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Where Can I Buy An Olympic Queen Mattress

Copper Infused Foam Layer 1

Best Inexpensive Mattress Under $300 for a Queen? Novilla Mattress Review

The softer side of the mattress. This layer is 3 of memory foam. What separates Layla from other mattresses, is that this layer is copper instilled.

The copper mixture is responsible for why the Layla rests so trendy as it has antimicrobial top qualities. This stops you from sweating as much while you are resting.

This layer is also sluggish to respond to stress, along with being so soft.

Completion result being that it will contour nicely to your body, So, if you are the type of sleeper that likes to sink well right into your mattress, this is the layer you must make use of.

Olympic Queen Vs Queen Mattress

As you have just read, an Olympic queen mattress is wider than a standard queen-size mattress. Therefore, it makes a reasonable consideration for those sharing a bed. A queen-size mattress only measures 60 by 80 inches, which will be comfortable for single sleepers or those who want to upgrade from a twin-size mattress.

However, the queen beds smaller width means you can use it in a room measuring 10 by 10 square feet. On the other hand, an Olympic queen is best if you have a space of at least 14 by 10 square feet. If youre looking for a bed to use in your guest room, the queen is a comfortable option.

Another advantage of a queen mattress over an Olympic queen is it will be easier to buy foundations and beddings for it since its a popular and typical size. If you got an Olympic queen, its best to ask the store itself for the accessories compatible with it. Otherwise, ask for king-size bedding and then adjust the width since an Olympic queen is narrower.

Best Innerspring Olympic Queen Mattress

MattressInsider Park Meadow Pocketed Coil Mattress II

  • Price: $$
  • Type: Innerspring
  • Height: 8 inches

This custom pocketed coil mattress uses open-cell foam to create a cooling, breathable effect. Theres a 2-inch layer of CertiPUR-US certified foam that MattressInsider says is eco-friendly and odor-free.

The pocketed coil system with this mattress is believed to reduce motion transfer, too.

Added bonus: This mattress features a quilted cover with a suede border, adding a cushion effect while still being supportive.

There are only a small number of reviews of this mattress right now, but theyre positive, noting great sleep.

This mattress is made in the United States. It comes with a 121-night money-back guarantee and a 20-year manufacturers warranty.

Assuming youve decided an Olympic queen mattress is the right size for your needs, there are some other things to keep in mind during your search.

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Olympic Queen Or Texas King: How To Pick The Right Mattress Size

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Buying the best online mattress wont help you much if you choose the wrong size. Many people tend to underestimate how much personal space they need to sleep comfortably.

Couples are especially prone to buying too-small mattresses. You never realize just how cramped the bed was until you ditch your double mattress for a king size.

The best mattress size will depend on your situation and preferences. Obviously, the more you are in the bed the bigger the mattress needs to be. A larger mattress will also be more comfortable if you prefer sprawling out on your bed as you sleep.

Heres a simple test for couples to determine whether a mattress is big enough. Lie on your back on the mattress and put your hands under your head. If your elbows are too close or are touching, the mattress is too small. If there is a good distance between your elbows, it has plenty of space for both of you.

It also goes without saying that the mattress needs to be a match, size-wise, to your bed. But if you want a smaller or bigger mattress than your bed, you can always buy a new matching box spring or foundation. In fact, most online mattress companies sell a variety of frames alongside their mattresses.

Pros And Cons Of An Olympic Queen Mattress

(Top 5) Olympic Queen Mattresses To Buy Online in 2021

There are definitely benefits to owning an Olympic queen bed but that doesnt necessarily mean theyre the right choice for everyone. Always make sure you weigh the benefits and drawbacks before you buy a mattress online.


  • The extra 6 inches of space could make for a better nights sleep when compared to a queen bed.
  • Like most other mattresses, theyre made in a wide variety of materials to suit your texture and firmness preferences.
  • In terms of price and depending on where you buy it, an Olympic queen mattress could cost just as much as a standard queen, despite the extra sleeping space.
  • They dont require as much space in a bedroom as a king-size mattress does.


  • Much like sofa bed mattresses or RV mattress sizes, Olympic queen mattresses are much harder to come by and may need to be custom-ordered.
  • The right-sized bedding and bed accessories might also be hard to get an accompanying sheet set, box spring, bed frame, or sleeper sofa might need to be custom-ordered, as well.
  • For a smaller room size, the added bed width may take up too much space.
  • Because theyre wider than a queen, but not longer, an especially tall person might prefer a California king mattress instead.

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Best Olympic Queen Mattress For Combination Sleepers

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Regardless of how you like to sleep, there is a mattress available in an Olympic Queen sizethat you are going to love the Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid. Its a bed that combines a comfort layer made with 2 inches of gel-infused TitanFlex polyfoam and another 2 inches of gel-infused Energex polyfoam. The support core is made from 6 inches of pocketed coils, plus a base layer of HD polyfoam that measures 1 inch.

