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What Is Zero Gravity Mattress

What Is A Zero Gravity Bed

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When you hear zero gravity, images of astronauts floating in space are probably the first to come to mind. Well, thats what a zero gravity bed promises: the feeling of floating in space without having to actually be in space.

NASA invented this zero gravity position to ease the stress on astronauts bodies from launching into space. Now, you can experience that pressure-free feeling for yourself with a zero gravity bed.

On an adjustable bed base, the zero gravity feature places your body in a neutral sleeping position. With your legs raised and head tilted up, it supports your heart, spine, and nervous system and makes it easy to fall and stay asleep.

Control Your Comfort With Casper

Waking up with neck and back pain can make you feel as though youre waking up on the wrong side of the bed. Rather than tolerate this feeling, reclaim control of your comfort with Casper.

At Casper, we offer a wide selection of products to ensure you find the best option for you. Our Rise Adjustable Bases with the zero gravity feature are here to make you feel as though youre floating on air, easing you into the dreamiest sleep possible and eliminating neck and back pain. So instead of adjusting to your bed, choose a bed frame that adjusts to you, with Casper.

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  • Achieve Better Heart Health

    The best sleeping position for heart health is definitely the Zero-G position. With your torso supported in a more upright position than when you are lying flat, less pressure is put on your heart. This reduction of pressure means your heart can function more efficiently, pumping your blood throughout your body. Combined with the fact that you have better overall circulation and more oxygen flooding your system every night, you can start to see how the Zero Gravity position is truly beneficial to your wellbeing.

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    Bdeus Adjustable Bed Zero Gravity

    Use this all-black queen-sized BDEUS Adjustable Bed Zero Gravity to add drama to your bedroom. This zero gravity bed will look fantastic, whether in a basic guest room or a sophisticated master suite. It looks fantastic in any setting, from traditional to contemporary!

    This adjustable zero gravity bed could be perfect for you if youre looking for a new adjustable bed for your house.


    • Users can change the head and foot tilt independently to their preferred posture. The head is adjustable from 0 to 60 degrees, while the foot is 0 to 40 degrees.
    • Wireless remote control with four one-touch preset buttons that are simple to use.
    • Users may use any kind of mattress with its bed base.
    • The mattress will stay in place thanks to the slick non-slip textile covering. You will receive a free retainer bar when you purchase this adjustable bed frame.
    • Users do not need to use any equipment to construct it because it is simple to do so. It will take no more than five or six minutes to put everything together.
    • They are designed to fit into any existing bed frame with zero clearance.
    • Users will enjoy a smooth and quiet adjustment operation thanks to a high-quality motor with an ergonomic design.
    • Damaged/missing parts and other product issues are covered by a 2-year warranty

    Things to Consider:


    How Does Gravity Negatively Affect Me

    Alwyn Home Mobley Zero Gravity Adjustable Bed with Wireless Remote ...

    Gravity creates pressure on your muscles and joints, gradually taking a toll on the body. When you lay down into bed, gravity pulls your body into the mattress. If your mattress presses against already-tender pressure points, or creates new pain points, youll want to switch your mattress.

    However, even the most comfortable of mattresses cant offset gravity as well as sleeping in Zero-G can. Adjustable beds set to zero-gravity work to counteract gravitys constant force and relieve tension throughout the body.

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    What Kinds Of Mattresses Work Best With Adjustable Bed Frames

    Adjustable bed frame are built to work with a wide range of mattresses. These include:

    • Memory Foam Mattresses – One of the most popular types of mattresses available on the market today, memory foam mattresses are a great choice for sleepers who are looking for responsive, body-contouring support. Foam mattresses are an ideal choice for adjustable bed frames, because of their natural pliability.
    • Latex Mattresses – As with memory foam, the naturally responsible qualities of a latex mattress make them a good fit for adjustable bed frames. There are two types of latex mattresses: natural mattresses, which are derived from rubber trees, and synthetic latex. Latex mattresses tend to be durable but might also come at a higher cost price than other alternatives.
    • Hybrid Mattresses – Combining the comfort of foam with the support and structure of innerspring, hybrid mattresses are an ideal choice for an adjustable bed frame. This is because the coils of a hybrid mattress are pocketed, ensuring the movement will not damage your mattress. Since hybrid mattresses are already known for their pressure-relieving properties, theyre an ideal option for sleepers with chronic pain, since they’ll keep you comfortable through the night.

    Ready To Sleep In Zero

    The zero-gravity sleep position offers plenty of health benefits. If youve never tried it, we suggest giving it a shotit may just be what you were looking for to achieve better sleep. While you can somewhat achieve this position in a recliner, that method is not conducive for a good night of sleep. Instead, we recommend investing in an adjustable bed to fully reap the benefits of this sleep position.

