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Are Hybrid Mattresses The Best

Why You Should Trust Us

Best Hybrid Mattress (2021) – The Best of Both Worlds?

Our sleep experts analyzed hundreds of hybrid models to determine our top picks. Since our testers vary in sleeping position, body type, and firmness preferences, we can assess how different sleepers may experience a mattress.

Each tester takes a turn lying on the mattress. They tell us how soft or firm it feels, how closely it hugs their body, and their overall impressions. We also use tools and sensors for objective measures of a mattress characteristics, such as temperature neutrality and motion isolation. We continue to revisit and update our analyses to account for changes in design and new product releases.

How Much Does A Hybrid Mattress Cost

A hybrid queen mattress can cost between $1,200 and $2,000. That said, there are hybrids available with a retail price below $1,200. In addition, promotions and discounts frequently make even more expensive hybrids accessible at a lower price point.

Hybrids can have greater price variance than some other mattress types because of the different ways that the comfort system and support core can be constructed. Factors that can influence the price include:

  • The total thickness of the comfort system
  • The type and quality of materials in the comfort system
  • The thickness and type of coils in the support core
  • The use of specialty materials, including those that are organic or sustainably produced
  • Extra features meant to promote cooling or muscle recovery
  • If the mattress was made in the USA or internationally

Are Hybrid Mattresses Any Good

Of course! Hybrids contain a blend of high-quality materials to boost your nights rest. With anything, though, theres cheaper models and more expensive models. We suggest avoiding hybrids less than $500 because theyre probably poor quality and not worth the money. With a little research, you can find a well-built hybrid thats well worth the investment.

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How We Select The Best Mattresses

After considering all these factors, our team picks the best beds for each category. Besides category-specific criteria, like firmness level or construction, we look for mattresses with the highest quality and that offer some unique features that make them stand out. And the last decisive factor is price and discounts, we always aim to find the best and most affordable options, since we feel it offers more value for the consumer.

A hybrid mattress is a bed that combines two different materials, typically coils and foam. They provide the benefit of a supportive innerspring mattress with the added plus foam, so its extra comfortable and durable.

Pocketed coils are similar to innersprings, but they are individually siloed and therefore can tend to isolate motion better.

Some of the most affordable hybrid beds include Brooklyn Bedding Signature or even Allswell from Walmart, which is extra budget-friendly.

Yes, we enjoy hybrid mattresses because they are more accommodating than foam beds are for heavier body types. They are also generally more supportive and durable than all-foam mattresses are, so they will provide a better bang for your buck.

If you twisted our arms, wed recommend a hybrid mattress over an all-foam memory foam bed because its more durable and supportive. Though, there are plenty of memory foam hybrid mattresses like DreamCloud if youre looking for that kind of feel.

What Is A Hybrid

Latex Hybrid

Hybrid mattresses are a modern combination of traditional innersprings on the bottom layer with the popular memory foam layers at the top of the mattress. In this way, you get the comfort and absorption of memory foam, with the edge support and buoyancy of an innerspring mattress.

The original continuous coil construction found in traditional innerspring mattresses has been modified to be more comfortable, durable, and effective. They still work by contracting as weight is applied but instead of binding together, we now often see the individually wrapped pocket coil, or pocketed springs, which react independently increases motion isolation. In addition, because many feel that memory foam can tend to trap heat, choosing a hybrid mattress eliminates that risk due to their open-cell design.

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Nest Sparrow Signature Hybrid Memory Foam

The Nest Sparrow is available in three firmness levels . But the real appeal is that the king-size mattress in this line allows users to specify a different firmness level for each half of the bed. So if you prefer things softer but your partner likes a firmer feel, neither of you has to compromise. Its made with four layers of CertiPur-US foam and pocketed coils designed to ensure edge support, and it offers excellent motion isolation, so you wont feel it every time your partner rolls over. If you decide that youd like a different level of support, you can swap out the inner layer of foam without having to get a whole new memory foam mattress. You can also rotate, flip, or replace the inner layer at any time to help extend the life of your mattress. Bonus: The covermade with gel foam and infused with phase-change materialshelps keep you cool.

What we like about the Nest Sparrow Signature mattress:

  • Adjustable and replaceable foam segments mean you dont have to replace your mattress as often.
  • 365-night home trial

What we dont like about the Nest Sparrow Signature mattress:

  • Each mattress is built to order, so delivery can be slow

How To Choose Between Memory Foam And Hybrid Mattresses

Sure, a hybrid may technically be more supportive than a memory foam mattress, but that doesnt automatically mean youll find this type of surface more comfortable. Whats comfy for you might ruin someone elses beauty sleep.

Memory foam mattresses tend to be softer than hybrids, but even hybrids can have soft layers. Mattress firmness will vary depending on your body type and weight. If you have higher body weight, a firm bed might feel softer than it would for someone with lower body weight.

