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What Is A Tencel Mattress

Nestl Cooling Mattress Protector

Protect-A-Bed Luxury Tencel Lyocell Mattress Pad Protector
  • 100% 5-SIDED WATERPROOF: This mattress protector guards the top and sides of your mattress against liquids and nighttime accidents, this thin, soft mattress cover wont change the feel of your mattress.
  • MADE OF ULTRA SOFT TENCEL BLEND: Featuring ultimate Cooling Technology that truly keeps you cool throughout the night, smooth and perfect and will remain completely soundless.
  • PERFECT FIT: Queen size measures 60×80 inches, Extra Deep Pocket up to 17.
  • EASY CARE: This mattress cover is machine washable allowing you to clean spills and stains.
  • BETTER SLEEP IS OUR PROMISE: Enjoy 90 days risk free with a full refund if you are not 100% in love with this mattress protector.

What Makes It Special

Tencel also has some unique attributes in a variety of superficial areas. Its very strong, and yet also soft and smooth to the touch. Its easy to look after, and drapes well. It also feels slightly cool to the touch, and is thus very comfortable on the body.

Because of its unique features, Tencel is often added to different fiber blends, in order to strengthen, soften or add durability.

Benefits Of Tencel Lyocell

TENCEL Lyocell is one of the best environmental choices when it comes to bed sheets. As an alternative to cotton, our lyocell sheets are made from 100% pure Lenzing lyocell fibres, spun into fine yarns that is then weaved to produce high-quality fabric.

Lets get to the good stuff – what makes TENCEL lyocell so awesome? Does it smell like eucalyptus? Unfortunately, your Weavve TENCEL bedding does not carry the scent of eucalyptus trees but it will offer many other valuable benefits:

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What And Why Is Tencel Used In Mattresses

24th July 2012

Widely used in Sealy mattresses, Tencel is their fibre of choice. Tencel is made from natural cellulose found in wood pulp. Cellulose is the natural polymer that makes up the living cells of all vegetation.

One of the key properties of Tencel is its ability to fibrilate. Fibrillation is where the wet fibre, through abrasive action, develops micro-fibrils on the surface of the fibre. Varying amounts of fibrillation create different finishes to the fabric. The surface fibres of what would be considered standard Tencel are fibrillated to produce a sumptuous, soft fabric with an almost peach skin feel and appearance.

Sealy mattress covers are woven with tencel. This strong fibre, whether wet or dry has a high absorbency factor and aids the removal of excess body moisture when sleeping. It is a wonderfully soft fabric, breathable, lightweight, comfortable and luxurious to touch. No wonder top bed manufacturers like Sealy beds use Tencel in their mattresses.

For a healthier, cooler nights sleep, view our extensive range of Sealy mattresses and Sealy beds online today.

Big Brand Beds offer FREE delivery on all of our Sealy beds and mattresses over £399, which covers most of them as Sealy arent cheap beds. We also offer Interest Free Credit on all purchases over £600. However, conditions do apply.

From Forest To Fabric

Tencel 2000 Mattress

Eco-friendly sheets that look as good as they feel, our sheets made from TENCEL Lyocell fibres are as silky as they are breathable. Each Weavve Lyocell bed linen starts with the best lyocell fibres that are spun into the finest 80s yarn count threads. These fine single ply threads are then woven into 400 thread count fabric, giving you stronger, smoother and high quality sheets.

Furthermore our silky bed sheets are Oeko-Tex certified® and thoughtfully designed with features such as ultra deep pockets and elasticised edging to ensure a great fit around any mattress. We want you and your family to feel confident knowing our products are authentic, sustainable, and most importantly, free from harmful chemicals.

Read more about how we craft our luxury soft Lyocell sheets.

Dont take our word for it when we say we have made the perfect luxury bed sheets, here are what our customers are saying about our Lyocell bed sheet sets.

Lyocell Sheets in Blush PinkLyocell Fitted Sheet SetLyocell Sheets in Sky BlueLyocell Sheets in Cloud White Lyocell Classic Set

Read more reviews about our Lyocell sheets here.

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Wayfair Sleep 10 Plush Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Wayfair Sleep 10 Plush Gel Memory Foam Mattress is a wonderful mattress for all those who suffer from back pain and sleeping disorders because it is so versatile. This mattress was created with two things in mind it is a comfortable bed that doesnt wake you up in the morning to ache, and it also provides a sound sleep.

