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What Is The Highest Rated Mattress On The Market

The Best Mattresses For 2021

Best Memory Foam Mattress – 9 TOP Rated Memory Foam Mattresses – Reviews
  • Saatva recently updated the Zenhaven, our latex-foam mattress pick, changing the type of latex used in its foam layers.

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  • Saatva recently updated the Zenhaven, our latex-foam mattress pick, changing the type of latex used in its foam layers.

    The Zenhaven now features Dunlop latex, instead of Talalay latex. The company told us that the redesigned Zenhavenn feels the same as the version we tested, but we cant yet say for sure. We plan to test it soon and will update this guide with our impressions.

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Choosing the right mattress is one of the most important steps to getting a restful nights sleep. Its also one of the most challenging, because a perfect match is highly individual. We cant pick a single best mattress. What our guides can do, however, is report on objective features, such as durability and construction, and provide unbiased first-hand impressions.

Wirecutter staffers have spent hundreds of hours interviewing experts, trying beds at our testing site, and sleeping on them in our own homes, all in an effort to zero in on the mattresses that may be worth your money. This page provides a helpful roadmap to our extensive mattress coverage. Consider our guides as a starting point that provides the tools you need to find your best mattressand ultimately find your best sleep.

Logan & Cove Mattress

Logan & Cove is a rare all-foam mattress. Usually, even pillow-top hybrids feature a more subtle, low-profile top. The Logan & Cove pillow-top hybrid is different because it features a luxurious top that is filled with cooling foam, premium materials, and more.

You can get the Logan & Cove mattress in two different firmness options. The medium plush option is perfect for those who prefer a softer, cloud-like experience. This includes side sleepers and some back sleepers. For those who prefer a firmer sleep surface, the Luxury Firm option might be for you. Stomach sleepers and combination sleepers will prefer this option.

The comfortable pillow-top makes sure that you can fall asleep quickly. It doesnt take long to get comfortable! The Tencel cover is silky and soft and is a great introduction for the comfort that comes next. Under the cover is a blended silk fill that makes the cushion as soft as a cloud. It compresses easily, giving you access to the four layers of supportive foam underneath.

Right on top is a layer of high-density cooling foam to help disperse any heat that builds up over the night. The next layer down is a high-density biofoam, perfect for cradling your body where you need it most. Following this is another layer of cooling foam, followed by a second layer of biofoam. Together, these foams work to make the pillowtop section extremely comfortable.

Why are we impressed?

The Carbon Footprint Of Memory Foam

As for memory foam, the report says that standard polyurethane foam has an estimated lower footprint than that of Visco-elastic foam, by approximately 20% assuming the same weight. Visco-elastic foam is another name for memory foam.

The conclusion is that a mattress with a thicker layer of memory foam will have a greater carbon footprint than a mattress which is mostly standard foam with a thin layer of memory foam. From our top 10 mattresses, youll see that the Ergoflex 5G has a 9cm layer of memory foam and is 25cm in depth whilst the Silentnight 3 Zone mattress only has a 3cm layer of memory foam and a total depth of 18cm. The latter should have a smaller carbon footprint.

Again, there is a payoff for the purchaser. Would you like better support and comfort from a deeper mattress with a thick layer of memory foam? Or would you prefer a thinner mattress without much memory foam which has a smaller carbon footprint?

It is worth asking what mattress manufacturers are doing about their carbon footprint rather than ending up in a guilt-ridden circle of despair.

As mentioned earlier, Nectar Sleep offset their carbon usage to the extent that mattress production is certifiably climate neutral. The important thing is that you dont assume that a mattress which sounds natural or organic will actually have a smaller carbon footprint than one which uses synthetic materials.

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The Recycling Challenge Of Sprung Mattresses

Back in 2005, most mattresses sold in the UK were open coil sprung mattresses. That means you were supported by a continuous piece of metal which was twisted into a series of springs. Since then, more of us have switched to pocket spring mattresses which are more supportive and stable. Thats good news for our quality of sleep but the National Bed Federation says that this is a challenge for mattress recyclers.

Companies have to somehow remove hundreds or thousands of springs from a mattress rather than one massive spring. In some cases this involves manually tak the springs out of the pockets which sounds about as much fun as a trip to the dentist.

Once the metal is removed, it is one of the most valuable materials recovered from mattresses, on a weight basis. The other material which has high value is polyester wadding which is a synthetic material used to add comfort. It often ends up in pet beds according to the National Bed Federation. That sort of material is mostly used on cheaper and mid-priced mattresses. So, if your mattress contains those then there would seem to be a higher chance of it being recycled than other mattress materials.

