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How Often Should You Switch Mattresses

Why Replace Your Mattress

How Often Should I Replace My Mattress?

There are a few reasons to replace your mattress, with the main one being comfort. Over time, a mattress can lose its shape and begin to sag, creating dips and lumps. An uncomfortable mattress can interfere with your ability to get a good nights sleep.

has been linked to a number of diseases, including:

  • heart disease
  • kidney disease

Dust mites and other allergens also accumulate in mattresses, which can cause or worsen symptoms in people with allergies, asthma, and other respiratory conditions. A 2015 study found that mattresses contain the highest concentration of dust mites in a household.

My Allergies Or Asthma Are Getting Worse

Mattresses can be a haven for dust mites. On average, we shed around a pound of dead skin cells each year and your mattress takes the brunt of a significant proportion of this. This creates an optimal environment for bacteria to grow and for dust mites to thrive. If you notice an increase in your asthma or allergies, this could be a result of accumulated dust in the mattress, or worse still – the proteins in dust mite feces.

You can of course take steps to mitigate this issue, including hoovering your mattress regularly as well as flipping or rotating it extensively before – including how to deal with dust mites). But if this doesnt help, a new mattress will be just what the doctor ordered.

Does Your Age Factor Into How Often Should You Change Your Mattress

According to the Better Sleep Council , the average mattress should be replaced every seven years. Apart from how the mattress might degrade over time, this timeframe is also suggested because our bodies change as we get older and our sleep needs change too. So the perfect mattress for us seven years ago may feel a lot different now. The truth is, each of us needs more in-bed support and comfort as we get older, so it makes sense that our mattress requirements also evolve.

Again, there are exceptions to this rule and you may find that your current mattress is still up to the job, or that you have purchased a mattress designed to last far longer than the average lifespan. If not, and you have a feeling that your mattress just isnt up to par any more, there are 5 signs that you need to replace your mattress .

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How To Extend The Life Of Your Mattress

There are plenty of ways you can make sure your mattress lasts as long as possible. One is to use a mattress protector, as they can be an important line of defence against dust-mite infestation, as well as protecting your mattress against spills and stains. Check out our guide to the best mattress protectors to find one thats right for you.

Slumberdown’s Teflon Mattress protector offers excellent value

If you’re experiencing back or joint pain, a mattress topper can help, by adding a layer of softness or height to your mattress that makes it more comfortable. A mattress topper does not protect your mattress as a mattress protector does, but there’s no reason you cant use both. Check out our round-up of the best mattress toppers .

You should clean your bed linen at least once a week, to protect dirt, dust and bodily oils getting into your mattress. For similar reasons, you should vacuum your mattress at least once a month.

Airing is also important. Remove your duvet, sheets and pillows from your bed regularly and expose it to air and sunlight, if possible, for a couple of hours at least. This allows bodily liquids to evaporate and reduces the chance of infestation.

Waking Up In Pain Is The Norm

Vital Pointers to Consider: How Often Should you Change your Mattress ...

Waking up every morning with a dull, aching pain in your shoulders, hips, and lower back isnt something to ignore. These morning aches may not be a sign that youre getting older, but a sign that you need a new mattress.

A 2009 study found that replacing your mattress can lead to a dramatic difference in aches and pains.

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How Much Should A New Mattress Cost

Once youve committed to buying a new mattress, you may be wondering how much you should budget for it. You can find mattresses for less than $100 and more than $3,000. So whats a fair price to pay for a quality mattress?

We recommend budgeting roughly between $1,000 to $1,500 for a queen-size mattress, although its quite possible to find a quality mattress for under $1,000. Be careful of any mattress costing far more than this, as it may not last significantly longer than a mattress in our suggested budget and may just have unneeded extra features. And a mattress that costs far less, under $500, is unlikely to last you more than a few years.

There are a couple of ways you can cut down on mattress costs. You can buy your mattress online rather than in-store. Online mattress brands have fewer business expenses than a storefront business, so they can offer their mattresses at a lower cost.

You can also keep an eye out for mattress sales. Some of the big sales days are New Years Day, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, Labor Day, Veterans Day, and of course Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Is A New Mattress Worth The Cost

Buying a new mattress can be a significant expense is it worth it?

In almost all cases, the answer is absolutely. A new mattress can improve the quality of your sleep, which influences everything from your energy levels to mood to overall health. Some potential benefits of a new mattress include:

Improved Sleep A 2009 peer-reviewed clinical trial found that new mattresses significantly improved sleep quality and reduced both back pain and perceived stress in the trial population. Most new mattress owners also report that their sleep quality improved after purchasing a new bed.

Reduced Aches & Pains If you wake up with pain or stiffness in your back, shoulders, hip or neck, its quite possible that your mattress may be part of the problem. Older beds tend to sag in places, which reduces support and makes it less likely that your spine will be properly aligned.

