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Is The Purple Mattress Any Good

Who I Do Not Recommend The Purple Mattress Model For

Purple Mattress Review – Are They Any Good? Sleepopolis Finds Out!

I wouldnt advise this bed to heavy individuals. I dont believe the Purple has enough support for anyone over about 250 lb. If thats you, I d suggest taking a look at our best mattress model for heavy individuals roundup, which has tons of incredibly helpful beds.

This mattress model isnt firm enough for strict stomach sleepers. These sleepers require a firm mattress model to prevent their hips from sinking out of line with their shoulders.

Anybody after a traditional feeling bed isnt going to be happy on the Purple. Its grid layer has a squishy feel, rather similar to a waterbed. Is The Purple Mattress Any Good

  • Cal King: $1,449
  • Split Cal King: $1,598

There are often Purple mattress deals to be discovered that add value to the mattress model though. Is The Purple Mattress Any Good

Purple regularly provides away a complimentary $99 sheet set with every mattress model purchase.

Is The Purple Mattress Legit

Now that weve performed an in-depth analysis of all of Purples mattresses, we can vouch that they are top-notch products for their price range. You will get great value for your money, and the grid-like pattern brings about support and pressure relief that is one of the best in the market.

A Purple mattress is a beautiful, supportive choice for those that suffer from back and joint pain and those who sleep on their side. As noted in a Purple mattress review on Reddit, its also an excellent choice for people who tend to get hot when they sleep as the unique grid pattern makes it one of the coolest mattresses all year round.

Plus, with a 100-night risk-free trial or your money back and a ten-year warranty, you can be sure youll be making the right investment. If something goes wrong, you can take advantage of the excellent return policy. Overall, we think that Purple mattresses have a fantastic price point and offer a lot more for your money than most competitors.

For more information or to view the Purple Mattress online, visit the Purple website. We hope our comparative Purple Mattress review was helpful. If you have any questions or comments, please get in touch.

Purple Mattress Policies And Faqs

How does the Purple ship?

The Purple is a bed-in-a-box mattress, which means it will ship compressed in a box to your door. The Purple ships for free.

Does the Purple have a trial period?

Yes, the Purple has a 100-night sleep trial.

Does the Purple have a mattress warranty?

Yes, the Purple has a 10-year warranty.

What is Purples return policy?

You can return the Purple after testing it for a minimum period of 21 days and before the end of the 100-night trial to receive a full refund.

Do I need a box spring with the Purple?

Nope, you can place the Purple on any bed frame, including box springs, adjustable bases, platforms, and more.

Where is the Purple made?

All Purple mattresses are made in the USA.

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Best Mattress Size For Couples

Of course not all couples require the same size mattress, but our opinion is that the best mattress size for couples is the king size mattress. In order of comfort, we like the following beds for couples:

  • King quite large suffices for most any couple
  • California King slightly longer good for tall couples
  • Split Mattress
  • Queen
  • Full Size

Heres a detailed post about the different mattress sizes.

Nectar Vs Original Purple Comparison

Purple Mattress Review

The Nectar and Purple mattresses have very different constructions and materials, which is most evident in their comfort layers. The Nectars comfort layers feature multiple layers of memory foam, while the Purple features a hyper-elastic gel polymer.

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These materials create different feels. Thanks to its memory foam, the Nectar has a slow-moving feel that offers plenty of pressure relief and body contouring. Once again, the Purple is bouncy, responsive, and simultaneously squishy and firm.

The firmness ranking for these mattresses will depend a bit on the weight of the sleeper in question, but we ranked both of these beds around a 6.5/10.

The Nectar and Purple are also very similar in terms of price, although the Purple costs around $100 less.

Who Should Get the Nectar?

  • Folks who like a memory foam feel
  • Lighter-weight sleepers
  • Side sleepers who need plenty of body contouring

Who Should Get the Purple?

  • Heavier-weight sleepers

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Purple Mattress Technology Details

Purple is a 9.5-inches mattress with three foam layers, offering a medium-firm comfort level.

The top is a 2-inch thick patented Hyper-elastic Polymer foam with a unique grid structure. It is a soft yet resilient material that flexes and evenly distributes weight. Moreover, the layer is highly responsive and bouncy to suit the needs of combo sleepers. Due to its buoyant texture, you can easily change sleep positions, without any stuck-in feel.

The breathable grid structure promotes air circulation to keep you cool and comfortable all night long. Due to its unique construction, it effectively wicks away moisture for a sweat-free night, thus suitable for hot sleepers

Next is a dual-layer comfort foam with a 3.5-inches and 4 inches of HD polyfoam, giving a resilient and stable support. These two foam layers also improve the durability and lifespan of the mattress to prevent premature sagging. Its dense structure perfectly complements the buoyant top and efficiently absorbs motion differences for an undisturbed slumber.