What Makes The Ghostbed Flex Stand Out

Best firm mattresses among four common categories ...
  • The coils add a bit of responsiveness, preventing sleepers from feeling stuck in the bed.
  • The GhostBed Flex should be a great option for hot sleepers. It features a cooling cover and cooling gel foam, plus the coils promote airflow.
  • The mattress has reinforced edge support, meaning that the coils get firmer toward the edge of the bed. You should be able to sit on the end with little to no sagging.

Read our full GhostBed mattress review

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Best Mattress For Adjustable Beds

The best adjustable beds come with a host of health benefits. These bases offer head and foot articulation allowing sleepers to raise and lower the top and bottom portion of the bed. With an elevated head, the airways are open and there is less pressure on the trachearesulting in more natural breathing and reduced snoring. When the legs are raised during sleep, blood flow increases to the vital organs, and the lumbar is supported. Depending on your health needs, an adjustable bed can help you find the perfect sleep position so you can get adequate sleep.

Adjustable beds also come with several high-tech features. These features include Bluetooth connectivity, zero-gravity sleep position, and under-bed lighting. When shopping for an adjustable frame, also seek out features that help keep your bed positioned to the wall, so you dont have to stretch or strain to reach your nightstand.

Most adjustable bed frames also come in a split version. A split base allows couples to adjust the head and leg articulation on their side of the bed. These two bases operate independently of each other so each person can find their preferred position. A split king mattress can pair with a divided base so couples can select their own firmness.

If you choose a larger adjustable bed frame, consider white-glove delivery so you can have professionals move and set up your new base in your home. Also, keep in mind that for most adjustable frames, memory foam, latex, and hybrid mattresses work best.

Ergoflex 5g: An Excellent Memory Foam Mattress For Back Sleepers

Price: From £499 | Buy now from Ergoflex

If youre a back sleeper looking for a mattress that offers comfort and support in good measure, the Ergoflex 5G is an excellent choice. With a generous 90mm foam top layer the 5G moulds effectively around your body, providing support just where you need it along with plenty of comfortable pressure relief.

The all-foam construction also allows the 5G to excel at movement isolation, effectively dampening the vibrations produced by a restless partner, making it ideal for light sleepers. Like many memory foam mattresses it can sleep a little warm but we found it compared favourably against the competition, never leading to uncomfortable overheating.

At 30 days, the Ergoflexs home trial is notably shorter than some of its rivals but still gives you the risk-free opportunity to try it out in your own home.

Ergoflex 5G | Read our full review
Type Three-layer
Needs turning?
Single to super king , available online only

Use the code XMAS45 for 45% off the Ergoflex memory foam mattress over the festive season. A king size, for instance, is down from £889 to just £534. ErgoflexSave 45% Buy Now

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Vispring Plymouth Supreme Pocket Sprung Mattress 1099 Medium Tension

Vispring deserve kudos for creating the pocket spring mattress more than a century ago. Pocket springs are now the most popular choice for mattress shoppers in the UK. The company still makes some of the best pocket sprung mattresses around, although youll pay a premium for the privilege of owning a Vispring. They were named best mattress brand in 2015, 2016 and 2017 by Which?

Prices for a king size Vispring range from around £1000 £5000+. Ive gone for their lowest priced option the Vispring Plymouth Supreme. You can be confident that if youre buying a Vispring youre getting one of the best mattresses on the market . Of course, you will get a better mattress if you pay top prices.One of the main differences between this mattress and the more expensive Visprings on offer is the spring count, which is about 1200.

The general consensus is that 1000 springs 2000 springs is the normal range for a quality mattress. Under 1000 isnt supportive enough, beyond 2000 you dont see much improvement. Those figures are for a king size mattress, you get higher or lower numbers on bigger and smaller mattresses.

If you are a light person then a number towards the bottom of that range will be adequate. If you are somewhat heavier then you might consider the Vispring Maristow or Vispring Woolacombe .

What Type Of Mattress Is Best For Me

Best King Size Mattress – 10 TOP Rated King Size Mattresses – Reviews

Choosing the right mattress for your needs can be overwhelming. If you want an in-depth crash course on choosing a new bed, Id recommend reading the How to Choose a Mattress buying guide. In the meantime, Id recommend considering your budget, preferred sleeping position, and body type before making a purchase. The more specific guides above can help you find out what works for you! But, in case it helps, heres a quick overview of a few types of mattresses on the market right now:

  • 100 Night Trial
  • 10 Year Warranty

If you have a sleep partner, one of the most difficult aspects of shopping is trying to find a mattress whose firmness accommodates both sleepers. Aspects such as body mass index, height, weight, and personal preference can land the two of you at completely opposite ends of the spectrum. When you purchase the Helix mattress, thats perfectly okay! Thats because you take a short sleep quiz when you order. It takes both of your information and preferences into consideration to algorithmically determine optimal firmness. You get the choice of a dual mattress that provides separate firmness on each side of the bed and a blended product that uses data from each sleeper to arrive at a fair balance.