The 10-inch thick Wayfair memory foam mattresses are firm and comfortable, providing you with a full nights rest without waking up sore and stiff. In fact, many people say that they dont even need to get up to complete their nightly sleep, because the Wayfair sleeps so soundly you may not even be aware of it moving beneath your body.

What Is The Most Comfortable Mattress In The World

What is the most comfortable mattress in the world? Many people would probably say that it is the one that they are most comfortable on, and if the quality of sleep that you get is any indication of how comfortable you are, then the answer to this question would probably be quite obvious. However, knowing what is the most comfortable mattress in the world may actually be a different thing than knowing which mattress is the most comfortable.

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Tencel Mattress Review In 2022

Tencel Mattress Review in 2021- Rankings Top Rated and Buying Guide! One thing you can count on with Tencel is that they are all top rated. Each Tencel Mattress Review will be graded by its own specific consumers and not by the general public.

Because the manufacturing is so top of the line and the details of each mattress are so intricate and special, it only makes sense to give each mattress a separate rating. In this Tencel Mattress Review you will receive a description of each mattress, as well as the individual rating for each topper.

When it comes to buying a new Tencel mattress, there are many things to consider. Some Tencel mattresses come with toppers, while other come without. Youll find that all of the Tencel mattresses you can get come with a topper, and many come with more than one topper. Its important that you buy a mattress with the right topper, especially if you are buying a new bed frame. The Tencel mattress review can help you choose the right topper, and it will also help you choose the right Tencel mattress for your needs.

Sleepsteady 100% Waterproof Mattress Protector

Brooklyn Bedding Sheets Review – How Cool Do Tencel Sheets Sleep?
  • PROTECT YOUR MATTRESS INVESTMENT Sleepsteadys advanced Liquid Shield Membrane blocks all liquids while still letting air flow through for maximum breathability.
  • EXPERIENCE THE LUXURY OF TENCEL Ultra soft Tencel fibres are naturally sourced and sustainably produced.
  • HOT SLEEPERS STAY COOL Tencel fibres wick away moisture from your body to regulate your temperature as you sleep.
  • FOR EVERY BED IN THE HOUSE No matter what your mattress type, weve got you covered.
  • YOUR SATISFACTION GUARANTEED Were so confident you will love your Sleepsteady that we want you to try it risk-free for 90 nights.

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Who Makes Tencel Mattress

Who makes Tencel Mattress? Tencel is a company that produces high-quality cotton mattresses. They have several designs for you to choose from. They have many sizes of Tencel mattresses that will make it easy for you to get the right size for your bed and sleeping space. They are also environmentally friendly, so you do not have to worry about hurting the environment while you are sleeping.

What Is A Tencel Mattress Protector

Simply put Tencel. Is. Awesome. Its an eco-friendly fabric made from wood pulp thats turned into yarn. Its soft, smooth, and completely sustainable.

  • Toxin-Free: Only toxin-free chemicals are used, so even those with sensitive skin can sleep on a Tencel mattress protector without worries.
  • Sustainable: Its made from natural, recyclable materials that are biodegradable, so it wont hurt the environment. Ever.
  • Affordable: A Sleepsteady Tencel mattress protector is an affordable option that does the job right without putting a crimp in your pocketbook.

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Tencel 1000 6ft Superking Size Pocket Sprung Mattress

Product Code:

With a unique one-of-a-kind filling, the Tencel mattress genuinely makes you feel weightless. Designed to make you think youre sleeping on top of a cloud, Healthopaedics Zero Gravity foam is one of the most innovative fillings on the market. Perfect if youre looking for something that will relieve aches and pains, the Tencel mattress consists of 1000 pocket springs that are encapsulated by the advanced foam. Conforming to your bodys ideal position, the mattress ensures that thorough support is provided in key areas by independently moving pocket springs. Made out of eco-friendly materials derived from cellulose, the Tencel thats used actually regulates the temperature of the mattress, as well as staying soft, breathable and naturally anti-bacterial. And because this remarkable foam material reaches every side of the mattress, you receive superb edge to edge support. If you toss and turn all night, rarely getting a good nights rest, your luck is about to change thanks to the Tencel 1000.

