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How To Package A Mattress For Return

How To Return Casper Mattress

How to Return or Move a King or Queen size Foam Mattress Part 1

Determining if a mattress fits you will take more than just rolling on it and going from store to store. It can take many nights to decide if your mattress meets your suitability and comfort needs. If you do not like it, you should learn how to return it. Before learning how to return Casper mattress if you do not like it, lets look at some features that you should look for to avoid replacing a mattress.Here are 15 mattress buying tips.

In most cases, customers have an option of exchanging or returning any product when it does not comply with all the conditions and terms that are set out by the returns department. Here are some things that may force you to to to return your mattress.

What To Know Before Moving A Mattress

Always try to find a buddy to help move your mattress. Depending on the type, a mattress can range from 45 pounds and 71 pounds to 90 and 100 pounds . Attempting to lift and move a mattress alone can cause physical injuries, strained muscles, or nasty falls, so having a partner is essential. Youll also want to decide how youd like to transport the mattress. While it may seem like a quick and easy hack to tie a mattress to the roof of a car, this can damage the mattress by exposing it to pollutants and other elements. Its best to secure the mattress inside of a truck or moving van. This allows for full structural coverage and allows you to secure the mattress for transport.

Best Mattress For Side Sleepers: Nolah Mattress

Are you searching for an all-foam mattress that gives you the benefits of memory foam without the downsides?

The Nolah Original mattress might be right up your street.

Nolah is an online, direct-to-consumer merchant of bed-a-box-mattresses that has actually had terrific success on the marketplace.

The Nolah Original Mattress makes use of proprietary foam, AirFoam, which has some very interesting properties. It is right away responsive, alleviates pressure extremely well, and is likewise developed to keep individuals sleeping cool.

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Are You Ready To Compress And Move Your Mattress

When the day comes to move your mattress, follow our six simple steps to make matters a little less complicated. Just keep in mind, while compressing your foam bed is okay, attempting to re-roll or fold it up is a risky move. While a rolled-up mattress may save more space, or make the process a bit easier, you risk ruining your bed in the process of doing so.

Best Mattress Deal : Sweet Night Mattress

3 IKEA Mattress Reviews For Buyer » Blog Marketing Tool

SweetNight is among the handful of brands in the online mattress industry who produce and ship from their own factories, so theyre able to delivery quality mattresses at a lower price than other comparable beds on the market.

SweetNight provides five various mattresses. Their most popular beds are the Breeze and Twilight .Sweet Night mattresses, toppers, and pillows have an outstanding credibility and the best quality/price ratio in the sleep market.

They are Amazon, Walmart, and Wayfair best-sellers, having typical rankings of 4.5/ 5 stars and higher and costing a portion of rivals rates.

Nevertheless, Sweet Night has much better deals than Amazon and the other retailers for both purchasers and affiliates. Buyers enjoy big savings and 100 nights complimentary trialperiod.

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Is It Safe To Travel With A Mattress On Top Of Your Car

If youre transporting your mattress on your car, we would recommend taking extra care to ensure you tie it down properly. Depending on how far youre going, the mattress could loosen from the restraints and become a severe issue if it flies off. Pay extra attention to the compressing process because you wouldnt want the mattress to start taking air if youre transporting it on your car.

How Long Do Refunds Take From Costco

The length of time for your refund to be processed depends on both the retailer and the card issuer. It also depends on how you returned the mattress. The Costco employee who attends to you could swipe your card and begin the process of reversing the charge right away. That is if you took the unwanted mattress back to the store. Mailing back an item to the retailer will naturally delay the process by the amount of time it takes for the package to arrive.

In general, refunds should appear on your credit card within 30 days of the request.

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Is Layla An Excellent Mattress

In our experience, the Layla is a great mattress, but it does depend on what consumers are trying to find.

If they want something that supplies that slow-moving memory foam feel and has 2 firmnesses in one, the Layla will be a great option. If they are a bigger stomach sleeper and dont prefer the memory foam feel, the Layla might not be the best option.

Really pleased with whatever up until now. Curious to understand if adjustable comfort is for you? Well then, head on here for a full-fledged trial of the mattress.

Layla Essential Mattress Protector

How to move a mattress | How to return mattress | How to compress a mattress using a vacuum bag

The first and most important investment you can do for yourself is in a new mattress. This is because you spend almost one third of your life on your bed, and it is very important to sleep and rest as best as you can, so that you can enjoy your life when you are not sleeping. Once you have opted to invest on a mattress, the second most important thing you need to do is protect your investment.

This is the reason why mattress protectors come into position. They protect your mattress from human threats, such as spills, sweat stains, and other injuries.

