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Are Avocado Green Mattresses Sold In Stores

Quality Construction In An Eco

Avocado Green Mattress Review | As Good and Green as Advertised? (2019)

Handcrafted and Tufted Mattress

Choosing an environmentally friendly mattress doesnt mean you have to sacrifice quality. Avocado Green Mattress owns their manufacturing facility and in doing so, have absolute control over sourcing responsibly and manufacturing in kind with the Earth.

Between the GOTS certifiedorganic cotton, MADE SAFE Non-Toxic certified, the recycled steel, the GOTS certifiedWool and the sustainable latex, the Avocado Mattress is made with high quality materials. Luxury mattress features include the tufts to the positioning handles, the Avocado mattress is built to last.

Hand-tufted rosettes atop the mattress are crafted from wool. These tufts keep your mattress firm, flat and prevent bunching and shifting of materials. Your mattress is hand tufted by a person, not a machine, and there are no adhesives used.

Theres no need to flip your Avocado Green Mattress, but should you choose to move it, youll be impressed by the strength of the handles. The handles are hand-sewn, secured tightly to the bed to prevent buckling. The attention to detail ensures you that Avocado mattresses are all produced as top quality organic green mattresses.

Where Does It Fall On The Firmness Scale

The Avocado Eco Organic mattress is about a 7.5/10 on the firmness scale. Its just slightly firmer than the industry standard for medium firm. This makes it a good choice for those who want a supportive mattress feel that still offers some cushioning. Those looking for an even softer feel can buy Avocados Luxury Plush Alpaca Wool Mattress Topper to add to this mattress.

What Foundations Or Bed Frames Are Compatible

To qualify for the Avocado Eco Organic mattress warranty, its important to use a proper bed frame. Avocado defines a proper bed frame as one with at least 5-6 leg support for a Queen, King, and California King mattress, or 4 leg support for Twin and Full mattresses. They also recommend that slated bed frames should have no more than 5 space between each slat to ensure proper structural support, with each slat being a minimum of 2.5 wide.

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Lighter People: Firmness Rating And Ideal Sleeping Positions

For lighter folks , the standard Avocado mattress is going to feel extremely firm. We give it a firmness rating of 9 to 10 on the scale. As such, we feel its best for smaller people who either prefer extra firm beds or require substantial lumbar support.

If youre lighter and you opt for the pillow top version of the bed, it will feel a little softer. We think this model lands in the 8 to 9 range on the firmness scale.

Bottom line: Given the firmness profile of both models, we think Avocado is best for lighter individuals who primarily sleep on their back or stomach. If youre a side sleeper, you may want to think about going in a different direction.

In our opinion, the Avocado mattress simply does not provide enough pressure relief for lightweight side sleepers.

What Are The Features Of The Avocado Mattress

Avocado Green Mattress Review (2020)

Avocado Mattresses are GreenGuard Gold certified for low emissions, which means they are free of substances that emit volatile organic compounds . Avocado also boosts its Climate Neutral Licensed standing, which means the organization and its goods are net-zero emissions”from the farm to a bedroom” It buys carbon credits from the Carbonfund to offset emissions from the own factory and shipping.

Avocado was set in 2015. All its eco-friendly mattresses are designed in Hoboken, New Jersey, and produced in a factory in Los Angeles, California. Beyond mattresses, the company also creates bedding, mattress toppers, foundations, and furniture.

In general, Avocado encourages a healthy, clean way of life and takes a stand on those issues by creating posts customers can read on its website. From decreasing waste to mindful practices and sugar detox, Avocado boosts an eco-conscious lifestyle.

The Avocado Green mattress is our No. 1 Best Mattress of 2020 because of its quality handmade structure, targeted coil support system, 100% organic substances, and pressure-relieving latex. This mattress is firm, though a optional euro-style pillow shirt made from organic latex adds cushioning comfort for those who like more padding. This extra cushioning might be especially appealing for side sleepers, who need more give in the mattress to relieve the pressure points of the shoulders and shoulders.

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Avocado Green Mattress Cuts Ribbon On New York City Experience Center

B Corp mattress maker opens store, cafe, and community space in Manhattan.

NEW YORK, March 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Avocado Green Mattress, the leader in organic sleep, furniture, and lifestyle products, recently opened the doors to its newest Experience Center in Manhattan. The stunning space, located at 135 5th Avenue, reflects the ideal version of a home: warm, welcoming, comfortable, inclusive.

The store showcases Avocado’s award-winning natural, eco-luxury mattresses and furniture, as well as apparel from their sustainable fashion line Hass, and Reed + Gwen’s clean beauty rituals. The Experience Center is also designed to foster community, discovery, and inspiration through meditation and yoga classes, conversations, and live music.

“We’ve developed a unique shopping experience that is unlike anything in our industry,” says Avocado Vice President of Retail Brett Thornton. “Our new showroom gives customers a chance to experience all our lifestyle products, while we continue the tradition of our other locations: a pressure free retail space where we put community first.”

