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Purple Twin Cloud Pillow Review

Which Purple Pillow Is Best

Purple Cloud Pillow Review – The Best Purple Pillow??

All Purple products are made with high-quality materials. Ultimately, it comes down to your personal preferences. If you love the Purple hex technology, the Original may be the best pillow for you. Looking for a supportive latex pillow? Then the Purple Harmony is calling your name. But if you want a light and malleable pillow that you frequently fluff, check out the Purple Plush.

Sleeping Style And Body Weight

Theres no universally accepted pillow that fits perfectly for every sleeper. Instead, its important to find the right match, and sleeping position and body weight are important factors to consider.

Side Sleepers To keep their head and neck properly aligned, side sleepers need a pillow with enough loft to fill the space between their head and shoulder. Side sleepers with wider shoulders typically need even more loft. The Purple Pillow works well for side sleepers of any body weight because of its reliable shape and adjustable loft. Its moldability provides extra flexibility for achieving the right head and neck angle. The Purple Grid also prevents people with heavier or larger heads from feeling like their head is being swallowed by the pillow, while delivering pressure relief for a tailored feel.

Back Sleepers Back sleepers normally need a pillow that has a low-to-medium loft level so that their neck doesnt get pushed too far up or down and become hyperextended. Body weight can affect how much back sleepers sink into their mattress, which can influence the neck angle necessary for healthy spinal alignment. With the Purple Grid core that is supplemented by the removable polyfoam boosters, the Purple Pillow gives the right mix of loft and pressure relief for back sleepers who weigh between 130 and 230 pounds. Some people who have a lighter or heavier body weight may have issues with the loft level based on how much they sink into their mattress.

Purple Pillow

Purple Harmony Pillow Vs The Original Purple Pillow

Both pillows feature Purples hex technology, but in different amounts. The Original Purple Pillow has three inches of this squishy and supportive material, while the Purple Harmony only has a thin layer of it in the cover. Because of this, the Original pillow feels much firmer than the Harmony. If youre a larger-framed side sleeper, the Original will work quite well for you.

The Original Pillow also comes with two boosters, so you can easily make it taller if you wish. The Purple Harmony pillow comes in three loft sizes, and you can easily exchange one for the other, but you wont be able to adjust its height on the spot.

The Purple Harmony feels medium firm, making it a better choice for smaller back and side sleepers. However, the Harmony costs more than the Original, so it may not work for those who are on a budget.

Who Should Get the Purple Harmony

  • People who want a medium firm pillow
  • Back sleepers
  • People who prefer a pillow that feels more traditional

Who Should Get the Original Purple Pillow

  • Those who want a firm pillow
  • Larger side sleepers

Read our Original Purple Pillow review.

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Purple Pillow Construction And Design

Before we go over the exact construction in our Purple pillow review, we have to point out that it weighs in at a whopping 10 lbs. This is the heaviest pillow that we reviewed to date and, to be candid, its too heavy.The pillow has an uncompressed loft of about 3.25, but when you lay your head on it, the loft drops to about 2.75.

The pillow itself is made of a proprietary, gel-like material called Hyper-Elastic Polymer. You will see this on all Purple mattresses and it is the reason that so many people are flocking to Purple products.

Hyper-Elastic Polymer has a number of advantages and disadvantages:

  • It is responsive and makes switching sleeping positions very easy at night.
  • It also has a slinky, malleable feel to it, which makes moving the pillow around very difficult.
  • It also requires no fluffing, which means the Purple Pillow remains the same height and shape all night long. This is one of the main marketing points that Purple uses when they promote this pillow. Its a durable pillow that has a blend of pressure relief and support.

The Hyper-Elastic Polymer material is also laid out in a grid format, as you can see in the image below. This helps with airflow, which well discuss more in a minute.

The Purple Pillow is a single-sided pillow, meaning you are not supposed to flip it. On the bottom are zippers, which is how you open up the pillow so that you can wash the cover .

