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How Much Does A Purple Queen Size Mattress Cost

How To Transport A Queen Size Mattress

2020 Purple Mattress Review – How much do you weigh? It matters!
  • Undress your mattress: Take everything off the mattress. Lift the mattress off the bed frame and box spring and put it on the floor.
  • Bag your mattress: Get a plastic mattress bag and have someone help you slide it onto your mattress until its completely covered.
  • Fold the Mattress: With a friend, get on either side of the mattress and fold it in half from top to bottom. While holding the mattress in a folded position, use some rope, bands, or ratchet straps to tie the mattress together. Once its tied, it will remain in its folded position. If you have a large moving truck, you may not need to fold the mattress .


Only The Purple Gelflex Grid

Cushions + Supports

The Gridâs columns give way under focused pressure from hips and shoulders to gently cradle your body, while offering support to broad, evenly distributed weight .

Stays the Perfect Temperature

The Grid features 1,400+ ventilation chambers for better airflow. Plus, when it comes to temperature, our GelFlex material is like Switzerland â totally neutral â so you wonât sleep too hot or too cold.

Adapts As You Move

The GelFlex Grid instantly shifts as you change your sleeping position. When you move, it moves, so you feel every inch of comfortable support and your sleep remains blissfully uninterrupted.

Is A Queen Size Mattress Right For Me

Queen is more spacious vs a twin or full, but doesn’t take up as much space as a king.

As a general rule of thumb, your bedroom space should be about 9 ½ x 10 feet to be comfortable housing a queen size bed.

The Queen mattress is the most popular mattress sold. To provide enough room to snuggle and still have some space, couples should have at-least a Queen size mattress.

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Simple Steps To Clean A Mattress

Mattresses play a huge role in your sleep cycle and being able to sleep comfortably is an important factor for us to be able to perform well in our day-to-day tasks. We spend roughly half of our lives sleeping, so it is important to maintain our mattress through proper cleaning. A good rule of thumb is to clean it every twice a year. Read on to find out the simple yet effective steps of cleaning your mattresses.

What Makes Purple So Different

Purple queen

The main feature that sets Purple mattresses apart from products made by other manufacturers is the Purple Smart Comfort Grid. This is a patented material that does a wonderful job at transferring weight from pressure points on the mattress.

The Specialized Comfort Foam is superior to the foam used by most bed in a box manufacturers. The breathable Plexus Side Panels and hypoallergenic cover help to keep you cool while you sleep.

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Average Mattress Prices By Type

Price plays a significant role in the final decision for most mattress shoppers, and there are many types of mattresses available at different price points. If youre on a budget, check out our resource on our favorite affordable mattresses. Below, we break down each mattress type and what price range you can expect to pay, according to the Sleep Foundation.

Purple 3 Mattress Body Type Analysis

  • Petite Sleepers

    The Purple 3 will provide more than enough support for smaller-sized individuals. In all honesty, petite body types could probably save money and go with the flagship Purple mattress. The flagship model will still provide adequate support, yet youll still get the benefits of Hyper-Elastic Polymer.

  • Average Sleepers

    Average-sized sleepers will experience plenty of support from the Purple 3, but because of their lighter size, they may not feel as much of the pressure-relieving capabilities these beds can provide.

  • Heavy Sleepers

    We generally steer heavier sleepers toward beds with coils, so the Purple Hybrid Premier fits the bill.

    Coils are more durable and also provide more support than the dense foams a lot of online mattresses use for their support structure. Coils, as opposed to support foams, provide bi-directional support, which basically means the coils have some give but also push back against pressure. Beds with coils are better equipped to support all the extra pressure big folks exert on a bed.

    We think so highly of the Purple 3, it even made our list for the Best Coil & Spring Mattresses.

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The Hybrid Models Feature The Following:

  • A thick and plush covering that adds a little extra coziness and sides wrapped with a material to create ultra-breathable side panels.
  • Pocketed coils, individual springs wrapped in fabric, provide responsive pressure support that complements the top polymer grid. According to Purples website, pocketed coils are not a new invention, but are a proven method of damping motion transfer and creating more airflow.
  • A buffer of transition foam around the perimeter of the Purple grid, which provides a more stable and nested feel at the edge of the bed.

What To Consider When Buying A Mattress

Purple Mattress (Queen Size) Setup, First Impression!!!!

Durability / Lifespan

Quality matters greatly when it comes to your mattress purchase. One of the best ways to reduce costs over time is to invest in a mattress that will last five to eight years. This is the length of time most doctors and industry experts recommend keeping a mattress. Here at Mattress Nerd, we recommend researching the most durable mattress brands and styles. Customer reviews, for example, can indicate how long previous buyers mattresses have lasted.

Conforming Ability

A mattresss ability to conform to your body in all the right places depends on its style, manufacturer and comfort layers. Innerspring mattresses, for example, offer very poor conforming power whereas memory foam mattresses and hybrid mattresses usually offer excellent conforming. If you have aches and pains or prefer a mattress with a deep hug around pressure points, this is an important quality to consider. Side sleepers need the most pressure relief around their hips and shoulders, whereas stomach sleepers need a mattress that conforms slightly around the hips without causing them to sink.