Because nobody is on commission at the Experience Center, guests have no pressure to buy. Avocado’s knowledgeable team is on-hand to explain the nuances of store items and answer any questions about products and the natural materials Avocado uses to craft them.

For more information, please contact Jessica Hann at .

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Why Consider Buying An Organic Mattress

Many people mistakenly believe that all organic mattresses are too costly to consider. But, as you can see, the price tag for some of these models is very close to traditional mattress brands and models, making them very competitive. Of course, the fully organic models can get up to the few thousands mark, but its also good to remember that many of these more expensive models come with lifetime warranties, making them a great investment that will yield health benefits for decades.

In fact, durability is one of the huge selling points for 100% organic mattresses. Most synthetic mattress brands will deliver 8-10 years before it begins to display wear and tear, but fully latex foam beds can go two-to-three times that long before any depressions or loss of support is experienced. Organic latex features a natural resilience that gives it great return power, which is able to resist body indentations better than blended latex models.

Additional advantages to organic also include personal health benefits. The vapors and odors that are emitted by volatile organic compounds come from synthetically manufactured materials, and the Environmental Protection Agency classifies them as harmful both in indoor and outdoor applications. Many people find the smell issued by a new traditional synthetic mattress lasts for a long time.

However, organic wool and latex dont emit VOCs, making them a great choice for sensitive individuals, and these materials are natural germ killers as well.

What Well Cover In This Avocado Green Mattress Review

Avocado Green Mattress Review: Our Sleep Teams Take | Healthline

The people behind the Avocado Green mattress dont waste time explaining the company mission to customers. You go to the website and its the first thing you see Go Natural.

Avocado aims to use as many organic materials as possible to deliver a mattress that is environmentally friendly and allows people to reduce their carbon footprint on the earth without paying through the nose to do it. Its a tall order considering the Avocado Green mattress, a hybrid of latex and pocket coils is made of some impressive materials, none of which are cheap, which makes it one of our top picks for best organic mattresses.

The Avocado Green uses GOLS-approved organic latex and GOTS-certified organic wool and cotton in lieu of polyurethane foams, memory foams, chemical flame retardants or flammable adhesives to construct their mattresses. The metal coils used in the mattress interior are made of recycled metal. Even the sheep Avocado sources their wool from are being treated in a humane way.

The folks at Avocado have listened to customers who care for the earth and its resources. Today we are looking at the Avocado Green hybrid mattress model here, but know that the company also makes a vegan-certified and PETA-approved mattress that avoids using wool altogether.

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Overview Of The Avocado Green Mattress

Natural and organic mattresses are quickly gaining favor in the online marketplace as consumers have become more health-conscious.

These types of beds use hypoallergenic materials, have antimicrobial properties, help combat dust mites, and have little to no off-gassing , among other benefits. Theyre known to emit lower levels of volatile organic compounds that can contribute to lowered indoor air quality .

As luck would have it, Avocado happens to be the most well-known mattress brand in the organic space. To put it simply, the Avocado Green mattress has pretty much every certification in the book.

In this review, we discuss all the major details you need to know with this bed, including materials, feel, firmness, and which types of sleepers the bed is best for.


Prices valid as of September 9, 2020

If you want to upgrade to the pillow top version, which we discuss in more detail below, it will cost you an additional $250 to $500. Before you get too worked up over the price tag, its important to understand the prices displayed above are not what youll likely pay come checkout.

Thats because Avocado runs sales and promotions regularly to make their beds more affordable. In most cases, you can expect to save at least $150 on your mattress purchase.

About Avocado Green Mattress Brand

Who is Avocado Green Mattress?

Avocado is an online mattress and bedding company that specializes in natural and organic products. Their focus is on making the cleanest, most sustainable bedding products for you and your family.

What different mattress models Avocado Green Mattress offers?

Avocado designs 5 types of mattresses:

What makes the Avocado mattresses unique?

Not only the focus on quality puts this mattress in a league of its own, but also the benefits. This mattress is natural as possible while still offering amazing and durable support, ideal comfort along with a cool sleeping surface.

Does the Avocado mattress help sleepers stay cool in bed?

The Avocado mattress does a great job of providing a cooling mattress. This natural bed uses materials from top to bottom that allow you sleep temperature neutral throughout the night. Never having to worry about waking up hot or sweaty.

How sustainable is the Avocado mattress?

The Avocado mattress is literally called the Avocado Green Mattress for a reason. This is one of the very few mattresses out there that is 100% certified organic. With a multitude of certifications from GOLD GreenGuard, GOLS and GOTS, zero carbon emmisions and completely non-toxic youre getting a truly natural sleeping experience that would be hard to find through many other brands.

Is the Avocado mattress expensive?

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Avocado Mattress Charlotte Nc

Find an Avocado Mattress in Charlotte North Carolina. You’ve come to the right place.