When you put all of these together, you get an 11.5-inch mattress thats available in three firmness options: soft , medium , and firm . Because it offers three different firmness options, it is a great purchase for people regardless of their sleeping position or body weight, since it can support all three main sleeping positions and weight categories, so just make sure that you choose the version thats right for you.

What Is A Super Queen Mattress

Another variant size of a queen mattress is the super queen, and it is even harder to find than the ones we mentioned. Furthermore, some brands provide different sizes for the super queen bed, which means you have to be extra diligent when buying sheets and frames. In general, a super queen mattress is wider and thicker than a standard queen-size bed as it offers 33 by 75 inches of space.

A super queen mattress is also 66 inches wide with a height of 80 inches. Some sheets are 66 inches wide for their accessories, but some are best for a 20-inch tall bed.

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Where To Buy Layla Mattress

Layla mattress is readily available straight through their internet site right here.

Right now, you can save $100 on any type of sized Layla Rest mattress, and also get a free costs pillow.

You can also pick up Layla from if you so pick to. We always such as to suggest the official suppliers web site, regarding not encounter any type of possible concerns when it comes to rest tests, and/or guarantees.

Other Standard Sizes With A Variable Counterpart

6 Mattress Sizes – Tips to Avoid Picking the Wrong Mattress Size

A few inches can make a big difference to your comfort while sleeping, which is why all standard sizes come in two slightly varying dimensions. You can choose any of them depending on your sleeping style, and available space in the room. Unlike the Olympic queen size, most of these sizes are easily available in mattress stores, or online.

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Which One Is Better For You

Knowing which of these two sized to pick can be difficult because they arent that much different in size compared to each other. If you already have a bed base or a foundation thats compatible with one of these two mattress sizes, then you should pick the mattress that matches that size.

Price is also a considerate that might weight in when it comes to choosing one mattress over another. However, the price difference between these two beds isnt all that big . Even so, you will have to consider the fact that the accessories for a larger bed will cost more, which makes the end cost of an Olympic Queen higher.

It is also important to note that not all major mattress brands have bed available in the Olympic Queen size, which makes the product scarce and, sometimes, darn right difficult to find.

Olympic Queen Vs Queen Size Mattress

The Olympic queen size is six inches wider than the popular queen size mattress. It may seem like six inches doesnt make a difference, but when sharing your bed, these

The Olympic queen size is six inches wider than the popular queen size mattress. It may seem like six inches doesnt make a difference, but when sharing your bed, these extra six inches matter. You can sleep comfortably only when you have enough space to stretch out and relax without having to infringe on your partners personal space.

When deciding between an Olympic and standard queen size mattress, consider whether you are going to sleep alone or share the bed with a partner. Other factors such as the size of your room and compatible bedding accessories can influence your decision.

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The Best Olympic Queen Mattresses

2. Purest of America 10 Inch Double Layer Memory Foam Mattress, Olympic Queen

US-made mattresses are created for ease of movement and support, allowing the foam mattress to make use of the three layers of high-quality materials. The finest mattress you will ever sleep on stems from a mixture of materials. The mattresses ships compressed and rolled in a box, which might take 48-72 hours for the mattress to completely expand after being opened.

The finest mattress you will ever sleep on stems from a mixture of materials. The base layer is constructed from high-density foam, which is followed by a layer of our comfort foam, and finally topped off with a 2.5 layer of our memory foam. This mattress molding to the sleepers body, helping to reduce pressure points and making for a comfortable nights sleep.

3. Euro 14 Olympic Queen Mattress

The Euro 2-sided mattress has 2 sides: one made of high-density foam and the other of memory foam, so you can choose the firmness level you like and turn the mattress to flip it for different positions. When the sleepers body heat and weight provide the right amount of pressure on the mattress, it reacts by conforming to the body while eliminating pressure spots.

The increased density of high-density foam supports a higher degree of support.

The mattresses include a high-quality fabric quilted cover. After opening, let it expand fully for around 48 to 72 hours. The warranty period is 25 years.

Best Gel Foam Olympic Queen Mattress

(Top 5) Olympic Queen Mattresses To Buy Online in 2020

MattressInsider Luxury Gel Foam Mattress

  • Price: $$
  • Type: Gel foam
  • Height: 8 or 11.5 inches

This gel foam Olympic queen mattress is advertised as a mattress for RVs, but stay with us on this you dont have to take it on the road!

Its made with cooling gel memory foam and built with support in mind with a design thats said to help keep a natural spine alignment.

This mattress is made in the United States and is said to be made from non-toxic materials.

Its tough to find a less-than-glowing review for this mattress. Reviewers say its comfortable and great quality.

It comes with a 121-night guarantee and a 20-year warranty.

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Layla Sleep And Motion Transfer

Layla Rest is just one of the very best mattresses you can purchase, if you have a partner.