Do you tend to wake up in a sweat or sleep hot? Theres an ideal temperature range your body needs to maintain to achieve deep sleep, and mattresses can exacerbate overheating issues or relieve them. If you sleep hot, look for a mattress with coils, like that of an innerspring, breathable layers or infused foams, like copper and gel, to release trapped heat.

Motion Transfer

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What Are The Queen Mattresses That Purple Sells

  • Purple Mattress – The Purple® Mattress is known as the bed that broke the internet. Its ideal for all sleepers with its cooling comfort and No Pressure® Support. It features a 2 Purple Grid layer and a durable base of high-density foam. As a foam mattress, it is hypoallergenic, resistant to dust mites, and works exceptionally well with an adjustable bed frame.
  • Purple Hybrid – The Purple® Hybrid features a base layer of responsive support coils and a 2-inch Purple Grid. These pocket coils for optimal support, responsiveness, and durability. It also encourages airflow through the mattress for a cooler nights sleep. The Hybrid is recommended for heavier sleepers and side sleepers as well as those who want a more luxurious sleeping experience.
  • Purple Hybrid Premier – The Purple® Hybrid Premier represents the peak in weightless comfort and No Pressure® Support. Featuring your choice of 3 or 4 inches of the Purple Grid top layer, this queen bed suspends the body in zero-gravity comfort, eliminating tension and letting the body relax in its natural state from head to toe. A layer of responsive pocketed coils provides additional support and responsiveness. The Purple® Hybrid Premier may be the best queen size mattress for any sleeper. Its recommended for those who desire the pinnacle of comfort.

How Much Does A Mattress Cost When Buying Online

Buying a mattress online is one of the best ways to be sure youre getting the best price for the brand youre thinking of buying from. Although its possible to get some great discounts when buying in-store, its more difficult to compare prices between retailers and to get an overview of all the best offers.

Even if your preferred mattress isnt on offer right now, odds are it will be soon, especially with Black Friday 2020 and then the Christmas sales on the horizon. The top sleep brands often offer regular deals and discounts, and these sometimes include free accessories or hefty reductions in price. The very best ones offer both.

So when it comes to how much does a mattress cost when buying online, you can expect to pay anywhere from a few hundred dollars for an affordable Queen size foam mattress, all the way up to thousands of dollars for a King size hybrid mattress. When you consider how long a memory foam mattress lasts, the pricing should make sense.

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Getting A Great Mattress Deal

Best Time of Year to Buy

When youre looking for the best price on your new mattress, keep in mind that prices can fluctuate several hundred dollars throughout the year depending on sales and seasonal averages.

Holiday Sales

Mattress brands and third-party retailers offerdiscounts around holidays likePresidents Day, Easter, July Fourth, Thanksgiving and Christmas, which can make these holidays a good time to ditch your old bed for a more comfortable one. To help you stay up to date on when these sales are happening, we recommend subscribing to the email newsletters of your favorite mattress brands and retailers. If youre not up for extra emails, just check the mattress sites a week or two before big national holidays to see if theyre offering a special.


We recommend buying a new mattress with care. Take your time, especially if youre investing in a bed that costs $1,000 or more. There are thousands of websites that offer market research about customers experiences, and customer reviews on third-party retailers websites, mattress retailers websites, and more can offer insight into how satisfied buyers are with the bed over time. Were just one of them! Be sure to check out ourmattress reviews.

What Do Purple Mattresses Cost

How Much is a Purple Mattress? Purple Mattress Q& A

Purple makes the Original Mattress in seven sizes from a Twin to a Split King, with prices varying based on size. The basic model, which combines the Purple Grid and poly foam, gives you the weightless feeling and support thats signature to Purple.

Heres pricing information for the Purple Original Mattress:

Purple Original Mattress Size

*Pricing as of 04/29/2020

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How To Get A Good Deal On A New Bed

  • Buy Online In the majority of cases, purchasing a bed online will be cheaper than going to a local mattress store.
  • Consider Durability Buying a cheaper bed may save you money initially, but you may have to replace it sooner. Consider the durability and overall quality of your new bed to save money in the long run.
  • Comparison Shop There are hundreds of mattress companies competing for your business. Doing some comparison shopping between several brands can help you get a great deal on a quality product.
  • Shop During Holiday Sales Many mattress companies run attractive sales during various holidays throughout the year. Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day , Cyber Monday, and Black Friday are all great times of year to score a good deal.
  • Invest in Your Health Lastly, remember that a quality mattress can have a huge impact on your health and happiness. Therefore, you dont want to cut corners. Its worthwhile to spend a bit more to get a quality bed that will be comfortable and last a long time.
  • New Purple Mattress Sizes And Dimensions

    All new Purple mattresses are available in these sizes. See dimensions in the tables above.