The best way to do that is investing in a high quality mattress protector. Nowadays, most of them not just keep your mattress safe from stains and dirt, but are waterproof and give temperature regulating qualities for much more pleasant sleep.

As soon as you try the bed protector, you will be asking yourself:how was I living without it all these years? That is exactly what I thought after purchasing this product.

Aside from the Essential Mattress protector, Layla has two more types: Layla Cooling Mattress Protector and Layla Full Encasement Mattress Protector. You can find out more information here

Layla Essential Mattress Protector comes for all the primary mattress size:


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Returning A Silentnight Mattress

As with any online purchase, if you order a mattress though Silentnight’s website you can cancel within 14 days of receiving it and will get a full refund.

If more than 14 days have passed, you can exchange it under Silentnight’s 60-night comfort guarantee, which applies to all mattresses and divans ordered through its online store. You won’t get a refund, but you can exchange it for another one.

This guarantee only applies to the comfort of the product and not the height, length, width or colour of the mattress. Silentnight asks that you try your new bed for at least 28 nights before making use of the guarantee and it won’t accept mattresses that are marked or damaged in any way or have not been used in accordance with the care instructions. You also need to activate the guarantee before the 60 nights is up. Silentnight doesn’t state if you need to get the mattress back into the original packaging.

Youll be required to pay the difference if the replacement mattress is more expensive than the original, but you won’t receive a refund if the replacement is cheaper. Additional administration charges may also be applicable and only one exchange per order is permitted.

Find out how Which? members rate Silentnight mattresses.

Whats The Bottom Line

You shouldnt keep a mattress if it causes you discomfort or decreases your sleep quality. Fortunately, most companies make it easy to return a new mattress. Most online brands offer 100 nights or more to try out the bed along with free returns. Whats more, the mattress will likely be donated to charity, and someone will come to your door to pick it up.

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Purple Mattress Egg Test

You might or might not have actually seen the ad video called the Purple bed mattress egg test. In the video, a sleep specialist uses 4 eggs at four different places, pasted onto a glass frame that she drops from a height on different bed mattress. The simple objective is to watch if the eggs break or they remain intact. The expectation is that if a bed mattress can evenly distribute weight and can soak up the weight of a person or any load then there will be no particular force put in onto any part of the things or individual sleeping on the bed mattress. All particular pressure points will have equivalent relief as the weight gets distributed equally throughout the mattress. For this reason, if a mattress is best then the eggs will not break. As one would expect, the eggs do break when they are allowed to fall from a height being pasted to a glass frame onto the majority of mattresses with the exception of Purple bed mattress.

Now, there has actually been criticism of the ad since Purple mattress has a grid life development on its upper layer so the eggs can suit those grids or box like structures without getting blasted due to the pressure of the glass frame onto the upper surface area of the bed mattress. To be reasonable to Purple, it deserves to demonstrate its items supremacy. It likewise has videos revealing a side sleeper test, back sleeper test and pressure mapping test. You can enjoy them on the main website.

Put The Mattress Bag Over The Mattress

Ikea single mattress. Not used. Still in packaging. Missed ...

Unpack the plastic mattress bag and try to line the open end of the bag against the top or the bottom of the mattress. Now, try to slip the mattress bag over the mattress and pull it over and under the mattress, all the way to the end. Once the mattress is completely inside the bag, you can close it if you have a plastic bag with a seal. If your memory foam mattress is king or queen size, you may need some help from one more person.

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Returning An Emma Mattress

Emma sells its mattresses through its website: we’ve tested some of it’s most popular mattresses, including the Emma Original, Emma Hybrid and the Emma Premium. The sleep trial has been extended to 200 nights . It’s not applicable to all Emma mattresses, though, so always check the terms and conditions before buying. Emma will pick it up free of charge and issue a full refund within 14 days of returning the mattress if you decide you dont like it for any reason – as long as it’s within the 200-night trial.

Tuft & Needle Return Policy

Tuft & Needle stands apart from other online mattress brands by accepting returns anytime during their 100-night sleep trial. Theyll work with you to locate a charity or recycling center to pick up the bed from your home. After you provide a donation or recycling receipt, Tuft & Needle will refund the entire mattress purchase price.

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Alternatives To Shipping A Mattress

If youre having second thoughts about shipping a mattress, it can be helpful to consider your alternatives.

Renting a moving van is a solid option if you need to transport other items along with your mattress. Upgrading to a larger van that accommodates a mattress will cost more but still may be more cost-effective than shipping the mattress separately.

If you arent up for driving a moving van, you can use a shipping pod. For these, you put your items into the pod, which is normally stored in a driveway or on the street in front of your home, and the company picks up and moves the pod on a pre-arranged day. As with a moving van, this option makes the most sense if you are moving numerous boxes or pieces of furniture.