Reduced Motion Transfer Older mattresses tend to transfer more motion from one side of the bed to the other. This means that a partner changing positions in the night can disrupt your sleep. A new mattress and particularly an all-foam or hybrid bed will transfer less motion, helping couples get better rest together.

Logan Foley

Certified Sleep Coach

Logan has extensive experience testing sleep products and producing sleep content. She is also a Certified Sleep Science Coach.

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Signs Of Wear And Tear

In the final measure, mattress ratings or warranties don’t dictate a mattress’s lifespan nearly as effectively as your own subjective experience of sleeping on it. A mattress is an investment in your wellbeing, and there are several signs that your mattress is ready to be replaced:

  • You are uncomfortable when you lie down and wake up tired and achy.
  • You see visible signs of wear and tear on your mattress. There is sagging, or you notice lumps. You can hear the bed springs when you lie down.
  • You’ve tried rotating it or flipping it but to no avail. It still doesn’t feel more comfortable.
  • You suffer from allergies and have had the mattress for a long time. If you have not been using protective, allergy-reducing covers, dust mites could pose a problem. Even the cleanest beds can have dust mites. There are other ways of addressing the dust mite problem, but it helps to start with a clean, mite-free mattress.
  • You are older than 40 and have been sleeping on the same sleep surface for around 10 years. The human body becomes more sensitive to pressure points with age. Pressure points can lead to tossing and turning and disturbed sleep, which can be bad for your overall wellbeing.

Buying a quality mattressone that carries a good warranty from a well-known manufactureris a very good investment. Not only will it last a long time, but it also will improve the quality of your sleep and your wellbeing. Great online mattress options are available.

Your Mattress Aggravates Your Allergies

How Often Should You Replace Your Duvet Pillows and Mattress?

When mold, mildew, and dust mites invade a mattress, they might exacerbate issues with allergies. If you wake up with watery eyes, a runny nose, and a headache frequently, the allergens in your mattress might be the cause.

There are some materials that can help prevent the buildup of allergens, so allergy sufferers may want to look for these particular materials when purchasing a new mattress. Also, make sure to read our piece on how to prevent dust mites.

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What Happens If You Dont Change Your Mattress

I understand that a mattress can be a major expense, and therefore it can be tempting to put off purchasing a replacement, but can you put a price on a good nights sleep?

A recent study at the Oklahoma State University found that people slept much better on new mattresses rather than on their own . And a better nights sleep has a direct influence on both your physical and mental health.

For example, did you know that allergens and dust particles can build up in the fibres of your mattress? If its not regularly cleaned, you could find yourself having sneezing fits or itchy eyes in the night, which will surely fragment your sleep and cause you to be tired the following day.

Plus, as you age, your body becomes more sensitive to pressure. Therefore, if youre an older adult, you may suffer from mattress related issues sooner than a younger person. So, dont put off buying a new bed!

This Is How Often You Should Replace Your Mattress

  • 14 Jan 2019

Wondering how often you should replace your mattress?

The experts from Better Sleep Council recommend replacing your mattress every seven to 10 years. However, some mattresses are designed to be ‘flipped’. That means you can turn over your mattress and flip it from top to tail to help your mattress last longer.

Flipping your mattress allows you to prolong the life of your mattress, but there are other factors that will help your bed stay good enough for Goldilocks.

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When To Replace A Mattress

Old mattresses are a leading cause of poor-quality sleep, which has been linked to everything from high stress levels to obesity and a weak immune system.

But the side effects of sleeping on an old mattress arent limited to poor-quality sleep. By failing to provide the support your body needs, it can lead to back and neck pain. Meanwhile, the build-up of dust mites can worsen your allergy symptoms.

Replacing your old mattress could make a serious difference to your health and wellbeing. Read our guide to find out how long the average mattress lasts, and learn about the warning signs that indicate yours is past its best.

How Do I Choose A New Mattress

How Often Should You Change Your Mattress?

Now comes the big question: how do you pick your next mattress? Well, it depends a lot on your sleeping style and even your body type both can influence what firmness and mattress type is best for you.

A side sleeper typically needs a plusher, softer mattress than a back sleeper, while a stomach sleeper needs an even firmer mattress than a back sleeper does. Similarly, a heavier sleeper needs a firmer mattress than a sleeper of average weight, while a lightweight sleeper needs a softer mattress than the average sleeper. We break all of this information down in the table below:

Type of Sleeper
Weighs more than 230 pounds Medium-firm to firm

We recommend a bed between 10 to 14 inches thick for most sleepers, although heavier sleepers should shop for a bed at least 12 inches thick. The right mattress firmness and thickness are important not only for proper support but also because your mattress can wear out quicker if its not made to take on your body weight.