    Adjustable beds are an investment. Theyre more costly than box springs or foundations, but many people find the extra money spent is well worth it, as its really an investment in their health . When shopping for an adjustable bed, check out its features and compare it with the price to determine if youre getting a good value, and never discount warranty coverageit helps you get the most for your money.

    Both of our adjustable bed frames are an excellent value, and deciding between the two ultimately comes down to personal preference. We also offer bed packages with both of our bases, bundling both the base and a mattress for even better savings. Of course, you can always rest assured knowing we stand behind our products, too.

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    Why Buy A Yaasa Memory

    In addition to the reasons listed above, The Yaasa mattresses are perfect for Zero Gravity Sleeping because they provide extra benefits that create a more restful slumber.

    • They Provide Temperature Control: Yaasa memory-foam mattresses are designed to keep you cool. The 2 YaasaFlex Foam is infused with titanium antimicrobial properties that provide a fresh, cool feel at all times. Plus, each mattress comes with a Quilted YaasaCool Cover that uses a humidity-reducing soft weave with our YaasaCool Phase Change Material. This temperature control fabric keeps you cool when its hot and warm if its cold.
    • They are Allergy-Friendly: All of Yaasas products are hypo-allergenic to suit even the most sensitive sleepers.
    • They Feature Built-in Motion Isolation: Tired of being woken up every time your partner gets out of bed? The 2 high-density support foam combined with 6 supportive pocket coil system in Yaasa mattresses block motion transfer from one part of the mattress to the other. Your partner could literally be jumping up and down and youd sleep peacefully on the other side without knowing!
    • They Support Achy Joints and Relieve Pain: Were proud to say that our memory foam mattresses can support your body fully by relieving pressure points. If you suffer from neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, or knee pain, a Yaasa mattress can help you achieve comfort, better blood flow, and the best sleep of your life.

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    Adjusting Your Bed To Zero Gravity

    LEISUIT Upholstered Adjustable Bed Base | with Head and Foot Incline, Wireless Remote Control

    With GhostBed, setting your adjustable bed frame to the zero gravity position is as easy as the push of a button. On your wireless remote, simply look for the preset button labeled ZG to activate the built-in setting for Zero-G. The bed will then effortlessly move into position for you. Your feet should be slightly raised above your heart and your torso, and your thighs should be aligned at an angle of about 128 degrees, allowing for a variation of +/- 7 degrees. This position is also called Anti-Gravity and 90/90.

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    Is It Better To Sleep Flat Or Elevated

    Sleeping elevated can improve snoring, symptoms of sleep apnea, acid reflux, lower back pain, and more. However, sleeping elevated on an adjustable bed or a wedge pillow is only suited for back and side sleepers. Also, zero gravity sleeping is only effective and comfortable when you sleep on your back.

    Although stomach sleeping is the worst sleeping position for your back, if you choose to sleep this way, you cannot comfortably nor safely do so while elevated. Your body would be twisted awkwardly and only lead to pain.

    Less Insomnia And Deeper Sleeper

    Insomnia is a sleep condition affecting millions of people. The reasons for insomnia may vary, but it is typically caused by stress and emotional trauma that keeps the mind active and alertmaking it impossible to sleep. When we are anxious, the brain is often plagued with what if questions that make it difficult to relax.

    A zero gravity sleep position is not a cure for insomnia, but it can help create a sleep position that promotes deep relaxation. With zero pressure on the joints and muscles and a safe spinal posture, the body will relax more fully. When the body is relaxed, the mind will follow suit, and you will drift off to sleep.

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    Raise The Legs Incline

    Next, you will need to raise the leg incline of the bed frame slightly to create a 128-degree angle between your torso and thighs. If your bed frame does not show you the angles of your adjustments, you can always use a protractor to ensure that this bend is precisely 128 degrees.

    Then, you will need to bend the lower portion of the frame to create a 133-degree angle for your knees.

    Can An Adjustable Bed Cause Hip Pain

    Zero Gravity Position On Tempurpedic

    Sleeping in a zero-gravity bed should keep your hip joints slightly bent throughout the night, and many people wonder whether this position could create hip pain. However, because the zero-gravity position alleviates pressure and distributes your weight evenly across your mattress, you shouldnt experience any new hip pain with this position.

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    Alleviated Insomnia And Deeper Sleep

    The concept behind the zero-g sleep position is that it’s designed to reduce stress on your body by removing pressure on your muscles and joints. This heightened state of relaxation is meant to help you doze offand remain in a deeper state of sleep an enormous benefit for those who deal with insomnia regularly.