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The Best Mattress In 2021

The Saatva Classic is the flagship mattress from premium sleep brand Saatva, and we think its the best mattress you can buy. This luxury hybrid innerspring combines the superior support of traditional springs with the comfort and advanced features of the latest mattresses. Its the best of both worlds: you get excellent pressure relief in all sleeping positions, while staying cool and well-supported at night. Its competitively priced for a luxury hybrid too, starting from under $900 for a twin.

The mattress comes in three different comfort levels and two different heights , so you can customize it to your preferences. Whichever version you choose, youll benefit from Saatvas patented spinal zone technology. This has been approved by the Congress of Chiropractic State Associations, and makes the Saatva Classic a particularly good choice for anyone with a bad back or achy joints.

Its also a great option for hot sleepers. Our reviewers found it to be one of the most cooling mattresses theyve tried, partially due to the breathable pillow top and dual layer of coils, which boost airflow. But also because you sleep on top of the Saatva Classic, rather than sinking into it, which gives you less skin contact than an all-foam mattress. Edge support is very good as well – you can sleep right up the sides without them sagging. This makes the Saatva Classic feel wider, which may be a bonus for some couples.

The Springs V Foam Argument In The Best Mattress Uk Debate

There remains furious debate over whether a sprung mattress or a foam mattress offers better support and stability. However, I will throw in a mention of research by Park, Subramaniyam et al from 2014. They did a side by side test of a sprung mattress and a foam mattress made by Tempur, which is a posh £2000+ brand. Their investigations suggested that the Spring mattress provided significantly greater relaxation. They also found there was significantly lower muscle activities when the subject tossed and turned to their right on the spring mattress than Tempur mattress.

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Best King Mattress For 2022

Get the space you need to spread out for a good night’s sleep.

Sharing a bed with another person or pets can leave you feeling crowded. If you’re someone who needs room to sprawl out or move around to get a good night’s rest, chances are you’d sleep better on a king-size mattress.

One of the first things you need to consider when buying a king mattress is firmness. Are you a side sleeper, back sleeper or stomach sleeper? Back and stomach sleepers benefit from a firm bed that supports the spine, while side sleepers typically need softer mattresses. You should also think about the type of bed you want, whether a foam mattress, mattress with gel foam or a hybrid mattress.

I personally tested more than two dozen mattresses from different mattress companies to help you find the best one for your needs. Whether you’re looking to upgrade to a king mattress, or you need to swap out your current king-sized mattress for something more modern, there are a lot of options out there — from advanced gel memory foam technology to adaptive polymer gel layers. And, if you’re looking to upgrade your whole sleep setup, we have suggestions for sheets, pillows and other sleep essentials.

Avoid Open Coil And Thin Foam Mattresses

Best Innerspring Mattress (Updated Sep 2020) Buyers Guide ...

I would try to avoid open coil springs as they dont offer very good stability. Heavier people will find they can feel the slats on a bed with a very thin foam mattress. A strong reason to avoid open coil mattresses is the link between deep sleep and stability. Evidence of this was found by Shen, Chen et al in 2012.

One compelling argument for a budget sprung mattress is that open coil mattresses are easier to recycle than pocket sprung mattresses.

This creates a bit of a conundrum for environment conscious shoppers. Would you like to have the better sleep offered by a pocket sprung mattress? Or would you rather not leave a mattress sized problem for recyclers to deal with when you dispose of your mattress? Some people compromise by getting a pocket sprung mattress for daily use and an open coil mattress for a rarely used spare room. I guess it depends how long you want your guests to stay for

Assuming you are choosing between pocket sprung and memory foam mattresses, there are various pros and cons which youll need to weigh up.

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How Do I Know The Right Mattress Size

One golden rule for choosing the right size of mattress is to make sure it’s 10cm longer than the tallest person sleeping on it. Width-wise, if you’re sharing a bed, you and your partner should be able to put your hands under your head without your elbows touching. If you sleep alone, you’ll have the right size mattress if you can put your hands under your head without touching the edges of the mattress. So measure that distance and as long as you choose a mattress that’s wider than that, you’re good.

Most of the options listed in our best mattress guide are available in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king and California king sizes. Some come in split options too, which enable you to choose a different mattress firmness to your partner. You can also find mattresses with a different level of firmness on each side .

Generally speaking, the bigger and deeper the mattress, the higher the price. Most twin mattresses cost a few hundred dollars less than the queen size, while the king and California king sizes average around $200 more than the queen size. Hybrid mattresses, luxury and premier versions generally cost a lot more than the basic/original mattress prices listed.

Awara Mattress Good Eco

Looking for an eco-friendly hybrid mattress that is a little different than the model from Avocado?

If so, then the Awara Mattress is another good mattress to check out.

This mattress is a little more expensive than you might be willing to pay but has a nice set of benefits to come along with the extra price.

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