Mattress Features:

1 Year Guarantee

Mattress Depth 29cm

This product is available in all the below sizes

Small Single – 2’6″ wide x 6’3″ long / 75cm x 190cm

Standard Single – 3’0′” wide x 6’3″ long / 90cm x 190cm

Small Double – 4’0′” wide x 6’3″ long / 120cm x 190cm

Standard Double – 4’6″ wide x 6’3″ long / 135cm x 190cm

King Size – 5’0″ wide x 6’6″ long – 150cm x 200cm

Super King Size – 6’0″ wide x 6’6″ long – 180cm x 200cm

Check The Care Instructions

MFI Super king size thermacool tencel 2000 pocket spring ...

Always follow the cleaning and care guide stated by the manufacturer. The bed linen set will serve you longer and stay as nice to touch and feel as on the first day you bought it. If you discover that a particular bed linen fabric requires special cleaning this may affect your decision on whether to buy or not. Some bedding can be easily laundered using a washing machine while others may require special care in washing and drying.

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How Is Tencel Made

Tencel is made from the cellulose of wood pulp of eucalyptus trees. These eucalyptus trees are specially farmed for the production of Tencel. They grow very quickly, and are a sustainable form of wood.

The cellulose of this wood pulp is extracted using solvents. What makes the process of Tencel environmentally friendly is something called the closed loop method. This means that the solvent used is almost completely recovered from the process. There is relatively little waste, and no harmful chemicals can leak out to environmental surroundings. The remaining emissions not recovered are easily broken down in water treatment plants. Tencel also avoids some harsher chemicals such a bleach or chlorine in its production.

The raw Tencel fibers are then dyed and woven into fabric, typically using a sateen weave. Tencel can then be used for many different purposes, including bedsheets.

Types Of Cotton Sheets

  • Prima – Prima cotton is grown in the American region. This cotton has long staples and is notably silkier than other sheets. These sheets are considered as premium sheets but are not as costly as other variants of cotton sheets.
  • Egyptian: Egyptian cotton is known as luxury cotton as it has extra-long fibers. It has a luxurious texture with a smooth finish and is highly soft to touch. As the name goes, it is only grown in Egypt and hence is the most expensive type of cotton available in the world. These sheets are highly durable because of their making.
  • American: American is a traditional cotton blend found in America which has short to medium-length staples. This makes the sheets soft but not as soft as silk. These sheets are also more durable than others.

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The Third Generation Cellulosic Fiber

First Generation

The first, best known, and most common cellulosic fiber is rayon viscose. Both natural and artificial, cellulosic fibers are manufactured fibers produced from a natural substance cellulose. Cellulosic fiber is derived from woods, such as beech, pine, spruce, or bamboo. Liquified cellulose is extracted from wood pulp, then forced through pinpoint nozzles , dried, and spun into threads and yarns.

Second Generation

Modal is the second generation of cellulosic fiber. After rayon fabrics had become a widely-used, modal was developed. Produced by changing the conditions of production, this is high-wet-modulus rayon, which has a higher wet strength. Whereas rayon should be dry-cleaned only, modal can be safely machine washed.

Third Generation

Although rayon is made from a natural product, wood, the manufacturing process has been environmentally problematic. Whatever version of rayon was made, cellulose was extracted from wood pulp by acids, usually inorganic. These acids are harsh on the environment, and even with capture and neutralization of used acids, they still have a negative environmental impact.

In 1972, rayon was first produced using an organic amide process. The amides can be reused, and they are biodegradable. This means a lesser impact on the environment.

Sustainable Manufacturing Processes Of Lenzing Fibres

Concierge 300TC Cotton Mattress Pad with Lyocell

Lenzing fibres are made of cellulose, the core component of all plants on earth. The manufacturing process starts with wood procurement for pulp production and ultimately ends with the products for the consumers. More than 99 percent of the wood comes from sustainable forestry and It is certified or controlled according to FSC® and / or PEFC. Besides using wood that is sustainably sourced, Lenzing is also actively involved in the protection of endangered forests and primeval forests.