This is because the Layla mattress has such a reduced motion transfer among the advantages of memory foam.

Movement transfer does not alter much, regardless of which side you choose to sleep on.

So, instead you choose a softer mattress, or an extra solid touch, you will not give up with Layla when it comes to movement transfer..Where Can I Buy An Olympic Queen Mattress

Where To Buy Olympic Queen Mattress: 4 Best Options

We found four answers on where to buy olympic queen mattress. They are Brooklyn Bedding, Mattress Insider, Michigan Discount, and Rest Right. The olympic queen bed is not the most accessible size to find, but these retailers and brands have it with interesting features.

But before we proceed, are you sure you know what is an olympic queen mattress? Give that article a quick read to know what to expect with this queen bed.

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What Is A California Queen Mattress

Youve probably heard and seen a California king bed, but did you know that there is also a California queen variant? Compared to a California king, a California queen measures 60 inches wide and 84 inches long. Its also a bit longer than your regular queen mattress at just four inches.

Much like an Olympic queen bed, you can consider a California queen as a specialty size, and you may need to get it custom made, including the accessories for it. However, some manufacturers offer this size, but its not a standard offered in most shops like a California king. If you think its dimensions are perfect for you, give this mattress a try and search for one.

Who Makes An Olympic Queen Mattress

Best Mattress In A Box (TOP 8 BEDS ONLINE)

You should find different Olympic queen mattresses in Amazon and some mattress companies in the US. Some brands that offer this size are OrthoSleep, Brooklyn Bedding, and Mattress Insider. You can also check companies that provide custom sizes for beds to see if they will ship to your location.

As we discussed earlier, the accessories for an Olympic queen can be hard to find compared to those of a queen-size mattress. You can ask where you bought the mattress itself for them. Otherwise, get something bigger like those of a king bed and get it resized to match an Olympic queens width.

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Is A Queen Bed Big Enough For A Couple

In most cases, yes. At 60 x 80 inches, a queen mattress offers plenty of personal space for more than one sleeper.There are a few exceptions to this rule, namely family homes and very hot sleepers. For couples with a child , you might need a king-size bed or larger to comfortably accommodate the extra bodies. If you’re looking for a new mattress and either you or your partner tends to run hot at night, you might need the extra breathing room of a king bedâor a queen-size mattress with advanced cooling technology.

What Are The Types Of Olympic Queen Mattresses

It might be tough to choose the best Olympic Queen mattress on many occasions because some people are unsure of what they require. And thats perfectly alright, considering the sheer quantity of options available in todays market. However, studying more about the main varieties can help customers determine what will work best for them. As a result, it can help them make a better choice when selecting an Olympic Queen mattress.

The following are the primary choices available these days:

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What Is An Olympic Queen Mattress

But first, lets define what an Olympic queen mattress is. It is a category of mattresses between queen- and king-size products, and the difference is in its width.

Olympic queen mattress is 66 inches wide, which makes it six inches wider than your standard queen size. The length remains the same 80 inches.

Mattressinsider Park Meadow Pocketed Coil Mattress Ii

Olympic Queen Mattress for Sale in Phoenix, AZ

Open-cell foam is used in this unique pocketed coil mattress to offer a cooling and airy sensation. It has a 2-inch layer of CertiPUR-US certified foam which is environmentally friendly and odor-free. The pocketed coil structure also minimizes motion transfer. The mattress has a quilted cover with a suede border. It adds a cushioning effect while remaining sturdy.

The Park Meadow by Mattress Insider is an innerspring mattress with sturdy edges and consistent support across the surface. When combined with a broader Olympic Queen mattress size, you have enough space to sleep peacefully. For example, if you are a side-sleeper, you may lay near the edge with one of your arms dropping down. Youll be well-supported in that stance with the Park Meadow. Even if you move about, you would not feel as though you are to fall off.

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Using The Olympic Queen

Theres no rhyme or reason when it comes to who buys an olympic queen vs. a queen. For the most part, it has to do with space. You need to find a balance between the space available in your bedroom and the space that you need to sleep.

How much space a person needs in order to sleep well can vary widely. Some people dont move much at night and sleep straight or curled up in a little ball. These folks can sleep comfortably on small beds. Other sleepers like to stretch out, relax, or prop themselves up with several pillows. All of this means that they will take up more space.

Whether or not you sleep with a partner also comes into the equation. Sleeping with another person almost always means taking into account how they sleep as well as how you like to rest. If both you and your partner like to take up a lot of space when you sleep, then a regular queen could very well be too small to provide the space you both need to get comfortable.

When it comes to the size of your room, think about everything you want to fit in the bedroom. Youll want at least 2 feet of space around the bed except for the side thats up against the wall, preferably 3. Thats so you can walk around the bed comfortably, without worrying about tripping or falling.


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