort layers
  • Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King
  • Trial period: 100 nights

Made with layers of pure New Zealand wool and 100% organic cotton, the Parachute Eco Comfort Mattress is another eco-friendly mattress that can help alleviate back pain. It has two layers of pocketed steel coils, and its designed to be firm in the middle for back support and softer at the head and feet for pressure point relief and spinal alignmentgreat for combination sleepers. In between the coils is a comfort layer made from real wool, and the whole thing is wrapped in an organic cotton cover.

Mattress Types And Firmness

Best Firm Mattress For Back Pain 2021 (Which Bed Is Right For You?)

Different types of mattresses utilize different materials, which can also affect the firmness. The following are the four most common mattress styles and the firmness levels you can expect with each.

  • Memory Foam Mattresses: Memory foam is available in several different firmness options. Depending on the manufacturing process, memory foam can be either soft or extra firm. When shopping for a memory foam bed, look at the type of memory foam used and the layers supporting it to determine the firmness it will provide.
  • Latex Foam Mattresses: There are two types of latex foamDunlop and Talalay latex. Dunlop tends to have a firmer firm, and these beds are typically considered medium-firm. Talalay latex is generally treated with additives to give it a soft to medium feel. Both materials have a natural elasticity that offers a slight bounce.
  • Hybrid Mattresses: Hybrid mattresses have a stable coil base and a foam comfort layer. The type of foam used in the top of the bed will determine the firmness you will experience.
  • Innerspring Mattresses: The coil springs in the base of an innerspring bed give it a firm feel. These beds tend to have a thinner comfort layer, so they are classified as either medium-firm or firm.

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First Thing First The Firmness

To be able to determine what is the ideal choice for yourself, first, you need to learn a thing or two about the firmness of a mattress. This property is all about the resistance that a mattress is giving you when you lie in bed. A squishy mattress will give you a sensation as if you are sinking in it. On the other hand, a firm one will keep you afloat, not letting you down not even a bit. This is a blunt definition. When it comes to the firmness of it, people have a different opinion which is based on their feeling which is mostly tied to their weight.

The firmness of the cushion is caused by a variety of factors with the most prominent being tension, construction of a mattress, and layers of materials used while building one.


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