The production consists of mainly closed cycles in the pulp and fibre production for chemicals, water and energy. The used process water is purified in efficient wastewater treatment plants. Raw material wood is used by the biorefinery sites in an optimal way that produces both pulp for the fibres, and biorefinery products and co-products. By making use of the energy stored in the wood, Lenzings biorefineries are completely energy self-sufficient and are not dependent on additional energy purchases.

Lenzing fibres are scientifically proven to be sustainable in a life cycle assessment done by Utrecht University. The assessment evaluated every stage and certified that all 3 of Lenzing fibres had performed exceptionally well through the stages.

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Types Of Tencel Bedsheets

There are three types of Tencel fabric and each has particular features that set it apart. The following types below will help you to understand what does Tencel feels like.

Tencel lyocell:

Tencel lyocell fabrics are made of light-absorbing material that doesnt hold water or sweat like the other fabrics. It is a soft, durable material that is produced from sustainable woods and a solvent that can be reused. The fabric is hypoallergenic and has 50% more absorbent capacity than cotton.

Tencel modal:

Tencel modal is primarily known for its softness just like silk material and the Tencel material is extracted from the bench wood. It may offer a soft texture but does not offer the same level of breathability as Tencel lyocell which means it is probably not the right choice for those who sweat at night.

Tencel blend:

Fabrics made with the amalgamation of Tencel lyocell and Tencel modal are moisture-wicking, super soft, and durable for a longer time. Blends of cotton and Tencel are the most popular and are best known for their temperature regulation and durability.

Lucid Comfort 12 Medium Firm Charcoal Infused Foam Mattress

The Tencel mattress reviewed here is a mid-priced firm memory foam mattress. It is not as inexpensive as some of the other brands of firm bed mattresses, but it offers very good support and is comfortable to sleep on. A review from the consumer reports indicate, The Tencel mattress has a medium firmness that does not feel too firm or too soft. I also noticed that the medium firmness of this mattress protects my body well.

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What Are Tencels Drawbacks

Tencel is fairly broad in terms of its appeal. However, there are a few drawbacks to its use.

Many people are perfectly happy with the nights sleep they get with cotton sheets. Plus, replacing your current, useable bedsheets with Tencel may negate its environmental credentials.

Some people prefer cotton or other fabrics over the feel of Tencel. Tencel is well known for its soft, smooth surface. However, many people prefer a crisp bedsheet feel, in which case Tencel will not suit their needs. For those who enjoy a slightly crisper bedsheet feel, cotton is likely to appeal more.

Tencel is more susceptible to mildew than other bedsheet fabrics, thanks to its ability to wick away bodily moisture. While this can be problematic, frequent and thorough washing and drying mitigates this.

Puregrace Eucalyptus Full Mattress Protector Natural Luxurious Tencel Waterproof Breathable Quiet Sensitive Skin Friendly Pad

Dura Beds Tencel 1000 Pocket Sprung Mattress
  • 100% NATURAL TENCEL COVER: TENCEL eucalyptus based fibers provide a smooth and luxurious sleeping surface that is perfect for sensitive skin.
  • SECURE & EASY ON/OFF: No more wrestling mattress protectors our sleek design provides easy application with deep pocketed corners that have been reinforced for added safety.
  • WATERPROOF: This mattress protector provides a quiet and safe alternative to vinyl waterproof layers.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE: We understand the need for easily washable bedding, especially with potty training toddlers.
  • 10 YEAR WARRANTY: We guarantee you are going to love your TENCEL mattress protector so much that it comes with a 10 year manufacturer warranty.

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Design For Comfort Function And Aesthetics

Design plays an unassuming but critical role. Duvet slipping out of the duvet cover? Pillows dont stay in the pillowcase? Small design features can make using the bedding easier and better.

A side fed pillowcase comes out easily and often, and doesnt fit all pillow sizes well. Look for an envelope opening at the back that helps cover and contain the pillow well. Preferably, the slit opens closer to one end of the pillow and not down the centre, so it is easier to wrap and remove the opening.

Similarly, duvet ties inside each corner of the quilt cover keep the duvet spread out within the quilt cover. Buttons at the opening help keep the duvet from slipping out. Also, look for stronger elastic bands on the fitted sheet that will help keep it in place through the night.

Your bed linen should fit your distinctive taste. Go for design and colours you like and feel free to mix and match various sets, to create a look and feel unique to you, and that will fit your bedroom.


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