When deciding between a hybrid or memory foam mattress, consider the major differences and figure out which of them is a deal breaker.

  • Weight capacity. How much do you weigh? Do you sleep with a partner or furry pal? If so, a memory foam mattress might not provide enough support. Opt for a hybrid instead.
  • Sinkage. Does the idea of sinking into your sleep surface evoke feelings of coziness? A memory foam mattress might help you sleep better. Does the thought of sinking into your mattress make you panic? Skip the foam and opt for a hybrid model.
  • Budget. If you sleep alone and need to stick to a strict budget, a memory foam mattress might be a more economical option.
  • Sleep style. Your sleeping position matters, too. Memory foam may not allow for easy movement if youre a combination sleeper or you toss and turn. That said, the pressure-relieving properties of foam are ideal for side sleepers. A hybrids firm supportive design may be better for back and stomach sleepers.

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Joint And Back Support

A hybrid mattress features the unique combination of a pocket coil mattress spring and various types of memory foam for a mix of joint and back support for all sleeping positions. The variety of the two support systems helps create a unique support system.

Whether you are a back sleeper, side sleeper, or even a stomach sleeper, hybrid mattresses offer a balance between supportive and relaxing sleep while not being too supportive in either way. If you want a bed that isnt too soft or too firm, the hybrid is the way to go.

What Is A Hybrid Mattress And What Makes It Different From Standard Innerspring

Best Hybrid Mattress 2022 – Top 10 Bed Picks Of The Year!

In order not to confuse hybrid mattresses with the traditional innerspring beds, you have to know one thing:

A hybrid mattress combines different support systems, whereas an innerspring, as the name implies, has only one, which is the coil unit.

Typical construction of the innerspring is the coil unit and a pillow top, with a thin foam layer in some cases.

A hybrid mattress, on the other hand, can have up to 5 layers of foam, latex, or other materials sometimes it can feature an additional layer of coils above the coil block. This makes hybrids more durable and adaptive to your sleeping position and body weight .

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John Lewis & Partners Classic Eco : The Best Affordable Pocket Sprung Mattress

Price: £279 | Buy now from John Lewis

As popular as bed-in-a-box mattresses have become, some people still prefer a more traditional mattress. The Classic Eco 800 from John Lewis doesnt use any foam in its construction. Instead, its made from full-size pocket springs alongside comfort layers made from recycled plastic bottles, with a breathable recycled cotton cover.

Because of this, it doesnt get uncomfortably warm throughout the night as many foam-based mattresses do. John Lewis describes the mattress comfort level as medium, which were inclined to agree with, and we found it to be well-suited to a range of sleeping positions. That said, its much more comfortable when placed on a solid foundation, such as a divan bed base, rather than a sprung slatted bed frame.

Unlike the lengthy trial periods you get with the likes of Eve, Nectar and Emma, but the Classic Eco 800 you only get a 60-night comfort guarantee, at the end of which you can exchange your mattress for a different one if you dont like it. However, when you consider it costs just £429 in a king size, you cant go too far wrong if youre after a traditional alternative to memory foam and bed-in-a-box mattresses.

John Lewis & Partners Classic Eco 800 | Read our full review
Type Pocket sprung with recycled polyester filling
Needs turning? No, but John Lewis recommends rotating regularly
Sizes Five sizes from single to super king
Warranty 7-year guarantee, 60-night trial with exchange guarantee

What To Look Forward To

Hybrid mattresses make up a fast-growing category, with many mattress companies introducing new hybrids or offering hybrid versions of their foam mattresses. We plan to test several new hybrid mattresses, including Allswells Supreme and Brooklyn Beddings Brooklyn Sedona Hybrid.

Were also testing two new hybrid mattresses to replace our budget pick: the Zinus Green Tea Hybrid and the Wayfair Medium Hybrid, and we are retesting the 12-inch version of the Linenspa Memory Hybrid Plush. We will update this guide with our findings soon.

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Casper Wave Hybrid Snow

The Casper Wave Hybrid Snow clocks in a full six degrees cooler than its predecessor, the Casper Wave Hybrid. Its top three layers are designed to help with temperature regulation. The cover is infused with material that collects and releases heat, so the mattress always feels cool to the touch. Beneath that is a layer of perforated foam coated with cooling gel, and below that is another layer of foam with six horizontal bands that pull heat away from the body. Suffice to say, youre not sweating on this cooling mattress. Below all the cooling elements is a layer of memory foam with gel pods that hit at the waist and lower back to provide spinal support. The base layer contains pocketed coils for even more support. You can feel good about laying your head here: The cover incorporates recycled bottles, all of the foam is CertiPur-US certified and free of harmful chemicals, and theres almost no off-gassing smell.