Avocado is a relatively new business in a growing marketplace of green and organic mattresses, and the company demonstrates a profound commitment to health and sustainability from the breadth of certificates its mattresses have earned. Avocado’s eco-conscious mattresses are constructed from certified organic latex, wool, cotton, and fiber.

Construction Of The Avocado Bed

Organic Mattress Discounts, Sale and Promotions

Below are the construction details as listed on the Avocado website.

Top Layer

The top layer consists of hand-tufted GOTS organic certified wool rosettes on top of an organic cotton cover. This tufting process makes the bed look amazing but also is used because you dont need to use a glue to hold the pieces of the mattress together.

Middle layers

The pillow top consists of a 2-inch latex layer followed by another 2 inches of latex below that for a total of 4 inches of dunlop latex.

Base Layer

The base of the mattress features one of the most advanced, internal, pressure-point support units available made by Leggett & Platt a Quantum Edge® Elite Combi-Zone®. The individually wrapped innersprings are arranged in 5 strategic zones, to support hips, back, and shoulders, plus a reinforced steel perimeter giving the bed a consistent level of support all the way to the edge so that you get proper support where you need it. And another 1-inch seamless layer of organic latex.

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Avocado Green Mattress Performance

Motion Isolation

Hybrid mattresses often have problems with motion isolation, due to the innerspring support core. Innersprings are notorious for allowing motion to transfer across the bed, thereby disturbing a sleeping partner. The Avocado Green counters this problem with its latex layers, which work well to isolate and trap motion. Customers note that motion transfer isnt a problem with this bed.

Edge Support

The Avocado uses its innerspring support core to reinforce the beds perimeter. Along with the high ILD latex comfort layers, this provides excellent edge support and leads to less sagging over time.

Heat Retention

Latex mattresses can sometimes trap heat, leading to a hot nights sleep. But the Avocados all-natural latex sleeps cooler than synthetic and its innerspring support core allows for air flow and ventilation. Customers do not generally complain of any heat retention.


Off-gassing refers to the temporary smells that a mattress releases when it is first removed from its packaging. This smell is usually more pronounced with foam vs. latex and has not been a problem reported with the Avocado.


Support is the important feature that keeps your body in proper alignment while you sleep. The Avocado uses its solid support core and quality latex comfort layers to provide a high level of support. The zoned coil system provides varying levels of targeted support where the body needs it most.


Who I Dont Recommend The Avocado Green Mattress For

  • This mattress provides some great bounce, but it doesnt absorb a ton of movement. That means this wont be the best option for couples as youre more likely to feel movements from your partner, or a pet jumping on the bed.
  • I also do not recommend this bed for strict side sleepers who need deep body contouring and pressure relief. This mattress is too firm for those who sleep in the lateral position, and it does not allow much sinkage.

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Which Avocado Mattress Should You Buy

The cheapest Avocado Green mattress is now the Eco Mattress, launched in January 2022. It starts from $249 for the crib size, with a queen size costing just $999.

For most people, the best-selling Avocado Green Mattress will be your best bet, and it sits highly in our best organic mattress guide too. Crafted from organic cotton, wool and latex, it starts at $1,099 and delivers an all-natural blend of comfort and support.

If youre looking to avoid animal-derived materials altogether, you can opt for the Avocado Vegan Mattress its the same product at the same price , but without any wool. Or there’s the new, all-foam Avocado Latex mattress, which Avocado says is its most sustainable mattress yet. It’s also the firmest, and the most expensive in the range, starting at $1,199.

For little ones, you can choose between the Avocado Green Crib Mattress , or the Avocado Luxury Organic Crib Mattress , both of which boast the same GOTS-certified organic status as Avocados full-size offerings. The main difference is that the Luxe is sprung, while the Crib has a simple latex and coconut husk construction.

Avocados mattresses are great for both side and front sleepers, and can be specified with or without a pillow top. If you prefer yours to be softer or firmer, you can also pick up a plush or firm Avocado mattress topper to tailor it.

Alternatively, read our guide to the best cooling mattress for hot sleepers.

Avocado Green Mattress Review: Organic With A Luxury Feel

Avocado Green Mattress Review – A Nontoxic, Natural Mattress for You?

The Avocado Green is a top seller in the organic mattress world. Here’s what it’s like to sleep on it.

Avocado has been leading the way in the organic mattress world, largely by making products in its own California-based facility and maintaining control over the entire supply chain. Unlike conventional mattresses, organic mattresses are made with natural materials like wool and latex, plus they’re free of any potentially toxic foams, chemical fire retardants or off-gassing materials. Avocado currently make seven different mattresses, plus bedding, bed frames and furniture.

When I tried out the original Avocado Green mattress for myself, I found that it either met or exceeded my expectations in almost all categories. Keep reading our in-depth Avocado mattress review to find out if the Green mattress is the best choice for you.

  • Firm, but not too firm
  • Comfortable in most sleeping positions
  • Great edge support
  • May be too firm for lighter people

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