Buying a new mattress is often a viable alternative to shipping your old one. The price of mattresses online has dropped in recent years while the number and quality of options have expanded. There is great value to be had with online mattress shopping, and these mattresses almost always come with free delivery, as well as a sleep trial that lets you test out the mattress with the option to return it if you arent satisfied. If you go this route, you can try to sell your old mattress or donate it to a local charity.

Preparing Your Mattress For Shipping

Need to MOVE a MATTRESS?? Best Way to Package, Transport & Protect a Bed

Follow these step to make sure your mattress makes it to your new home without problems:

  • Disassemble the bed, separating the mattress from the box spring and bed frame.
  • Remove all bedding, bed skirts, or any other removable parts.
  • Wrap the mattress in bubble wrap or thick plastic wrap for protection.
  • Place it in a mattress bag or mattress case.
  • Store the mattress inside an appropriately sized box.
  • Can you Ship a Mattress via UPS?

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    Abusing The Return Policy

    Just because you can doesnt mean you should. Although very lenient, one should abuse Costcos return policy. Misusing it could result in losing your Costco membership. If you have made countless mattress returns over the years, they will review your membership history and possibly revoke it.

    One woman, for example, returned her printer after eight years because it stopped working. The manager who declined the return said that the woman had made so many returns over the years that they could not take any more. The customers membership ended up canceled. Jeff Long, Senior Vice President of Costco who responded to the said woman, mentioned that from her membership review, the woman has not been happy with their products therefore, it was appropriate to terminate the membership.

    How To Move A Mattress: Packing Transporting And Protecting A Bed

    Moving into a new home is one of the most exciting experiences but can also be quite stressful. Packing all your belongings, organizing them into easy to manage boxes, transporting, and unpacking. It takes a lot of organization, preparation, and careful hands so as not to smash that rare teapot you found at a garage sale for $2.

    Usually, the last item we consider is mattress moving, the cumbersome bed must be dismantled, wrapped, and placed gently in a moving van. However, moving your bed into your new home doesnt need to be stressful and time-consuming. Here, we talk about the best way to move a mattress and tips to make the process quick and easy.

    Out with the old and in with the new!

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    Finding The Right Vehicle

    When transporting your mattress, choosing the right vehicle is important. If you stuff your mattress into a car that is too small, you could impede your vision on the road. Therefore, dont carry mattress on car roof eitheras this is unsafe. A moving truck is the best and safest option for mattress moving.

    Returning A Mattresses From Some Of The Biggest Retailers


    When returning a mattress of any kind, the key thing to remember is that you’re returning it to the retailer rather than the manufacturer. That may sounds obvious, but it can be confusing because many mattress brands also act as retailers.

    For instance, if you buy a Silentnight mattress through the Silentnight website, then the details weve given below for that brand should be applicable, but if you buy a Silentnight mattress from John Lewis, then you’ll need to check John Lewis own returns policy. Or if you buy a Simba mattress exclusive to Argos, the trail nights and returns will be what’s specified by Argos, not Simba.

    Weve summarised the returns policies of some of the biggest mattress retailers below, but its always worth reading the full terms and conditions on the retailers website to be sure the policy hasnt changed or doesnt contain any loopholes.

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    Returning A John Lewis Mattress

    For hygiene reasons, John Lewis mattress can’t be returned. The only exceptions to this are if the mattress is damaged or faulty. However, it does offer a 60-Night Sleep Comfort Trial period on selected John Lewis mattresses. You’ll need to purchase a mattress protector, and need to sleep on your new mattress.

    While there’s no minimum amount of time, John Lewis recommends at least 30 nights. If you want to exchange your mattress, it will cost £29.95 for collection and recycling. If you exchange for a cheaper mattress, you’ll be refunded the difference. If it’s more expensive, you’ll need to pay the difference. John Lewis states the mattress must be in perfect condition when collected, but doesn’t state if you need to get it back into the original packaging.

    The 60-night sleep trial is not available on Special Buy or Anyday mattresses.

    If there is a specific supplier promotion when the mattress was purchased, you may be able to return it. For instance, if you order aSimba mattress through John Lewis, and you’re still eligible for its 100-night sleep trial, then it may be possible to return it, but you must coordinate the return through John Lewis, rather than Simba.

    Find out how Which? members rate John Lewis mattresses.

    Remove Bedding And Disassemble Your Bed Frame

    First, remove everything from the mattress thats not the mattress. This includes your bedskirt, sheets, comforter, blankets, pillows, and stuffed animals. Set these aside to pack up separately if you also plan on shipping them.

    If youre also shipping your bed frame, disassemble it. Gather any nails or hardware bits into a bag. Bonus points if you take notes during the disassembly so you can easily put it back together again upon arrival.

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