What we like about the Casper Wave Hybrid Snow mattress:

  • Excellent motion isolation

Types Of Foams Used In Hybrid Mattresses

4 Best Hybrid Mattresses 2020 (Ideal for Hot Sleeper and Plus
  • Poly Foam: Formally known as polyurethane foam, poly foam is a low-density foam often found in hybrid mattresses. Its the least-expensive foam, and it isnt always high-quality. However, it does provide some softness and pressure relief.
  • Memory Foam: Memory foam is one of the most popular mattress materials. It has a slow response to pressure and provides plenty of contouring and pressure relief. If you like to sink into your mattress, youll likely enjoy the feel of memory foam. Take a look at more memory foam mattresses in ourbest memory foam mattress roundup.
  • Latex Foams: Latex foams are the most expensive type of foam. Theyre either made from Talalay or Dunlop latex and have a pressure-relieving feel. They dont provide the same linkage as memory foam, but are still quite comfortable.

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How We Chose The Best Hybrid Mattresses

There are many kinds of hybrid mattresses on the market. To determine the best, we looked at the following criteria:

  • Materials. All hybrid mattresses are made of at least two support systems. The materials used to create those support systems can create a totally different feel for the mattress. We made sure to include a variety of materials to help you find the right fit for you.
  • Company policies. Knowing there are so many kinds of hybrid mattresses, its important to find a company with a good in-home trial period and return policy. This will give you some peace of mind as you search for the perfect mattress.
  • Customer reviews. We dug into customer reviews to make sure we only recommend the most loved products on the market.

Additionally, all mattresses featured here have been vetted by our in-house team for medical and business standards. Read more about our process.

What Other Key Questions Do I Need To Ask

What is it made from?

When buying a new mattress, youll want to consider what it’s made from. As a general rule, synthetic materials such as foam are warmer and less breathable than the natural fillings such as cotton, wool and hemp that youll find in more expensive pocket sprung mattresses.

How firm is it?

Mattresses should come with a soft, medium or firm rating, though its worth taking these with a pinch of salt as one manufacturers medium may be anothers firm.

In any case, we believe a good approach when deciding what firmness rating to choose is to think about how you sleep. If you lie mainly on your back or front, youll likely be happy with a medium-firm to firm level of support. If you more commonly sleep on your side, or a combination of all three positions, youll likely prefer something a little softer. Ideally you want a mattress that offers up enough give to accommodate your hips when laying on your side.

Larger individuals may benefit from the additional support offered by a firmer mattress, while those with a smaller frame may be more comfortable on something a bit softer. You should also bear in mind that the same mattress can feel different depending on the type of base you use, which we explain in more detail below.

Do all mattresses need flipping or turning?

What base do I need?

Some manufacturers may also specify the type of base required. Many recommend that when using a slatted base, those slats are no more than 75mm apart, for example.

Read more

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Pros And Cons Of Hybrid Mattresses

Lets take a look at both the benefits and the disadvantages of sleeping on a hybrid mattress.


  • Balanced Comfort and Support: Hybrid mattresses combine the support of innerspring coils with the comfort of foam or other soft materials. You get a mattress that contours your body at the surface, but offers the right pushback to keep your body properly supported.
  • Ease of Movement: If a memory foam mattress gives you more sinking in than you prefer, a hybrid can balance that out. Youll sleep on the mattress instead of in it, making it easier to shift positions in the night.
  • Airflow: The construction of hybrids make them naturally more breathable than an all-foam mattress, so you can stay cool.
  • Durability: Like any material, foam or latex degrades over time. By adding an innerspring layer, a hybrid design ensures that durable steel coils help shoulder the load rather than foam or latex alone.


  • Cost: Hybrids are among the more expensive mattresses in the market.
  • Height: If youre looking for a low-profile mattress, you probably wont find that in a hybrid. Many are very tall, even ranging up to 20 thick, and you may have to invest in new deep-pocketed sheets.
  • Weight: The typical hybrid is not only thicker than a regular mattress but also heavier. Their sheer bulk often makes unpacking and moving from room to room more difficult than normal.

Whats Better Hybrids Or Memory Foam Mattresses

EcoSleep Luxe Hybrid Mattress Review – The Best Latex Mattress?

This ultimately comes down to personal preference. Hybrids combine the cushion of foam layers with the bounce of innersprings, where memory foam mattresses have a more cradling, cloud-like feel. Memory foam mattresses are also longer-lasting than hybrids, but only by a year or so. Choosing between the two comes down to how you want your bed to feel.

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How Much Do Hybrid Mattresses Cost

Most hybrid mattresses will cost somewhere around $1,600 to $2,500 for a queen, though many retailers offer discounts of between 10% and 30% at any given time. If youre in the market for a new mattress, be sure to keep your eye out for mattress deals, particularly during big holiday sales events like Black Friday, Presidents Day and Labor Day weekend.

You can also expect a substantial trial period ranging from 100 days to one year, so if youre hesitant about purchasing one without trying it first, the trial periods will offer peace of mind.


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