My Final Thoughts About The Purple Cloud Pillow Lunarable Outer Space Bedspread, Stars and Cloud in The ...

After testing out the Purple Cloud, I think its a fantastic pillow for side sleepers. The higher loft is great for keeping side sleepers head and neck aligned with their spine. And even though its soft enough for you to sink into the pillow, the silicone-coated gel fibers keep you elevated and prevent the pillow from going flat, providing lots of neck support which is key for preventing neck pain in side sleepers.

I also love that the Purple Cloud pillow is entirely machine washable. Purple even says that washing your Purple Cloud is a great way to fluff it. Combine machine washability with hypoallergenic materials and the Purple Cloud is also a great choice for people with allergies.

However, I didnt love the Purple Cloud for back sleeping and I certainly dont recommend it for stomach sleepers. If youre looking for a better option, Id take a peek at our best pillows for back sleepers and our best pillows for stomach sleepers.

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Which Is The Best Purple Pillow

That depends on your sleeping position and comfort preferences. The original Purple Pillow is one of the most unique options on the market. It comes with their patented 3u201d Purple Grid and two additional pillow boosters so you can adjust the height.nnThe Purple Harmony Pillow features the Purple Grid Hexu2014a thinner, lighter version of the original Purple Grid. The Harmony comes with a block of Talalay latex foam inside and a breathable mesh cover on the outside. The Purple Cloud and Purple TwinCloud pillows are the closest to traditional pillows.

There’s More To This Pillow Than Meets The Eye

The TwinClouds two support levels help you get the perfect snooze but wait, theres more! Can your pillow do all this?

Thread your arm through the center chamber for stomach-sleeping bliss.

Zip two or more together for an extra-cushy impromptu body pillow.

Lay flat and connect three pillows for a full-length mattress topper.

Unzip and lay flat for low, cushioned back sleeping.

Unzip and hang over an adjustable base so it stays put while elevated.

Ditto with the back of the couch!

Connect as many pillows together as you can for pillow-fort perfection.

Stagger the halves for a beauty pillow that won’t crease eyelashes and skin.

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Rest Easy With Purple

If there’s something wrong with your pillow, we’ll replace it for up to 1 year, starting from the date of original purchase.This warranty is valid only if the purchaser uses the product for personal consumer use. The warranty no longer applies after any resale, whether new or used. Original, dated proof of purchase by the original purchaser official warranty document and law tags are required to make a warranty claim.

Your 100-night trial begins the day your pillow is delivered to your doorstep. If you decide it isn’t a perfect fit for you within the first 100 nights, we’ll help you process a return and issue a full refund.

This Purple pillow ships straight to your door at no extra cost!

Our patented cover construction includes two chambers filled with gel fibers that double up for the perfect snooze. Get softer or firmer support in just a matter of seconds without removing messy filling or struggling with inserts simply flip, zip, and… Zzzs.

A safe option for people with allergies, Purple pillows are made with recyclable, food-grade and food contact-grade material.

This Purple pillow is a design born in our very own Innovations Lab in Alpine, Utah, and each pillow is filled, finished, and assembled in the USA. The pillow covers are manufactured overseas in China.

This Purple pillow won’t fall flat thanks to its silicone-coated, crimped fiber filling. That, plus its quality cover material and construction, are backed by a 1-year warranty.

Is The Purple Harmony Pillow Worth It

Purple Twin Cloud Pillow Review

If youre looking for a new pillow that creates excellent pressure relief, you cant do much better than the Purple Harmony. Even though it does cost more than most pillows on the market, it should last a long time. Plus, it has many impressive features! Purple gave the breeze mesh cover a moisture-wicking treatment, so it stays cool and breathable all night long. The Talalay Latex core feels both bouncy and supportive at the same time. Because its available in three loft sizes, it works well for many different body types and sleeping positions.

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Dreamcloud Pillows Sleep Tests

As I was going back and forth between the Contour and the Best Rest, one major thing stood out. I felt as if they were both uniquely made to fit your sleep style no matter what. The foam was always supportive and conforming resulting in more pressure relief. They also both have a great- actually MAJOR- detail: cooling gel-infused foam. they both kept my head and neck cool throughout my sleep.