    The only difference between the three new models is how thick the purple stuff is . The Purple2 has a 2-inch thick layer, the Purple3 has a 3-inch top layer, and the Purple4 has a 4-inch top layer.

    The new Purple beds are also much thicker than the original which is a shortie at 9.5 deep. Purple 2 is 11 inches tall, Purple 3 is 12 inches, and Purple 4 is 13 inches.

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    Purple Mattress Design: What Are Purple Mattresses Made Of

    Before looking at Purples models and reviews, its important to understand the companys innovation in the mattress game: The Purple Grid. While other mattress and mattress-in-a-box companies rely on layers of different density foams, Purple uses their proprietary hyper-elastic polymer grid for an extra layer of multi-dimensional adaptation for your bodys main points of pressure.

    In other words, Purple mattresses support your shoulders and hips no matter if you sleep on your back, side, or stomach, or even if you experience back pain. The grid material allows for airflow to help control body temperature, and Purple also claims that the airflow keeps the foam itself from overheating and compromising support.

    Purple mattresses use their signature grid material in every model that they offer, but they also use other materials in their three different classes of mattresses. The original boxed Purple Mattress uses medium and high-density foams so that it can be rolled airtight and delivered for self-setup with minimal hassle.

    The Purple Hybrid and Purple Hybrid Premier combine pocketed springs with the hyper-elastic grid to provide that traditional mattress bounce and feel. These mattresses can be delivered by a crew, with the option to have your old mattress removed.

    Highlights Of The New Purple Plus Mattress

    Purple Mattress Review – AFTER 3 YEARS (Honest Opinion)

    1. It’s designed to offer more dynamic supportThose not keen on the squishy, gel-like feel of the original Purple may find more support with the Purple Plus. For enhanced support, the additional 2-inch premium foam layer is made to work in tandem with the GelFlex Grid for improved cushioning and faster reaction to every movement you make in bed.

    On top of that you get the no-pressure support of Purple’s GelFlex Grid, which cradles your pressure points in the hips and shoulders and ensures proper spinal alignment. We’ll report back on how this performs in real life in our upcoming Purple Plus review.

    For an alternative that’s more affordable too, take a look at our Saatva Classic mattress review as that model is a superb choice for full body support and comfort too.

    2. It uses breathable foam for cooler sleepAlthough memory foam is notorious for trapping heat, the Purple Plus mattress seeks to improve upon that issue with a 2-inch layer of premium foam designed to promote better airflow than standard foam.

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    What Does The Purple Mattress Cost

    The Original Purple mattress is priced about average for the bed-in-a-box industry. Its very similar to popular bed-in-a-box mattresses like Casper and Nectar. It wouldnt be considered a budget tier mattress, nor would it be considered a luxury tier bed.

    However, considering the special material this bed utilizes, we actually think the original Purple bed is a pretty good value. The Purple mattress price for a king size mattress comes in at $1,449. Heres how the price break-down by other sizes:

    $1,449 $1,770

    Unfortunately, Purple doesnt regularly offer coupon codes or promo codes to make their mattresses cheaper. However, they will almost always throw in a gift with each mattress purchase. Be sure to check their website to see what promotion theyre currently offering.

    Purple Mattress Review Breakdown

    The Purple is an all-foam mattress available in one firmness level, which is medium-firm. Sold at affordable prices and delivered directly to your door, the Purple is a good option for customers seeking comfort on a budget. Through the use of Purple Grid technology, the Purple mattress provides sleepers a mix of contouring and responsiveness. Its available in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, California king, and split king sizes.

    The Purples comfort layers are made up of 2 inches of Purple Grid on top of a 3.5-inch polyfoam layer. Its support core is made of 4 inches of high-density polyfoam . Combined, these layers excel at providing pressure relief to sleepers. The cover is made of a polyester-viscose blended fabric. Altogether, the Purple measures 9.25 inches in height, which is average and fits standard sheet sets.

    The Purple Grid is a unique technology created by the Purple company that consists of hyper-elastic polymer molded into a grid shape. The Purple Grid contours to the body like memory foam, but feels more responsive. Spaces in the grid allow for airflow, making the Purple a cooling mattress. All-foam mattresses tend to trap body heat, but that isnt a problem with the Purple.


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    How To Return A Purple Mattress

    What happens if you decide you want to return your Purple mattress within the 100 sleep trial? Its easy and quick. Just call customer service and theyll ask you how you want to return it. Since its impossible to get it put back into the bag you wont be asked to ship it. Options include, donate it to charity, or schedule an in-home pick up.

    What Are Some Complaints From Customers

    Purple The Purple Bed Mattress

    These mattresses are heavy and a common customer complaint is that they can be difficult to move. Purple mattresses start at about 70 pounds and can go up to 202 pounds shipping weight for the Hybrid Premier California King. So, take advantage of the company’s free white- glove service and get help setting up the mattress in your home.

    Besides complaints of the mattress being “too firm” for some, other issues can be a lack of edge support in the Original mattress . Also, you’ll be paying more for those high-tech materials than other foam mattresses.

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