    What Are The Benefits Of A Zero Gravity Bed

    Sleeping on a zero gravity bed comes with many benefits, including less snoring, easier breathing, reduced heartburn, and acid reflux, as well as improved circulation and deeper sleep. There are many other benefits that come with keeping your bed position in this way, and it can be used for a number of issues you might be experiencing because of uncomfortable sleep.

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    Reduces Snoring And Improves Breathing

    When you lie flat on your back, the soft tissues in the very back of your throat or excess fat around the neck can partially obstruct your airway, causing vibrations when air tries to pass through. By elevating the head and upper body, that obstruction is relieved, allowing your airway to open back up for improved breathing and reduced snoring.

    The Top 5 Advantages Of Zero Gravity Mattresses


    We are all weighed down by gravity. The advantage of a zero gravity bed is that it relieves strain on our body during the hours when we most need it. Your body may totally rest and rejuvenate in the most comfortable posture while you sleep.

    Anyone may benefit from the zero gravity sleeping position, whether they have back problems or are searching for a different sleep setting to get more Zs. Take a peek at their top five advantages below.

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    Iii Breathe Easy And Snore Less

    If you snore or you have a partner that snores, you know what a problem it can be even if it isnt associated with sleep apnea. There are many causes for snoring and not all of them can be helped with a zero-gravity position but some can.

    If you snore because of the position of your tongue or unusual pressure on the throat, then the zero-gravity position can help curb your snoring. In the zero-gravity sleep position, your head is at a 30 to 45-degree angle. This helps to relieve pressure on your throat. Your airways are more open, and this means that you breathe easier and snores less.

    The angle of your head in this sleep position can also settle your tongue in a more normal position. If you want to breathe easier and snore less, you need to try the zero-gravity position on your adjustable bed.

    Sleepers With Breathing Difficulties

    Since most adjustable beds allow you to customize your sleeping position, it is an ideal bed frame for sleepers who tend to struggle with sinusitis and other breathing problems. Thats because angling your head slightly over your stomach allows you to keep your airways naturally open.

    This prevents snoring, which can be useful if youre sleeping with a partner who is interrupted by this during their sleep. Prolonged or chronic snoring can also result in sleep apnea, which is disruptive to a peaceful nights sleep. By sleeping with your head at an angle, you alleviate symptoms of common breathing conditions such as allergies, asthma, or just a blocked nose.

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    What Is Zero Gravity Sleeping

    Zero Gravity sleeping is taking the principle of the Neutral Body Position designed by NASA and putting this to use with an adjustable bed sleep system, like The Yaasa Adjustable Bed.

    To sleep at Zero-G means that your spine has the least amount of resistance possible, reducing pressure, increasing blood circulation, and stimulating numerous other lifestyle and medical benefits. The bodys weight is distributed exactly evenly across all points, giving the feeling of total support and weightlessness.

    Benefits Of Zero Gravity Positions

    Custom Zero Gravity Mattress

    Why would someone want to sleep in this position? It sounds like a lot of work, especially if your adjustable base doesnt come with a preset option. However, the few extra steps it takes to achieve a zero-gravity position are well worth the time and effort. Below, we outline the health benefits you can expect with this sleep position.

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    Set The Upper Body Incline

    Now that you know NASAs zero-gravity position calculations, you can adjust your bed to reflect the appropriate angles. Your first step will be to set the upper body incline of your mattress.

    While your upper body can be vertical or horizontal to achieve this neutral body posture, we recommend adjusting the upper body incline on your mattress to around 30 degrees. This adjustment will elevate your upper body slightly while keeping you in a relaxed posture.

    Promote Circulation Throughout The Body

    The 120-degree angle of the Zero-G sleeping position is the best sleeping position for blood circulation. With your legs raised slightly, blood flows easily, reducing swelling, particularly in the feet and legs and making it difficult for clots to form. For this reason, Zero Gravity sleeping is highly recommended for anyone with high blood pressure, diabetes, or weight problems.

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    The Puffy Adjustable Bed Frame

    The Puffy Adjustable Bed Frame grants ultimate comfort control with just one click. Wireless remotes and one-click, Zero-G positioning make it super easy to get into the zero-gravity sleep position without having to fuss too much with the controls.

    The Puffy Adjustable Base is also designed for the optimal amount of pressure relief, meaning you dont have to worry about achy joints or a bad back for much longer. Dual massage zones add another layer of comfort and support to your sleep. With three-speed settings, you dictate the comfort you want.

    Another feature of the Puffy Adjustable Base is its dual USB charging ports, which make it easy for you to keep your devices by your side. Whether youre trying to read, work, or watch something on the TV, you can also prop your adjustable bed up with ease so that you can be in an upright position while you get on with your nightly routine.

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