The best reset is composed of 53% Polyethylene, 46% Polyester, 1% Spandex. The polyethylene is what makes the pillow cover feel cool to the touch. CopperGel Infused Memory Foam. The foam is 3lb density 6IFD CopperGel Infused Memory Foam.

For the contour. Built to provide soft contour to the natural curves of your head, neck, and shoulders, the pillow features an adjustable crown height to match your ideal level of support. Suitable for back, side, and stomach sleepers, the DreamCloud pillow provides a plush and luxurious sleep experience. Features Include CertiPur-US certified flexible foam, comfortable for any sleeping position, Contours to the natural curves of your head, neck, and shoulders, Removable insert for customizable comfort, Product L x W x H: 28x16x7. Weight: 6 lbs. Easy case with removable cover can be machine washed on a gentle cycle with cold water. Line dry and do not bleach.

Purple Plush Pillow Review Verdict

Were big fans of most of Purples products around here, and were excited to add the Purple Plush Pillow to our lineup of approved items. Its fluffy and comfy, and we love all the customization options for different firmness levels and airflow. And because you can customize your firmness level, we think almost any sleeper type will be able to get comfortable and properly support their spine.

Besides all that, were actually pretty surprised and impressed by the price. We think if youre looking for a quality pillow, this is it.

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Purple Harmony Sleeping Positions

Since Purple offers two different loft options, we think this pillow would be accommodating for just about anyone, but make sure you choose the most appropriate model.

Standard Purple Harmony Pillow is best for petite side sleepers, and stomach and back sleepers with an average build.

Purple Harmony Pillow Tall is an ideal pillow for average to heavy side sleepers, and any heavy individual in general. Regardless of your sleeper type, wed say a heavy person who weighs around 250 lbs + should opt for this model to benefit from its extra loft and support.

Common Purple Harmony Pillow Complaints

Galaxy Twin Size Duvet Cover Set, Nebula Gas Cloud in Space Dust Milky ...

This pillow has hundreds of positive reviews on Amazon, but a few customers werent satisfied with their purchases. Some people complained about the price. Yes, this pillow costs more than others on the market, but its also quite durable. In the long run, we think its a smart investment.

Other people complained about the pillows height. Some people found it too tall, while others said it was too short. Luckily, this pillow comes in three loft sizes, and the company offers a 100-night sleep trial period. If you discover the pillows loft doesnt feel comfortable, you can easily exchange it and get a different size.

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Loft Of The Purple Plush Pillow

Loft refers to how tall the pillow is, compressed or uncompressed. These measurements are a little different because we have so many options between the pillow being zipped up, completely unzipped, and all the other options in between.

So the loft of the pillow is the same at 8 tall uncompressed, whether its zipped or unzipped. But then while its zipped up, the pillow has less room to flatten out , making it 2.5-3.5 tall while compressed. While the pillow is unzipped, the fluff has more room to spread out, so it ranges from 2-4 tall while compressed.

We realize this doesnt sound like a huge difference, but it actually does feel a little different while laying your head on it.

Quality Of Materials: 5/5

Another day, another high-quality option from Purple. The Cloud pillow is made with cotton and gel fiber that are hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and Certified Clean Air GOLD. You can feel comfortable sharing this pillow with your kiddos or sleep partners with allergies. Plus, its backed by a 1-year warranty.

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Does This Pillow Sleep Cool

On Purples website, they refer to the Pillows cover as cool-to-the-touch, and although its moisture-wicking, we wouldnt necessarily say this rings true. The GhostBed Pillow, for example, actually feels cold when you press your hand up to it, and we dont get that same sensation from this pillow.

With that being said, the airflow is impeccable thanks to the grids hexagons that create 1500 little air pockets. So it may not sleep as cool as the Original Purple Pillow, but it definitely sleeps cooler than most pillows out there.