The firm base also adds to the overall firmness of the Purple mattress. Because of that, sleepers can enjoy maximum spinal alignment and back support, irrespective of the sleep position.

Lastly, the mattress cover features a SoftFlex, a combination of polyester, viscose and lycra. The stretchy, breathable material is cool to touch and a perfect adjunction to the Purple mattress.

Should You Choose Firm Or Soft

This is much like when we speak on comfort and support.

Just like a mattress shouldnt be too hard, it should never be too soft.

What you want in a mattress, is one that ensures your spine and body stay in a neutral position.

A mattress that is too firm can not only restrict blood flow, but can also cause pinched nerves.

If you find that a lot of the times you awake, with the sensation of having pins and needles in your body, this is a sign of a mattress that is too rigid.

If your mattress is too soft, you chance having a sagging effect, much like a hammock.

When this happens, you can find yourself with back pain, due to your spine not being correctly aligned.

This is why its imperative to find a mattress that is close to neutral.

You need your mattress soft in the right places, without being too soft.

You also need a mattress firm enough to be supportive without being too rigid. Is The Purple Mattress Any Good

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Purple Hybrid Vs Original Purple Mattress

Lets not forget about the flagship Purple mattress, which is what started it all for the company. The main mattress has two layers of polyurethane foam and a 2 layer of the companys special Hyper-Elastic Polymer. The flagship Purple is the most affordable model by far. Read our full Original Purple mattress review for more details. A couple of years ago, Purple introduced three hybrid models (formerly known as the New Purple 2, New Purple 3, and New Purple 4. If youre interested in how the three new models differ, check out our Ultimate Purple Mattress Comparison.

Casper And Purple Mattress Faqs

Purple Mattress Review 2021 – Is This Unique Mattress Right For You? (UPDATED!)

Which mattress is better, the Casper or the Purple?

We would not say that either mattress is better, but they are better for different types of people with different preferences. On the one hand, the Casper should be better for those who like a balanced foam feel, light- and medium-weight side sleepers, and back sleepers who need additional lumbar support. On the other, the Purple should be better for hot sleepers, stomach sleepers, and heavier side sleepers.

Which mattress sleeps cooler, the Casper or the Purple?

In our experience, the Purple sleeps cooler than the Casper mattress. Its gel grid allows for a great deal of airflow and makes for a cooler night of sleep.

Which mattress is more affordable, the Casper or the Purple?

The Casper and Purple mattresses are very close in terms of price. For a Queen-size they both cost around $1100.

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Are Purple Hybrids The Best Mattress For Heavy Sleepers

Heavy Back SleepersI recommend these sleepers stick the Premier 3 because it is thick enough to last but not soft.

Heavy Side Sleepers The Premier 4 can be a great option for heavy side sleepers. The Premier 4s thick grid layer allows for plenty of sinkage and the soft feel should make it comfortable for side sleepers.

Heavy Stomach Sleepers I wouldnt recommend any of these beds to heavy stomach sleepers, who need a firmer mattress to provide optimal support. This mattress is our top choice for heavy sleepers. Is The Purple Mattress Any Good

Mattress Advisor Score For The Purple Mattress

Take a look at our score breakdown for the Purple mattress to understand which areas this mattress excels in. Our final score is a combined weighted total of each score. We rate each test and the total score on a scale of 1 to 10.

You can learn more about our scoring system and review process here.

Mattress Advisor Test
Total Score for the Purple Mattress: 8.4/10

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Is The Purple Mattress Really Worth All The Hype

There is no doubt that people are shopping for more and more items online nowadays, even things that they may not have considered in the past. This is certainly the case for mattresses as there was a time when the only place to buy one was a mattress store where you were likely to be harassed by a sales person as soon as you set foot through the door. Any mattress that you did buy would probably end up being very expensive.

Purple is a start-up company that wanted to eliminate these problems by selling mattresses exclusively online. This means that the process of buying a mattress is much less stressful and also a lot cheaper. There are many companies that sell mattresses online but Purple has already established a good reputation which is impressive for a new company.

Purple mattresses have several features that you do not find in other memory foam mattresses. It uses a particular type of memory foam called Hyper-Elastic Polymer which has been designed to be effective at relieving pressure on your joints but still maintaining a good rate of air flow through the mattress. This makes the mattress very popular with people that live in warmer climates as it does not get too hot at night.

The mattress will give you a good nights sleep whether you tend to sleep on your front, back or side. The firmness of the mattress makes it particularly comfortable for back sleepers but you will be comfortable in any position.

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Is The Purple Mattress Really That Good

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Casper Vs Original Purple Mattress Model Comparison

Casper and Purple mattress models vary considerably in their building and construction. The original Casper mattress model features an all-foam building and a Zoned Support system thats firmer near the middle of the mattress and softer near the head and foot. As noted above, the Purple is mainly built from the brand names exclusive hyper-elastic gel polymer.