Then theres the type of mattress thats best for you. Of the mattress types on the market, the four main ones to consider are memory foam, latex, innerspring, and hybrid mattresses. All of them have their upsides and downsides, as there is no such thing as the perfect bed.

Mattress Type
  • Aims to deliver the best of foam and innerspring mattresses
  • Can contour to the sleeper, though not as well as a foam bed
  • One of the more expensive types of mattresses
  • Doesnt last as long as a quality memory foam or latex bed

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Your Mattress Is More Than Five Years Old

While this isnt the only criteria to use when deciding how often you should change your mattress, its still an important one. If youve had your mattress for at least five years, its recommended you start monitoring its health more regularly. You should ask yourself all of the above questions at least once every six to 12 months. If your mattress isnt allowing you to rest, its degrading, or its affecting your partners sleep, it could be time to change your mattress.

Is A New Mattress Worth The Investment

Generally speaking, yes, a new mattress is worth the cost because quality sleep can directly contribute to your overall well being. You should consider buying a mattress a long-term investment and avoid low-quality beds.

There are many high-quality online mattresses priced near $1,000 USD. If the mattress lasts 5 years it will cost a single person approximately $0.55 per day. In comparison, a lower-quality mattress may cost you less right now. However, it could ending costing you more in the long-term if you have to replace it immediately and/or your health suffers.

Buying a high-quality mattress may make a improve your life in these areas:

  • More focus / energy

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Change Your Mattress For A Good Sleep

If you wake up in the morning with stiffness, or aches and pains it could be that your mattress isnt providing the level of support and comfort it needs to. Feeling tired throughout the day and sleeping better in a hotel bed than your own bed are also signs that your mattress might be on the way out.

How To Help Your Mattress Last Longer

How to choose the RIGHT mattress for you? When to replace your mattress?

Once youve replaced your old mattress, there are some things you should do to keep it in great condition for longer. This includes:

Rotating Most mattresses can be rotated, and doing so ensures any dips and bumps are levelled out, and that you are resting on an even surface. Aim to rotate yours every few months. Mattresses with zones that support the body at specific areas can’t be rotated, as these are designed to be used in one direction only.

Flipping A lot of new mattresses are one-sided with a sturdy foundation layer and a softer top, so check before you flip. If you can flip your mattress, flip and rotate it so that each side and end gets the same amount of time at the top of the bed.

Airing and cleaning Most beds can be kept fresh by running the vacuum cleaner over them. You could also sprinkle on bicarbonate of soda to soak up moisture and smells, leave for a few hours, then vacuum it up. If you can, strip the mattress, open the windows and place it in direct sunlight for UV rays to kill the bacteria.

Protection Using one of the best mattress protectors is the easiest way to keep your mattress in good condition. Not only does they add a barrier against spills and sweat, protectors can be easily machine washed.

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Your Mattress Has A Bad Smell

This may not be the most pleasant thing to consider, but your mattress may just start to smell. This can happen over time as mildew, mold, and fungi build up in the mattress it can happen even more quickly if you live in a humid climate.

If you take a whiff of your mattress and smell some serious must, it might be time to get rid of it.

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Myth 4 Your New Mattress Should Be A Perfect Fit From The First Time You Sleep On It

Most people need at least a month to adjust their bodies to a new sleep surface. Considering how long we spend in bed in a 24 hour period, its no wonder that our muscles and joints retain a memory of how to find the most comfortable spot on the mattress. Does that mean you should only buy from a mattress retailer that offers a comfort guarantee? Not necessarily. If youve done your research, shopped around and spent time testing a variety of mattresses, your body will still take time to adjust but it will happen.

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Can A Mattress Last 20 Years

Some mattresses come with a 20 to 25-year warranty. With proper care, these mattresses may last that long. Mattress durability depends on factors such as the quality of materials used and how well the mattress is maintained. Usually, good quality memory foam and latex mattresses last 15 years or more, longer than average innerspring mattresses.

How To Protect Your Mattress

How Often Should You Change Your Mattress?
  • 1. Check the manufacturers label for care advice before cleaning.
  • 2. Buy a mattress protector and wash it every two months to reduce bacteria and other allergens.
  • 3. Unless the manufacturer states otherwise, most mattresses should be flipped every 3-6 months to help them maintain shape and to wear more evenly.

If you feel as though your mattress needs replacing, you have plenty of choice available to you when buying online. Many of the top mattress in a box companies offer trial periods on their mattresses, ranging from 30 nights to a whopping 365 night trial.

To kick-start your search for a new mattress, take a look at our round-up of todays best prices on some of our favorite mattresses for home delivery below. You could also read up on how to choose a mattress for your preferred sleep position .

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