What Does The Purple Cloud Pillow Feel Like

Purple Pillow Review & Comparison – Original vs Harmony vs Cloud

Feel is one of the most important aspects of a pillow. After all, if you dont like how your pillow feels and if its not maintaining your spinal alignment, you arent going to want to sleep on it night after night. I personally tested this pillow, so Ill give you an idea of what it feels like, but keep in mind that feel is subjective, so you may have a different experience than I did.

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The Purple Pillow Feels Unique

It feels like youre laying on a softer, gel/rubbery material. Its comfortable and pretty neat, but its certainly not for everyone. If you want a more traditional pillowlike say, the Helix Pillowthen you will undoubtedly not want to get the Purple Pillow.

However, if youre open to something new and youre intrigued with the responsive, supportive, pressure relieving nature of the Purple Pillow, who am I to stop you? Just know that its unlike any other pillow out there .

How Does The Pillow Feel

The truth is that the feel of the pillow is quite formidable. Thanks to the comprehensive materials as well as the overall composition, the pillow adds resilience, softness, quick response times and a very cool surface. Thats usually what the majority of people would be looking forward to. The exterior polymer material is specifically intended to relieve serious pressure and to support the feel brought by the firmer core and the firmer edges. You will feel a slight cradling, but thats not as pronounced as you may think and it would certainly prevent pressure point formation.

The only slight drawback that we are capable of identifying at this point is the lofty sensation of the pillow when you are sleeping on your stomach. However, when you inflate it a little bit more through the booster, this goes away, and the height becomes just as appropriate as you will need it to. The overall feeling that is brought by the solution is one of support, comfort and well-balanced overall sensation.

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I’m Picky About Pillows And This Genius Double

As POPSUGAR editors, we independently select and write about stuff we love and think you’ll like too. If you buy a product we have recommended, we may receive affiliate commission, which in turn supports our work.

As a home editor I get to test a lot of different products, and most recently I’ve become an accidental pillow expert. I’m picky about what I like, because I’m both a back and side sleeper, and I prefer more flat silhouettes, but still with a plush and fluffy feel. As you can guess, this isn’t easy to find. I’ve tried more than I can count, and while I have a few that I really like, my latest obsession is the Purple TwinCloud Pillow .

The genius design is so smart, it makes me wonder how I never thought of this before. The two-in-one pillow has a softer and a firmer side, so you can choose based on your liking. Made with a fluffy down alternative, it truly feels like your head is resting on a cloud. Plus it’s wrapped in a 100 percent cotton cover that makes it cool and breathable.

The clever design makes it easy to move around in the night and always feel comfortable and supported.

Purple Cloud Pillow Loft

Galaxy Coverlet Set Twin Size, Starry Night Nebula Cloud Celestial ...

The other big factor in a pillows feel is the loft, or the height of the pillow. Again, each sleeping position has a rule of thumb: side sleepers should go for a higher loft, back sleepers need a medium loft, and stomach sleepers do best with a low loft. The Purple Clouds loft is 6 inches, which is on the higher side.

Now lets go over my experience with the Purple Cloud in different positions.

Side While side sleepers generally do best with a firmer feel, I think the medium firmness and high loft of the Purple Cloud work great for lying on your side. I found this to be the most comfortable position while trying out the Purple Cloud my head and neck felt supported and in alignment with my spine, and I loved the soft contouring.

Back Now for back sleepers, the firmness is right with the Purple Cloud, but I think the loft is too high. Some folks with larger frames than me may like this higher loft, but for most back sleepers, I think this higher loft could cause some neck craning.

Stomach The Purple Cloud is not a great pick for stomach sleepers. The loft is way too high to comfortably lie on your stomach. I immediately felt my neck craning when I tested the Purple Cloud stomach-sleeping-style and overall, it was pretty uncomfortable.

Under the Arm I think the Purple Cloud is a solid choice to sleep with under your arm, as its squishy and puffy enough to hug cozily.

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