These construction differences produce extremely different feels. The original Casper has a balanced foam feel thats responsive and bouncy. As weve gone over, the Purple has a squishy-yet-firm feel thats also bouncy and responsive.

These mattress models likewise differ somewhat in terms of their firmness levels. We ranked the Purple at 6.5/ 10, while we ranked the Casper a touch firmer at 7/10.

The mattresses are most comparable when it concerns cost. Depending on discounts and discount coupons, both mattress models must cost around $1,000 or two for a Queen size.

Who Should Get The Casper?

  • Folks who like a well balanced foam feel
  • Back sleepers
  • Light- and medium-weight combination sleepers

Who Should Get The Purple?

  • Hot sleepers because the Purples materials allow for more airflow
  • Folks who want a more durable mattress
  • Heavier-weight side sleepers

Other Considerations: Warranty And Certifications

Purple provides a 10-year-limited warranty on all their mattresses. The warranty is only valid for the original purchaser and through authorized dealers, which usually means through the Purple website. Purple is very specific about the kinds of issues that apply to the warranty, including indentations that are deeper than one inch in comparison to the surrounding mattress. Validation requires careful measuring and visual evidence. Please note that the mattress cover has a separate two-year warranty.

The Purple Original Twin Mattress is CertiPUR-US certified. This independent organization tests products that contain polyurethane foam for off-gassing and potential exposure to harmful chemicals.Certifications from independent organizations can give you an idea about the quality of the material and whether or not it poses any health hazards.

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Purple Mattress Any Good

Purple is commonly identified as one of the most cutting-edge, prominent bed linens firms in the world today, thanks in big component to the success of the Original Purple mattress. The Purple bed utilizes a patented product called Hyper-Elastic Polymer, which differs from any other mattress material on the market its not a memory foam, or any kind of kind of foam actually. In this evaluation, well cover exactly what that material is, in addition to suppleness, and also back, tummy, as well as side sleepers.

Start With A Coil Bed

Purple Plus Mattress Review (Is It Worth It?)

If you or your partner have a heavier body type, or want something that will be extra long lasting under the weight of two people, you should go for a coil bed. This makes the mattress a little more responsive, supportive, and also better for sex. Both of the aforementioned mattresses will work, but there are plenty of others as well. For instance, Saatva and Brentwood Home both make mattresses with dual coil layers. The Bear Hybrid mattress uses 8 pocketed coils. And there are even cheaper beds like Allswell Hybrid that have coils despite being extremely affordable. Bottom line: if youre plus size or just large, you need a different class of mattressfortunately, plenty of them exist.

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What Is The Best Purple Mattress

The original Purple mattress has recently been updated

For most people, wed say that the basic Purple mattress is the best choice. Thats because its much more affordable than the brands pricier models, and yet still delivers the benefits of its Hyper-Elastic Polymer technology. That means it effectively cradles your pressure points, such as hips and shoulders, as well as supporting your body overall, making for a relaxing and comfortable nights sleep.

With more than 1,800 air channels built into the Hyper-Elastic Polymer and breathable foams used in the base, youre well protected against overheating. Noise is minimal, as is motion transfer. The soft-knit cover is also very breathable, and the mattress is CertiPUR-US certified, which means its free of toxic heavy metals or chemicals.

The original Purple Mattress wasnt perfect for those who roll over in the night, or sleep close to the edge, but the recently updated version of this basic model has introduced reinforced edges to help stop you falling out of bed.

Overall, while the more expensive Purple mattresses offer a greater level of support, the basic model offers such a good level of comfort that were not convinced the former are worth the extra money. The main exceptions to that would be if you require a higher level of firmness or you weigh more than 230 pounds .

Which Purple Mattress Is Right For You

As we conclude our Purple Mattress review, only you know your sleep needs and budget. To recap, heres what you should consider as you explore Purples latest lineup. Remember that mattress feel is subjective, so these general suggestions are only the first step in figuring out which Purple mattress is best for you.

Looking for something a tad on the firm side?

Wed recommend trying the original Purple or Purple Hybrid first. While both of these mattresses offer the same cushioning Purple Grid as the other models, their base comfort foam and pocketed coils respectively, create a firmer surface for most sleepers.

How about something more plush?

Wed recommend starting with the Purple 3, Purple 4, or Purple Plus. The extra GelFlex material in the Purple Hybrid Premier 3 and 4 creates a softer surface for most sleepers, while the extra layer of comfort foam in the Purple Plus serves a similar purpose.

Finally, how tight is your budget?

The original Purple Mattress is hands-down the most affordable option Purple offers. So if you want to experience Purple on a budget, this is your best bet. Purple Plus and the Purple Hybrid are mid-tier options that add additional features for a modest increase in price. Lastly, the Purple 3 and Purple 4 are excellent, top-of-the-line mattresses. As such, they may not be the best fit for those on a very tight budget. While financing options are available, these are premium mattresses priced similar to other top-end brands like Tempur-Pedic.

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